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Sep 21, 2017
In this chapter I wish to present possible scenarios that take place in two very different societies. For our purposes we will have society J and society A. I will let the reader decide and interpret what each letter represents and what ideologies, causes and consequences are linked to each scenario of the two societies.

The purpose ultimately is for various opposing sides to accelerate their competition and reach a conclusion for the rest of our time and history. Based on each individual’s nature and experience, they will subconsciously know which one is fit for them, although some may lie about their choice publicly.

I hope the following stories and scenarios help you better understand the two possible ways.


A man was walking home after going out to buy a few things. All the sudden he sees two guys smirking like hyenas trying to take something out of an old woman’s bag. He warns them, but they start cursing and trash talking. The guy gets angry and smashes both their faces and puts them down paralyzed by pain.

- Here you go ma… he wanted to say, but the old woman looked scared at him and left quickly.

- You sick bastard, what did you do to those two young men? Said a random woman. I am calling the cops, you dirty criminal.

- Lady didn’t you see what happened? You were looking right at them when it all happened before your eyes. Why didn’t you act or call the cops on those thugs?
- You are no better than them, said another guy. What education do you display if you act worse than them? You cannot fight violence with violence, have you learned nothing from history? You have no education.

- Are you people fucking retarded or are you with those thugs?!

- Such language clearly reflects a poor education and a very low IQ, shame on you, young man!

The man was disgusted with the people’s bullshit and attraction towards ill behavior. Soon after that incident the police arrived and took the guy to the section. He was charged with assault for responding with unequal force and extra charges were placed for verbal misconduct. The situation of the two thugs was unclear. They either ran before the police was there or got some fines, but the man who tried to help now had a criminal record.

When the man arrived home and told his story, his family lectured him about not knowing how to manage the law in his favor and not minding his own business as “playing the hero” only gets one in trouble.

They even said “who are we to judge” in the context of the thugs.


The beginning is the same situation with the man, the old woman and the two thugs being in the exact same situation. The man goes after them and after not reaching an agreement, he breaks their noses and legs and leaves them badly hurt on the ground. Some people around them start cheering and spitting on the two bullies on the ground. For many, this was a very inspiring act of civic duty and justice felt extremely satisfying.

- Thank you, son! Said the old lady. You are a really wonderful young man and I am grateful we have more and more people like you in our community. Your wife and mother should be proud. You really made my day.

- Glad I could help you ma’am and that you are ok.

Shortly after the incident the police arrived and the man and two gangsters were taken to the section. Most of the legislation was in favor of justice, but there were some vague to be interpreted laws that could get the man in trouble. Even so, the policemen understood the circumstances and made it so that the guy was released without a criminal record. They knew a good deed when they saw one and they could judge it. They were men with judgement.

At home, the family congratulated the man and said that he has done a very good deed and that he should always be careful in such dangerous situations to also watch out for his own safety as well as the others’ as much as possible.


There was a video trending on social media about a thug who was narrating his whole life. He went on and on about all the beatings and stolen purses during his “wonderful” life and ended his narration saying he was raised in unfavorable circumstances and that he knew nothing else about life. That this was all he knew and had no other way to survive than to steal and beat.

- I found God one day and repented. I still ask him for guidance to help me go on the straight path.

The comment section was filled with cancerous replies such as “who are we to judge, we do not know his circumstances”, “you extremist haters would have done the same if you were in his shoes”, “only God know what is going through his heart right now… poor man, let’s pray for him” or “I’d rather have ten hones men like him than one dirty cop who does not stop to think about his situation”.

The worst part was that he was still doing those deeds and even cursing and threatening people with violence on social media. One man who commented aggressively towards that violent specimen, got his account suspended for incitement of hate.


The situation starts in the same manner with the parasite whining on the video about his thug deeds being a consequence of poverty and lack of education.

People’s reactions were, in this alternative scenario, sane and solid. “What does it matter what circumstances he claims to have faced? My daughter is not bound to suffer for a crazy thug. Why should we leave such individuals on the streets and become victims ourselves. How did we contribute to his claimed misfortunes? I know someone who lost his son because of such a lawless monster, I will not be whining for him to display fake virtues on the internet. That boy was innocent, fuck that criminal!”


In a classroom, three bullies are constantly picking on a kid. Most of the others secretly do not like this and are deeply disturbed by this behavior. Their classmate’s constant humiliation is actually unsettling to most of them, but in reality, they also pick on the kid for being on the side of the three cancers. Most of the kids will eventually grow up and constantly talk publicly about virtues, equality and protecting the unprivileged people of our world. They subconsciously see the leftist elite as a big bully who they must conform with in order to survive as they did in their pathetic, sad excuse of a life. They also do not realize, but they do this in order to compensate with the interior conflict which is triggered by them being worthless hypocritical animals with no spine. They feel this, they try to lie to themselves, but truly, their souls never do accept the lie and they are constantly in denial of their own nature.

The bullied kid is now a far-right extremist who desires blood and revenge.

The kid is always advised by the so-called wise people of his family and entourage to never dwell on hate and revenge as “he is better than them”. Ironic… the better person has to endure so much pain and hate. “Hate” the very word that represents evil in the forced ideology of the enemy, while the bullies had almost no hate in their hearts. Why? Because for them it was all fun and entertaining. They never felt any pain so they had no reason to hate. The kid had all the reason to do so, but he was seen as the freak of this story.

The ones who used terms like “faggot” on the ones they used to pick on are now strong defenders of the LGBT ideology, for the simple objective of conforming to the trend. If tomorrow the world would be run by Nazis, they would also whore and obey the current system. But the “nazis” would never accept their fake loyalty.


In a similar scenario, three bullies try to pick on a kid. In their mind they thought that physically abusing and mentally torturing a class mate for years and years would bring them the fun of their life. Little did they know was that the rest of the class were very loyal to each other and that they all had parents who, in their home education, put enormous emphasis on self-defense and justice. So after two weeks of acting like rats, the three future criminals started to get beaten in return, humiliated, made fun of, pushed and psychologically abused in a way that would make Joseph Stalin cry. The class remembered what the three tried to pull and they never forgave them. They kept torturing the three, knowing very well what characters they were and not stopping to debate fake virtues for any second, until… one by one… each o the three individuals… committed suicide.

Nobody cried for them, nobody missed them, they were happy and proud of them that they were reversing and doing what their pathetic ancestors, us, could not do.


The war was over… The Jew had finally defeated the last remnants of white resistance and the path to implementing their vision was easier than ever. Very few whites remained and those that still remained were just hard-core leftists, LGBT members or a few Christians.

The rest did not care about what was happening. To them the strongest emotional motivator was some anti-racist, anti-white Hollywood movie or some holocaust documentary. The rest of their activities revolved around getting tattoos, sending social media links to each other, clubbing, fighting, doing drugs, scrolling their phones and doing enough work in a corporation to pay the rent which was mostly owned by a few “private” giants that monopolized all the sector.

The loudest to dance and sing on the streets were a few white LGBT members while in a corner a gang of thirty Ugandans were elbowing and smirking at each other because they knew what was about to happen to those “evil colonists” that were trying to appease them.

The few white women that still remained married blacks and Arabs in hopes of being sparred the pain that many of the remaining whites were about to suffer. But having long lost the demographic majority, the Arabs and blacks had nothing left to prove, nothing left to pretend to be. They were used for breeding, but their lives were short and miserable. Beaten, spat on, laughed at and slapped on public for their friends to see how the won.

The lives of the remaining were simple and sad… they worked and paid rent, but never really enjoyed the meaning of life, travelling, they never researched energy projects, medical advancement or spiritual development. Bit by bit, they were all unified under a new version of Judaism with the Jews having privileged status and mostly staying apart from their slaves. They had put in place very advanced surveillance systems, a social credit score system and their control was done through fake representatives of each race: blacks, Arabs or Asians that were gladly selling their brothers and sisters for a few shekels and better rent.

Museums and operas across the former white countries were burned before the end of the war by the remnants of the white race along with the non-white hordes, just weeks before the final purge against those whites. “White supremacy” was defeated. Spirituality and true science were also thrown into historic oblivion and the ancient monuments were gone.

Nobody did care, to them it was unimportant history, a symbol of a primitive society compared to the rap and memes they were sharing on TikTok. They had a colored screen in their face compared to those boring pyramids done by bored pharos.

The non-whites that opposed this madness either got sentenced to death, sent to the gulag or they switched sides at the last moment, knowing they did not stand a chance and it was not worth it to die for the white race anyway. This way they could at least see a tree or a flower for a few more years on YouTube, while their air filters still kept them mostly healthy inside their rented apartments.

They survived, but they had no clue how or if they would turn this whole nightmare around.

The remaining white politicians and celebrities all betrayed each other to show who is the most loyal to the system and all died eventually, one by one through killing each other. The enemy only had to sell the conflict, they rarely had to kill someone themselves.

In time, even the enemy fell into a sad form of existence and were living mostly connected to medical devices, locked in their bunkers or mansions, while food was getting worse and worse, pollution was devastating and the population boom was a disaster both socially and economically.

Conflicts arose inside the enemy’s own system and all the civil war factions used segments of the population for a non-ideological war. It was a war of desperation for resources and survival which eventually got the enemy extinct. The enemy Elohim abandoned the planed and left the Jew to face the wrath of nature.


It was unbelievable! I was there when the greatest war of our history was won by us. Against all odds, the most difficult confrontation with the highest stakes in tens of thousands of years was won by the Aryan with the help and good will of our guardians the Gods.

All the white countries now had a 98% + majority Caucasian population. All of us were in the streets, there were fireworks on the skies of every major city, there was music and dancing on the streets and people were hugging and smiling to each other. The enemy had been whipped out to the last atom. We would never have a fake forced war or economic crisis of such devastating proportions. Legislation was slowly being changed to benefit the honest citizen and all the institutions now had a sacred mission to do their best for the interest of the citizen.

Mud sharks were just a bad and disgusting memory, all race mixers were deported to various countries in the Southern continents where they got a far worse treatment than under the white supremacists.

Meanwhile life was flourishing back in our countries. The birth rates were strong and healthy again, we were acting on loyalty and solidarity, science was advancing, work was done in an ethical and motivating way and spirituality was growing.

The remaining traitors were all marked with a six-pointed star on their foreheads and the rest knew whether to sell anything to them, talk to them, isolate them or offer them any jobs. Eventually they either got mad and died of a bad heart, or migrated to what countries still offered the slave-labor jobs, or died of hunger.

Nobody ever shed a tear for them, in fact they were all relieved knowing how many lives were lost because of them always keeping the enemy’s system alive for years and years.

I remember I hugged my wife and kids after returning home and knew I was about to get some good sleep at night and the next day I would go to the park, early in the morning when the sun was just warming up nature and have a coffee with a sandwich on a bench with no more idiots screaming and yelling at each other. Even if such individuals would still exist, the rest of society would simply make them regret every animal-like behavior in a very fast and aggressive way.

It was finally peaceful outside. People were strong and healthy or in the process of healing. One could talk with anyone randomly on the streets. After the war all remaining people were nice, polite, eager to help and do something for the society and future.

The world was reborn from its ashes and most of us understood that work, if done properly will only make our lives easier. Nothing was taken for granted, the world understood this after almost had it all lost.

Challenges and hardship will always exist, but humanity learned to adapt and solve problems. Instead of making extra and free problems, we were focusing on what the laws of the universe was challenging us and playing the game. Training was a central part of a human’s development now. Spiritual training as well as physical training were mandatory in accordance with each individual’s capabilities and predispositions. A central part of our society was a program developed for the deep understanding of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses so they knew what to focus on.

Eugenics were a core process of our society. It was simply based on genetics and predispositions about who would be encouraged to breed more without any persecution. People were happy and the efforts they made, the challenges they took, the problems and hardships they faced and solved only brought them more happiness and confidence.

It was nice to go out with a bunch of friends to have a beer and tell stories of what they did and faced the las day or week. Population distribution was done wisely and it was a real pleasure to go out anywhere, not having to go through very crowded areas or wait in lines or traffic.

Ideas were allowed to circulate freely and unless a message did instigate to violence, no messages were censored or shadow banned. As for violent messages, there were rarely if any.

Sports and spiritual training were heading us towards the Übermensch and the Magnum Opus without even realizing it as it was all natural and people were facing challenges and doing the necessary effort in an organized way that it always ended up in a deep feeling of JOY.

We finally understood it all. This was the Joy of Satan! We had completed His mission of peace on Earth.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan