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Conclusions before the great storm - CHAPTER 5 – CHRISTIANITY AND THE CHRISTIAN MIND AND SOUL


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Sep 21, 2017
With all ancient knowledge mostly corrupted or forbidden and humanity’s spiritual degradation most people just accept Christianity’s control over our society and behavior. Few wish to bother themselves to even question this program when it has been historically the dominant set of morals for such a long period of time.

Lucky for Earth, mankind only pretends to follow and be loyal to this set of beliefs and does not follow it by the book. If the Bible’s code were to be fully applied by us, then reality would be totally different if it were to even exist anymore. Our souls perceive those teachings as foreign and unnatural, therefore instinctively rejects such behavior and mindset. Instead people find all sorts of excuses and own interpretations in order to not follow a toxic and deadly path while simultaneously not being able to free one’s mind of it completely. Thus while Christianity fails to transform the human species in a complete frightful and obedient farm, it succeeds at blocking us from opening ourselves to our real spiritual path, the path that trains the soul like one would train his body, exercise it, feed it and grow it.

For someone who had the courage to make the jump from Christianity to gentile spirituality, it is a total mystery how one can be told to “love their enemies, pray for them” and pretend nothing is wrong with this. Sure most people do not follow such a suicidal code, but why then still identify as a Christian? Perhaps fear, laziness and the lack of other knowledge has a part in all of this. Eventually mankind will have to gradually lift itself out of this in order not just to advance, but to survive.

What healthy mind would accept a God that tells them they cannot achieve salvation if they do not hate their mother and father over him? Those are the exact words from Luke 14:26 and Matthew 10:37. Or the fact that salvation comes from denying your lives here on earth and literally hating your life as John 12:25 states.
The Old Testament has a sadistic way of telling the history of the Jews trough the genocide of the gentile nations and a very specific hatred towards children. Jews have an infinite hatred for gentile children and even to this day perform blood sacrifices on them. One must only look at verses like Psalms 137:9, 1 Samuel 15:3 and the list continues.

The Jewish supremacy can be clearly observed in verses that specifically threaten the gentile world with extreme retribution if they do not obey their Jewish masters. Look for Numbers 24:9, Genesis 49:9 and Genesis 12:3. Those blatantly state that you will bless and support Israel ruling over you or you will be cursed.

This fear of eternal punishment and the comfort of not letting go of the abuser makes even the ones who deem themselves white nationalists stick to this ill belief. How can one be anti-Semitic and a Christian at the same time when the Bible is a Jewish hoax of epic proportions on our entire world? Most of those so-called “nationalists” and “anti-Semites” invoke the Biblical verses that mention the “Synagogue of Satan” to claim that Jews are allied with Satan while gentiles are allied with the Jewish God Yahweh. Such a worthless lie cannot get any more repulsive that what it already is. When their entire book is focused on cursing the ancient pagan God, Satan, how can one in their right mind use one verse to switch reality?
The Revelation 3:9 verse quotes: “I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but are lying—I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you”.

Clever are the Jews to communicate one thing to their own and make gentiles read it the other way around just for the sole purpose to keep this toxic religion and all its effect and curses still affecting humanity. In reality this all relates to our creation origins. As rabbi Laitman said in his sermons, the “goyim”, which is the derogatory term for gentiles, are from the Satanic sphere of creation and influence while Jews are from the holy universe of Yahweh. He then further goes on to elaborate on how the mission of the Jews is to infiltrate worlds that are not from the sphere of Yahweh, “correct” them and bring them to their area of influence. Satan is known by many names in the ancient world as also elaborated by High Priest Hooded Cobra on the ancient-forums platform. He was known as Enki in the civilization of Sumer, he was the equivalent of Dionysus in ancient Greece, Odin (Wotanaz/Satanaz) for the Nordic civilizations, Vishnu in the Hindu culture and possibly Horus or Ra in ancient Egypt.

Therefore when the Bible talks about the Synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelations it actually warns the Jews against accepting people who adopt their beliefs, but are racially different and cannot comprehend and feel their mission by heart as they do. It first explains clearly and specifically that they are not Jews! The “Synagogue of Satan” is what a Synagogue is, a church or a place of worship and spiritual learning. Back in those times Synagogue and church were synonyms. But it being of Satan, tells them it’s the gentiles adopting their system of belief and trying to act like them, like Jews. It’s the gentiles’ church not the Jews’ one.

Energy attracts like energy and what we believe and visualize, in time manifests. That is the real definition of karma, a set of energies that are built over time. Not the bullshit universe revenge concept. Therefore believing and praying to this evil entity which is just a network of thoughts and energy has manifested many negative phenomena in approximately two millennia, time which it was allowed to rule over our minds and society.

The effects are visible and this is what defines the Christian mindset and Christianity itself. It is not just the belief in the Hebrew God and Jesus, it’s a way of life, a way of acting and making decisions. Even the many of the ones who say they reject Christianity are actually Christian in thinking. Living in a society where one often cannot have legal justice when a thug beats up people or vandalizes property, but even worse such reckless impulsive animals are given victim status. People making up all sorts of excuses for criminals and scum while virtue signaling is Christianity at its finest. Ironically, many times the traditionalist, conservatives which identify as Christians are less Christianized at heart than liberals and leftists who advocate for open borders and racial mixing with other foreign races. It’s the “love thy enemy” and “turn the other cheek” at its finest. Imagine a culture that has a well-known proverb “revenge is the tool of the fool”. That culture is real and it is in Romania, a country that has heavy ties to Christianity. When Christian traditionalism is switched to progressivism and leftism the mentality is the same perhaps even worse. Maybe the effects of Christianity were gradually wearing down so Jews had to replace it with something more toxic and destructive. It is also a way to have an ideological controlled opposition. When you have both factions in your pocket, the enemy will seldom make his own faction, but will join one of the already existing sides. Otherwise whites and other races might have already considered a real holocaust.

Allowing the Jewish enemy to infiltrate and subvert your countries and target your race for controlled extinction is the exact effect of the Biblical curses who we gentiles have adopted. We must renounce this and reverse it. This is why the Joy of Satan community does reverse Torah rituals. The time is now!
Having such detrimental ideologies and movements is the product of our people letting the Jew infiltrate the decision making mechanisms of our countries. LGBT, non-white immigration, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, progressivism and leftism are that which plague our society and support each other in doing so while on the other controlled side we have Christian nationalist who do nothing to stop the racial mixing and demographic decline of the white race. At most they talk about how they are against LGBT because it is a Biblical sin to be homosexual, but never talk about the effects on demographics it has when it becomes more and more spread.

Marcus Eli Ravage was an American Jewish writer that talked and bragged about the same things in regards to Christianity. He basically said that the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 in Russia pales in comparison with what Paul, the Jew from Tarsus accomplished in Rome. And I am barely paraphrasing. Christianity spread across the empire and later trough the Flavian Dynasty, the Jews were able to further infiltrate Rome and make Christianity the state religion, replacing the gentile pagan beliefs. In less than a century the empire crumbled. The two halves that split, the Western Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, then continued to spread the belief further.

Ravage then goes to say how our way of thinking and acting is based on those beliefs and how the national heroes and history of Jews is at our core center of study and praise. Our idols have been cast down and replaced with Jewish figures which are mostly Abrahamic corruptions of pagan symbols.

Hitler in his national socialist ideology stated that one cannot be both nationalist and Christian. He understood the danger of the Jewish hoax. It should be obvious for anyone who is both sane and willing to not lie to one’s self. He did not remove Christianity from Germany, because he most probably thought that the best way to get rid of it gradually is to let it wear down, because the people were slowly learning. Removing something all the sudden might create suspicion and give it a victim status, thus creating a false sympathy.

Modern day literature and sources have heavily corrupted Hitler’s original vision and tried to portray him as a Christian. Although Hitler reopened Ukraine’s churches after their liberation, he did it solely that the Ukrainians may have their own freedom of choice.

Friedrich Nietzche’s philosophy was also anti-Christian. All the great thinkers and philosophers who understood the need for racial preservation, and for the gentile culture and spirit to flourish also understood the danger of the Christian dogma and its correlation and similarity with any other Jewish ideology. They knew it is an obstacle in the way of our evolution.

With the age of Enlightenment in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries, the Christian teachings were criticized by a number of philosophers such as Voltaire, David Hume, Thomas Paine and Baron d'Holbach.

Another example of a racially conscious author that rejects Christianity is Ben Klassen who wrote “The White Man’s Bible”.

There is no straight simple path or method in ridding our collective lives of this program. We simply just have to defy the enemy and educate others. We have to keep on the path of bringing awareness about this global threat that Jews constitute. By slowly awakening people to the truths of race, nation, family, spirituality, proper economic management, justice and human interaction, Christianity will simply collapse on itself. There is simply too much contradiction between it and nature and if people choose nature, than the program will disintegrate. It will just be a written chapter of our history.

We are now at the border between the Age of Pisces which is the age of Jesus and the Age of Aquarius which is the age of the Gods and the advancement of humanity. The Gods’ mission is to bring spiritual elevation upon humanity and the current endeavour is that which will force us to see and evolve.

Jews knew those times will come and that astrologically speaking, the Age of Aquarius may mean their end as a race on Earth. For this specific confrontation they wrote the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible. It is a coded message for other Jews to let them know what does the gentile awakening consists of.

Gentiles awakening spiritually would mean the end of Jewish conspiracy and stealth warfare. For that reason, in the book of Revelation, their enemy is presented as a beast with seven heads. It is an allegory of the seven main chakras on the spine of each gentile. Activating all of those seven chakras will trigger the ascension of the Kundalini serpent on the spine, which is a powerful flow of energy. The nervous’ system main infrastructure is through the spine. This is why the serpent, a Satanic symbol, is one of the main enemies in the Bible. In the first book, Genesis, the serpent is seen at the tree of knowledge, another allegory for both the human soul and the human body. Both nervous and circulatory systems are in the shape of a tree, the spine or heart then the corresponding ramifications which are blood vessels and nervous terminations. The snake which is an allegory for the Kundalini serpent is placed perfectly on the tree of knowledge, tempting Eve to eat from the fruit. It is the spiritual call for elevation. The Hebrew God sees this as unacceptable and punishes Adam and Eve. The mission of the Jew is to keep humanity in check and never allow them to discover this titanic possibility that lies within us. Fast forwarding to the end of the Bible, Revelations warn the Jews about the danger of gentile awakening trough opening the chakras and ascending spiritually. At the beginning of the book of revelations, seven seals are mentioned which means the chakras are sealed, closed, inactive. One by one they are opened and the beast rises. When it talks about the beast or the anti-Christ, it says there seven anti-Christs, exactly the number of chakras. Then comes the eight, which is also the sixth. The sixth chakra which is located in our brain, on the pineal gland has an extension in front of it in the middle of the forehead which is the so called third eye. The third eye is what gives us the ability of astral communication. This is the ability to see and interact with Demons and Gods. For centuries the enemy has portrayed the Demons as ugly, malevolent creatures so that we may fear the ones who want to help us out of this global slave system.

Putting the famous “Synagogue of Satan” verse into this equation we conclude 100% that Jews will not even accept the gentiles who were on their side. Their messianic empire will be an empire of slavery where only they will rule over the gentile slaves.

Revelations 2:27: “And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.”

Our nations will be broken and conquered.

It is our time to wake up and defy this evil race of monsters. All we gentiles have to do is defy every Jewish directive they impose upon us and their parasitic system will collapse. All their philosophies branded differently have the same outcome. Whether it’s Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Communism, Corporate imperialism, it ultimately leads to this same outcome. They wish the races to be mixed and the collective instincts and cultures be lost in the process. The white race is the first priority as we see in reality. It started long ago in their scriptures with Amalek being the white race.

Numbers 24:20: "Then Balaam saw Amalek and spoke his message: "Amalek was first among the nations, but their end will be utter destruction."

Exodus 17:16: "For he said, Because the LORD (JHVH) has sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation."

Deuteronomy 25:17-19: "Remember what the Amalekites did to you along the way when you came out of Egypt. When you were weary and worn out, they met you on your journey and attacked all who were lagging behind; they had no fear of God. When the Lord your God gives you rest from all the enemies around you in the land he is giving you to possess as an inheritance, you shall blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget! "

Now that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, all of this will be gradually reversed and this chapter of history will culminate with the eradication of their species and the elevation of our souls. The next challenges and hardships will be immortality, advanced medicine and engineering and space exploration.

The human races will be preserved and they will work together this time in the endless endeavours of the Universe!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan