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RE-Read-It Series: The Latin Cross | Magick, Satan is God, The Mages of the Aryan Race


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Jul 16, 2019
Upon the advice of our Guardian Blitzkrieg, i've made some changes to the formatting, and reduced it down from 4 articles to 2 articles. this should take some strain off of those who are planning on translating these on the fly. as well as making everything feel less like work and more enjoyable overall, discussion of these articles is very much encouraged.

Let me know if you the bolding makes your reading experience better.


The Latin Cross

The Latin cross, which is the symbol used by Christianity, was not originally the
symbol of such until the seventh century CE.

This symbol is shown in Hinduism and Egyptian art as being the crown chakra
with the side extensions to the temples
, and the straight line going downwards is
the spine. With all the other chakras along the straight line shown with their
elemental yantras along the spine. This cross folds into the cube which
represents the physical body and the element of earth which contains all the
other elements, and the five koshas, and three aspects
, or, bodies that contain
those within them.

This cross also was shown with two lines down each side which are the Sun and
Moon channels (Ida and Pingala)
, and left and right sides of the body that are
female and male in polarity. This is also shown as the Yoni, which the reborn
soul emerges from on the world card in the tarot. This is simply a symbol of the
in some cases it was also shown with the X, the Chi-Ro across the main line
to denote the four corners of the body; the back, front, each side, and how the
chakras connect into such. The Chi-Ro was stolen from Egypt where it was
called the Body of Osiris

The reason the enemy stole this symbol was to put the symbol of their
thoughtform of Rabbi Christ upon it to channel the energies into binding the
soul as part of their Kabbalistic spell.

Laya Yoga, Shyam Sundar Goswami

Jake Carlson wrote:

The "t" cross of Christ is the mark of Christianity -- the Christ who the Jewish
New Testament is devoted to, who the Bible says has come once for the Gentile
Christians, but not yet for the Jewish people, except for the Messianic Jewish
community who believe in "him." This "t" cross is the mark of Christ that the AntiChrist gets the blame for. If Christ were to ever manifest in the form of a human being on planet Earth, "his" symbol is the "t" cross, which is the mark that all of
the Goyim will be required to accept, or else they will not be able to buy or sell
, let alone live.

The equal-armed X Cross -- the Swastika Sun Wheel 666 -- on the other hand, is
the mark of Adolf Hitler, the official Anti-Christ. Because of the Aryan Anti-Christ,
the Christ thought-form will not be able to manifest in the form of a human being,
and our future is ensured. The X Cross has nothing to do with Christ, but is the
symbol that "he" will be defeated by. It is the symbol that every Satanist gets
"marked" with
as soon as they dedicate their soul to Satan. This makes it
possible to take up the Serpent's offer and become Gods in ways that those who
are without will never be able to experience
. The Dedication Ritual defeats the
"blood of the lamb" and washes it with Satan's authority and one's Gentile/Pagan
Identity in Satan.

The New Testament is just as Jewish as the Old Testament. The Jews tried to
Satan, in his incarnation of Ptah-Osiris, by replacing him with LuciferChristos [Revelation 22:16]. However, the hoax that many people who expose the stolen mythology of the Christ myth and Christ's parallels with Pagan Gods occasionally fall for, is the superstition that since Christ the Jew never existed,
that there must be a real, proto-Aryan Lucifer Christ. But the truth is these people
need to wake up just like Jew-worshiping Christians because Christ in "his"
equally-fictitious Aryan form
is simply Hellenic Judaism -- kosher "Paganism" for

Truth be told, Christ is not based on an Aryan Pagan God, but an Aryan Pagan
CONCEPT, that of the Vril/Chi/Witch-powe

"t" = Christ
"X" = 666

Jake Carlson further wrote:

The psychotic Christians believe that the return of the Anti-Christ will mean that
they will lose their livelihood if they confess their faith in Christ, and that they will
not be able to buy or sell, save that they have the Mark of the Beast. What they
fail to realize is that the Christian Churches, both Catholic and Protestant, have a
history of not only shunning White Aryan heretics and Pagans from commerce,
but killing off these White Aryan Pagans if they wouldn't accept the mark of
Christ, the "t."
The Crusades, the Dark Ages, and the Inquisition speak for
themselves. And contrary to re-written history, the Jewish people were never
official "victims" of the Christian Churches
. The Jews promote the "Judaism
versus Christianity" hoax
to try and keep Christianity as "credible" in the eyes of
their Goyim slaves
as possible, as long as Christianity is still needed to manifest
the Jewish/Christian messiah.

As for Adolf Hitler outlawing Christianity, when he came to me, and answered my
questions about Christians and Christianity, he showed me how CHRISTIANITY

In Hitler's coming New World Order, the Gentiles who are Christians, but are
incurable, will be segregated so they cannot breed with Aryan Pagan Satanists,
as Christianity weakens the collective Race-Soul of the White Aryan Race.
Christianity, like any other form of Judaism for Gentiles, is a disease that must be
wiped out before it permanently wipes us out.

March 8, 2018
Joy of Satan Forums Contributions


Magick, Satan is God, The Mages of the Aryan Race
-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic family.

Well I will try to be as brief as possible in this post. All the dedicated people of Satan, have
more or less experienced and felt Him, directly or in other blatant signs. Many of you here
have also met with Father or have been approached by His Demons. This should make
everyone aware to the evident fact: Satan is not in anyway "evil", or about "death" and
"suffering". Satan is the exact opposite. Satan only stands about Justice, not the suffering of
any being without consideration, death, misery and senseless destruction.

Many people who are stupid enough to let the jews do their thinking for them, they trust
and cite what has been written by the jews about Satan. All the information on the being
named Satan, put forth by the jews, is the most perverted, disgusting and evil scorning a
being has ever received. When one studies history, the reasons behind such get glaringly
obvious. Satan is an enemy of the jewish Race. Now, Satan is as everyone knows associated
with the Goat, the Serpent, the Peacock, the spiritual and physical finer things in life and
existence, one making it to "God" status, Rebellion, and many other values which the enemy
obviously despises.

The term for Magick in Egypt (Where Pharaohs were blonde and blue eyed beings, or
redheads) is the Egyptian word "HEKA" or "HEKAU"
, which actually means Magick. The
Egyptian "HEKA", is tied in to the Gods that the Egyptians openly stating they have given
them the Divine Knowledge to them. Same as other all over the globe, who put it out by
themselves that the "Race of the Gods" gave them their culture, descending from the
heavens. And even wrote about this openly in inscriptions and anywhere else. Even stating
they came to planet Earth, in person. Now, there are things which prove the history of the
Aryan Race. Witches in Germany, were called "HEKE" and "HEKE" were casted to death in
the witch trials, by passing from a judgment line of kikes, which checked them for
birthmarks, overly striking characteristics and other bizarre tests, to obviously evaluate if
they were "mages", or if they were too beautiful, they were killed, and this HEKE survived
down as in HEIKE, which means happy and cheerful, beautiful in German, all of which are
results of a heightened state of existence, sane genetics or spiritual advancement and the
list goes
. HEKE were the mages, and this is all evident. But let's look at it deeper.

This also ties into the Greek prototype of the Gods, where all incarnations of Beauty, or the
"Kalos Agathos" concept which had to do with the Gods such as Dionysus, who was named
"Agathos Daimon"
. "Kalos" means simply means beautiful. Now, beautiful is a tricky word,
because it doensn't just mean beautiful in appearance, but actually, of higher essence. The
focus of the internal mysteries in Ancient Greece, was for one to become "Eu-daimon" and
, which means, to be happy, "Ev" meaning positive and happy, with the
Demons, or get the friendship of the Demons and Gods, by initiating himself to rise above
the state of decay into the state of evolution. Or Kalos (Beautiful) and Agathos (which means
in alignment with the highest good in the universe
, the highest level of existence). The term
"Goetia" comes from the Greek "Goetis/Gois" which actually means he of magickal
beauty/he who assosciates with the Demons/The Magician, or "Γοης"
, which actually sounds
exactly as the jewish word "Goys" or "Goyim" of the jews.
Which in the jewish language
means the exact reverse: Unspiritual and inaware animal
. This incliudes all Gentiles, moreso
than anyone, the practitioners of Magick and Spirituality. Or outright, the sons of the Gods.
Satan is the father of all "magick" and the father of all the occult. The list goes. He also in
rabbinical literature, is blatantly said to have created Humanity.

I want you to keep this "Reversal" in your mind, because this is what the jews do to us. As
their Rabbis state, they are by nature, CONTRARY to us. They are technically turning the
order of life upside down, reverse all that is good to us, as bad to us. What is white to us, is
black to them, and vice versa. The enemy admits it too on their own. What is good for us, is
evil for them.
And the distinction over what is what and for whom, is RACIAL. Nothing else.
Rabbi Sneering Schneerson: Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from
three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.
Note: Contrary.

While obviously, "JHVH" created the jews. The Anti-Goetes, the Anti-Magicians, the AntiAryans, the Antithesis to Satan and the Gods etc. The removal of spiritual powers of the people was just a disarming of the Gentiles by the jews and their "god" and nefarious company. Nothing else.

To see the history of the jew brings forth the evident. The jews were actually beggars and
slime in the Ancient, Pagan civilization
, because the people back then being Spiritually,
Racially and Culturally aware, they did not want or accept them
. They were in fact even
considered alien, which is the Truth about them. At least, in the more Ancient times, they
were hated to no end. This has survived in all the Rabbinical literature, the Torah and the
bible, all of which show these points. The jews were expelled and driven out of Gentile
nations and states hundreds of times in RECORDED, RECENT history.
I emphasize, recorded
This starts from what we have left, no more years than a few thousands. The
Egyptians stated that "recording" information that was given to them by the Gods, only
started when the befalling of their culture has started taking place.

The measurements on the Pyramids in Squarra and in other Pyramids, show these
monuments to be more than 20,000 years old. Elder than the "Torah" or any other garbage
of the enemy could ever wish to be. Also, even in the linear timeline we have, this is evident
by itself. So "god" according to the kikes, being an all-powerful spook an all, just waited a
few thousand years until he could "set people straight" and enforce them by the threat of
eternal hellfire, to obey him, because he loves them, or something. And before this, screw
the evidence, because the kikes are so obviously revealed that any sane person would want
them to go extinct if they knew the Truth.
History has been perverted and rewritten severely
as such. The Egyptians talked openly about how decay and destruction comes form not
applying the knowledge of the Gods,
which after all, has been given to the Egyptians and all
other Aryans and Gentiles in Ancient times. In the Pyramid texts. Uprising, healing and
elevation do happen when one is aware of such things and applies by the laws of Nature. But
to not drag this further, one can see why the jews hate so much the Demons (Pagan Gods
who entered in jewish grimoires as figures of hatred, depravity and "evil"). The jew made
what is evil seem good, and what is good to seem evil.

The same race that cannibalizes other people in their celebrations and is responsible for
major world wars, famines, destructions and the downfall of all Ancient Civilizations, the
same race has introduced "God", "Allah" and all these other ripoffs to Humanity. But nothing
could be further from the Truth, and evidence still exists that the Gods of the Pagan people
weren't evil or anything to begin with. The surviving texts of Iamvlichus, or the writtings of
Pythagoreans and Ancient Philosophers, contain bits of information that put, in the eyes of a
person who knows the Gods firsthand, things in order.
Things start to make sense.

When one has the spiritual knowledge, they can understand everything, and Satan and the
Gods do help in this. Satan has nothing to hide
and everything when people are collectively
ready, goes into the common sight. Now, the enemy rants and raves about how they are
"God". "God", even today, isn't understood as a concept. "God" is nothing more than a sea
of consciousness, or the Atmic level of existence, or in other words, just an energy.
creative, destructive energy of the universe, is as thus "God". The jews mention themselves
to be "Gods", to make themselves seem as the same status with this energy. But there is
nothing so great about this energy all in itself
. This is like where things begin to be set in
motion. There is no "within" and "outside" of creation, neither a beginning nor an end, linear
speaking. There is only the "Eternal now", as all occult disciplines teach.

"God" as thus is placed on the top of the "hierarchy" in the enemy grimoires and shit. But its
not "JHVH" or anything else. "God" is an energy and a concept, for the being that through
meditation has arose to a level of existence where they can make conscious use of this
energy to destroy and create as they will.
Satan, even in the enemy's lies, is mentioned
outright to have been the "Greatest" and "Strongest" "Angel of God". This is obviously a lie,
but in seeing the above, it’s obvious what this means. The being behind the alias of Satan,
who has went by many aliases in all Ancient religions, was the strongest being in our
recorded history.

He is known to have also created Humanity. When one raises their Serpent and they become
a "God", they become "One" with "God", which is this very energy that creates and destroys.
Then one can create and destroy as they see fit and their power allows. This energy is
nothing but pure potentiality. It doesn't "reason" in any linear and human way, it’s
everywhere, and everyone can tap into it and be "God".

As I have stated in another post, SATANAS and SATAN mean high and exalted spiritual
things, in many Ancient Languages. SA means life breath in Egyptian. SATANAS is a mantra to
raise the power in the East and the list goes
. In most Ancient languages, one can find the
building blocks about the Divine meaning of this Name of Satan. There is no more exalted
name spiritually. The enemy is at war with Satan, but they just cannot win. This is why they
whine about it all day.
The highest beings who are adepts in the use of this force, are called Gods/Demons. The
enemy also corrupted this in their fairytales. Actually, beings come out of pure potentiality,
but, evolution begins when this potentiality is connected with a being, advancing the
blueprint of this being. As thus, Man is God and God is Man. This is a stolen and perverted
allegory. "Gods" are the beings highly evolved in this force. Also, "Demons" are "higher"
than "god" which is just a pure energy of potentiality. This is why Satan mentioned, even in
the enemy book, that Humanity is to be made Gods. And why "God" couldn't prevent this
from happening.
There is no "god" in the bible, just the collective of the jewish mind, put in
a story of stolen contexts and legends.

The enemy INVERTED this concept, and as they were in the BOTTOM of creation themselves,
they tried to raise this bottom to the top.
This is why they have this fetish of monotheism,
while in fact, the only place where all things are equal are in a state of non-existence. This is
basically, an attack against all life. Communism is based upon this very same concept. The
heaven of the jews is where nothing else exists but them.
This energy of potential of creation and destruction is not the pinnacle of creation or
existence, OBVIOUSLY. It’s just an essence. Obviously, who reigns ABOVE this essence, is the
being or beings with the highest hierarchy over this force and any other force. Satan and the
Demons/Gods, the Goetic Demons,
who ended up as beasts in the grimoires of the enemy,
no different than how for instance Aryans are talked so negatively about nowadays. This is
why in the texts of the mage Iamvlichus, an Aryan from Syria, it’s openly stated that
Demons/Gods are above all other beings
, and that they are the only able beings to make
things happen in reality. While others just pray to "god" and they just either talk to a
mindless energy, or they pray to rabbi jewsus who they believe is supposedly "god". So
nothing ever really happens. But on the other hand, even the enemy admits, that Satan and
the Gods are always here to listen.
Obviously in a state of high advancement in the force of
the cosmos, one becomes like a "god" to any other human being, or other beings, as this is
the hierarchy of life.

For instance the whole book of psalms, is actually the Sayings of Imhotep, stolen and
into a new manuscript so the jews can curse people with this. So, the jews, do
become "God" since nobody else can do this thing. The jews equalized themselves with
"Atman" or this "force" which is supposedly "above" everyone, only for reasons of terror and
occult reasons. They are obviously not "God". "God" as in an energy with an essence, is
actually just an energy. It’s not worth any more attention. This is why the Ancients were
and not monotheists. And not some other garbage reason. Because
Demons/Gods were the advanced creatures of this force,
united with this force and
advancing with this force. Not some sort of non-existent level of existence or death, like the
jew preaches, neither some bearded kike on the sky which smites whole Races to extinction.
Also, "God" ties into the forefathers of one's Racial collective. This goes back in the genetic
chain all the way to Satan and the Demons, who came to the Earth and populated and
created Humanity. And the amassment of our collective consciousness, Racial and whatnot.
This is why the enemy states it openly; They do NOT have the same Gods as the Goyim
animals. They are from ANOTHER "God". "God" is a chameleon word in the texts of the
enemy for the reason they know the inner meanings can only be understood with real occult
This is why also the Rabbis and all the studied enemy beings do not believe in
"God" at all, and why they laugh at the fables and crap of jesus, don't believe in this thing,
but of course promote it and pamper it into the heads of the masses all the time. Because
they made these things up.

So the rest is just stories from the "goyim" who just praise "God" while thinking of the jews,
while its just their own mind, their own energy, or their own existence doing its way towards
the jewish goals and aspirations, while going against their own race, consciousness,
understanding and against the whole of Humanity. Since the reason "god" of the jews does
exist, is to bring this world under a permanent jewish world dictatorship. But little do they
know, little do they understand, and much they listen to the jew. So they are obviously
enslaved. Its self-evident in itself that when people get pissed off, they blame "God" or
outright blaspheme the jewish idols. Their mind knows that this is the reason that they have
been cut of from "God", which ties into its meaning both our Gods,
our energy of high
understanding and happiness and the source to elevating existence. The jew is not "god",
but is anti-god. Because Satan is "god".

Isaiah 14:14,15:

"But you said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars
of God
, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north.
'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.'

Now here not only a curse against "Lucifer"/"Satan" (or the bringer of light) is shown, but
another curse for the people who seek to elevate themselves, like Satan, or in accurate
words, as his human descendants (mages, Satanists, you name it), "above" the "heavens" or
the "Will of the most high", which is actually the will of "god", which is what we have
explained already. Satan is above "God" already. But the rip-off here is evident as the kikes
want to equalize themselves to "god
" or the power of existence, under which everyone else
is supposed to be inferior.

This is why the enemy cries all the time that the "Serpent" tempted Eve and Adam (Adam is
from the Sumerian Adimu, the first man
) and showed them the ways to become "greater"
than "god". But obviously failed as Satan did what he wanted anyway. The fact that
"humanity existed in the garden of Eden", is actually the planet Earth. Satan intervenes and
creates a new species, and he gives the Serpent to Humanity, making them aware beings
and advancing Humanity forward.
This manifests in reality as a sudden jump in
advancement, history and everything else.
"JHVH" (the jewish god) appears in this story
incapable of stopping this enlightenment of Humanity, but nevertheless proceeds to "Curse"
the Serpent, Adam and Eve later.

Also, "God" is a tricky word in the enemy texts. For instance, "God" is also named "Elohim",
which is stolen from the Babylonian "EL", meaning light. So "god" is just light, or the energy
of light.
Satan was the most powerful "Ang-EL" of God, but was later attacked, same as the
Demons who were assisting Humanity to advance. Angel simply has within it the notion of
light, and light spiritually is power, but Angel simply means messenger and nothing more.
This is metaphorical of the jews attacking Gentile people and trying to enslave them in a low
spiritual level
, depriving their soul from light. This manifests in the curses in the Torah,
against Satan, who wanted to go against the "most high". And banishing the Serpent, locking
people away from the Tree of Life
(Immortality) and everything else that these filthy enemy
jewish curses testify to, towards us and our Gods. Basically, all of our existence. This war
extends as we have stated, far deeper and all these are merely small allegories
, but enough
to see the Truth.

What "God" is as in omnipotent and such, is because, "god" is just an energy, like the
Aether, which encompasses the whole of creation. Not a crazy bitch that is busy smiting
people to death. It’s just an energy or potentiality, like the Atmic level of existence. The jews
try to force in the minds of people that they are actually on the highest height of existence,
equal to that of Atman or the "Primordial Waters of Creation" of the Egyptians. But these
don't mean a thing. The "fashioner" of such is "god". No different than how a stone doesn't
mean anything, but a monument does, this is the analogy here. "God" as an energy is just a
primal force. The refinement of this force, makes one a "God", same as using it. All knowing
and the list goes. So they try to make the people materialize this thing for them, so they can
pull of another global USSR. They are obviously NOT "god" in anyway. Not some jew rabbi
named "Emmanuel".

When a being is not conscious, the "god" or the energy that defines things, just runs around,
no different than an animal, only that animals are actually conscious and aware. Like a stone
which is simply seated there all the time, until some force comes to move it. This is why the
texts of the Sumerians and Egyptians mention with great reverence, that the Creator of
Humanity blew life into their nostrils (meaning the human beings
). The enemy calls Goyim
the Gentiles, which means Animals, for that reason, that most people are in aware of
themselves and their forces, so they are just moving around by the control of something
else. When one doesn't have spiritual insight and they do not meditate, they are trapped
without a chance to escape under these forces. They can be used and subjected by anyone,
as they hardly think or are aware of their own existence. Awareness is the Wadjet eye of
Osiris, the Ascended being, which makes one "wake up from the dead" and actually start
. This is also the metaphysical rebirth. This is like Karma, where one is trapped unless
they know how to escape it and guide their own life.

The Gods/Demons are higher than "God" in all senses of imagination. This is again obvious
as to why the Ancients didn't bother glorifying any "element", but actually the Gods as
combinations of all the forces of creation
, of which "God" (creative/destructive principle) is
just a part of them. They actually looked HIGHER than this. This also shows why the jews try
to force to people that they must "return to god" or they preach death and destruction, or
equality. In non-existence or death, there is equality, because well, nothing exists.
This is the
lowest and the most primal state of life, and it’s worth nothing in itself. This is like stating a
human being has to return to its womb, while obviously, finalization and evolution comes
from existing outside the womb. The womb is actually just a push of creative energy, of life.
And life can only begin by other life.

To approach this matter, one has to escape this linear thinking of that "things are created"
by someone. This is not the case, and it doesn't have to be the case of some "individual"
who is a creator. It just "happens". And to ask "Why" is stupid and taught by the jews, to
back up the marketing of their product which is the product of a program to enslave
spiritually and physically the whole of Humanity. Its actually a question to make the people
who seek any Truth go insane, and within the context of the product the enemy wants to
sell. This Truth is not existing to be conceived by word or merely askign a psychotic child
raping rabbi, or opening a book of genocide. The understanding of this question is an innate
understanding that gets revealed by meditation. This is the "return to god" or "heaven" that
the enemy has also perverted and stolen.

There are also some people who are idiots and claim things this knowledge was hidden or
something, in the Ancient times. While you look all around Egypt and there are inscriptions
of meditations, all over the place. The occult knowledge was for the most part open to the
public, same as the means of initiation for all the willing Souls. The Egyptians state it openly
that this was the culture of the Gods. Sumeria and Egypt had reached the highest living
standards of their time and one doesn't need to read jewish history to see this. And in
complete unity with nature.

So the jew just out of pure existential hatred and because they are an alien being, they
simply malformed all this, attacked Satan's legacy with the same unrelenting hatred they
wanted to destroy their enemies and their cultures. So the next time anyone tells you about
"God", you know who "God" is. Satan is God. Because simply he is the most advanced being
in the Spiritual arts
. Now the next time an idiot mentions anything about "God", know you
are worshipping the highest God already
and have the most wonderful Gods in your side to
advance in this eternal journey of life.

bump, last article is a great, read.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan