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Sep 21, 2017
The people I love the most are white, but the ones I hate the most are also white and they are traitors.

It is a very simple chapter. As simple as it gets. It is an address to all white people that are in such a low state, that I cannot consider them brothers and sisters anymore. There is, of course, another category which is even lower, a category that is not even worth the dialogue. But for the purpose of debate and giving more insight for the ones who have the capacity and integrity to see and admit the truth, I will make this address.

It is an oration to the non-SS I come by daily and that leave us all stunned with their complexly elaborated essays about why our own extinction is an acceptable historical event.

What are you waiting for white men and women? There are so many of you, so many types of excuses that only wish to justify your own death and extinction. I talk with so many of you, just out of pure curiosity and I am literally stunned by what your frightened, boulder-like brains are able to regurgitate in order to not be thrown off the comfort path.

There are so many cultures and each one of them responds differently to the enemy’s virus.

I see some of you endlessly talking about how you despise non-white immigration, the LGBT agenda, the leftist derangement that has occupied the fields of education and raising of children, the excessive censorship and very high bias towards the chaotic and melting pot society and the lack of proper legislation. Normally I would say you have raised to the normal level of common sense, but each time an election comes, you vote for the leftist madness factions. Not only that, but you do not hide your fanatical devotion for the ones that wish to outbreed you with darker races and destroy your genetics. You loudly smear the conservative factions, which are only, at best, a lesser evil, but even so, you still willingly support the most damaging factions. At least if you would keep this to yourself and it still would be a less frustrated environment than the one which you sustain every decision year.

Does social validation mean so much to you? Does being on the side of the big bully help you receive less slaps on the back of your neck during the day? I know some of those people, that have personally told me how they hate leftist lunacy so much that the moment they will be in front of the election ballot boxes, they will vote for the “far right extremist” formation. Yet the moment an election is approaching and all the soy media and cancerous influencers resurrect from their commas, you start smearing those factions for reasons such as: they are allied with Putin, they will destroy the environment, they will bring about a police state, they do not know how to govern and so on. “Police state” some say? Well, it is ironic and extremely hypocritical since this is exactly what your endless options project upon our lives. They say they protect democracy, yet other people’s opinions are trashed and labeled as “extremist”, “uneducated”, “based on conspiracy theories” while their parties steal elections, refuse investigations by buying, blackmailing and intimidating all judges. Imagine a stolen election, like the US 2020 presidential election, being common knowledge, yet all other politicians around the world call it a conspiracy theory along with their sheep. Yes, as I said before, most people know, but like the fact that their guy won no matter how. This was also covered in “Conclusions before the great storm”. The highly left oriented formations around the world even go as far as to declare rival political parties and people as legally non fit for a candidacy and some of you, their followers have the audacity to hold speeches about democracy.

I often challenge people in debates about such subjects, when it is just the two of us, no groups, no social pressure and they do admit I am right and that they do it “just to be on the winning side” to paraphrase their conclusions. Then, two or three days later, we are back at the same mentally retarded speech based on emotions and labels such as “racism”, “extremism”, “uneducated” and so on. You low level integrity creatures know perfectly well what the situation is and you would rather play dumb, than risk a few labels.

Because of this impotence of ridding oneself from the Stockholm syndrome, the current power structure endures, as they always have the necessary numbers to create pressure and intimidate the weak-minded nerds. Once again, I will shamelessly nag you with Thucydides’ words until they are engraved into your brain as is your own name: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”

You think you can fool us by pretending to be the fools yourselves? You think we believe you do not see what happened with so many vaccinated people, especially with the ones who had more that two shots? You witnessed with your own eyes, cases that after one or two years have fallen ill with cancers, thrombosis and myocarditis and many of them even died or worse, you yourself suffer from such ailments and pretend it is coincidentally an entirely different cause when we were warning you about the exact same dangers prior to taking the vaccines of the enemy. This is how much social pressure and opinion means to many of you, so much that you willingly risked your own health and life for this. I am ashamed to call some of those people “white people”, it is disgustingly pathetic what big cowards some of them have become.

In 2024 there is no “I did not know” and even if someone would be at such a low cognitive level, it would still not be an excuse as what one decides, affects another one. One cannot grant a pilot certificate to a disabled man just because it is not his fault for being born disabled.

Never do I see a person rooting for the enemy, be they a simple citizen or someone in a higher position to ask why are we displeased, why we lean towards our view and vote the way we do? They simply want total obedience to their ideology. They know they are wrong.

There are hundreds or even thousands of hidden or shadow banned news articles about blacks killing whites, Arabs murdering children and barely no attention is being given to such events, while if a black or Arab person gets killed or hit, the enemy coordinates protests all over the world? Why are so many of you rooting for them while when your own get killed you pretend it was an isolated case? Perhaps because you are a bunch of whores and cowards that think you will have it easy if you lick the boots of the aggressors?

In my country such news are never discussed, but some of those mentally disabled people with rights are afraid the “nazis” or “extremists” are going to take power. What about the current power structure and parties who have plagued the country for the past decades? Does human trafficking not bother you? Do rapists, pedophiles, criminals, thugs, drunkards, the faulty penal code, the deliberate destruction of economy and unjustified taxation not constitute real threats to you? The fact that we were close to losing our jobs for not having vaccine certificates was completely ignored by you obedient slaves while one supporter of an “undesired” party making a verbal mistake was all over the news and the subject of discussion among the soy pseudo-intellectuals. Your priorities are defined by your low life, slave like attitude towards your own abusers. I do not tolerate the usage of the term “brainwashed” anymore as people surely see when their rights are being taken away, their salaries are being cut, the taxes are being risen to unreasonable levels and hot water, energy and property are becoming a luxury. This is not stupidity, but rather cowardice and the lowest amount of integrity, that to not say a complete lack of it.

One cannot say, I din not hear when the prime minister said an entire family should be able to live decently with only one close to the minimum wage. Yet your greatest fear is that someone might come and smear the LGBT community or close the borders to illegal immigrants? Is this what people with a university degree are capable of crapping out of their minds?

Many of the older or medium age people used to ground their children all the time for making something stupid, getting a bad grade, living their clothes untidy or other discipline related reasons, while now, the same people close their eyes to criminals, corrupt people and other grave issues and treat them as part of our lives. “Stop trying to get involved in society affairs, you cannot change their system” many of them say. I have not been educated as a law abiding, honest, hard working and well-raised individual just to become an adult when society is crumbling under a normalized culture of criminals and chaos. I have not made all that effort to just forget all the education I have received because of the wet dreams of the Jewish vermin, that have no right whatsoever to infect our civilization. Although my greatest quarrel is not with the Jew, the black, or the Arab, but the white traitor. An enemy is to be expected to behave like one, but a traitor is one hundred times more repulsive and disgusting than all of our external enemies combined.

My hatred runs deep for such vermin. A mud shark is way more guilty for her selfish and stupid perception of her needs than the black who impregnates her for the sole reason of destroying our race. The perception on beauty is subjective to one’s race and attraction is higher within one’s own. “Love”, if it even was a valid feeling in such a case, would still not be a universal excuse. This way, a pedophile could justify its point of view, though we are not far from that horrible dystopia. One cannot compromise the rest for their own shallow and selfish desires.

Following the above line of thought, we know for a fact that people are willingly partaking in the global tactics of the enemy. We all know how their factions, parties, ideologies, NGOs, corporations, businesses, bought out judges and so on are all correlated by the international web of money run by the enemy. It is a complex system that correlates all elements and nothing is independent or a coincidence, most of us know this from the most exceptional people to the lowest life forms from all races. A person that understands basic corruption and they themselves even do all sorts of actions to get something for free to the detriment of a law, trick someone or dodge a tax well knows how this exact behavior is mirrored by the local politicians and therefore even the big globalists and corporate Jews. There is no point in making fun of the ones who pick on Bill Gates or George Soros and pretend that you are an intellectual and the other is stupid. You people have to tell this to yourselves so hard and so many times because not even you believe your own lies and this bothers you enormously. It bothers you, that others have the perception and courage to reject the system that gives you the false sense of comfort like it used to bother you when the quiet kid would stand up to the bully and even get punched for this while you were pretending to laugh at the bully’s actions, but inside you knew you were a cancer. It bothers some that they drink Coca Cola and smoke and they were telling us to wear masks and get the vaccine during the Covid pandemic because they were not responsible one day of their lives, but we had to suddenly be for them. The World Health Organization never bat an eye to even do something against all the GMO food, the heavy additive foods, the smokes or all the unhealthy spectrum of consumption, but they were all the sudden worried about us getting a virus? Give me a break!

You, useful idiot slaves were invoking such reasons like a bunch of pre-programmed robots without the slightest amount of critical and analytical thinking while proclaiming yourselves as intellectuals because the media put a “science” label on a criminal idea. What did those people care about the ones who did not get the vaccine or wore the mask? I know from their own mouths that they were happy that the “skeptics” and “extremists” would die and have less votes for the rival parties. It was always a great phenomenon of hypocrisy, as they hated us to the bone, never cared for our health or lives and now, many of them got sick for their actions. They thought obedience would earn them a favor and got the opposite. The closer you live to an abuser based on the Stockholm syndrome the more you suffer.

The same way, many so called nationalists claim to be anti-Semitic while clinging to the Jewish made religion of Christianity. Does one really think that those vermin did not read the Bible which states that one must love their enemies and pray for them and that one must be a victim and turn the other cheek? They are perfectly aware, but their cognitive dissonance makes it so that they are so tied emotionally to this enemy program that they are not really willing to fight the enemy, but just bark out of enormous internal frustration and confusion. They basically react like animals and we wonder why the enemy calls us “goyim”. Perhaps it is long overdue past the point where we should stop joking around and get out of the animal state in order to confront the enemy.

Everything in the enemy’s global culture is a joke and no real issues are being taken seriously. We pretend to be white supremacists, but we loudly proclaim a Jew prophet as our savior. We are confronted with demographic disaster and high levels of crimes, but our greatest concern is someone making a typo or Trump not holding the door for his wife.

No matter how loud they bark the opposite, the truth remains that people do not believe in democracy. Democracy is a system that will work once humanity has reached a certain amount of common sense and natural understanding, but for now, mankind needs guidance to not destroy themselves.

All of our persistent enemy culture, all the chemicals and extremely bad food, our forced ways of life and all the radiation and loud noise has distorted our instincts and made the weakest men in recent history. The exceptional ones will have to stand both against their white traitors and the enemy with their vast armada of non-whites that are in our lands for ill purposes. The first that should be taken out of our society are the white traitors and then and only then will we achieve unity. Confrontations are often mistakenly perceived from a democratic point of view, that we must have 50% plus one of the population in order to succeed in any endeavor, but history is not limited to solely democratic systems. A well-coordinated segment of the population can do wonders in any type of confrontation. Just like the Blitzkrieg tactic of Germany in World War II, where a fast and well-coordinated number of tanks and armored vehicles could take on successfully a force that outnumbered them even ten to one in some cases. This is analogous to what the enemy can do with a few black thugs and Antifa scumbags, while millions of the citizens of a country cannot rise to protest a bunch of their own dead children in a park in Paris, due to a total lack of coordination and no access to the communication infrastructure. The enemy has dug in deep in the system and will not let anyone from outside reverse-infiltrate their corporations and institutions. For this sole reason we may see civil unrest or coup d’etats as those may be the only valid options in some places, especially where there is a preponderant lack of courage and integrity. The enemy is so hateful and desperate that is even trying to force diversity into the armies of white countries in order to have more disunity in the event of such an uprising.

Do the low lives even have the audacity to call us “extremists” in a derogatory manner or “guilty”? They are guilty of crimes against humanity and the process of continuity. They and their Jew masters have committed extremely grave crimes even without firing a bullet or raising their fists. One is not exempt form responsibility of their choices and which wolf they choose to feed. There is no “how does it bother you personally?” All actions impact the rest and all have the natural obligation to make the best choices for both them and the ones surrounding them. This unsacred alliance is extremely guilty for what they created and sustained and must be brought to justice, otherwise the entire population of our planet will learn the wrong lesson, that you can dodge responsibility and not be held accountable for this. Forgiveness to the guilty is extreme injustice to the innocent. It is true that from a spiritual perspective all of this is a matter of soul maturity on a community level, but again the reasons for a fault must not be an excuse for inaction. We could spend hours and hours and write endless well-elaborated essays about why the lion does what it does, why the virus by its nature has no choice, but to infect its host and why a rat cannot be changed from its natural behavior. This way, I believe I could elaborate myself an entire book about why the Jew has no other possible perception or solution for survival then what it already does. I could be the lawyer of the enemy if I ignored my natural obligation to survive and perpetuate my race.

It is very plausible, by the laws of evolution, that humanity might evolve in time into an enlightened species that would technologically and spiritually rival all other species in the universe and that could never be fooled by any psychological or spiritual war such as this, but before that happens, we must survive from the state where we are and this might require a lot of sacrifice and “garden trimming”. So, getting back to all exceptional people reading this, contemplate on the fact that, while we are debating such subjects, others might choose who to support based on what someone din in his 30s when they grabbed a woman’s ass, while they may ignore pedophiles that mask themselves as defenders of the environment and ethics. We are at the moment where we mostly debate while they mostly destroy and implement. Let that sink in and see where this thread leads our thoughts.

While there are people out there literally killing, destroying, raping, human trafficking, committing pedophilia, those acts do not bother some more than someone challenging their ideology that did a verbal mistake or made a typo in an article. This is where we are overall as a species having DEBATES about those subjects. A whore or a criminal has the same rights to make decisions about our collective lives as we have.

The fact remains that democracy is not compatible with our current state as logic and reason are simply not the persuading elements for people, but rather authority. Whites would rather listen to the one who has a bigger reach that the one who has the correct speech.

The average person does not seek to understand the message, but how big is the one that communicates that message. How popular is it? How many followers are there? Would they have friends if they joined that message? If there are many, it must be easier and we can all “agree democratically” that it is right.

What is the most repulsive and disgusting aspect of this fact is the complete hypocrisy of all this madness and how the perpetuators and their vermin followers always portray themselves as the exact opposite of what they are: human loving and understanding, pro-democracy and freedom, ethically based, intellectuals and pro science.

In the past nobody could have even imagined an ideology that is pro drugs and pedophile friendly as being “educated and open minded”. Our world is a joke. We are burning and we joke around. As for drugs, they make the filter barrier in the mind go down and the victims become more susceptible to suggestion. This is why many drug users are so prone to follow the enemy’s ideological spectrum. Sobriety is a major factor in discerning good teachings from toxic ones. This is analogous to a drunk guy in a club that hits on a very fat and ugly woman. His filtering barriers are down and the enemy well knows such facts and tries to use them in all sorts of chemical warfare and radiation tactics.

When Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine in early 2022, most of those virtue-signaling hypocrites were pretending to root for Ukraine and curse Putin, while a few months prior to those events they were calling Ukrainians “the idiots of Europe” for having such a low national percentage of vaccination. The same way, leftists were pretending to care about Alexei Navalny when he was imprisoned by Putin, when in fact, Navalny was a white nationalist that would have been hated one hundred times more than Putin by the Western Jew if he gained power as well as by the Russian Jew. When Russia attacked Ukraine and all imbeciles were virtue signaling, I was asking many of them “What do you have against Putin? There are so many similarities between them and your ideology. You are both obsessed with nazis, neither of you believe in freedom of speech and neither of you believe in borders”.

But these vermin, have to constantly lie about their own virtues as the truth is so painful that they themselves do not believe what they say. This can also be seen by the same spectrum of labels and few words that are overused in each of their speeches to the point of them being totally pathetic and limited. During the pandemic I was hearing almost daily attacks about our IQ and education and I was asking those people if their “education” is not by any chance “edjewcation” and whenever I heard the word “IQ” from their mouths, I advised them to not use the glucometer to measure their IQ, but to go to the doctor to get the diabetes prescription instead of having all those delusions of grandeur. Imagine a man with an IQ of 157 having to hear a bunch of overgrown poisoned hamsters squeak nonsense all day for two years.

I beg the enlightened segment of the population to not give up on our fight as I believe a well-led minority can do wonders and there are signs that their system is cracking in several places. Coordination possibility may follow in the near future and this may be also amplified by the long transits that are starting now.

Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Aries are two parallel transits that may materialize a lot of the internal frustration into something fruitful if managed properly. This is not a set-in stone prophecy or anything of that sort, but we SS might be able to take some advantage of this opportunity.

Take any hardship as a challenge to prove your worth to the Gods and to make it into an opportunity of growth. Heroes are born in times of war and war has many forms.

Instead of sorrow and fear, be glad that you have an opportunity to make history and fight in one of humanity’s greatest wars for survival if not the greatest of them all. It is an epic and pivotal moment in our history that has never reached such caliber for millennia and we are part of this right now in this moment.

Even if we were to fail and get completely obliterated, it would still be a great honor to take part in such a war of epic proportions. But having the Gods on our side combined with our wills and the wills of those exceptional people who brought us all SS here and taught us, I believe we will endure. Not only endure, but come to evolve and build The New Empire of enlightenment where the teachings of the Gods will make this garden flourish. First, we must be brave!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan