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  • Germans and Germany are under a collective punishment carried out by their "own" State and "allies" daily.
    The injustices and measures against them they have to endure everyday inside and outside are unique in this world.

    And why?
    Just because of revenge. The enemy constantly puts today's Germans in the same boat as their National Socialist ancestors.
    Everything positive and pro-German is labelled Nazi and evil. Everything destructive is labelled good.

    So to the Enemy, Germany and Germans will always be evil and the offspring of Mr. Hitler that needs to be rooted out completely, until nothing is left -
    The Germans therefore, no matter the Generation, only have one choice, that of resistance, even if they didn't do anything wrong.
    Any compromise and cooperation with the Enemy is just a weakness and an accelerator to one's own destruction.

    Therefore, the Germans should fully embrace their ancestors and do their best, since the Enemy places them in this boat anyway without exception and will do so forever - until either the Enemy or the German is no more.
    Ancient ruins are not rebuilt in real life because it would symbolise the resurrection of the ancient spirit, the enemy of Judaism.
    So governments with a rat problem do everything in their power to find excuses not to rebuild anything glorious from the past.
    But it's all right to pay real archaeologists to "rebuild" them in detail in video games and films.
    Should i do a collage/collection of Jewish public figures, emphasizing on some "funny" cohen-cidences that people may have missed?
    Why can the enemy virus still manifest itself in this world, take advantage of people and shape the world, after all that has happened in these last few months?

    Because they are not yet exposed to and influenced by Spiritual Satanism to the extent necessary.
    Cannabis legalisation in Germany, "German"-Jewish government/state legalises drug use: A Commentary

    Right at the height of colossal economic, social, political and geopolitical problems and the catastrophic aftermath of the Covid-19 policy, which has injured, killed and destroyed millions of people and right at the height of the rise and victory of the German alternative party AfD, which promises to stop all this madness
    - the Jewish government and state of Germany wants to legalise cannabis for the population and engage in it's "safe" production and sale to the public.
    Many of the same names that were responsible for pushing the covid vaccines, which injured and killed many people, are again responsible for this push for "safe" cannabis use.

    And again, celebrations are taking place for these suicidal policies by stooges together with mainstream media stooges in Berlin right at the front of the Brandenburg Gate and the statue of the Quadriga, which symbolises the Goddess Victoria or the Greek Goddess Nike/Niki/Νίκη.
    Blasphemously and ironically trying to symbolise victory over their enemies once more (quoting a mainstream media article: "Smoke over the Brandenburg Gate").
    Basically, they are trying to drug the population, particularly the youth, to make them more "peaceful" and less of a "potentially dangerous Nazi" that would vote for the AfD.
    They are probably mixing the Cannabis with other unknown substances, labeling it as "safe" because the state has control over it. As they did with the "safe" COVID vaccines.
    Trying to open people up to nasty negative entities to take control of them and destroy them.

    I wrote before that most negative and anti-human entities known and unknown, are probably all in cahoots and work together for various reasons, against their common enemy which is the human being.
    I remember once I was in close proximity to hippies who were drugged out and were singing and celebrating with their fake smiles and fake peace.
    They didn't look healthy at all, and the singer in particular had a nasty negative entity, probably a grey, attached to him.
    HPS Lydia
    HPS Lydia
    I've known people who give up on their passions in life, their goals, and lose their motivation and inner fire, just from smoking marijuana. Even just smoking it a few times a week is enough to halt your projection in life.
    Henu the Great
    Henu the Great
    I get your point, but it is not okay to inject your conjectures into the mix. It makes you look like you do not know much about the issue. I refer to this "They are probably mixing the Cannabis with other unknown substances, labeling it as "safe" because the state has control over it."
    Certain states and governments that pushed for the so called "safe" COVID vaccines (millions died and are still dying), they had unknown substances in them that the public was not aware of, these same entities are now pushing for the legalisation of "safe" cannabis, because they are such good guys and would never experiment with the drug or alter it. 🤔🧬
    I'm no expert, but a little salsa from me won't hurt.
    Terrorist attack in Moscow, Russia, March 2024 - Planned Sacrifice? - A comment:

    The terror attack by Muslims on the 22 of March in 2024 - at the time of their Muslim Ramadan which lasts into early April - was done right at the beginning of the Jewish alien Purim festival which started on the 23 of March 2024 - against civilian Russian Christians, who are also transitioning into their christian Easter festival energy of Jewsus Chrisus the sacrificed.
    Solution: Legal open carry/concealed carry for all civilians!

    And not only for Russian civilians, but for all European civilians (lots of unknown and smuggled illegal Muslims in the West already).
    This has to be implemented and demanded from their governments.
    Think of how many lives could have been saved, if these civilians were armed and could have engaged in proper self-defense against terrorists.
    Anti-human entities working together: A Comment

    We all know that anti-human and anti-world negative entities such as Rabbis, Reptilians and Greys exist and work together, but these may not be the only ones.

    There could be a co-operation or manipulation going on that brings together even more negative entities in an alliance, perhaps of a lower level, who are manipulated by magic or promised a reward if they attack humans.
    Reverse vaccination: A Commentary

    In a world where millions and billions are invested to alter and degrade human DNA, where companies and technologies are happy to do this job and are awarded prizes and medals for their dirty work 👽

    - the emerging pro-humanist world and powers will do the exact opposite, enhancing and empowering human DNA with available technologies and resources, in the most positive, healthy and uplifting way. ☀️🧬
    It's kind of amazing and strange to see that Europeans, with all their different ethnicities and groups, still have prejudices and stereotypes against each other, while at the same time being flooded with non-European immigrants and ruled by alien Jews.
    It's insane. There are so many larpers out there that act like they are aware, but hate on brits, french, irish, russians, etc... Even saw an austrian that hated germans. Or vice versa. Blaming their kindred for the crimes of the jews in the EU.

    People think that to love your own you have to hate the others. They believe in the mythology of historical rivalries between eg. france or germany and britain, not realizing that these conflicts were manufactured by our common enemy. Yes, ethnic boundaries are important, but the race must come first.

    If your race dies, so do the ethnicities and cultures within it. It is even worse if they are xian wignats and fall for the rivalries between xian sects like protestant vs catholic. Not realizing they are just mutations of the same germ.
    The Greek Soul: (to be continued/edited)

    The Greek Soul has it's basis in our Gods in all their glorious manifestations, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally.
    Freedom, Truth, Justice and building our Earth and Space in the image and likeness of the Glory of our Gods in the most uplifting, positive and forward way.

    It's in the roots and can never be uprooted, it lies dormant, covered by the veil of Christianity and other Jewish abominations and ethics that modern Greeks adopt and live by.
    We will never become Jews, we will never become Gypsies, we will always be what we have always been and will always be.

    This paradox and abnormal fusion of the Greek and Jewish alien soul is only a temporary thing and for low-level-lives.
    Europe needs Russia as a friend, not as an enemy. Russians and part of Russia are also European.
    White people/people of European descent need to stick together and look out for each other, this bullshit needs to stop.
    A balanced and respectful approach could benefit both in many ways.
    The demilitarisation of Europe and the rise of Islam: A Commentary

    The enemy is demilitarising Europe by sending it's ammunition and weapons to Ukraine to be sacrificed and/or sold on the black market.
    Now European soldiers are on the agenda to be sacrificed as well.

    At the same time, an Islamic danger is organising and militarising inside and outside Europe, ready to conquer and Islamise Europe/the West.
    What their Muslim ancestors dreamed of and couldn't finish in the past, they are now achieving without weapons through immigration/smuggling and the opening of European borders without a fight.
    Also, the rise of Islamic terror and crimes committed by smuggled / imported Muslims in Europe / the West is constantly increasing as their demographic grows.
    Their faith and willingness to fight for their Arab commander / leader Mohammed and Islam compared to the European youth growing up today learning LGBTQ and being weak,
    is worrying.

    The European ancestors who fought to keep Europe free from Islam and lost their blood and lives to establish borders are now turning in their graves in shame for these newer and weaker generations.
    The communists, traitors and Jews in Germany are doing the same things again, but more aggressively, as they did before Mr. Hitler and his party took over.

    They don't learn anything, it's always the same ass agenda that doesn't deviate from their reptilian souls. History repeats itself.
    The "shortage of skilled workers" in Europe and in European societies is a bullshit excuse by the usual reptilians to smuggle and "integrate" non-Europeans into the population.

    The first people to be brought back into a society and a country are those who left as migrants elsewhere.

    Using Germany as an example, there are over 40 million +- migrants of German descent in the USA alone;
    these must be the first to try to reintegrate into German society, not Islamists.

    The re-immigration of these people alone would destroy any demographic problem and "skills shortage" problem they are trying to sell to the public.

    This should/must/will be done with every European country, re-immigration of natives who have left, instead of bringing in non-Europeans.
    A rabbi once said that Islam and Muslims are their "friends" in Europe, but not in Israel.

    Communism and leftism and Islamisation go hand in hand in Europe.

    Everything that is perceived as an enemy and a weapon against Europe and Europeans is supported.

    The enemies of Europe and white people are attacking with Islamisation, vaccination, mongrelization, forced non-European immigration, forced impoverishment and opening a meat grinder front against Russia, people of European descent are now fighting a war for survival everywhere, every white person/people of European descent need to stick together and look further together for the survival of ourselves and Europe than some old fashioned rivalries between each other.
    The notion and concept / system of democracy has been bastardised and corrupted by the forces of the enemy, as have many other notions and concepts of the ancient Greeks.

    Something that is clearly negative and works, acts and talks against the country and its people should never be allowed to have a party or any power,
    but should be treated as traitors and enemies and laws should be implemented to never allow such entities to arise within a country.
    This is what Mr. Hitler said on the 8th of November 1942:
    „If Judaism imagines that it can bring about an international world war to exterminate the European races, then the result will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of Judaism in Europe.“
    Now, in 2024, the descendants of those reptilians 100 years ago are again trying to sacrifice the Europeans with their organisations of NATO and the European Union, using Russia as a pretext for sacrifice.
    I have seen the final battle of Berlin.
    It was basically an international army of Orcs ordered and manipulated by Mordor/Judaism to attack, destroy and plunder the last uplifting civilisation on Earth.

    The descendants and nations of all the White/European Orcs who fought in this battle against NS Germany,
    were then rewarded by Mordor/Judaism with open borders, communism, islamisation and self-destruction.
    The Orcs thought that if they helped to defeat NS Germany, things would be better for them and they would be rewarded positively.

    Having incorporated Germany into Mordor and the Orc army, they have now set their sights on Russia.
    „It must look democratic, but we must have everything in our hands''.

    - is the criminal slogan and action of the Jews, Communists and traitors in positions of influence and power in the West after the fall of Mr. Hitler and NS Germany.

    Another one of their favourite criminal slogans is „Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”.

    Their "demuhcrazy" is basically like Christianity, full of shit.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan