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Uniting Our Russian Communities [орумы Joy of Satan Russia были обновлены! - 17 июня 2024]

Yes, we will update the forum and make it the same as here, clean, modern, sleek and High Definition. It will also be moved to josrussia.org. Thank you brother.


Да, мы обновим форум и сделаем его таким же, как здесь, - чистым, современным, изящным и в высоком разрешении. Он также будет перенесен на josrussia.org. Спасибо, брат.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful artworks in the history of mankind. Long live Lord Tchaikovsky. I am listening to it now, I hope the work in the JoS honors him forever.


Это, безусловно, одно из самых прекрасных произведений искусства в истории человечества. Да здравствует лорд Чайковский.

Я слушаю его сейчас, я надеюсь, что работа в JoS будет чтить его и впредь.

Greetings Sister, we will be updating the forum on exposingcommunism soon. Of course, everyone is also welcome here. Stay strong and blessed always! HAIL SATAN!!!


Приветствую вас, сестра, скоро мы обновим форум на сайте exposingcommunism.com. Конечно, здесь рады всем. Оставайтесь сильными и благословенными всегда!

Слава Сатане!

And I am with you!


И я с вами!

Believe in the Russian people my friend, they were Pagans and very strong for 50,000 years. Every little problem now is only temporary, we will fix it.

Stay strong always.


Верьте в русский народ, мой друг, он был язычником и очень сильным на протяжении 50 000 лет. Все маленькие проблемы сейчас - это временно, мы все исправим.

Оставайтесь сильными всегда.

This is epic what is happening now, for the first time, Russians will be one unified force in the Joy of Satan. Stronger than ever!


Это эпическое событие, которое происходит сейчас: впервые русские будут единой силой в битве с сатаной. Сильнее, чем когда-либо!
Радует что вы стараетесь ответить каждому здесь. Это создает наилучшее впечатление среди новичков из России. Heil Satan! Heil Gods!
Официальное обновление анонса

Последнее обновление: 11 июня 2024 г.


Greetings to everyone in our beloved Russian Communities,

After close review of the Russian Community, I see that we have many loyal SS in Russia. We love you and we appreciate you for your faith in the Gods.

However as people have related to me, I have also seen something rather unpleasant about the future of our SS in Russia. It is nothing that cannot be managed, but we are planning in advance for the upcoming event which seems to have a very high possibility.

The enemy is from reports, drafting and preparing laws to outlaw "Satanism" in Russia. Clearly, there is also a problem for any Slavic population here, the situation is dangerous, and jews have caused a war to make matters worse and make our Slavic family suffer.

We will therefore not sit idly and accept all of these assaults on both the people who speak Russian or Ukrainian, let alone innocent people who want to grow spiritually and they are being impeded from it, dragged into wars, and constantly abused to that end.

We will not leave you alone to have to face these circumstances and we will do the utmost so all of you can practice your spiritual evolution at peace, united in a form of unity as the Gods declare that we should.

That is very important and the Gods give us this advice to save us from impending disasters like these. Fragmented small groups can fall under the enemy, Satan's lot being undivided, will never fall.

The Russian Government is thinking over this fact probably against radical groups or others who are not like us, LGBQAI and related degeneracy based "groups", or others who engage in negative acts. Fundamentally, that is might not be negative, but discrimination against well meaning human beings who are completely unrelated with this, is not to be supported.

But the enemy is historically known to not discriminate when it comes to people who are only spiritually trying to advance and mean no harm, so that is to be expected here. While members will be safe from these, the existence of "Satanism" as a whole in Russia is not certain based on that predicament.

Thanks to "fake Satanism" that is popular in Russia, this problem is threatening and present. The same problem has existed in other places, and we have handled it very well, without any issues in the past. It's a well known fact that Joy of Satan Russia will not capitulate to any of this and we will be fine no matter what.

Therefore, there is no reason to be worried or concerned. But there are steps to take in this process.

That is saddening, because people, no matter where they came from, they have done good work overall. The only disappointment is that due to lack of clear specifications, a couple of individuals tried to take advantage of this situation in order to sell certain things, which is not allowed for the time being. That is something that can be fixed as we move forward. This was not allowed.

Except of this, there are also some Telegram groups, which I will explain about below [They are not from legitimate SS, so there is no concern - those that are, will continue with everything normally].

In regard to services, that will be possible after vetting individuals on their skills on official JoS platform and official JoS creators [of Russian or any other origin, language, etc], so everything happens properly. That is scheduled and we are building this up, so everything is 100% proper in this task.

Until that time, it wouldn't be good to do these things, especially as it's improper to use JoS branding and also not inform us about it, that is dishonest and bad.

I explained the matter to the present leader of JoS Russia community, Edward Lonsa, and we have reached an understanding about this topic. Others are also in communication and we will find the best solution, the Russian community must unite now and there is no point to discriminate among ourselves even if certain errors might have happened.

What is really concerning is that we must band together now, because of what I mentioned above about an impeding ban. That is not an easy situation, but we will manage through it.

The gap between Russians and the rest of the JoS must start closing in, so everyone is stronger and united together, empowering and producing safety for everyone involved.

The Joy of Satan will be here for people to get in it's bossom and not be affected by any of this, no matter what those in power decide to draft as Russian laws.

Going back to the situation about upcoming laws, there is no intent of anyone to engage in any politics. Yet, the situation is still worrisome. To amend this situation, I want to bring everyone of the Russian Community under the following:

1. Our Forums in Russia will be administered by us, overseas, outside of Russian jurisdiction for that reason. The new domain will be josrussia.org, which will contain all the websites and forums in Russian. Infrastructure etc, will all not be related to or in Russia in anyway.

2. Everyone coming from any group, be this in VK or elsewhere, should be instructed to join the new forums. VK and related groups, can be brought under JoS administratively, but still the people who have them can post and run them as before, no issues. I will be in VK in case I am required.

If there is an official ban, these will go down, so the process of moving people must happen now, it cannot be delayed. The purported law is supposed to be brought for a draft in a few months. That is to avoid potential damages to Russian SS involved in owning these.

3. The forums will be moderated directly by the JoS team, and I will be present also in the Russian forums all the time as an administrator, to avoid problems in the past that had to do with the forums. I can read Russian and used to speak it also (not perfectly, but I can), therefore that won't be an issue.

4. Telegram groups [except of those run by blatant infiltrators who are only a few and not related to the Joy of Satan in anyway], will have to be redirecting the official forums which are safe and outside of Russian jurisdiction. Telegram groups who are fine, can remain to disseminate information, translations, or guide interested people to our forums/websites and so on.

Officially, the Joy of Satan Russia will be henceforth under the domain JoSRussia.org - again, outside of Russian soil. This means that no matter what happens, it will remain up and be able to house interested SS.

We will not allow the enemy to besiege what Satan and the Gods have been creating in Russia. I will update everyone on further updates here in regard to the above changes.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

It’s a pity that there's now no communication for Satanists on telegram. But it’s much more anonymous here. Thank you for your work 🙏
It’s a pity that there's now no communication for Satanists on telegram. But it’s much more anonymous here. Thank you for your work 🙏

Greetings my Brother in Satan. Thank you for letting me know, but there is more here.

In the forums, you will need none of this: Phone number, your device will not be recognized (like Telegram does) and you will be able to engage 100% safely and outside of any large corporation. It's actually way better than Telegram.

We are also looking into implementation of private messages like here on the Forum for the Russian platform, as it will be the same like here.


Приветствую вас, мой брат в Сатане. Спасибо, что дал мне знать, но это еще не все.

Номер телефона, ваше устройство не будет распознано (как это делает Telegram), и вы сможете общаться на 100% безопасно и вне любой крупной корпорации. Это намного лучше, чем Telegram.

Мы также рассматриваем возможность внедрения личных сообщений, как здесь, на Форуме, для русской платформы, поскольку это будет то же самое, что и здесь.
Приветствую всех! Очень благодарна за такую заботу о сатанистах в нашей стране. Жаль что наша группа в телеграмме закрылась, там было очень удобно и просто. Здесь пока не могу понять куда задавать вопросы и все остальное. Форумы очень для меня не привычны к сожалению. Но рада что теперь мы все под одной крышей и будет проще старшим сатанистам вычислять лазутчиков и объединившись помогать ученикам в обучении и направлении их в нужное русло)
спасибо вам всем за заботу о нас!
It’s a pity that there's now no communication for Satanists on telegram. But it’s much more anonymous here. Thank you for your work 🙏

We will be creating a Chatroom for this task, but that will happen after the Forums and Websites are all in perfect order.


Обновление: 17 июня 2024 г.

Форумы Joy of Satan Russia были обновлены.

Мы все еще находимся на 80 % обновления, но теперь все желающие могут зайти на форумы.

Мы сообщим вам, когда обновление будет полностью завершено. Наслаждайтесь новыми форумами.

Предыдущий домен deathofcommunism.com теперь будет перенаправлен на новый домен.

Благодаря JG Apollo Above переход произошел быстро и без проблем. [Thanks to JG Apollo Above the transition happened quickly and without problems.]

Why will the Russian forum be on a separate site and not part of ancient-forums like other languages?

We do not want to boggle it down and it's specifically under a whole other jurisdiction to immunize against any take-downs.

The full forum is up, and I will be there every day as well. We are polishing the forum now, so everything will look great and be very modern and smooth in the end.

Everyone can get in and start using it as one uses that forum.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan