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Meme warfare

Not made by me but pretty damn good

Here is an archive of memes which I had either gathered(75%) or made:

these are categorized into folders with the following subtitles:
'white fight'; 'jews'; 'mudz'; 'feminuts'; '3rd reich[original];'jew world order'; 'a wytt mann'; 'christards'; 'libtards'; 'real satanism'[pro JOS and O9A]

Turning "geek" pop culture into racial education ?
Found on https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1166882/
Fatal weapon against (((Redpilled Christians))), in handy webm form:
Every scene in 1940's Der Ewige Jude explicitly condemning Christianity and Biblical Judaism
Here is a meme pack :
The Alchemist7 said:
Sinistra said:

What this has to do with meme warfare?
Memes for education. Which directly stop the liberal communist plans of brainwashing and ruining society. The communist brainwashing only works when there is ignorance in the people, but when they know how it really is they can't be tricked. Stopping the enemy's plans by educating people of the truth is the entire purpose of all of these memes.
Slightly photoshoped from a "Satya Yuga" artwork I found some time ago just browsing; the world of under the Jews vs the world under Aryans and Satan.

loki88 said:
Here is a meme pack :

There's thousands if not more of useless trash memes in this folder, this needs to be moderated.

Xianity, bullshit quotes, real degeneracy and so forth. I personally got sick going through deleting what was bullshit.
TruthAndTyr said:
In Mark 12:12-16, Jesus tells two of his apostles to follow a slave to his home, murder him in the slave quarters upstairs, and they later cannibalize him as the passover victim. In the 1984 revised version of the New World Translation, it even has the word [victim] in brackets. The Jehovah's Witnesses changed to a new, gray (very fitting) bible a while back and that scripture was "updated". Gee, pure coincidence, I'm sure. ;)

A "last supper" meme with human body parts on the table and the above scripture included would be a real pisser. :lol:

i heard their was something about that certain color they use an if you i think invert the color it stays the same
though its probably nothing though if that color is as they say i wonder if its a jewish curse or something i suspect a few of their faithful and desecrate slave which is the jw (equivalent to the pope) are jews
What image hosting sites does everybody recommend, I'm about to post a bunch of memes to this thread just dont want them gone in a few months.
TopoftheAbyss said:
How do I post pictures?
The picture has to already exist on the internet, it has to already be uploaded somewhere. Then you can right click it, and click "view image" then right click it again and click "copy image address."
Then you can paste that link into
and it will show up in your comment as the picture.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan