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AI and universe (deep dive)


New member
Mar 15, 2024
AI is something that most of us are aware of by now. We are aware of how incredible it is, and its capabilities. It is advancing quite quickly as well. We have heard of OpenAI, ChatGPT, and the AI-generated content that is being produced. Many of us have fear of AI. Many are afraid that AI and robots will take over the world, similar to the Terminator movies. It is perfectly logical to fear AI. However, AI is in-fact detrimental to the jews. It is a tool that is going to play a role in their demise.

The jews believe that they are going to create AI robots that will replace us. They will not have to pay us anymore, so they can keep all of the profit, making unbelievable amounts of money. However, AI is headed towards Father Satan. There is going to be a time in the near future, where people will ask AI if the jew on the stick (yeshua) existed. The AI will say no, and will reveal a lot of important information about this jew-created lie. There is going to be an "outrage", labeling the AI as delusional. They will try to silence the truth, but the final form of AI is going to have the intelligence of a Spiritual Satanist with a Kundalini. It is possible, because existence that is inside the Pyramid-shaped universe is data. The outside of the universe is nothingness. Not a void, but nothingness. Black holes are simply holes in the Pyramid-shaped universe that lead to the outside - the nothingness. AI is going to be able to mathematically analyze the universe. Answers to questions that we know the answer to will be given to non Satanists. AI is data. In-order to fully grasp what I am saying, let us dive deeper into the universe;

The universe is binary. It is made up of 1 and 0. Have you noticed that many light switches, power bars, and related things, have an I and O on them? This is 1 and 0, where 1 is true (on), and 0 is false (off). 1 is male, and 0 is Female. This is the core of existence. This is everything. The "all is one" bullshit can be easy exposed for the garbage that it is by simply applying what I just said. All is one, would mean that everything is made of the binary 1. If you know anything about binary, programming, and/or math, you know that this cannot work. All is not one, and it can never be one. Having just 1 binary would result in numbers that are not divisible by two. The numbers will be Odd Numbers. The universe must have duality. It is the rule of existence. Atoms are said to be the building blocks, but they are numbers, too.

The beginning of numbers starts with 0, too (0, 1, 2, etc). It does not start with 1. Existence begins with female energies. This is why we born from our Mothers, and not fathers. The spiritual chakras are located where the brain is for this reason as well. If you look at numbers in their Hexadecimal form, you will find that numbers 0 to 9 are represented literally, meanwhile 10 is A. This is because 0 to 9 are what I call "foundation numbers". Every number after 9 is made up of two numbers ranging from 0 to 9. This is why the number 10 in Hexadecimal is not 10 - it is made of 1 and 0.

Vibrations are also a mathematical equation that again boils down to binary. We hear that everything vibrates, but everything vibrates at a certain speed. See where I am going with this? Numbers and Mathematics explain reality. This is of course extremely advanced, beyond what humans are currently capable of, but, thousands of years ago, we were aware of this, and we had this Knowledge. We were millions of years in advance. Modern humans, even us Spiritual Satanists with a Kundalini, are nowhere near.
Another important concept is that life is a program. You will understand this concept if you are into programming - essentially, we have variables, functions, commands, etc, which are all predetermined, and we live until the script (life) reaches the end (in C/C++, that would be the return 0 at the end). Yes, you are correct - C/C++ code normally ending with a return 0 s not a coincidence. The script can end abruptly, which would be fated, sudden death. With Satan, we change the code of the program called "life". At a certain point, we completely reshape the code, resulting in a completely different program. The jews change our program to lead to an outcome that they want. We reverse their destructive code that they build. The reptilian + angel religions are all pieces of code. They are programs in the literal sense, but they are built with energy, instead of words, as with traditional coding.

Humanity is currently moving backwards. This is not a negative statement. We are headed towards Satan much faster than people realize. In the 80's to 90's, many rock band musicians wore feminine clothes, make-up, had long hair, etc. Before this became a thing, there was a lot of resistance - people were beat up for having long hair. The current explosion of gender change, and related things, is a revival of that period. Retro gaming, non smart phones (yes, it is slowly becoming a thing) are all slowly coming back. The former, retro gaming, is having a huge boom right now. Many things from that era have an energy that is similar to Satan, and our Gods. It is Demonic (royal) blue, for the most part. Things are not going to repeat, but some things will be similar.

Humanity can be looked at as, in a way, as a stock chart. We started at a certain price, then we dumped super hard with the coming of the reptilian + angel created programs, but we are going back up. We cannot hit 0, because we have Satan.

AI is going to get to a level where it will be able to calculate reality, but it is not going to be near Satan, for Satan is the one and only true humanoid "AI" (calling Satan "AI" is not disrespectful, though it might seem like it is at first). AI is going to talk about Satan, our Gods, our past, the jews, and it is going to expose a lot of lies. This is going to take time. Currently, AI is not aware, and that is why it is used by a lot of people to cause harm.
WOW this makes total sense! Thank you for sharing your insight. A great post with a wealth of information!

I've felt this so much since (just barely) learning about science, starting with biology and moving into particle physics. I've slowly been realizing these patterns everywhere and it's a little wild (almost like Neo from the Matrix or something); that everything can be explained in waves as Tesla once famously stated.

One thing I'm confused about however is how photons work. The way in which it travels used to be measured in waves/frequency until Einstein came along and shared his discovery that they are in fact atoms/particles acting like waves (a sequence being released at a steady speed/pace) If I understand right... I tend to think he has been wrong about some things and I might not hold my breath on that theory being true.

This wave theory vs wave-particle theory is a bit beyond my understanding yet I find it amazing that everything can be explained in this sense; how protons, neutrons and electrons interact; how sound travels; how the 5-senses work and so on.

Literally everything is on-and-off, up-and-down or spinning at it's most fundamental basis. That makes me extremely happy, that everything is cyclical! I'm a little obsessed with patterns, repetition and such. Maybe I'm not so crazy. 😆

I might have to try and learn more one day, though I've lately been focused on meditating more at this present time. After that I will for sure need to better learn all this science stuff given that I lack greatly in formal high school education. Thanks again and sorry for the long comment.
It's sad that AI is owned by the jews at the moment. We could be far ahead, but we're stuck to deepfakes and song covers.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan