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  • Does this apply to you? Are you one that curses or blesses yourself?

    A negative attitude towards one self is akin to cursing one self.

    To talk to one self that you are bad in a certain area is the same as laying a curse, the area in question will become a weakened part of one self. This is especially true when one is hung up on it, continuously feeding this curse, making it harder to break. While it is a good thing to reflect on ones shortcomings, this should be done under a lens of self improvement & understanding, not under a lens of self abasement.

    A positive attitude to one self, and to others is a blessing, enhancing & encouraging growth.
    Lately i have been ''stressing'' over the amount of freedoms that are being taken away from me, and everyone else for that matter, especially when it comes to the freedom to make personal choices.

    How can it be normal that you are forced to wear something on your body (for example: steel toe shoes, face masks etc.), how can it be that many other choices you can make for yourself are being taken away from you, all in the name of safety. Someone else decided that this or that can be dangerous, so now you are obliged to conform to their ''concerns'', even when it comes to personal choice or safety. If you do not conform to their desire you are punished for being a bad little disobedient slave, the worst part of this is that the majority of society completely agrees with this, it is the norm, and should obey.

    Just a few days ago i spoke to my boss about the increase of safety rules, half of them are completely bllsht. He laughed in my face when i spoke out about it, he said that he must implement and enforce them or risk being fined.

    You simply have to comply or risk being punished, isn't it funny how the majority of the population become willful slaves when they are told to, yet attack or laugh at those who point this out.
    Safety regulations are written in blood.
    As i stated, it seems like it is completely normal, your reaction say exactly that. I did not say that people should be put in hazardous working environments without protection, but that people should be given the freedom to make their own choices. If something is dangerous / hazardous, explain to the people what is so dangerous about it and why personal safety measures are recommended. Supplying safety equipment is a good thing, forcing it on someone is another.

    Vaccinations are there for ''safety'' as well, imagine if this was forced on everyone, in essence it is exactly the same. (Again i am not saying that safety measures etc. should not be there, i am saying that people should be free to make their own choices. If you are not able or allowed to make your own choices, wouldn't that be similar to slavery?)
    Henu the Great
    Henu the Great
    You are taking personal freedoms a bit too far. Maybe you'll understand later.
    I do not know what changed, but the forums is almost unusable to me right now. I am using the tor browser so everything is already slow to load, after a recent change on the forums i cant even comment on posts anymore simply because the comment section does not load in. It took me about 10 minutes and many refreshes to load this in, so if something doesn't change i will be severely limited in my use of the forums.

    There are 2 things i can do, nr1 hope this issue will be fixed, nr2 buy a vpn solely for visiting this site... I am not looking forward to buying a vpn, that sht doesn't even do what its supposed to anyway.
    HPS Lydia
    HPS Lydia
    These forums work really fast with VPN, so it's probably as Afodo wrote, about browser add-ons. In addition to the browsers he mentioned, Brave is also good.
    At the moment it can be a big head ache to come on the forums, but there are these rare instances like the time i am writing this where i can access the site no problem. I have tried multiple things like described above to fix the issue, but nothing seems to work, i have no idea why this is happening but i am kinda hoping things will fix themselves like it seems to have fixed itself for this instance.

    The Satanic holiday feast of fire is nearing, for this reason a community event will be held! It would be great if you could be a part of this, joining the festivities with all of our brothers and sisters! If you are interested on what to expect, take a look at my previous post.

    The community event will be uploaded on the 25th / 26th of January!

    The feast of fire (Imbolc / Candlemas) is nearing, i am planning on starting another community event in the beginning of February for this reason! Satanic holidays are there to be celebrated, so lets take advantage of that.

    I want to ask everyone what you think should be included in the community event, here are some rough idea's:

    Bonfires, enjoying a nice fire outdoors, either alone or with friends / family.
    2. Recipe sharing, in particular anything that represents fire or the sun / moon think of crepes, pancakes.
    3. Candle making & candle making recipe's.

    Also a couple of links to useful meditations for that day might be nice.
    JOS wiki page

    What do you guys think?

    In the last 50 or so years the enemy has scarred the landscapes around the world big time by destroying nature where ever possible. India for example has been slowly turning into a desert. In the last couple of years people have started to see what has been done to the planet and are doing their best to restore nature, to inform people and to stop the jewish destruction in their tracks.

    A couple of interesting things that have sprung forwards because of the above are food forests, where 95% of plants and trees in that ''forest'' are edible and usable, or permaculture, where they try to simulate a natural landscape. Personally i love to see things like this pop up, this could really slow down the jewish agenda, and even prevent enemy plans, like destroying the agriculture to starve out and make people depended on the jews.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan