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Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Twins, Apollo and Astaroth!

Osiris Silvio

Jan 6, 2021
Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Twins, Apollo and Astaroth!

On this special day when the sun enters Aries, the Goat sign, our Gods celebrate the Spring Equinox and the birthday of Apollo and Ashtar on Orion and Aldebarran.

I’m writing this thread to wish our beloved twins eternal glory, divinity, and power, although I am short on time and slightly exhausted, but I tried to do this thread its due justice. Happy Birthday to Apollo/Azazel! Happy Birthday to Astaroth/Ashtar! May your flames of Godhead remain as powerful as a thousand burning suns forever.

Apollo is often depicted holding a bow that is symbolic of spiritual ascension as the arrow soars into the higher octaves of the soul. Like Apollo’s bow, we ought to strive up into perfecting our souls to become spiritually immortal, up toward the potent sun, up toward the stars of “heaven” and the higher dimensions of spirituality and consciousness. Without willpower and devotion to meditation and self-empowerment, the gravity will keep us from flying. Even as the bow needs the driving force to push it skyward, we need the divine driving force from Orion and our Gods to help us soar sunward (the meaning of the inverted pentagram, energy alighting from the sky into the ground).

Another symbol of Apollo is the lyre whose seven strings symbolize the seven major chakras of the soul. In music therapy, every chakra has its tone and sound. Apollo is known as the chanter of the octaves of the soul, hence opening the soul and the chakras.


Apollo’s sun chariot also indicates spiritual ascension into the higher dimensions of divinity.

Apollo’s laurel represents the glory of the crown chakra as the Kundalini serpent rises from the root chakra where it is coiled until ascension, through the spine, and into the crown chakra and above it. The raised serpent is portrayed by a halo around the head. Once risen, the serpent gives increased consciousness and psychic powers to the individual. Raising it is the prerequisite step to start working on the alchemical magnum opus and strive toward becoming a God.

In this thread, I aim to share some information about Apollo and Astarte, as a little homage. Apollo’s wife is Nuit who has black hair and blue eyes. Two of his children are Orfeo/Orpheus and Asclepius.

Astarte’s husband is Osiris, known for his remarkable beauty and powers. Osiris is widely associated with ancient Egypt. In Egypt, Astarte was known as Isis.

“Egypt is full of hints and memories that connected to the Golden Age, called the First Time. The many myths refer to a real era of history. Astronomy may help us find the date. Central to that far era is the most famous God in the Egyptian pantheon, the God Osiris. His temple is built 3300 years ago. Osiris came from Heaven to rule Egypt in the First Time and he was the first teacher of mankind [after the God departed from Earth], according to legend. Murdered by 72 "conspirators" [my note, it has an implication to the seventy-two names of Jehovah] he was reborn as the star God Orion, ruling the afterlife kingdom in the sky. Horus (Horus is Satan’s son), depicted as falcon-headed, avenged the murder and restored his father’s Earthly kingdom. The Pharaohs who inherited that kingdom hoped to equip themselves to make a journey in the afterlife to join Osiris and become immortal. (One must read through the lines, not everything quotes is correct)

"Osiris had ruled in the First Time. They were telling us that the journey of the Pharaoh was to go to the First Time, which is a journey to the stars in a specific time frame. Stars do have a first time through the precession cycle. The effect on the stars is that they reach a maximum height and minimum height, like a seesaw, up and down. I decide to take down the stars to the lowest possible location : the beginning of a cycle, that is the first time. To do so you must go back in time (on the computer); they had understood precession, either they kept reference or they had a process of passing through the knowledge of the changes of the skies, from generation to generation. The pyramid builders of Giza must have known of the patterns of the stars as they had appeared in ancient times.” Graham Hancock (Quest for the Lost Civilization)

Isis’s eight-angled star is an emblem of the eight-fold path: Asanas, Pranayama, Dhyana (Meditation), Mantras, Yantras, Mudras, Bandhas, and Maithuna (Tantra).


We know that Easter, the christian holiday, is stolen from Astarte’s names: Ashtar, Ostara, Astaroth. Ishtar and Apollo were born on the first day of Spring; therefore, this holiday has become associated with them. Astaroth is the mother (Demeter), the symbol of divinity, hence the stolen symbols of the egg and rabbit, both of which are symbolic of fertility, which are used as decoration for the xtian Easter.

The image of Hermes as the shepherd, initiating the Zodiac sign of Aries when one must start working on the the Alchemical magnum opus (this is where the image of the Nazarene as the shepherd was stolen from) marks this time of year:

On this glorious day, many phenomena occur in Pagan/Gentile temples and structures worldwide:

On the Spring equinox an astronomical effect that recurs only twice a year during the winter solstice and spring equinox takes place in the Karnak Temple in Upper Egypt. At dawn we can witness the brilliant planning of the master architects and astronomers as the sun aligns with this temple.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWHv-EZns_Q This video shows the alignment of the sun with the temple of Karnak on the winter solstice, which is a similar astronomical phenomenon to the Spring Equinox.

All of these edifices and structures sought to reach out for the sky, as in the obelisks of Egypt. All of these monuments were aligned to the stars and sun. Modern technology is helping us to fathom their purpose: they were copying out images of the sky into the ground.

The Ancient Egyptians aligned their temples to the sun on special days. Temple of Karnak upper Egypt: like a sniper’s rifle, its long narrow access targets the sun at dawn on the winter solstice, 21 of December; the shortest day of the year: it is a piece of cosmic magick! A spell cast out over 4000 years ago by the master astronomers and architects of ancient Egypt. Archeologists and Egyptologists seem to despise Egypt so much as to only see this magnificent effect as some sort of accident or coincidence. By connecting the access of Karnak to the rising sun on the winter solstice, the Egyptians were trying to join ground and sky. The effect is to transform the entire temple into a gateway into the heavens! (Hancock)

On the spring equinox, a similar phenomenon happens in the temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

"Angkor, Cambodia, as in Egypt there is evidence that groups of temples were built as models of specific stars and linked to the quest for immortality. The most famous temple Angkor Wat was completed 18 hundred years ago. But satellite photographs have recently identified much earlier constructions in Angkor. As in Egypt, the builders of the temples were master astronomers and mathematicians. Like the pyramids of Giza these temples were an interface between Ground and Sky. There is a much deeper connection between Angkor and Giza. To prove it, I need to find evidence of the same mirroring of the stars on the ground. A journey into this temple was a journey into the mysteries of time and mathematics. Pilgrims came here seeking sacred enlightenment. At each level they were confronted with riddles, which they must overcome before passing on to the next level. Just as in Giza, the purpose was to acquire the knowledge that leads to immortality.  
The pattern of the temple on the ground matches the sky image of the constellation of Draco in 1500 BC. It is a mystery with huge implications. The Giza pyramids map the constellation of Orion, which stands directly opposite to the constellation of Draco in the sky. For the two most impressive sights of the ancient world to mirror the direct opposites in heaven must be the result of a grand design." (Hancock)

The Stonehenge on the Spring Equinox:


The Easter Island on the Spring Equinox

Quest for the Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5DNvYMtkyk&vl=en (a great documentary!)

So, Happy Spring Equinox and Happy Birthday to Apollo and Astarte!

Hail Satan
Hail Beelzebub
Hail Apollo
Hail Astaroth
Hail Hermes/Thoth

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan