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Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

Hp. Hoodedcobra666

Administrative High Priest
Staff member
Apr 30, 2012

(I suppose I can just post it here, so translators can get started as soon as they are able to.)

Transcription by HPS Lydia, April 30

Greetings everyone. This is High Priest Hooded Cobra from the Joy of Satan Ministries.

I want to wish to every member of our community, from the bottom of my heart, Happy New Year. I am very pleased to be issuing this message to everyone, to all of you members of our wonderful community. More specifically, I also want to thank all of you who do volunteering work, all of you who do community work, because you are creators and builders for your Brothers and Sisters. And of course I want to thank the donors who stand behind everything as a strong pillar for everyone else to have a safe passage into the house of knowledge and of enlightenment.

I want to again bring everyone’s attention to the importance of our community, especially as our community right now is in the middle of a world that is very confused, probably even aggressive and distasteful towards the Truth and the Gods. But this is something that is going to change, and we are those who will make that change.

So I want to inform everyone that 2024 is going to be a different year from all the previous years. It’s going to be a year of public outreach, it’s going to be a year of expansion, it’s going to be a manifestation of the Light of the Gods. Truly, for everyone including ourselves, but also for outsiders and a lot of people who are looking for answers. We are here to provide these answers, and we are going to do it very professionally and with the highest aspirations and goals in mind.

This is going to be the year of teaching, of public outreach, of disclosure, of conversation, of communication, and of bringing the Joy of Satan slowly but steadily to the social position it always deserved. And this is something we will do together, as one united force, with our Brothers and Sisters, and with the collective strength of our Family. Our Family is a family of spirit, a family of union, a family of understanding. And this is the most important thing, it’s our most important possession in this world, it is the house of the Truth and of the Gods.

Looking back to the previous year, I want to further mention that we have expanded, and I want to say that I am truly proud of us. I am very proud of everyone and there is something that we owe to ourselves and to the community and the Gods, and this is for the next year to make all the previous years look small. So let us therefore open the gates to the new year knowing that we are steadily and powerfully staying on the path and knowing with full conviction that it’s going to be the best year compared to any other year.

Hail Satan!
Fire. Absolute Fire.

This is proof that Joy of Satan is the only and most powerful religion, occult organization, and helper of humanity, lead by the most wise and powerful High Priest the planet saw only in the very ancient Golden Ages.

This is truly magical, thank you for this.
Thank the gods you can download this video because it keeps pausing on the site for me anyway indeed let their be mass media campaign like never before. Surely if all these crazy ideas like MGTOW and all the lgbt and what ever letter they are up to now can gain traction surely our actual good idea can now to that they all fail like all the other extremest taken out of context garbage that the jews produce surely it is time for all to see us.
I’m so proud to be here, Cobra Commander! Your voice is legendary, like Leonidas vibes big time lol. Truly proud and blessed! I’m more excited then ever about our progress! The Gods were telling me things like this for the past two days and then your video just now confirmed it all!! Hail Satan!!
I wish that this new year will bring success, happiness and love for our whole family.

I sincerely thank our Gods, the High Priest, the High Priestess and all our other honorable brothers and sisters who bring us knowledge in spite of everything.

I hope it will be a year in which all Satanists will have a much stronger connection with each other and with the Gods. I hope that the love that we all have for each other will grow much stronger and that we will continue to support each other.

Hail Father Satan, Hail Father Baalzebul!
This video makes me extraordinarily happy, HP. This video format and quality is excellent and I do hope we are gifted with similar videos in the future. Also like others have said your voice does command attention, and I will add your English is impeccable - I have no doubt all will listen to the truths you have to say.

I am looking forward to this new year and can't help to see this be the most impactful yet... my life changed around 8 years ago when I first dedicated, and I can't wait to see us reach greater heights than ever seen before.

Hail Satan and our Gods! Hail our Clergy and our Brothers and Sisters under Satan's banner!
Wow and I thought I had a deep voice :ROFLMAO:

Happy Satanic New Year!!
Wow and I thought I had a deep voice :ROFLMAO:

Happy Satanic New Year!!
HPHC has that kind of voice that makes anyone who hears it want to unite Greece and defeat Xeres and the degenerate Jews.
Happy Satanic New Year!!!
The year beginning with such great news! 😁😁😁
Thank you High Priest for this awe inspiring message!

With you at the helm High Priest HoodedCobra, Together with our family of spirit, we will raise the Joy of Satan to the position she ought to have.

By our hand, the world will be Godless no longer. Everyone will have the chance, the choice, to step onto the Path presented by Satan and the Gods.
A choice robbed from too many people, for far too long.

Happy New Satanic Year, Brothers and Sisters!
Happy Satanic New Year Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you for your message Beloved HP Cobra!

We won't add to your voice again... but w.o.w. 😳🤣

I understood most of it, but the translation sometimes goes too fast, so there are lots of passages I didn't understand.

If some kind soul could write it down in English, it would help us translate this important message into our respective languages. Many thanks in advance !
Great video! Is this the new sermon format? What are your thoughts on this? Certainly useful, although a transcript would help if specific portions need to be cited.
I understood most of it, but the translation sometimes goes too fast, so there are lots of passages I didn't understand.

If some kind soul could write it down in English, it would help us translate this important message into our respective languages. Many thanks in advance !
It's been transcribed, I sent it to HPHC. Mentioning this so nobody else spends the time when it's already been done.
Look how motivated we all are!! Thank you so so much HP Hooded Cobra, your oratory skills are wonderful as the most wonderful leader. Gives me confidence, hope and will power for now and future. I'm imagining our Gods are here with us in Earth and i promise i will work hard to turn this into real. It's like we're still at the very beginning but that's what makes our small steps big.
Happy new year! Kayre Şeytan!
Happy Satanic New Year.
A year of new blooms

I had chills when you said to make every other year look small! I expected a Sermon for the first day of the year but this is exactly what we needed to signal progress. Your voice is also inspiring.
Happy New Year everyone !

Knowing what your people need and the right time to provide it is the mark of a great leader. Thank you for everything.

Take this address to heart and celebrate as you see fit but remember, we must work even harder (and smarter) than before. Now is the time to apply as we grow, learn and fight shoulder to shoulder.

Hail Satan !

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan