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The New Empire - CHAPTER 10 – EXTREMISM


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Sep 21, 2017
There are many forms of extremism out there in the world. One of them is the far left of the enemy whose definition can be also an extreme of stupidity, given it is coordinated by the enemy, but implemented by the mentally retarded gentiles.

But for the purpose of this chapter, we will look into the so-called far right or white nationalist extremism and what causes it.

The phenomenon of white nationalist extremism is a counter reaction of the race war the Jew wages against us. It is analogous to the definition of hate being the emotion that appears when someone or something threatens that which we love. When I use the term “extremism” I am not falsely referring, as the enemy’s media does, to weak pseudo-nationalists that only focus on religion instead of race and the socio-economic reality.

Extremism, in our case is mainly triggered by the race war the enemy wages on us on so many fronts. We have ideological movements that push for non-whites beating up our people and mixing our blood and on the other controlled opposition, side of the enemy we have the conservative movements that find us tired of anti-white propaganda and propose a fake brotherhood between races with the same purpose of destroying our blood through genetic mixing. So, no matter what we do, the enemy does not give up their most important purpose. This is why many whites have lost their trust into all political or ideological factions and want to revert to their original Gods given reality. If one is intelligent and connects the dots, they see the shadow of the enemy’s hooked nose behind every politician or CEO, that even if he preaches peace, he still carries out this mission at a slower and harder to detect pace.

Another angering factor is the legislation and the penal code which is in many areas made in such a way that it strongly supports criminals and corrupt individuals. This has become possible also due to people’s brainwashing and stupidity. Many do whatever they can to justify the bully, the criminal, the thug. A friend of mine got beaten up by a gypsy one day because he said a bad word on the street joking with his friend. The street cancer was just looking for a reason to beat up someone and invoked the fact that there are kids on the street hearing them. Most of the people which we told the story were invoking the same imbecile reason and even the police did so. So, if one is still sane, one sees how the average person looks for an excuse to justify the thug to, in fact, hide their cowardness and fear of the aggressor. It’s somewhat similar to a guy that gets rejected by a girl he likes and says “I did not like her anyway”.

As elaborated before, one gets jumped or taunted on the street by some hysterical, neurotic thug and if they hit back, they risk getting a criminal record for some ridiculous, equal force, legal interpretation. The thug often has little to nothing to lose, but the normal citizen has as he has a career, an apartment, a car parked on the street and maybe a family, but no gang or group. This is why I am saying over and over again “find the right friends and get them to form a bond of friendship, bravery and loyalty”.

One gets a burglar in his house, shoots the burglar and goes to prison. How does that sound in terms of justice? We fell so far that we developed such a smart and complex system only to protect the criminals with all our strength? We are amazed that extremists are sick and heavily angered with this repulsive betrayal?

I see LGBT parades sexualizing children and promoting pedophilia, transsexuality and all sorts of imaginary genders and who knows what other mental diseases. Then your average goyim, that cannot be called a gentile, comes and asks what do I have against gay people? Those conforming whores never stop to think and see how there are strong correlations between homosexuality and a certain attraction towards pedophilia for example. Nobody cares about their private sexuality, but people should care about how their ideological predispositions justify pedophilia and transgenderism. How many gay people stop and say “LGBT does not represent me”? Instead, they support LGBT with all their madness and in turn LGBT supports and is ideologically correlated with Black Lives Matter, immigration, racial mixing, the Antifa movement, they supported CoVid vaccination and the pandemic restrictions, they supported all the mainstream views about the Ukraine – Russia war and basically, they are affiliated with all the globalist trends of destruction of the family and society. Smart people see those links and draw lines between ideas instead of just idly sitting there and regurgitating all the trigger phrases that they have been fed by the enemy’s system. A goy hears someone talking bad about LGBT? He instantly says a phrase containing one of the words “homophobe”, “bigot”, “nazi”, etc. Whether they know the truth or not, they know they have to defend the stronger side for their own social comfort. People like me have been trying to convince others to wake up and stop feeding the enemy’s war machine against their own interests for years to no result. There were times when they even said I was right about everything and two days later they were back at the same vegetable levels. The thing that I learned and wrote about in both my works, is that some individuals, many of them, by their nature, cannot be changed and it is a waste of time, resources and energy to keep trying to convince them not to be worms and parasites. I know what many of you think and I share the same sadness as you do. That if the vast majority of people were to realize what we have a long time ago, we would have a swift, lean, peaceful and easy transition from the enemy’s cancer of a system to a human one under the teachings of the Gods. But nature has it unfortunately, that few objectives are achieved without very hard work, effort or even war or some sort of confrontation. That’s the unavoidable reality of evolution. One chooses to remain behind and die while the other, although wounded, emerges way stronger and wiser. What does not kill us, makes us stronger as the confrontation between two former brothers is sadly many times unavoidable.

As stated by commander Cobra on the forums, the Joy of Satan is not a political organization as the truth of the Gods’ teachings are true and standing in every era. They transcend the current set of circumstances. The political situations that humans discuss are always relating to the current circumstances and one must adapt to present times. What something once worked can or cannot work in another time depending on the situation people are facing.

The teachings of the Joy of Satan are the path forward to humanity’s advancement towards the Godhead, but until the more advanced stages of humanity’s evolution, we are currently facing a critical, global situation that cannot be ignored. One cannot focus on his academia and studies while his house is on fire. Certain priorities must be set in order to not lose everything. Of course, one should never cave in to fear and lack of faith. Obsessive thoughts tend to manifest the like energy. This is why the enemy is obsessed of convincing us that the apocalypse is coming in so many ways. AI, weather, war, economy, pandemics etc. They hope to use our minds as an antenna or emitter. It is something I am detailing in the next chapter. An SS is the elite of the Gods and must act like it by meditating, physically training and learning any useful area, being ready to apply them in our war. Spiritual training opens the mind to see the possible paths more clearly.

Much of the good intentioned population have placed their fate in conservative and seemingly traditionalist politicians to only see they serve the same Israeli flag and interests. In western countries, a huge segment of the black and Arab population was beating or even killing white people minding their own business. When some conservatives took power, they created a whole pseudo-peace where the non-white is still eager to race mix under a different banner, which is the idea of peace and coming together. I was talking about racial purity with different black people and how both our races should perpetuate their existence. All of them with no exception were extremely fond of interracial relations and breeding. Besides their hate that is not always publicly mentioned, many of them have an inferiority complex and perceive mixing with a white or Asian as a step higher up the ladder of social validation. So, the hypocrisy here consists in the fact that, many of them literally hate their own race, but invoke “racism” only as an excuse to continue this destructive trend. This behavior only puts gas on the fire of racism and will unavoidably attract heavy and grave repercussions on them. Many whites have waited and acted with a solid degree of tolerance and understanding, but now to them, the situation is beyond reconciliation. And all of this because people did not want to listen to common sense due to the fact that they fell well, safe and protected under the big and strong Jew empire. It was so easy to call them names and put labels and insults on them. Just like a dirty kid that pokes a pit bull trough the fence with a stick for five years continuously. But now, one can see something on the horizon and it is the end of this regime that is gradually coming. What will the bad kid do when the fence breaks after 5 years?

The goyim engage in many retarded and repulsive enemy movements that the intelligent people see, perceive and it angers them enormously. This fuel is ready to explode. The consequences of extremism are much more the fault of traitors within a group than that of the enemy. If one is at war with another country, he shoots the enemy soldiers, but if a soldier defected or tried to kill one of his own, if caught, he will not just receive a bullet to the head… use your imagination. Think how we are required to shoot the soldiers of a foreign country that we are at war with, while at the same time, during peace time, you can end up in jail for punching the drunkard that harassed your wife or child. How does that make one feel? There are only two possible answers one gives. “This is the reality and we cannot do anything, but accept the sad truth” or “I would give anything to inflict as much pain on both the criminal and the legal system perpetuators”. I advise every reader to go and see the movie “Law abiding citizen”. It is about the same idea of thirst for justice, when someone has their life destroyed by the system which they fund to protect them. It is the best cinematographic display of the rage one feels when they are being unjustly treated by the ones who revendicate for themselves the idea of “justice”. Unfortunately, the ending was not what we all hoped for, but it was a good run until that point. Same could be said about the animated series “Death Note”.

In my country there were numerous bullshit protests with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people sometimes for what it was mostly a conflict of interests between a few political parties, the population not being affected that much. Granted, I accepted that. But when a government came and literally started applying Klaus Schwab’s thesis, by increasing taxes and prices to extremely unreasonable levels, there were no protests whatsoever. Mainly due to the total lack of coordination, all parties being branches of the same Jewish cancer system, but what triggered an extreme hate in the truly smart and integer people was the fact that in our private life we were not raging nearly enough compared to the former protests which were for far lesser evil deeds than this one. This only proves to the ones that can connect dots and make links between pieces of knowledge, that the animals which we call our countrymen only react when the enemy gives them a bone to chew on. How can one not be an angry extremist in such a case? How can one listen to politician after politician coming on national television and say that a family can eat and live well with an extremely small sum of money and not rage. I will not go into the financial specifics of my country. Even the feces those criminals eat in one day are not as cheap as the sum they invoked for a person to use per month. But somehow, the so-labeled local extremist party is the greater threat, even though it is still mostly controlled by the enemy.

The traitors also went to impose a capping on the prices of energy, but the limit value was very high and it only served to the big energy enterprises as an indicator to where they must set their prices. When the gas prices decreased on much of the rest of the EU, the capping was still in place in our country and the companies were still abusing the limit.

Normal and honest people also hate how so many hypocrites and cancers revendicate and use images of benevolence for themselves. It is deeply disgusting how many leftist figures were whining for the assassination of Alexei Navalny, the main rival of Vladimir Putin which supposedly happened in prison. Those cancers that were also accusing Putin of being a savage dictator have more in common with Putin than with Navalny. They both obsess about “nazis”, neither believe in borders and neither believe in freedom of speech. If the West had more constitutional and cultural freedom to act like Putin they would even come after us and not just public figures like Navalny. They have the same psychological profile and share mostly the same values. Navalny, on the other hand, was a nationalist that was against immigration, population mixing and them being used for cheap labor in the detriment of the native population. There were articles written by Jews that were begging the West to distance themselves from Navalny as they did not share the same principles and ideas.

All the enemy does is take images of light for them to wrap it around their cancerous ideals. Like the LGBT flag for example which is the rainbow. Now one cannot think of that beautiful phenomenon without thinking about that socially damaging cancer.

Same as the media always portrays the loyal adepts of the enemy as educated and having a high IQ while the ones that in reality share those exact characteristics are being labeled as stupid, uneducated, low IQ animals. Again, how can one not be an extremist?
How often have I head or even seen doctors that were conforming to all the toxic trends, but when it came to prescribing the right treatment or perform surgery on patients, it left them more ill or even dead, and such cases are enough to even classify those acts as a genocide. Where I live, it is safer to treat yourself than go into a hospital. Hospitals are death sentences and I often hear doctors, friends of mine or of my wife that laugh about their patients over a coffee or a beer. Everything has become a materialistic hyperbolization, where a ship is sinking and the passengers are trying to grab what they can and run with it, even if it means hurting or killing others.

We talk about advancing, yes, but one must not forget the situation we are in. Until we trim and clean the garden from poison ivy, there is no room for the roses and tulips to grow and flourish. Some truths are eternal and some are applicable to certain circumstances.

The ones responsible with the affairs of the world would be wise to heed the words of the Joy of Satan and manage the context properly to avoid any destructive conflicts that are on the edge of our present day. The de-escalation of the situation is in the hands of a few people. Instead of pouring gas on the fire and calling the righteous people names, insults and labels, it would be wiser to honestly try to understand their needs, offer an honest solution and not try to hijack this as well for the benefit of the enemy. Just like they tried to do with the European farmers’ protests of 2024, when they tried to reach an agreement with them to subsidize them from public taxes in order to produce more ecological foods which in translation means “we tax the animals even more and give them even less to eat”. If those people do not or cannot have the power to stop exterminating Europeans for the sick purposes of the enemy, they will leave humanity with no choice than to plunge into bloody and deadly uprisings and coups that will not end well for them. Many of the perpetuators, Jews included are not even genius evil enough as some of us give them credit for and only do the bidding of a few, select Jewish elite that pulls all the strings. They are stupid to think they will be able to manage the situation and direct it towards their end goal. The nature of the Age of Aquarius and the transit of Pluto in Aquarius on top of it will betray their purposes. The circumstances they have created will not be feasible for hijacking. Even with the race war against the white segment.

I have heard some say that we should focus first and foremost on the issue of the war against property that the enemy is waging on us before the issues of racial extermination, but I respectfully disagree. The non-whites have always had a high predisposition to be more on the side of the enemy than the host population. They are more inclined to protect the hand that seemingly took from us and gave to them. Besides that, Europeans have lived through much tougher situations before, but due to their collective instincts which are given by the racial homogeneity, they managed to break through from tyrannical and oppressive systems. If the nations are not homogenous enough and by this trend they will not be, we may not have the collective instinct to break a final form of enslavement based on a digital God, a digital god made of extremely advanced capabilities of surveillance, AI and quantum computing.

There are people who are not racially aware that are aware of the property destruction agenda and people that are not, but there are few to almost no people that are racially aware that do not know about the overall Jewish agendas for the world. There is a DIAMOND correlation between racial consciousness and the awareness to the enemy.

In total opposition of what the enemy claims, the so-called “nazis” they speak of, in reality are some of the smartest and most considerate people with high morals and beautiful ideals tying to family and tradition. They want peace and to be left alone, living beautiful lives. I have had beautiful conversations with such people and I am proud to have such smart and loyal friends.

Another disgusting action of the enemy is they create role models for people who come with mostly good advice, to only eventually commit a disgusting act and discredit all the good traits that the enemy wants to eliminate. Take Andrew Tate for example. He often criticized the globalist control and management of the world, he pointed at the fact that many men are effeminate and contribute to the crumbling of society, he advised people like a life couch to go to the gym, to learn fighting, what mindset to have on solving various problems and even how to manage certain business and financial issues. Eventually he turned out to be the type of douchebag that was taking advantage of women through emotional manipulation and even got into a scandal regarding pimping. He was bragging about going to clubs in Stockholm and “banging chicks”. This only took some good traits and placed a bad label on them, the most desired enemy label of “toxic masculinity” so the Jew can again push for emasculating men as a solution. Blame testosterone for what the ill will does as some blame the steak for what sugar does. The typical controlled reaction strategy of the enemy. This was basically an analogy of a cow that gives ten liters of good milk and then kicks the bucket and spills it all on the ground.

Meanwhile, “extremists” such as myself and others who push for the same principles of going to the gym, learning a martial art, having business knowledge, push for a different principle in regards to interaction with women. Go get a girlfriend, make her your wife and have many white children. I don’t advocate for going “in tha club” at night with sunglasses on, having lots of tattoos on my body and acting like a pimp. Why do you think I am advocating for men to physically train and make gangs? To be ready to fight this exact, specific vermin.

Those are enemy agents trained to fulfill the role of discrediting good principles, by gathering all of them and ultimately placing a bad label on them.

We also have a Jewish women influencer in Romania that tells 95% truth then comes up with “the mission” at the end. She goes into detail about couple problems and how modern parenting is doing more damage to children than good. Even if what she says is true, her conclusion ultimately, is that people should not get into relationships if they cannot handle it and not become parents if they are not made for it. “Not everyone is made to be a parent” she says, in the context in which even with those few parents we still have a critical demographical problem in which we face extinction. The same Jewish obsession over and over again.

We have Elon Musk on another front, that may or may not have some Cohen blood. Although he has some very promising projects on energy, space exploration and a few socio-economic ideas, he does come up with ideas that mirror the view of the enemy more than that of humanity. Ideas such as UBI (Universal Basic Income) that would fit pretty well with Schwab’s “The Great Reset” thesis regarding the war on property and also other ideas like chipping the brains of humans or creating a human-cyborg hybrid as the next step in the advancement of the human body as in total opposition to the Übermensch of the Gods. One is a slave to technological surveillance and the other is a free force of nature.

Albeit he was critical about the enemy’s hatred towards whites, he still often tries to appease them even though there is no striking a deal with those monsters. He is in a greater position not only to negotiate, but to impose rules on markets and society overall, given he has more than money, he has technological infrastructure. Only time will tell whether he is truly trying to find solutions for humanity, but he is misled or if he is another form of controlled opposition, but even so one should not place his entire faith in such a person, but always be ready to take the situation in his own hands as time is precious for us. Never wait for others to save you as you may realize you wasted precious time of your life for nothing.

A similar situation happened to the rapper Kanye West, who in his hate for the enemy started having anti-Semitic views and praised Hitler. Some of us were hopeful about the situation having a potential to trigger more waves of awakening, but eventually it turned out that Kanye only made a fool out of himself and discredited the ideology by acting like a clown. He even tried to cool off the situation by claiming that blacks are Jews, only underlying his stupidity and recklessness. Both he and Candace Ownes were preaching against white hatred while they themselves, being in interracial relationships were a joke for that message. The enemy was laughing in our face by basically saying “you whites are so weak and afraid that you need a few race-mixing blacks to defend you”. It was pathetic and shameful.

Those people are baits for us to deviate us from our mission and this is why we, as a family must stay vigilant, united and not fall for the enemy’s tricks to hijack us in any way.

At least the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, had the courage and integrity to advocate for racial purity for everyone despite the stupid reporter’s pressure.

Recently, with the supposed death of Navalny, I was contemplating about his character and whether he was for real or a leftist controlled opposition to Putin’s regime. From my point of view there are two very important indicators that he might have been for real. The first one is that a Western reporter asked him about the far-right extremists in his rallies and he replied like a simple man that he did not care about that, but he only wants to get rid of Putin. He does not mind such characters even if he does not agree with some of them, he might as well talk with people of different views after they solve their most urgent mission of changing the regime in Russia. My guess is that if he would have been manufactured or processed by the leftists, he would have instinctively condemned the far-right protesters. He did not mind them by his own words. This has a greater meaning for me than the leftists that try to build their public image around his shadow just like they tried to take credit for the Ukrainian soldier’s bravery, while prior to the war they were trashing them, saying they are a bunch of unvaccinated idiots with low education.

The second indicator about Navalny was that he was asked once if he were to give back Crimea to Ukraine if he were to take power in the Russian Federation. He said no. He was against the war, but Crimea had to stay on the Russian side of the border regardless of the situation.

Putin hated, but feared Navalny as well, all the more reason if he were for real and given his notoriety after he managed to trick and expose the supposed FSB agents that tried to poison him with Novichok. More than that, if someone like him had such influence and were to take power someday, they would not just take power in some country like Germany for example when Hitler did so, but they would take power over the Russian Federation, the second military power on the Earth. A military power that in turn can influence other powerful nations and create and irreversible trend.

So, a successful coup in Russia could also mean a successful global coup against the enemy.

The recent news about his death gave birth to a conspiracy theory in my mind and I am not the one that usually uses such term in a derogatory way. The chances of my theory are extremely small, but bear with me for the sake of a less useful conversation.

This event happened one month prior to the presidential elections in Russia. Alexei Navalny was already in prison since January 2021 and had many years to serve so he could not compete against Vladimir Putin. In my view his assassination only makes him a martyr and alienates the Russian population against Putin, one month prior to the election. The frauds should be higher to cover a vote of frustration is such a situation. Another point is that Navalny was basically a liability. In case the opposition had damaging evidence against Putin, keeping him alive like a hostage would have kept Putin in the position of blackmailing and negotiating. When his mother came for his body, the authorities said they do not know where it is. In my view, killing him was a mistake. The unlikely conspiracy theory goes as follows: he is sedated and kept somewhere safe far from the public eye. The FSB could let a fake news of his death spread around the planet prior to the election so that everyone screams that Putin is a criminal and then he comes and says that Navalny was in a coma and he was treated at his command, painting a bad image on his opposition and a good light on Putin.

The point of such a conspiracy theory is simply to understand what some in high positions could do and to be vigilant to such deceptions. Keep an eye open for any possibility, but do not take them as a certainty.

Russia is playing a tough game in a year with plenty of elections and could come up with any strategy. They are in a very powerful alliance with China, Iran, other factions and both are starting to expand their influence over former West controlled countries in Asia and Africa.

China is even more dangerous as they are heavily competing on the global economic war against the United States and the West, taking advantage of Biden’s weak administration and failed foreign policy. The Abraham accords which kept Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia in a close alliance between themselves and the US, now are null and those countries are closing more and more with China and Russia. Arab countries should be more vigilant before making any deals with Israel and China. Besides, there will be no more whining for benefits about colonists when China and Russia are in one’s back yard.

I personally don’t fully trust a character like Donald Trump, but I can say that he at least tries to do a few good things in politics and economy both internally as well as on the stage of foreign policy. This is why I would prefer people to climb up a step on the ladder of awakening or mental sanity and support such a faction or character instead of going for the lowest one, that being leftism or communism. How can one see the number one mindset if they are still at the N level and not even N – 1 in a mathematical analogy.

He was arguing with Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Jens Stoltenberg about Europe’s large amounts of Russian oil imports while many of them did not contribute the bare minimum GDP for NATO. At the same time, they were calling Trump as pro-Russian and anti-NATO. The former president, said that NATO was obsolete in the sense that it needed urgent modernizing and countries should invest more in it in order to counter Russian and Chinese threats. The media took “NATO is obsolete” out of his phrase and played it again and again. This is precisely like the joke with the school boy that says “I was being bullied and punched the guy” and the principal says “so, you punched a guy”. This behavior is slightly analogous to what I was previously saying about that friend being beaten by a psychopath and people trying to justify the thug. This extreme stupidity and coward whoring angers us, normal humans, past the naturally possible limits.

The former president got angry on a European leader for asking if he would still defend his country from Russia in case he stopped paying the minimum required GDP for the defense budget and Trump replied no, saying that they should do whatever they want with them if they don’t contribute. Of course, the media called him a traitor for this declaration, vegetables fell for it and the politician whose attitude was that of a traitor to NATO got no fire on him for what he dared to imply. It is exactly like a parent that says to his class skipping child, “if you don’t study, don’t ask me to talk to your teacher, he would do well to fail you if you are lazy… wake up and study”.

We know the media is a rotten, corrupt organism, but seeing people still fall for such low types of manipulation is disgusting and makes one realize that there will never be any collective progress with such sub-humans influencing our lives in elections. The only other ways are extremely radical unfortunately. It is sad that I have to use such an example, but if we were to make an analogy with food, you have a normal person and a dirty junkie, the normal person is eating a cake and the junkie is eating feces and looking at the normal person in disgust and contempt.

The same far left personalities have conveniently closed their eyes to the 2020 election frauds, while screaming “democracy” at every given time. Trump had a massive crowd gathered at the protests of the Capitol on the 6th of January 2021 and had the chance to do a radical change for the people who acknowledged the deepness of the corruption. When they entered the Capitol, all the media hypocritically said it was an attack on democracy and Trump cowered out by betraying his supporters. He condemned the violence and even pinned the events on Antifa infiltrators. Some of his supporters ended up in jail and he did not pardon them, instead he chose to pardon a few of his close associates. This was a grave act of betrayal and high treason to the country.

It also highlighted the fact that he feared the system more than he feared people.

One cannot see all the above happening even after decades of explaining and explaining and still think that people will “wake up” in time to save us from extinction. One has to do his part in removing the enemy with his own possibilities and work with the ones that are able and willing to do so.

The exceptional people must serve as an example to the ones that are closer to our mindset and show them how to act. Remember what I was saying that two like us have a chance to trigger positive reactions in one neutral person, rather than one of us talking with two neutral people. It’s the factor of social pressure at work.

Also, if one has good morals like we do and also meditates, trains physically, knows economy and displays any useful skills, others will crave those skills by our positive image. It is the exact opposite the enemy does when they have an agent displaying a few good traits only to eventually make some mistakes that discredit all of his character and traits. One is taking the traits that he wants in other people and presents it to the world through a mature and self-confident behavior, a good set of social skills and a nice and imposing physical body that demands the respect of others.

In my experience, physical training and meditation have been amplifiers of my other traits and skills. Those two factors combined have given me the confidence and clarity on how to apply what I know and turn a conversation or confrontation in the direction I wanted.

One will see in time that a powerful mind, benefits a lot from those two training schedules. An individual becomes very brave and is able to do what the enemy wants to do to him which is hijack a process or an action and turn it in their favor.

Repeated actions and behaviors tend to influence others when done with confidence, besides the natural and logic justification of our actions adds on top of everything. One is able to win over the hearts and minds of others and then, they can influence them by using their earned trust.

It is the same principle of thought energy. Even the simple process of meditation without any specific ritual, sends a vibration in the universe that activates the Godlike instinct in others slowly and gradually. Some are affected more than others.
Hello, I wanted to know if I can translate your book "CONCLUSIONS BEFORE THE GREAT STORM" into Spanish, so that many more can read this.

Please confirm :)
Sounds like a good idea. And if you want to do it for the JoS Library, you can ask Henu about the steps you must take.
Just make sure you keep the meaning the same :)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan