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Mathematics of the Pyramids Research.


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Oct 2, 2017
Mans origins proves that we were once way more intelligent, had greater skills and abilities, had a true connection with Nature and a reverence for Divinity.

The Great Pyramid is situated on 30 degrees latitude, 1/3rd of the way between the equator and northpole
3/60th of 1 degree positioned away from Astronomical North
If the great pyramid is scaled up by 43,200, you get the equitorial circumfrence and the polar radius of the Earth.
The North pole wont always point at the North Star Polaris
The Earth will move through the Zodiac ages at a rate of 1 degree every 72 Years
25,920 years to make a full cycle through the ages.
72*600 = 43,200
This number, 43,200, is relevant because it represents the axial precession of the Earth or the way in which it wobbles on its axis. 43,200 is a multiple of 72, which is the number of years it takes for one degree of that wobble.
The great pyramid gives us the dimensions of the Earth.
These numbers, 72 and 432, can be found in a number of ancient mythologies and sacred texts, including:

72: the number of languages spoken at the tower of Babel
72: the number of names for God in Jewish Kabbalah
72: the number of temples at Angkor Wat
72: the number of degrees longitude between Angkor Wat and the Great Pyramid
432,000: the number of syllables in the Hindu Rig Veda
432 Hz: the harmonic frequency believed to be an optimal resonance for music

The Giza Pyramids are aligned the same as the Orion Constellation.
In 10500BC, whilst the pyramids matched Orions belt, the Sphinx was looking directly at the constellation of Leo.
The stars that appeared to be mapped in stone on the Giza plateau were of great significance to the ancient Egyptians.

Their most sacred religious writings — the Pyramid Texts, describe a region of the sky called the Duat that represented the afterlife, the underworld and rebirth.

This is where the Egyptians believed their Gods resided and it’s guardian was Osiris, the God of the dead and rebirth.

The astronomer Virginia Trimble noticed in 1964 that the southern shaft in the King’s Chamber pointed towards Orion — the very constellation mapped out on the ground by the 3 pyramids. Could this really be another coincidence?

Robert Bauval then traced the path of the southern shaft of the Queen’s chamber and discovered it pointed at Sirius. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky was considered by the Egyptians to represent Isis — Osiris’s sister and lover.

Like the 3 pyramids and the Sphinx, these correlations all fitted best at 10500BC
The most surprising thing is that the ancient buildings in Cambodia correspond to the Draco constellation. However, the constellation is constantly moving. According to the actual construction age, Draco should not be visible back then. Using a computer to calculate, the time when Draco appeared at the lowest point in the sky happened to be 10500 BC.

Angkor Wat is a replica of the Draco constellation. It connects the stars of Draco constellation in a line. When connecting at least 15 main pyramids of Angkor for four seconds, the lines of the two are too similar.

The constellation of Orion and the constellation of Draco, because of the relationship of precession movement, are like the relative positions of the two ends of a seesaw. Computer simulation tells us that the reverse movement positions of the two constellations are at constant velocity.

When the dragon constellation reached its lowest point, Orion was at the highest point, and then the two began to rise and fall steadily. Each of them goes up (or down) for nearly 13,000 years when they are worn out once, and so on forever and endlessly circulates.

What's even more amazing is that Angkor and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt successfully captured the constellation Draco at the highest point and Orion at the bottom point, which happened to be the end of the half cycle. We also know that it happened to be the early morning of the equinox in 10500 BC.
Very interesting yes.

Bravera said:
Mans origins proves that we were once way more intelligent

True. Humans did not evolve from monkeys. It's the other way around (turning into monkeys).

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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