The Benefits of Trance

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Lydia [JG]
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The Benefits of Trance

Post by Lydia [JG] »

Beta brainwaves are when we are awake and going through our daily lives. Constantly being too rushed and stressed, as most people these days are, keeps the brainwaves too high in Beta, creating more stress hormones and more anxiety, poor quality sleep, and inability to truly relax and unwind from work or school.

The brain needs to go into Alpha and Theta. This soothes, refreshes, and nourishes the brain, mind, soul, and body. It also allows for a deep sleep, better stress management, physical healing, and a better immune system. It is claimed that one hour of trance provides the same benefits of 4 hours of sleep.

When we successfully enter a medium to deep trance, the “false ego” is put aside, and our authentic Self is realized. We can be in tune with our soul and our path in life, without all the programmings and influences from outside. Our surroundings and environment are put aside, with focus being on our authentic Self.

Trance is where we reach harmony with ourselves, magickal workings are easier to manifest, and self-hypnosis and affirmations are possible. Communication with Demons is stronger, intuition is heightened, psychic experiences are more profound, and the physical body and emotions heal much faster. Contact with the astral is easier, and enlightenment happens.

With a regular practice of trancing, creativity is heightened, fears are overcome, self-awareness increases, learning becomes easier, problem solving is clearer, we can focus and concentrate better, and we can have a new and better perspective of anything.

Those of you who are not able to manifest magick spells or affirmations, or feel confused a lot, ask yourself if you are in a deep enough trance. Just sitting relaxed isn’t enough, you need to come into contact with your subconsciousness and your soul. Humans are made for trancing, we must practice it and attain it on a regular basis.

For those who have trouble getting into a trance, you can learn. Trance is completely natural, tell yourself that, don’t think it is something unnatural and weird. Get into a comfortable position and tell yourself a few times (or however times necessary) something like “Trance is completely natural for me, I am able to successfully trance now!” After, to get into a deeper trance, you can state on each exhale (exhales relate to letting go) something like “With each breath I release, I am falling into a deeper and deeper trance.”

More on Brainwaves: ... waves.html

Trance: ... rance.html
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Aquarius »

The days I practice trance my sleep quality is so goood.
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by NakedPluto »

It is extremely pleasurable, comfortable and natural. Trance is necessary in all ways and improves the quality of life extremely, aside from the spiritual path it opens for use.

Thank you for writing and emphasizing this, the above is necessary to experience. It is the beginning of meditation practices. Fully necessary in preparing and opening the path for successful workings and establishing solid grounds.

I practice daily recalling my dreams in trance and most of the time, dreams from years ago appear to me with beautiful plentiful feminine creative energy. Soothes my artistic mind and nourishes my motivation.
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Blitzkreig [JG]
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Blitzkreig [JG] »

Lydia [JG] wrote:
Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:51 am
Thank you for making this.

For those who are new or unable to incorporate trance in a larger practice, I would recommend even 15-20 seconds of practice before meditation or directing energy. This is very quick and will still train you to drop into a light trance at will.

For those who are unable to sit still, this is a yin-deficiency thing. Resolve this through hatha yoga, a Vata-balancing diet (denser foods), alternate nose breathing, and programming earth or Uruz to calm one's nerves (temporarily or permanently).

Any twitching or itchiness is generally due to a lack of sufficient blood/blood quality in the body, which is a yin fluid. This can be created through acupoints that create yin out of yang, such as Spleen 6 most notably. However, this requires energy to do, and that is why Sun energy is the source of vitality, for its ability to create both yin and yang.

If one is low on total energy, the best way to quickly get around the energy expenditure of acupoints is to program energy that accomplishes the medical principle you are trying to treat. For example, programmed earth or Uruz to create blood (or just calm the nerves), programmed fire, Sowilo/Thurisaz to restore yang or destroy yin-pathogens (like congestion), using water or Berkano to remove pathological heat in the body (inflammation/redness), and so on.

On a temporary basis, the above energies will produce a noticeable effect, similar to how one gets a temporary boost from eating good food, taking supplements, getting extra rest, etc. When done daily, this can add enough energy to resolve a problem, although one should rely on permanent solutions, like increasing one's solar energies, to improve their resting/base level of health.

The point of the above information is that there are people who may either be too twitchy to fall into a trance or may be too yang-deficient (heavy head/overly tired) to avoid falling asleep within one. Therefore, measures need to be done to balance the body for this.
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by ramses13th »

Thank you so much for this post.
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Lydia [JG]
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Lydia [JG] »

Blitzkreig [JG] wrote:
Mon Jun 20, 2022 6:49 pm
Thank you for adding all this additional information, it will certainly help members here :)

And thank you NakedPluto for your input :)
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by GoldenxChild1 »

I will certainly start to do more trance work after reading this. I am always go go go and never take the time to relax, I have trouble enjoying the present because I am always looking ahead at what needs to be done or whatever is perturbing me.

However, I have had great success without a trance with simple concentration on my working. I guess adding that trance like state could bolster everything and improve my quality of life.

Great post thank-you
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Darkpagan666 »

Excellent post Lydia! :)

Trance state is very important to achieve and learn. As been stated, through trance-state is where you discover occult meaning of things.

Personally, inducing trance-state comes easier through power breaths. Focus on the breaths and relax, which then naturally calms down and ease your mind.

If you feel unrest, it is important to pinpoint the cause, depending on the cause you can either deal with this right away or tell your mind to deal with it afterwards. You can deal with the issue during trance, of course. I have dealt with some issues during trance, which has been most therapeutic! If the problem is more materialistic, such as hunger (eat something small), too full stomach (wait until you are no more full), light flickering or annoying sounds, then obviously deal with this before any meditation.

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Yagami Light
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Yagami Light »

What can someone do if they tend to fall asleep each time they try to do trance (or even simple void)? :P
It's not like I lack sleep. Even when I've slept as much as needed and I am not tired/working etc, I have a tendency of falling asleep while trying trance/void (doing void always makes me fall into a trance).

I understand that my mind has always been very restless and stressed for all my life (especially the past few years) and void/trance DOES feel amazing... But in the end I fall asleep. :P

Will this go away in time?
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Re: The Benefits of Trance

Post by Gear88 »

Yagami Light wrote:
Mon Aug 29, 2022 1:59 pm
What can someone do if they tend to fall asleep each time they try to do trance (or even simple void)? :P
It's not like I lack sleep. Even when I've slept as much as needed and I am not tired/working etc, I have a tendency of falling asleep while trying trance/void (doing void always makes me fall into a trance).

I understand that my mind has always been very restless and stressed for all my life (especially the past few years) and void/trance DOES feel amazing... But in the end I fall asleep. :P

Will this go away in time?
I have this all the time and produce sleepiness when closed eyed and doing certain meditations even if my mind is thinking/talking behind the scenes I get these urges to go to bed and sleep various hours. I've been tired and I've stayed awake for up to 3 days at some points. But the tiredness I get with this factor is very strong.

Though I've never tranced or believed to have tranced except inasmuch a natural light alpha state which affects me.

You have an option wake up spend maybe 5-10 minutes waking up mouthwash, brush teeth, splash some water on your face/eyes, urinate relieve yourself from your nights accumulation of the bladder. Then after waking up but not fully i.e. don't even drink water as that might re-energize you(in some cases even water as innocent as it is can wake you up).

After spending these few minutes in the bathroom. Return to your bedroom sit down comfortably and spend 5-10 minutes, maybe 15 practicing. Your still with the nights rest but have slept long enough to ward off tiredness

It's a common method in the trance community some have said it a long with a few members here as well.

If you keep practicing and keep feeling this extreme sleepiness and tiredness that makes you want to crawl into bed and sleep another cycle of time. I can state either your quality of sleep is poor not unlike mines. Or maybe meditation isn't for you maybe your so used to being awake and asleep as a cycle on/off of normalcy meditation is like your wind down or your form of napping.

Maybe you need to be disciplined to be meditating not unlike SEA Nations or Tibet where there is meditation session and there is a guard with a stick who pokes or gently but firmly smacks you a bit and wakes you up.

Maybe your so used to sleeping and waking and being awake your dominated by the principle forces of most people.

Perhaps the principle problem which is something I read in the buddhist community is mindfulness being absolutely boring and being a bore to it's performer. Like one person that mentioned there are coarse grain feelings and fine grain feelings. Perhaps void is something you practice for occult purposes and mindfulness is the practice of doing something to sense yourself.

For example a computer or a game produces a myriad of excitement low-med-high. But sitting there is boring as hell until your body lets off feelings or you sense feelings or you develop feelings and investigate. Void is simply blanking out i.e. purposeful mental shuttering of thoughts and sounds i.e. blanking the mind.

But perhaps the basics of the most basic meditation everyone does is an okay practice as well. It's not that we are against other meditations perhaps a better statement is we want people to power up and delve into the occult/alchemy. But some people are kinda skipping pre-, basic work. Perhaps this is one of the reason or reasons why Satan values a sacrifice of time as the most important part of life. Maybe at a young or younger age you were to be trained with XYZ meditations to procure the betterment of yourself.

Again this are just beliefs I have from someone who pretty much quit meditation. I can help people and provide logical answers to people and guide people to certain things. And praise people for developing meditation.

But when I turn the same tool into myself I'm like WTF where, what, how, when, why? In other words, I can speak very high level not like an HP or prominent member or one of our quirky members. But I can't for the life of me bother to meditate or do anything anyone else does as it plainly doesn't work.

I don't want to be meditating and spending 2-3 years doing stuff only for nothing to happen. But like I said maybe you are too bored with introspecting the vessel and being able to sit there perhaps that is the main problem the boredom factor.

Perhaps excitation of sensory organ and developing a sensory output for example we day dream. I've read that is a form of trance perhaps not full on alpha closed eye but alpha entering and popping into the beta states.

Maybe you day dream or have done so and feel better your mind is just generating something. Perhaps that's your issue your not generating sensations to avoid boredom.

So boredom happens you may or may not feel bored and then poof you get that extreme almost gripping tiredness of crawling back into bed and sleeping another 8 hours.

In my own personal dealings with meditation I literally go from the seat to my bed and have this gripping, nagging physical tiredness of let me sleep 2-3 hours.

I think it's boredom at the core but can be other factors.
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