Country bans internet pornography as part of 'war' on indecency

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Country bans internet pornography as part of 'war' on indecency

Postby FancyMancy » Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:48 pm

Bangladeshi authorities have declared a “war against pornography” and blocked 20,000 websites

Bangladeshi authorities have blocked almost 20,000 websites as part of “war against pornography”.

Internet providers in the conservative Muslim nation have removed pornography and gambling websites in the past week under orders from the telecommunications regulator.

Mustafa Jabbar, the posts and telecommunications minister, told the AFP news agency: “I want to create a safe and secure internet for all Bangladeshis, including children. And this is my war against pornography. And this will be a continuous war.”

Popular social media apps such as TikTok and Bigo – which authorities believe are misused – have also been blocked in the South Asian nation, Jabbar said.

Apps including Instagram and Facebook are also being monitored as part of the crackdown.

Most of the blocked sites are foreign, but a few local websites and social media platforms have also faced action under the crackdown, he added.

The crackdown was launched after Bangladesh’s High Court asked the government to block pornography websites and publication of obscene materials in electronic forms for six months back in November.

The court acted after a civil society organisation filed a petition stating that a large number of adult websites contain uncensored and obscene content.

On Sunday a rising actress was told to remove “provocative” images from her Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages.

“We are monitoring the local Facebook profiles, YouTube channels and websites, also,” Jabbar said.

“A few of them were taken down for having obscene content. We advised a few others not to post anything that goes against our social norms.”

Bangladesh, a country of 165 million people, has more than 90 million internet users and porn stars regularly top the list of the most searched names.

Emdadul Hoque, general secretary of the internet service providers association, said they have complied with the order, but many users can still access online porn by using virtual private networks or mirror websites.

“This is a continuous process and it needs regular monitoring. These websites are very well aware of the regulations and they come up with thousands of mirror sites every week,” Hoque told AFP.

Selected comments -

Sex crimes will explode due to this action. Prohibition does not work!
- The truth
No they won't relax,muslim are normally married at 20 or so,they can find fullfillment in their spouse
- chibi
@The truth it is possible to commit sex crimes against a spouse too

Watch the number of VPNs go through the roof now. You can't truly block anything on the internet.

And yet they breed like rabbits!
- The truth
Because they have healthy marriages you sicko,why does the breeding concern you,you don't pay for them chill out
- Paul
@The truth lol. You really have to change your name as you constantly talk out your #$%$. The taxes I pay cover their benefits so I do pay for them. I?ve just realised that your a Muslim that hides behind the name the truth lol. No wonder you get offended by my truth!
- The truth
@Paul shows how thick you are if you had half a brain you'd have worked that out straightaway,I've nevery hid anything,what you think is rubbish,you disagree with me saying sickos like you shouldnt be allow porn access,only to be expected from you
- The truth
@Paul doh is this not referring to Bangladesh,or you on about your obsession with muslim and foreigners,you sick dim wit

So when are they going to ban pedophiles?
- The truth
Why do you make stupid comments to sound superior,such things aren't tolerated in our culture,we apply the death penalty for those criminals,you give them a lenient sentence for few years,and still have the audacity to have this pathetic hole attitude
- SoWhat
Only After they see Ours executed

I bet they don't ban rapists or kiddy fiddlers though.
- David
@pete - mustn't interfere with the national sport.
- The truth
That's your culture ,we've had laws against such things from the beginning.there's always a joker with pathetic to further their falso sense of superiority
- The truth
@David it's your national sport read the bloody stats if you dare you sick individual
- SoWhat
stupid comment
- The 13th Earl of Wimbim
Yeah like we did in the houses of Parliament UK is run by paedophiles, you vote em into office, you berk

And yet their record on female equality is appalling
- The truth
Look at your own
Women passed around like sweets,less of the moral attitude
- Jason
@The truth English women? You're saying British people treat women as sex objects? Maybe where you're from, but not here mate. Try civilisation it's good for you.
- The truth
@Jason yes they bloody forced by the society to dress like slags,swapped around like sweets,why the surprise it's what you,trust me I'm more civilised than you'll ever be

it will be even more popular now then,

Mainstream and mild porn is NOT indecent, forced arranged, child marriage, honour killing, rape, female genital mutilation, sexism, slavery, islam, opposing sex and realtionhip education, opposing birth control, abusing gays, having people murdered for a comment about some long dead guy etc...

- Ryan
You need to get a life.
- Nicholas
@Ryan what kind of answer is that? clearly you are a moron, anyone with a brain would address the points and have a rational answer
- Maude Boggins
@Nicholas Little leftie wimps can’t give rational answers even though deep down they know you’re right.
- Gammon
Totally agree Nicholas
- Maz
Clearly you haven’t researched how bad porn is and what it leads! Before posting brainless statements learn the about the matter first!
- Maude Boggins
@Maz Woofter.
- Ciury
@Maz nobody is forcing you to watch porn or anything else online or elsewhere. But they do force people into arranged marriages, "honour killings", rape, inprisonment or death for speaking against islam .....
- stu
Yes it’s as though they’ve looked at society and decided the worst thing that’s going on in the country is people of all ages being able to access porn . The rest of the backward cultural stuff is still ok for them . It is strange
- The truth
You sick individual you put all these negative issues as norm in islam fgm honour killings forced marriage are not Islamic, islam has laws against these crime,you know how brits break there law ours do so too,not a hard concept to understand.All these sexual perversions you mention might be right in your world but we diagram with them,and to us are INDECENT and IMMORAL
- Maude Boggins
@The truth Yet you still love a bit of porn really though don’t you.
- stu
@The truth load of rubbish brother . Look around the U.K. now at tribes doing what they’re doing . Selling drugs , sharing children in sex rings , raising money for terror . They’re all apparently against the religion however the crimes have a blind eye turned to them FIRSTLY by their own family , friends and congregation. They still shake the devils hands on Friday and kneel next to them
- Cool Guy
@The truth the most amount of porn is watched by South Asian Islamic Countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh and yet these countries trumpet their cultural values as the best in the world ,, reeks of hypocrisy
- Nicholas
@Maude Boggins I am more than happy to give very rational logical detailed answrs as would most liberal types. As aid I pointed out its not looking at girls baby feeders and entry fun sports or people mating thats the problem, its people actually being hurt and abused which Pakistan in particular has endemic in its culture.Ie debbie Does Dallas is hardly the harm that attitudes demanding arranged child marriage, FGM and honour killing or the idea that some well dressed girl having her own life should be raped does.Plus its not porn as such its what kind thats the problem and how often its viewed.If you want people away from porn then help them find partners, have schools and clubs etc often having nightclub nights or events such as trafficking light, foam party, wet t shirt competition and similar form boys to do, have dating agencies in teen schools, encourage public affection and dating, have said teen schools provide birth control and remove religion and its interference. Remive the idea that sexting photos are a bad thing and end #$%$ shaming as partners should be checking out partners who want to e checked out and encourge positive porn.Ie the Japanese cooked up a game show called #$%$ kareoke.Boys vs girls the guy has to try and complete a song, with minimal errors before the girl ahem finishes him with her hand, sexy dressed, flirty mischievious. Its very funny looking at the strained look on the guys faces as they try and think none sexy thoughts and focus (and lets face it guys are not the best multi taskers). This is most certainly something normal healthy couples could do, have fun and have bets on who wins.Much better than some abuser porn, and far better than forced marriages of young teens
- Nicholas
@Maz If you had a brain you would work out there is a whole range of porn, good and bad from Carry on movies and teen comedies from child snuff movies.helping people into healthy relationships when in teens before they get frustrated and need porn or toys, helping them have healthy love lives, forcing parents to accept teir teen kids are NOT children any more and need a love life from around 13-4 onwards that is progressive ie dont start advanced start basics and work way up, with schools encouraging dating, providing birth control, proper sex ed , party nights with foam , et t shirt competitions, trafficking light nights, dating agencies, work places allowing occasional sexting with workers partners, takign the stigma out of nude images and ending #$%$ shaming s everyone in a couple is sextign and nobody fusses all helps remove the need for porn.Plus make harmless funny porn instead that couples can copy. Like the japanese #$%$ kareoke gameshow, carry on movies, american teen comedies etc
- @The truth FGM , honour killings, forced marriage IS ISLAMIC IF ITS WHAT MUSLIMS DO AND OTHERS DONT.

Its the same as bears poop in woods so its a bear thing, cats claw furniture, dogs like to stick heads out of cars, Abraham religions have problems with sex etc.

You dont see liberals hippies hevey metallers, goths punks emos, sufers, athiests, lefties stonig girls to death for having a love life, carrying out FGM , arrangd marriage etc? But these things are the norm and enforced in islam.

How many mosques for the last 1600 years have been gay friendsly, have encouraged gender mixing, public shows of affection, an imman nodding approval to a young couple with hands on each others butts in a mosque, a islamic dad and brother on hearign sis/daughter was in a wet t shirt competetion asking if she won and how many dates offers did she get out of it
- @Nicholas Sorry I got bored three lines in to that.
- The truth
@Nicholas you bloody idiot fgm is an African thing many Christian practice it,honour killings are an asIan thing many hindus Sikhs practice it vile all the same,think a little
- The truth
@Nicholas just you are a sicko with no morals doesn't mean we will ape you,why should we have gay friendly worship places or allow people to overtly affectionate there,surely that can be done in private,when the last time you've seen anyone stoned for a love life,it's a law for men aswell as women to show disgust at immorality, very rarely practiced,why are you so obsessed with turning everyone into immoral sex maniac, I refuse to encourage don't reply to me,and stop spouting flagrant lies
- The truth
@The truth wet t shirt and sisters dating you are sick pervert
- The truth
@Cool Guy if that's the case than your correct very hypocritical
- The truth
@stu when your learnt some manners then address me otherwise keep your bigotry to your bloody self
- The truth
@Maude Boggins very funny but no I don't cos have a life and a soul mate, we have a very fullfiling relationship,don't need anything else
- The truth
@Ciury where did you get this info,sack your source you are spreading lies be very ashamef

They are taking more afford to block porn but not doing much to cut down rape, violence towards children and women. What about child labour? Fix actual problem and that is with the culture.

No doubt pictures of church architecture will also be banned, but honour killings, treating women as possessions, FGM, and barbaric Halal slaughter are all just fine.
- The truth
You bloody prat shove your prejudices where the sun don't shine,when will you stop lying fgm honour killings are NOT Islamic we have sanctions for them,as for women,yours treated like sex objects in the guise of liberation

That won't last considering most muzrats are sexual deviates.
- The truth
This from a culture that promotes gay marriage and debauchery,you are amusing

Social norm's in the UK could do with protecting.
- David
@Joe - but a norm may not be correct. It's the old assumption that 100,000 lemmings can't be wrong.

Well done Bangladesh! The whole world should follow . 90% of sexual offences would be reduced world wide
- Stephen
Absolute fecking nonsense, they would probably INCREASE!!!
- stu
Yes well done Bangladesh! Get those priorities right . Forget about actual child abuse , starvation, women’s rights, underage marriage and mutilation. You guys just make sure there’s no naked men and women on a screen
- The truth
@stu Step in the right direction,so comment as you have no social ills in your country,you have no right to have such attitude
- The truth
@Stephen don't be silly
- paul
Your an idiot....but you know that....
- Shad
@paul Your'e

Wow a pseudo dictatorship bans porn but has a terrible track record in fairness towards women and their rights, including forced marriage and child labourers and no real workers health & safety. Whilst still operating a classist caste system.

Joseph Glowballs
So! Bangladeshis can't watch sheep and goats being Fked anymore.

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Re: Country bans internet pornography as part of 'war' on indecency

Postby Jack » Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:31 am

Nothing to be surprised about here. Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country and any majority Muslim population will ban porn,alcohol,Nightclubs,Music,dogs,Art and many other things. You see it happening in Britain in Birmingham and many other places .However you can have sex orgies with your four wives in the privacy of your home and it's all good because women don't have any say in it.
And if she says shit shell be instantly divorced by saying "talaq" three times and orcastrized and outed by the society and will have to have sex with the imam before rejoining society. Meanwhile the husband has already filled up her place.
Britain 2019
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Re: Country bans internet pornography as part of 'war' on indecency

Postby Wulfen Stag » Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:49 am

I allow everyone to follow the dictates of his own nature, but he that opposes me will regret it sorely.

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