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  • In-depth look: Authority is PERMISION. Authority is wielding this permission. Giving or not giving this permission. This translates into our internal power, influence of reality, materially and spiritually.
    The human who has authority over life is the one that allows for life to exist, continuously.
    You allow or disallow. This is represented by the Ganesha Elephant Head in the brain.
    The lord of 'obstacle" is actually realizing that there are limits, and boundaries in our reality, as laws, as plain nature. The "G" vibration and our Pineal Gland as well is a center of "language" by which our reality is perceived, therefore where and how we act in that perception.


    Why we do things, how we do things, the very 'simple' structure of our brain in an inverse pyramidal structure is as follows IN ASCENDING ORDER OF POWER AND DEPTH:

    5.Habits and Brain wirings


    Thoughts. (1).png

    The first 3 are the most used by people and they try to influence the later 4 and 5. The 5 and 6 is actually a physical aspect of ourselves, and what we repeatedly do and are, has created a path inside our structural brain. That's why by just artificially doing things for a few days it won't change you or your life, but rather continuous action and approach for years and years.

    Obviously some thoughts and emotions do stem from our in depth being and these are not always artificial, but their identification with "us" is not whole and we are not really our thoughts unless we respect and act on the way our reality works.

    From the above I hope you understand now how medical treatment works as one example of path in this, and how it is attempted to create change, by the chemical nature but won't be ideal for a symptom of a deeper issue ( talking about psychiatry very wrong way of dealing with human issues). This is not enough. For example how change comes from exercise. How by hypnosis one enters the depth of our emotions and thoughts that stem from our lifelong existence, ancestors and being, and how change takes place. This is a part as well.

    But what I hope for most is now to see directly how magical work and energy work, vibration, DIRECTLY CHANGES AND IMPACTS, ON A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL OUR BEING, by accessing all the points, the electrical and chemical and most importantly works on the Habits and Brain Wirings. I do hope from this you understand also that it takes A LOT OF TIME, actual physical change, transformation, carving, and expecting quick results is directly a delusion.

    What you will see first is direct result from magical workings, change and impact in Thoughts and Emotions that will go in depth and will guide you to the core of the subjects.

    Based on the above Model I will give you a few core things to keep check of:

    1.Thoughts. (selective focus, curation and compartmentalization, most of the time ignore bad thoughts, void meditation)
    2.Emotion. (good environment, non exaggeration of any emotion,, cleaning seeded issues, being aware of the pendulum swing of emotions: collapse - congruence - exaggeration - Balance here is needed)
    3.Chemical. (good brain chemistry by good foods, exercise, health, influenced by the electrical, magical workings, yoga)
    4.Electrical. (your energy of the body, health, magical workings, breathing exercises, yoga)
    5.Habits and Subconscious brain wirings (karma, lifelong habits, what you do repeatedly, what you think repeatedly, what you worry about, This is the core where you need to apply continuous work and effort: Discipline and Existential Purpose )
    6.DNA. (ancestors, acknowledgement, respect, Meditation of our Gods)
    Brothe4 NakedPluto [JG] I am trying to get ahold of you. I have tried at lest three times this morning since I got up. I hope everything is okay on here. ? I just wanted to talk to you in private. Something about a job on here making memes.
    Love the profile picture Brother
    Every human by design, as beings of primordial harmony the Gods invested in us, have the ability to create order out of chaos. This can and should happen in all levels.

    Your current life and level has laws of hierarchy, and this is an impersonal nature. There are set rules that can constrict or give liberty. Life has also polarity, and everyone has a piece of a "disorder" to sort it out. Everyone has a problem to address it, and everyone has the power to do so.

    By acting in an orderly fashion in your life, you create antithesis for disorder, it won't come in to your life.
    When there is chaos present, your power is to instate order. You are never powerless, THAT IS A LIE.
    There is always an order to create.
    Hypnosis as a word has been created by James Braid in 1840, in his unpublished “Practical Essay on the Curative Agency of NeuroHypnotism” as an abbreviation for neuro-hypnotism, which means “sleep of the nerves.”

    Before this term was aligned for this, the term was known as "Mesmerism", which denoted a magnetic force possessed by all beings, and attempted to be influenced for healing or manipulation. This simply relates to the feminine part of our being, which when "mesmerized", the magnetic nature takes a hold of the individual and is malleable.

    The "Hypnosis" term has had a slow rise of popularity, but most importantly had its first widespread medical applications in the US Civil War and was declared as “the calling of Satan” by the Catholic Church. In the 1900s.

    You can mesmerize someone while in conversation, visualizing your words activating in a delicate way the person's brain, by the nature of your words.
    This is extremely interesting stuff, I'm working on it. Do you know William Walker Atkinson? He talks about the fact that with your bioelecticity you can induce a trance in others and after that starting to influence them. He says that this can be done by projecting energy from your eyes, but also by toucing the other person. He says to be careful when someone constantly touches your arm for example, because there are people who do it with this purpose of influencing you.

    The technique he also suggests is something like: Laser Focus, Strong Desire that the person is influenced, Visualizing the person doing as they are told and also using a short affirmation in your mind.

    Similar techniques were posted by HPS Maxine in "How to send the evil eye".

    Another addition is the "Magnetic Gaze" that I learned from Karl Brandler-Pracht. It basically consists on focusing your gaze on a point, an eye for example, and then with your peripheral view seeing the others person's face as clearly as possible (this takes quite a bit of practice) and at the same time projecting your energy/intention from the eyes.

    Another method also is the merging of consciousness that both HPS Maxine and Franz Bardon talk about.

    I already had some success with these, but I plan to really develop this skill to the max. What do you think about these techniques that I mentioned JG NP? Do you have any others to add, some critiques etc? This skill like Franz Bardon says can literally save your life. Imagine having to deal with an angry animal or a raging human who wants to harm you etc. Like all other skill trainings it also develops your focus and your overall magical ability.
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    These exist and are entry level, as the technique is lesser than becoming a powerful being or advancing your physic power in general. But be careful using them in life and death situations, like an animal attack. The best way to do these things, is to become a person that really has that power internally. You have to feel a sense of authority and love about yourself, control about your life and ethical character. If not, at least a great purpose. When you then project and develop some power of this kind, it will be a whole harmony, even in black magic.

    The limit of this, is your own internal ethical expansion of your consciousness and understanding of people. As long as you see people for who they truly are, and this is after deep understanding of who you are, your power over normal people can be immense.

    Build your internal grounds first, and as you learn to project and descend forces upon people, learn also to retract and use all of this in a delicate way. You want to be a delicate and inspiring force rather than a brute forcing of your obsessive thoughts, emotions. All of this must happen in the liberty of your person, of your life, otherwise it comes under the nature of limitation, cursing and negativity.

    Merging of consciousness must be happening very gradually, with a fortified mental ground, ability to void and control your mind. It can be used this way as well, to inspire, control, help, manipulate, gain insight etc.

    Some tehniches of speech alone, without anything else, can put someone under trance and create vulnerability. A few words in a random conversation. This among endless reasons is why Aura of Protection is critical and extremely powerful to have as a human being.
    A lot of aspiring artists can bring on themselves delusions, and this happens to be either a situation of propulsion or damnation. The proper path is to minimize delusions and leave room to grow the hope and motivation, playing a greater role here. A certain internal conviction of artistic love, pursuit and masterpiece that relates to your ego is definitely to be entertained and can be very positive. If misused, one will find themselves blind and unable to transform, to craft better.

    First, many do not know, and those who do, do have misunderstood this truth: music (all art as well) is MATHEMATICS.

    Reality is math, life is math, music is mathematics. You have been lied to all your life by mistake to understand that if you can feel, expand your consciousness and be in love with, moved, influenced, or provoked, it is something that if “creative” is opposite to “logic”.

    No dear people, music and art = mathematics, without it there is no timeline, no motion, no moment of existence, no composition, no feeling, no SOUND, no Witnessing. Waves are mathematically existent, everything.

    This applies to everything, and it doesn’t invalidate the way we process it, if it is more right or left brain sided, the act of the creator must come from the innermost reality, and act on that sphere first and foremost, with acknowledgement.

    The other extreme is those people who robotically only know how to make a pattern and think they created music. To draw a line based on semi visible lines. This is a false perspective as well, equally a gamer who understands a music software as a game, will do the same if not better. This is part of learning, of BECOMING, not of Being already.

    I. Type of creative: Logical - able to enact creative forces in reality, lacking depth of creative ability.

    II. Type of creative: Emotional - able to procure visions and creative universes in their mind, lacking in ability to manifest it.

    True artist is both of these, and one that worked for these in a lot of time.

    The other artists puzzle out these two necessary steps by hiring people or collaboration. Some of them due to efficiency, some due to necessity.

    The process of creation as a beginner needs to be guaranteed by:

    I. Need of Discipline, Routine and Logical Approach.
    II. Curation of Emotions

    2.1 Self Inquiring, Contemplation, Meditation
    III. Creative Force
    3.1 Sexual Desire, Sexual Emotion or lack thereof (very rare cases of exceptional ability due to other misunderstood complex reasoning).
    IV. Personal Life
    4.1 Ability of attachment and detachment.
    4.2. Empathy.
    4.3. Bravery.
    4.4. Happiness or Suffering.
    4.5 Obsession or Purpose.
    4.6. What feeds the Self and Ego. (In levels, the lower ego will yield short elevation, short-sighted popularity, matured ego will yield timeless and selfless true masterpieces, popularity for hundreds of years)
    V. Safety: Survival of the body + no worries must be happening of the material life to critical degrees (if there are, an escapism will happen in creation which can prove disastrous if mismanaged, you do not create in that state, but seek creation which is a form of escapism when in dire situations.)

    To create is to bring inspiration, glimpse, vision, mistake, harmony, memories, sentiments, dreams, feelings, stories, states of the being into manifested product/real element. This comes into being by building up trial and error, so that inspiration can take place from the impermanent nature it has, to your ability to make it permanent in sound form or other forms of art. A manifested product can come only by your ability to produce it, with tools and development. This development to where you can manifest and create what’s on your mind, by the use of an intermediate interface (instruments, sheets of paper, musical software etc.) will take over 10 years of daily real effort and practice, and it does NOT end. The level one must seek here is that: From your mind to reality the delay must be fully minimized if not ZERO.

    A vision can be bestowed, happening, come and go all of our lives, in a thousand forms or just one, what cannot come and go is your own ability to enact it and produce it in this world. The real degree of true art is one that what is in your mind must be created outside of you almost instantly. There is no time for figuring out things at the higher true levels when you lack critical ability.

    Insane amount of artists have lost masterpieces due to inability to enact on it. When this happens to you, and it will, you must not lose sight of your meditative abilities. These inspirations can come back even years later when you are prepared. Reality is very much organic in this sphere, and inspiration can be summoned, inquired and applied oneself to. Do NOT WORRY.

    Here is why how you grow in these years matters the most. A musical school can help you, but it can also condition and imprison your creative input and output. These things must come from within, NOT TAUGHT to the degree that it is expected. I would say, however, if your life is truly about artistic forms, apply to schools and universities that deal with the tools of your art, not as for stupid theories on paper.

    I would advise only after extensive exposure to an art, to pursue a school for it. Not the other way around, to ensure true birth of your creative abilities.
    People reveal and give out secrets and sensitive information, the important information, based not on pressure, questions or TV dramas of betrayals, which indeed can happen and have happened. In our day and age, our own stupidity and lack of control over what we are, know, can be a nail in the coffin, and even when one is perfected, the human nature is designed to be beautiful, and some bad and ugly people might use this against ourselves.

    In Joy of Satan, we know about our enemy and how they got the power. Much of this was also due to extensive instinctive predatory behavior, learned behavior aimed at exploiting and digging the humans of the planet. We should know how to defend ourselves about this, especially the people that activate in the world in higher levels and are surrounded by all kinds of people.

    To what concerns the enemy, I wish you read all of this and use your big ego on this, make it even bigger. As for us the humans, approach this with an analytical mind, detached and calm, and read it as a lesson on how beautiful things can be used as a vulnerability if we do not get aware and have gut instinct in ourselves. This should serve as a historical view on some reasons why and how some people failed. The Gods are always guiding.

    Most outsiders are and some of us:

    1. Tend to talk about things we shouldn't.
    2. We all want to be heard.
    3. We want to spill secrets.
    4. We often don't see the value in the information we give.
    5. We want to FEEL significant.
    6. We want to offer advice.
    7. We tend to think poorly when we are excited.

    Aspects where people lack and therefore there are higher chances of leaking information:

    1. The need for recognition. This can trigger the need to share more than we need to.

    2. Self effacement: Modesty and tendency of our human nature can be used against us.

    3. Correcting Tendencies: When we hear and see something untrue we have a tendency to want to correct them.

    If you are a key person, or an officer wants some secret things to get out of you (hopefully not, but maybe you are a super scientist in cancer research), you have to keep in always mind the natural progression of a conversation, try to keep excitement under control and most importantly try to avoid and delay as much as you can giving out information you are not internally harmonized to give out.

    A lot of people give out information due to stimulation or a false sense of urgency, social dynamic and so on. Try to become slower in your approach and think that all that you say, is very valuable by default, it has weight, therefore it matters to give it in the timing you see fit, not one impromptu.

    As for telling your significant other about your faith and religion, better NOT to, and if you do, do it after extensive logic, analysis, and never ever in the spur of the moment created by said person. Do not respond to provocation, criticism, or even altruism with the secrets that you hold.
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    Thank you for sharing Sublime! For the IBS, did you follow a restrictive diet to see what bothers you? Do also test to see if you are also intolerant to gluten and other things. Planing and eating routinely, each day at a fixed time, will help. In time, you can control all of this, and you will not be affected by much, you need to find your spot with food and healing. Know that your daily protection and cleaning will undoubtedly help with excessive worrying of the mind, and as you continuously address the issues, you will learn to be detached, calm and on top of these things with no issues. The key here is to avoid being desperate, pessimistic, hopeless. Sometimes this can creep up because of the physical issues, but your understanding that this is a issue that is taken care of, should have you the power to be more detached and in control. Do not worry and keep up the good spirit. IBS and so on can be managed fully and healed fully. At the gut, try to imprint a mindset of already being fine and healthy. Smile towards yourself, at your organs at the end of your blessings, healing towards yourself.
    Best advice ever! I have tried switching from modern (organic whole wheat) to things like einkorn and spelt which has helped a lot. I used to drink a lot of alcohol in my youth and worked at a coffee shop for 4 years. During that time I'd drink anywhere from 4 to 6 cups of coffee everyday and I was eating a not-so-healthy pescetarian diet (including things like veggie dogs, etc).

    For the past few years I've gone 100% organic. Sometimes I notice pain in my lower-left abdomen when I eat a big meal and suddenly start walking long distances. My stool tends to be a yellowish light brown colour and sometimes things aren't broken down properly. As well, my best evacuations occur usually in the morning whereas I often have thin stools and constipation at night. This can put pressure on my bladder making me need to urinate more frequently.

    Not letting it worry me all the time and instead listening to my body more has been huge! I don't over-eat as much as I used to and I've been cutting down on fat more and bringing in some extra carbs which also has helped. I also used to drink at the pub once per week and this is something I've had to stop doing completely. Instead I usually get one of those non-alcoholic drinks when I'm with friends (karaoke is my favourite outing and activity). Even this is a bit tough for me because I have a little fear of fluornated water, yet the social aspect of having something to drink is very hard for me to break out of.

    Trigger foods for me are raw broccoli, raw onions, kale, brown rice (oddly) and certain fruits like dates and kiwi.

    I do much better when cutting down insoluble fiber I've noticed. I used to eat a salad with 150g to 200g of vegetables in a serving. Around 100g has been much better for me. For most of my life I've been overcompensating with nutrient-dense foods that are hard to digest so that I get at least 100% DVs in everything with some things reaching 200% to 300%. Instead of that, I started using concentrace drops for extra minerals and may look into other things so that I get those nutrients, due to antinutrients and modern agriculture.

    As well, I tend to eat 50% calories in fat, 30% in carbs and 15% to 20% in protein (the remainder in carbs). Getting not too much saturated fat seems to help.

    If I eat out anywhere I feel bloated and these problems become more severe; hence I never eat anything unless it's something I prepared. This makes interactions with friends/family awkward in some cases but it is what it is.

    I'm a little scared of change yet this is where we grow. As hard as it is I think a low-residue diet for some period of time might help me out. Doing things like soups/stews and such perhaps. I'm kind of an extreme guy - all the way one way or the other. I'll keep researching what I can and I'll keep on doing daily cleaning, protection and RTRs.
    Edit: instead 80 to 100 grams of vegetables in salads (on the side).
    Your friendly neighborhood spy along with the enemy waiting at the corner, have few basic things to look for when trying to establish something in regards to you or their victims (only if you are a key person however). Be these people are scam salesmen, enemies, parasites, ugly politicians, secret services and the like we have to look at these very very simple digestible aspects:

    Suggestibility - One Example: Acceptance and acting / When given advice
    Focus - One Example: Maintaining attention/ exclude the other
    Compliance - One Example: Direction/command - acting
    Openness - One Example: Vulnerability/ Absence of repercussion
    Expectancy -One Example: Whether or not it will be enjoyed
    Connection - One Example: Desire for future contact

    Now, this is not to set up your mind to a game pretend of anyone being after you, but rather this is an actual simple model that is used to profile how successful influence can be on a person.
    They are some factors that make influence effective.

    To create effective influence pick and use three or more factors, usually dependent on the circumstances.

    Good uses for your normal daily life: Jury trials, evaluate attorneys, evaluate calls, selling, determine outcome, avoid parasites and predatory behavior.

    Good uses for businessmen: Create a scale from 1 to 10 on each point and evaluate your business partners, clients etc. Information is not Skill. Takes months to years to perfect an instinctive view over this as well.

    Good uses against bad actors: Evaluating yourself in relation with products, people etc.

    For example Social media wins over you by Focus, Expectancy and Connection etc. Primary being the Focus.

    The best way to elicit focus is NOVELTY , CURIOSITY. Real focus in by excluding the environment in favor of the subject, as a measuring unit: IMMERSION.

    Other helpers for you:

    Openness is by the measuring of how much they share things they usually don't. (You need to know the baseline of a person).
    Connection: Trust, Intuition, Credibility.
    Compliance can be measured by the latency it takes for a command to be acted or accepted upon.
    Expectancy is the outcome of having creative abilities take place in the subject, visualization, hope. Unmet expectations is devastating, please be careful here with this!
    "Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself" - Thomas J. Watson Sr.

    Developing your character is the goal, not pretending to. One cannot persuade others, control, assess, help, build, create - without doing this FIRST ON AND WITH THEMSELVES.
    The reason why you fail in social situations, things like sales or workplace, life in general etc. is based on a failure in one on these 3 Major Columns ( that should be mastered):

    1. Observation.
    2. Communication.
    3. Self Management.

    The experience of life is about error and truth, most people quit because they fail.
    Failure is part of the process of truth and victory, and you must understand to deal with this and not self sabotage to infinity, not embody victimhood or pity unnecessarily - just because you can.

    The above 3 aspects can then be seen as also:

    1. Awareness, Knowledge, Wisdom, Strategy, Planning, Congruence, Harmony.
    2. Timing, Patience, Communication, Transition.
    3. Action, Discipline, Transformation.

    You can create your list from the above primary reasons. With the above, judge your own failures in life and write what was lacking honestly. Then do so with your victories as well.

    "Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion" - Aristotle

    1. Significance: Abandonment, social ridicule, feeling small, being ignored.
    2. Approval: dismissal, disapproval, contempt, feeling left out.
    3. Acceptance: social criticism, gossip, peer mismatch
    4. Intelligence: being seen as dumb, being called out, questioned
    5. Pity. - being disregarded, ignored, misunderstood, people in disbelief.
    6. Strength. - being puncked, disrespect, unacknowledged, challenged.

    We all have these or certain primary aspects. There is no shame and this is life and we are here for each other. Obviously, by astrological reasoning and comparison we can have as many greater and more detailed pictures.
    Now that you have this above, I want you to analyze yourself and work on your fears, as these are our own responsibility of life. There is no one there knowing these written like the above, wanting to hurt you or attack you, but ONLY our enemies. Our enemies know all of the above very good and they used this to destroy and promote themselves in power.

    Therefore, let's take back our power and do this homework:

    Assessment of your own:

    Environment (ability to control it, even to have clean rooms, clear workspace etc.
    Time (maintain a work schedule, planning, setting clear priorities)
    Appearances (eat healthy foods, hygiene fitness regiment, physical appearance)
    Social (conversing, telling a good story, approaching a stranger, asking for something, introduce, admit fault, be vulnerable, strong etc)
    Financial ( manage finances, resist impulse purchases, pay bills, maintain scores, create wealth).

    I will tell you how to help yourself regardless of your internal archetypes in the next posts.
    Warning, this information is based on the material reality we all partake in whether we like it or not, and it is a point of overcoming and dealing with, guard against and sail forth in life. This is not a nihilistic view or tool. If you are misunderstanding or are sensitive about subjects such as trauma, suffering, deception, lies, manipulation, please do not read. These are short commentary and guidance notes based on information sourced (if you find this do not disclose it - this is powerful dangerous information).
    My idea is that SS have the access to powerful information for their own promotion in life in status, financial power and relationships which may further our cause on this planet. Therefore you can learn to use this for your own good ethically.

    Some cold truths about humans by certain lenses:

    1. Every human is suffering and insecure. (Life happens oftentimes to be necessarily as so, for existence - denial of this is natural)
    2. Every human is wearing a mask.
    3. Every human is pretending not to wear a mask. (Know Thyself)
    4. Every adult is a product of childhood punishment/suffering and reward. (+ ancestors and imprints - scripts of our species as a collective, evolution)

    I know the above can be perceived as brutal and harsh, a lie or outright an attack. It is not. You are just like everyone else. Not important, not very valuable if you stay within this spectrum without conscious will and action: you will reside in - the lower existence.

    You have to have a form of conscious transformation of the self, by living life and spiritual advancement.

    Therefore socially and internally, there are born needs based on the above:

    1. Significance 2. Approval 3. Acceptance 4. Intelligence 5. Pity 6. Strength

    These above manifests in language, behavior, what clothes you wear, why and how you do things, everything. You can use this to spot personalities in your life.
    Some few helpers to spot these needs:

    1. Significance: Obvious wealth indicators or conveys wealth openly. Shows somehow that they contribute to a cause. Focus conversation of themselves. Showing cleavage/musculature. Status symbols - everything about brands. Wants to lead, first to make a decision.

    2. Approval: Rigidness. Feels impostor syndrome. Derives strength from professional success. More formally dressed. Standing out to compensate. Competition participation, any of them. Less likely to complain. Less likely to argue. Self depreciating to favor another. Inclined to search for single romantic partners.

    3. Acceptance: Prone to take membership of any type. Easily swayed - ideal cult members. Fitness groups, bike gangs, Facebook communities etc. Carriers that help others. Cooking healthcare - will change appearance to please the environment. Less likely to have unique or eccentric identity developed. Strong sense of community.

    4. Intelligence: Breaks patterns and norms. Less effort in appearance than others. Over empathizes the intellectual aspect of stories. Asking if you know things they know you don't.

    5. Pity: Unhealthy appearance. Hunched posture. Visible disapproval on face. Prone to bad health. Attraction of abusive partners and stay with them longer. Stressed appearance. broken heart tattoos - all kinds of tattoos because they have a "story". Prone to drug use or interest in this sphere.

    6. Strength: Deliberate volume and loudness, shows musculature. Exaggerated posture, arm movement. Avoids most eye contact or makes aggressive sudden eye contact. Large aggressive dog owner. Creates chances to talk about overcoming obstacles. Overly concerned with status and social pecking orders. Aggressive behavior.

    Continuation -->
    Blitzkreig [JG]
    Blitzkreig [JG]
    I would not say this material is necessarily too dark, but I like the warning message. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Every point on the natal chart has some benefits, but also downsides, even if it is not linked to obvious contractions like Saturn.

    Some of these posts are on the level of being worthy of their own thread, too.
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    Things are extremely complex, yet the above can be taken as a sign that more can be acknowledged from a social situation, from a person, as they reveal patterns that we all partake in, direct and simple , or complex and with in depth motives. Reality is made up by systems, patterns and we have to not be scared to see them, use them for our benefit and collectively as well.
    This is very high quality information. Can one assume that the point of this knowledge for an SS is to overcome it in absolute fullness?
    Deception Signs in Human Behaviour. We all lied in our lives or have been lied to, whether necessary or not, such as even to "ethically" (to the best of ability) save someone from the truth, and this can happen. I know of an autistic kid whose mother has died unfortunately by cancer, and the grandparents lie to him everyday, the mother is "at the shopping center", so as to not lose his sanity. He believes it everyday and lives as happy as one can be in that situation, even if it is a torment. There are similar situations in life. These are not to be paranoid about or to drive false parallels within our self's and relations, but rather keep a little reminder that in our daily life we will meet with evil characters, enemies, or innocent liars, by which we should gather enough powers as SS to know for our own conscience to judge and act. I thought to be fun to share these with my family here so you know too in written form.

    (sourced from somewhere our enemies must not know, all of these are of top quality of information).

    1. Hesitancy - Avoiding direct subjects, naming.
    2. Psychological distancing
    3. Rising Pitch / and/or Fast paced motion/dynamic of language. Blinking rate of the eyelids.
    4. Absence of pronouns. (Subconsciously we believe technical approach is more believable - therefore zero pronouns)
    5. Non Answers.
    6. Question Reversal.
    7. Politeness.
    8. Ambiguity.
    9. Mini-confessions.
    10. Over-apologies.
    11. Non-contraction. - Increase in technical language - A lot of emphasis on full negative language like "I have NOT".
    12. "Resume" statements. (Backstory of the persona, unprompted)
    13. Exclusions (along the lines of: As far as I understand it, as far as I know, in correct contextual questions)
    14. Chronology. (Avoiding the emotional initial point, repeating story from the start to the end) - '' How did you crash this car? Answer: I woke up at 9 am today and got the coffee..."
    15 Confirmation Glance (Bias to find validation, or force it)
    16. Adam apples raise.
    17. Single sided shrug.

    Given some are not so directly understood, I will explain more in the next posts. However, if ever needed, one should have understood intuitively the dynamics here.
    Blitzkreig [JG]
    Blitzkreig [JG]
    Looking at this list, it is kind of funny to think about how rare full honesty or honest intentions may be. At the same time, I understand why people can be apprehensive or act in ways like this. Sometimes people can be just fearful, like you have stated above, and therefore not necessarily maliciously deceptive, but still hiding things regardless.

    Mentally, I visualize the truth as like a golden object, but then all of these sources of deception tug on the truth in various dimensions and degrees, some worse than others. By the end of it, the truth has been mangled in some ways, but a skilled investigator could also see the manipulation which happened and be able to guess where the "true origin" of the situation lies.
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    Yes, the word here is deception which includes lies but also that one is hiding, whether conscious or not, by personality or not, but it is a definite sign that the interaction or situation is intently or subconsciously constructed. If it is for bad intents or not, that's another depth to go into. People have right to their privacy of thoughts and emotions, but they lack the information that some people do read these regardless, as they communicate it either way.
    Brother, I have been trying to email you but it says email quota exceeded. Let me know if you received them.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan