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Spiritual meaning of the Demon Pazuzu statue

fuoco blu 666

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Sep 21, 2017
The theriotropic statue of the Demon Pazuzu is made up of a humanoid body with the head and arms of a lion, the tail of a scorpion and the legs of an eagle.

his arms are pointing one down and one up.

His penis is erect and has a snake head in place of a foreskin.

This animal form is extremely significant and is a concentrated allegory of spiritual alchemy.

To know the meaning of the theriotropic statue one must first deeply know the meaning of the symbology of the parts of the animals that compose it and unite all the spiritually high meanings to have a high holistic understanding of this symbology.

The qualities of the lion are these: strength of soul, courage, victory and triumph, recognition, success, power and intuition, instinct, leadership.

The sign of Leo in Astrology is the sign of the Sun, in spiritual symbology and in dreams the Sun symbolizes: The Sun
The Sun represents in dreams and spiritual symbolism, divinity, father, royalty and spiritual perfection (666).
Solar cults celebrated its importance in the cultures of the ancient world as a source of life with solar deities such as Horus, Osiris, Apollo, Azazel, Helios.
Halos in art are an image that originally belongs to pagan solar cults then stolen by Christianity with halos on the head of saints to hijack the atavistic racial memory of our human genetic code created by genetically engineered Satan in an attempt to do not finalize the Magnum Opus to humanity.
The Sun as a male symbol represents reason and the light of the psyche, rationality, yang, the world of conscience, civilization, the rules of society, the pursuit of power with the will to power, sovereignty, guidance, leadership, l 'ego.
The Sun in dreams is connected with movement, with feelings and emotions and with all contents of consciousness which are conscious and with the masculine power of the mind to consciously direct natural power which is an essential quality for spiritual power used with intellect under the control and governance of consciousness.
The Sun in dreams, spiritual visions and psycho-spiritual symbolism represents: Rationality, intellect, lucidity, logic, clarity, conscience, conscious ego, vital energy, strength, glory, splendor, power, self-esteem, a man who admires himself, that you love, that shines like the sun in your eyes and that is an important point of reference for you.
Extroversion, light of the ego reflecting towards the world, sincerity, trust, transparency, Enlightenment, blessing, truth, justice, divine presence and omniscience, happiness, optimism, gratification, tranquility, peace, luck, wealth, security, well-being, rebirth, renewal, resurrection, victory over death and immortality.
Dreams of the Sun:
Dreaming of the rising sun (dawn): New beginning, renewal, inner transformation, psychic rebirth, mental regeneration, reintegration of consciousness, in premonitory dreams it reveals a new period of life with positive hopes and promises, optimism for the future due to psychic and spiritual brighter than the soul.

Dreaming of the Sun shining intensely: fullness of the ego and maturity, personality and ego with greater consciousness and inner awareness, return of joy and optimism and hopes for the future, what is illuminated by the Sun has no hidden and hidden sides and is therefore sign of trust,
Dreaming of a giant, huge, large Sun: if you feel at ease in the dream, it can represent great material, psychic and spiritual luck, abundance of vital energy, on the contrary if you feel anguish and negative emotions there is fear of being discovered for one's true self and fear of unchecked power.

Dreaming of a dazzling, blinding, fiery Sun: strong and intense emotions, most likely there is a truth that is difficult to accept, a strong desire for knowledge to transform the unconscious into conscious but which has not yet reached appreciable maturity, there is no still readiness to accept knowledge and a particular truth.

Dreaming of burning sun, burning sun: Burning and damage from having too much exposure to certain people who have created damage, fear of exposing yourself to others.

Dreaming of a Sun at noon, Zenith of the Sun: represents a moment of in-between and transition and rest, (noon is the panic hour of the god Pan who is the god of afternoon rest and daytime meditation) an hour in which meditation favors the emergence of the irrational and hidden contents of the psyche.

Dreaming of a small, pale sun, veiled by clouds, clouded: moment of passing difficulty, confusion and uncertainty, it can positively mean something destined to shine in the future.

Dreaming of Sun of a different color from the normal: I will deal with the black Sun below, the color of the Sun different from the normal must be interpreted based on the meaning of the color assumed by it and can allude to one's mood. Furthermore, the color of the Sun indicates that the energy of that color is very important depending on the brightness that appeared in the dream.

Dreaming of the Sun at night – hyper alert and overexcited mood, inability to relax and let go of tension to calm down, this dream is also a warning to rest and meditate to calm down and seek a better balance that creates peace.

Dreaming of the Sun together with the Moon: mystical union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle, a state of spiritual balance from the yin yang, a dream favorable to the resolution of psychic conflicts and to the sacred marriage between sexual energies.

Dreaming of two suns, many suns: opposing polarities that fight and create confusion and conflict (two suns).
Three or more Suns: period of loss due to some excess, at worst multiple personality disorder, split ego.

Dreaming of the setting sun / dreaming of the sun going out: marks the end of a phase of life and in some cases nostalgia for it, it also indicates the need for rest, contemplation, meditation to regenerate, tranquility, intimacy.

Dreaming of the Sun exploding / dreaming of the Sun falling: seeing a dream of a Sun falling to earth reveals danger from fire and there could be or more likely a strong passion that upsets.
Dreaming of an exploding, breaking Sun is a sign of a destabilizing traumatic event due to the end of a point of reference in life.

Sun that moves: it is a warning to become aware of something as soon as possible
Dreaming of a sick sun: it is a sign of fear and inner discomfort in particular relating to male energy and sometimes to the father, it can also indicate father's health problems in certain dreams

Dreaming of a solar eclipse, darkening sun: Dreaming of a darkening sun reveals loss of spiritual vision and darkening of the intellect which involves disorientation, crisis, panic, lack of mental clarity which causes fear.
Dreaming of a solar eclipse can reveal a loss of well-being and sustenance and a period of sadness and depression but also be a positive sign of an alchemical transformation of being, the solar eclipse / black sun is a symbol of the nigredo, the first stage of the Magnum Opus or Great Work.

The Sol Invictus: it is very important as a symbol because it is connected with the winter solstice and the Yule season, the moment in which the Sun returns after months of loss of strength and heat and in which the days get shorter and the nights get longer to shine and the day begins to lengthen compared to the night, the Sun conquering darkness which spiritually represents the final victory of darkness and of death, even physical, reaching divinity by completing the Magnum Opus or Great Work by reversing aging, making youth and its eternal regenerative energy, in fact Capricorn, the last cardinal sign that represents the immortal and permanent union of the sexual energies of creation, coincides with the beginning of winter and the time when the kidneys that govern the jing (regenerative energy of youth) when the Sun enters 0° Capricorn making the energy spiritually powerful enough to activate the telomerase gene and reset the reduction of the telomeres sublimating Saturn and the physical body from the activated spiritual body into the light body, 10 also the number of Capricorn is a number of permanent materialization of the ether and the physical body in this case, shifting the transformation of life and death to a new level that allows for physical immortality, these meanings spiritually represent that Satan created us with the intention of making us perfect, divine, and immortal, and that humanity has the potential for divinity within itself and that it can overcome darkness and bad luck, the rebirth of the Sun in symbology and also in dreams is an extremely positive symbol and is very deep spiritually and on a psychic level.

The opposite of the Sun is the Moon and it in spiritual symbology and in dreams symbolizes: The Moon
The Moon in dreams evokes mystery and enchantment, most of the time it leaves a feeling of daze, amazement due to its soft and ethereal light that excites the dreamer.
the Moon is the inspirer of poets from the most remote antiquity, the companion of lovers and artists.
She is deified in the death-rebirth rites by the process of her phases which see her grow until she shines to her fullness in the night sky and then wanes until her disappearance.
The Moon is a cosmic symbol of countless myths and legends that is associated with the world of the imaginary, the unconscious and the irrational and the mystery of these parts of the mind, the Moon governs the instincts less mediated by the conscience, the emotions and feelings and is associated with paranormal and psychic experiences and the sixth sense eto dreams.
The moon is a symbol of the feminine and of the moods, of the changes and phases, of the submerged world of the unconscious which is the female counterpart of the conscious world illuminated by the conscience of the Sun as a symbol of the masculine.
For the Ancient Greeks the symbol of the Moon is represented as triple luminosity by the Goddess Selene as growth, by the Goddess Artemis as degrowth and by the Goddess Hecate as darkness.
Even further back in Ancient Egypt the Goddess Isis is one of the names of Astarte/Astaroth who represents her nocturnal power deified as a lunar deity.
In the tarot it is the eighteenth major arcanum and represents the archetype of the submerged and unconscious world, irrationality, emotions and mystery but also the naturalness and fluidity of romanticism, sweetness and poetry, in the self-confidence of being able see beyond and have superior inner and psychic vision to see in the dark.
The Moon in dreams reveals, depending on the type of dream, a need to turn towards the natural, feminine and intuitive sides of the soul and that there is a need to work on the world of the unconscious and the irrational according to the dream made by the dreamer .
Dreaming of the Moon can be a sign of unconscious impulses that are taking over that it is difficult to control and/or from which one lets oneself be submerged because one is attracted by it, dreaming of the Moon also reveals and evokes depending on the dreams it has the dreamer the awakening of dormant capacities not used by the rational conscience which exposes the interested dreamer to the psychic world of magic and beauty, of the feminine and of spirituality and of darkness to be illuminated in the light of rational conscience.

Meanings of the Moon: Femininity, woman, mother, unconscious, irrationality, mystery, feeling, sensitivity, love, romance, past, memory, nostalgia, intimacy, introversion, intuition, spirituality, mysticism, magic, enchantment, mediumship.
Phases, periods, transitions, natural rhythms, cycles, mood swings, madness, purification and renewal.
The moon is a very important symbol when it manifests itself in the dreams of those who have the Sun and in particular the Moon In Cancer or in any case have a strong, present and particular moon in the birth chart, the same thing for Leo but relative to the Sun.
Dreams of the Moon:

Black, dark, darkening moon: Rebellion especially the female rebellion and the desire for freedom related to the female energy, other times it means the closure and the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, in dreams it can indicate difficulties for a loved one (friend, mother, girlfriend, sister, etc.)
it is also an expression of silence, emptiness, absence, stillness and stillness and absorption in the inner world with meditation.

Burning Moon: There is something very powerful that is out of control, very often it is a very powerful consuming passion and desire for emotional fulfillment, it can also mean renewal and spiritual purification of the emotions particularly in a very intense and special way spiritually.

Red Moon, Blood Moon: The Red Moon can indicate a situation of danger and risk and a Blood Moon reveals and denotes difficulties, emotional obstacles, painful sentimental situations and intense suffering.
Moon color different from normal: the normal color is silvery white and is connected with intuition, the feminine, spiritual purity and the psychic and spiritual dimension and the light of the soul.
The nature of the color assumed by the Moon must be united in the interpretation in order to give a correct reading of the dream.

Crescent moon: psychic renewal, growth, youth, cyclical change, auspicious to do something new in premonitory dreams.

Waning moon: decline, abandonment, conclusion, in the mind as in magic it is a good time to finish something, conclude, sum up, collect.
In dreams it can indicate a period and moment of discomfort, uncertainty, weakening, it is an invitation to relax and meditate to take some time to reflect and to free the mind from things that are no longer needed, it is a common dream in confused and crammed minds that they have a tendency to sadness and a weak vital energy but a certain sensitivity.

New moon: in premonitory dreams it can be a sign of positive developments, a predisposition to abandon oneself to intuition, imagination and meditation to explore the potential and the occult/hidden psychic power.
The mind is receptive to new ideas and new beginnings because the new moon represents new beginnings.

Full Moon: Indicates completeness, maturation, fullness, fulfillment, power.
Very large, enormous, giant moon: moment of grace and abundance of psychic energy, peak of physical energy as well, amplified intuition and sixth sense, it is a positive dream.
For women especially it denotes familiarity with feminine energy and abundance of feminine energy which can lead to greater fertility especially during pregnancy.
it is a very positive dream image that appears when using lunar energies, working on the third eye and sixth chakra and a greater ability to see the truth with intuition and psychic power of the soul and also if the Bjork rune is used and the square of the Moon, working with the light of the Moon and falling asleep is much easier to have this type of dream especially for people with a strong lunar tone and psychic and spiritual sensitivity.

Very bright, beautiful moon: great familiarity with the feminine of the soul which is easy to enhance with regard to important qualities such as intuition, sixth sense and psychic ability towards which one has greater power and control.
Lunar eclipse: great change, crisis, depression, panic and chaos of the psyche which however do not last very long, subsequently due to this upheaval you can find new vital impetus to restart and increase awareness.
Diurnal Moon: What the Moon represents is very important to the dreamer and qualities such as intuition, sixth sense, sensitivity and inwardness have a greater predisposition to emerge into rational consciousness due to a desire of a crepuscular and dreamy soul with a spiritual predisposition to maintain these extremely important qualities.

Moon smiling: happiness manifested in this dream, openness to love and things governed by the Moon.

Crying moon: very common in dreams of disappointment in love, sadness, melancholy and nostalgia.

Moon that moves: slowly indicates a progressively evolving situation.

quickly reveals a restless, tormented and confused soul that has difficulty relaxing emotionally.

Moon falling and falling to Earth: sense of danger and self-preservation of the sensitive and dreamy side due to a spiritually negative reality.

Moon that gets bigger and bigger until it explodes:

Rising moon: moment of life favorable to love, has similar meanings to the waxing moon.

Setting moon: romance, dream with a little melancholy, has similar meanings to the waning moon.

Moon with clouds, clouded: Quarrels, arguments, anger, emotional difficulties.

Two Moons, many Moons: two moons indicates difficulty in deciding between two opposite things mainly due to emotions.
Many Moons reveal a phase of confusion which is chaotic, one tries to rely on instinct but with difficulty.
Being on the Moon: need and desire to escape from an excessively material reality and to indulge in meditation, dreams and romance in a healthy way.

Leo is the sign of light while Scorpio is darkness understood as feminine, both planets that rule these signs, respectively the Sun (spiritual power) for Leo and Pluto for Scorpio (occult power) are fixed signs and represent eternity and the union of the sexual energies of creation (male and female, the hermaphrodite energy).

The eagle represents the sky in its maximum power of expression while the Lion the maximum power of expression of the earth, union of heaven and earth, upper and lower chakras but also the perfect union of the four elements and the four directions as points cardinals.

The eagle is the fully activated upper chakras, in the third reich it was chosen as a symbol because it represents the fully activated and powerful crown chakra, it is the seat of "Divinity" and of the highest enlightenment and human consciousness at the level of the vibrational spectrum of colors .

The eagle combined with the lion is also a symbol of the mythological creature of the Griffin which also represents the union of heaven and earth in maximum power.

The tail of the scorpion is the transformative intensity of spiritual advancement.
The wings of the eagle are actually the wings of the soul which are an expression of the beauty of soul health along with spiritual freedom and power.
The arms as for the Templar Baphomet is a symbol of the union of the low with the high and of the balance of the sexual energies of creation.

The head of the snake on the erect penis represents the awakening and ascension of the kundalini serpent, the latent psychic energy which, if awakened in every human being created by Satan, allows the full realization of the human soul in the Divinity, accelerating and enhancing the process which leads to it.

The Demon Pazuzu statue is a symbolic representational union of the elements and sexual energies purified towards spiritual ascension in the Magnum Opus, the Great Alchemical Work.
If i recall correctly,puzuzu was a reptilian or part reptilian,that joined Satan an lucifudge rofocal is part grey, which I wouldn't blame them for leaving, the reptilians an their plans etc is pure garbage, an very destructive to life in general, look at communist countrys they practicaly run the countrys to the ground

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan