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Glorifying Beelzebul: Happy New Satanic Year

Hp. Hoodedcobra666

Administrative High Priest
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Apr 30, 2012
The Satanic New Year is approaching. For those who might be new, our Spiritual Year begins on the April 30th. This date is dedicated to Beelzebul specifically. Astarte's Days are from the "Easter", which still does indeed carry her Name in modern celebrations.

Bel-Tane which is the name of the celebration for the New Year does still contain in it Bael's Name and is related to Bel-Zebul.

As the New Year rises ahead, the Joy of Satan is growing despite all odds. That is a testament of our collective resilience and the strong bonds of brotherhood that uphold and hold everything together.

I want to mention a few things from Azazel in regards to this. As Azazel is our patron when it comes to our Satanic Agenda and the plans laid in front of us for the next year. We thank Azazel for His inspiration and His positive energy in helping us build and organize.

Lord Beelzebul is the powerful force that we glorify during the beginning of the New Year. A very important statement to keep in mind from Beelzebul is the Roman Statement and Ancient Wisdom that is called: "Facta, Non Verba".

Facta, Non Verba is Latin for "Acts, Not Words". That is the importance of action and doing what is necessary, to act instead of doing idle talk.

Those who never want to act, always make up the following in life: excuses, obstacles [self created or endless complaints about what they do not want to solve], fake fears, fake promises, endless insanity. Somehow, people also end up believing that the above constitutes something "positive" or even "work" for them and others.

Spiritual Satanism is about doing "Facta" here and now, while we are here.

The Gods have put us here to exist and to act, not to idly speak and do nothing. You can speak all day if you want about how you "will" meditate, you "will" do something for the Gods, you "will" improve something in your life or that of others, yet when most people are confronted with the reality of doing anything, those who really will excel do show themselves.

The Gods guide, assist, give knowledge, wisdom and support. We build these qualities in ourselves and then - we are supposed to make righteous and good acts on this world. Our world holds within it the great purpose expressed here.

The Joy of Satan Agenda fro the New Year is vast, both focused on expansion and numerous other developments.

We are building together and rising together; and remember - Facta, Non Verba.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
Happy New Year to you High Priest, to all SS and to the Gods. Thank you all for being here.
Hail Lord Beelzebul!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Beltane! :D I am very proud of our wonderful community and how far we've come. And I am ever excited for our future and what it brings as we continue to grow and flourish on this new year.
We must remember who we are, what we are doing and act accordingly! Happy Satanic New Year to all my brothers and sisters!

Hail Satan!
Hail Beelzebul!
Happy Satanic New Year, HP.

I'm really enjoying these concise sermons, lately. Easy to grasp and straight to the point.

Hail to Baalzebul, and thanks to Azazel for his direction. Through acts, not words, all the way, brother. I hope to improve myself in all ways by this simple wisdom.

Wishing everyone here a happy Beltane's Eve and the best in the Satanic New Year.
hail thor
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hail Lord Beelzebul and Lord Azazel!
Happy New Satanic Year, Brother.

Your words always carry a lot of weight and precious insight. Thank you so much for that and showing me how my actions can lead to results, where words and excuses won't. The path to greatness is probably never a straight line, there are mistakes and obstacles (often self created as you said) that block the way. STRENGTH is seen when one truly commits and pushes past these obstacles, moving forward and progressing, even if very slightly.
There is an old quote I read, it's fitness related but still applies to anything that one can learn: "No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch." Little progress is always better than NO progress, or worse, new excuses that (don't) justify inaction.

I can see this often, whenever I 'throw a bait' and speak to an NPC offering a view on truth historical facts, and they are in total denial, too self-absorbed in the lie to even try to consider a truth that goes against what they've been brainwashed to believe. I see that these little souls have no power to rise, they are weak. Much weaker than the newest Satanist who decided to trust Father Satan and chose the path to godhood, knowing nothing is given as a gift if you don't do something to get somewhere and develop the power to actually welcome that gift, in time, opening yourself and building up your power daily.

It sickens me that I was that weak, living on fantasies even after I performed the Dedication Ritual when the JoS was still in it's very early years. It took me a lot of growth to actually understand what I was becoming a part of. For some people it takes little time, some carry strengths and skill from another life, but even in those cases I met people who were 'gifted' but didn't know any better than the next NPC and chose to embrace lies, believing their 'gifts' come from anyone other than their own Satanic Soul, denying Satan is our Father, and ultimately failing at life in some way.
Other people may have a much harder time to open up, they might be often attacked by thought such as the common "you are a Jew, this is all pointless", and they find growth something hard to accomplish.
Yet... if one persists and focuses only on the within, where one can clearly see his/her Soul is Satanic and true, things start to happen. Small changes perhaps, small abilities, something nobody else can sense and we barely can sense ourselves, but something is definitely happening and honing our senses to the astral plane in different ways. It may differ for everyone, if may be 'seeing aura colors', or 'developing strong synestesia' and knowing what a cake in a picture tastes and smells like. Whatever the case, there is growth.

Let's all keep growing, my Brothers and Sisters.
Our enemy is already dying, they don't have long to live now. This is the time to push them off the cliff for good.

Thank you!

Happy New Satanic Year to all SS!

In the afternoon I finally decided to do Beelzebul's power ritual tomorrow.

Hail Satan!
Hail Beelzebul!
Happy new year Comrades. Onwards to victory!!
Happy Beltane to all the Gods of Hell and SS family!

Feliz Ano Novo Satânico
Salve Belzebul!
Happy New Year!

Hail Satan!
Hail Beelzebul!
Happy Beltane to all.

Today marks my first year in this great family. I've made some mistakes in this year but I have always found a way to correct them so far. I had a problem that came back in the last nonth, a problem that I thought I had correct 7 years ago. I'm sure its bad karma that came back after I had to.many working not enough energy raised. It was a gambling problem (online poker). I made the move to block my account for at least a year yesterday morning.

I want to thank Satan for giving the chance to found this site last year and be able to work on my inner self and shut down bad habits that makes me waste time and money.

I've been learning who I was in this first year. Astrology was a real shocker as how precise it was. I will keep look into myself to get more informations on me and I will keep doing workings to get rid of any bad habits, bad karma for the next year. Clean myself and empower my soul.

Thank you all JG for all the help. Thank you HP for being an inspiration, you trully deserve every respect.

Happy new year to everyone! Don't forget is a great moment to set goals and go for it!

Love you too brother
Happy new Satanic year
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:

Looking forward to it!! Thank you Hp :D
We love you too and are very grateful for all that you do.

Hail Satan!
Hail Lord Beelzebul!
Happy New Year to all the amazing people here, and a successful year to all of you guys!
Hail Beelzebub!
Happy Satanic New Year everyone!

I'm ALWAYS grateful to know I'm part of a group that actually makes a positive difference in this clown world we live in.

So long as we exist, there's hope for humanity.

Seriously, the tremendous idiocy I've witnessed the "normies" partake in, it's a sigh of relief knowing you all exist, somewhere out there.

Facta, Non Verba!

Hail Satan!
Happy new year for all brothers and sisters, and wishing you a year full of happiness, success and blessings.

Thanks Lord Beelzebul and Lord Azazel for everything.
Looking forward to this year. I'm going to continue help new people here as I did this end of the year, and advance myself more to both help people more efficient and to live a better life.

Happy Beltane!
Hail Baalzebub
Hail Azazel
Hail Satan
Take care, love yourself, and go for the godhead!

New Rituals ALWAYS make me all tingly! :D

Happy New Satanic Year to everyone!!

Hail Baalzebul, Hail Zeus!!!
I'm looking forward to the new ritual! :D
Happy Satanic new year to all my satanic brothers and sisters! May our family and satanic bond be unbreakable as we all rise to Godhood!

Hail Satan!

Hail Baalzebul!

Hail to all the Gods and Goddesses!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan