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GuangXia_666 said:
OhNoItsMook said:
Thank you so much for having discovered this kind of information pertaining to our racial history. I'm terrible at researching this kind of thing, so I am strongly grateful for your efforts. All of Asian history has always seemed super incomplete to me, especially Southeast Asia given their incredibly oppressive religious systems having removed all knowledge. Then there is also Chinese censorship, and misleading information about history in general, that has led people like myself mostly clueless about our own ancestral roots. The museums in Japan I've visited all say this and that, and I always felt there were weird time gaps or things missing.

So, thank you for this information.

You're most welcome. It's also Asian American Heritage Month here in the US, couldn't find a perfect time to open an account on the forums and begin the Asian revival - I just got that strong pulsating feeling to finally create an account and start posting this month! If there's a specific area of Southeast Asia you want me to look into, I can try to add it to my agenda, I may even be visiting Asia soon (finally). I guess everyone's got a different skill per say. Clearly, research is just my strong forte. The brighter side of the tech age is that info is so readily-available (if you're in a free country that is), most of it wasn't hard to Wikipedia on a smartphone lol :) . I gotta say, even just a year studying JoS and being new on the forum, it's already been an exciting journey have matched up JoS info and teachings with my findings on traditional Asian religion, but very overwhelming at the same time trying to explore the thousands of layers within pre-Buddhist Chinese history. That's just China, I still got Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia and etc. to tackle. I can already tell the kikes are angry since they been went ham on their curses these past two weeks, tried to get me seriously sick, and ruin my plans. Ain't gonna stop me from having an Asian revival on JoS.

OhNoItsMook said:
Then there is also Chinese censorship, and misleading information about history in general, that has led people like myself mostly clueless about our own ancestral roots.

It indeed is extremely sad especially in the case of China, whose Ancient pre-Buddhist history is extremely rich in Paganism and astrology. I found it quite frustrating how there was a lack of Chinese-oriented info here, but the Forces of Hell have literally moved me to be person that research Asian paganism. If I could translate these feelings into words, they would translate into, "GET YOUR BUTT UP AND START RESEARCHING, WE CAN'T DO YOUR LAUNDRY FOR YOU!" :mrgreen:

With how censored info is in China, it seems like not even their citizens know. Our Demons are indeed, very, very involved in Chinese history, a time-period known as the "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors" known in traditional Chinese religion as the Wufang Shangdi (五方上帝), which I'm doing research on right now - ancient texts describing this era are pretty much China's Ancient Satanic Bible from the looks of it. Given to how the Gods listed on the Wufang Shangdi all have planets, colors, astrological placements and etc., it's pretty obvious they're referring to our Demons. I obviously am still focusing on which ones match with which Demons. As I'm doing research, I think I may have even found Azazel as he was regarded in Chinese mythology (Huangdi - Yellow Emperor - 黃帝). Many of the ancient temples dedicated towards our Gods are still standing, but now under CCP control.

What I've come to learn is that those ancient Chinese temples and the architecture behind them are all pre-Buddhist in origin, Buddhism is just a latecomer - pagodas do have South Asian/Indian origins.

Ancient China was also among one of the most advanced of the Ancient world, home to the "Four Great Inventions" (a primitive form of rocket technology came from Ancient China even), and if you check some of my posts on the Oriental sub-forum (where I'll be most active), you'll see that popular sports such as soccer/European football even have origins in China - still played in Japan as kemari (蹴鞠).

What also really angers me about the China situation is the poisoned food, given to how rich, colorful and artistic Chinese culinary traditions are, I don't know if you read HP Maxine's posts on that on Death of Communism. Though Japan and Korea are quite safe, thank God (Satan)! I'm not even perfect with the entire healthy diet, and still find myself splurging whenever I go to Chinatown.

OhNoItsMook said:
.........especially Southeast Asia given their incredibly oppressive religious systems having removed all knowledge.
As for Southeast Asia, in its hey day, it was the hinterland where Vedic and Chinese (or Sino-Tibetan) tradition come toe to toe, I guess it's where the Indochina reference comes from - at least so in the ancient world. Prior to the arrival of Catholic missionaries and communists, Vietnam followed Classical Chinese tradition and before Islam and Christianity - Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were Vedic nations with mixes of Chinese here and there (especially the Philippine north).

In terms of modern-day, yes as I'm seeing communism really did fuck up Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Like usual, most of the people who follow traditional non-communist Vietnamese culture (Sino-Vietnamese culture that is) are Overseas. Thailand seems to be the only free country, with Philippines up-there as well (though on a spiritual level, they have an obsessive Catholic problem). Indonesia and Malaysia both claim to be "democratic" but have a very bad Islam issue, non-Muslims in Indonesia have become victim to a lot of lynchings and violence, Brunei is outright the "Saudi Arabia" of SE Asia, hardcore Shariah Law. Not sure where Singapore fits in the picture.

Hail Emperor Shangdi/Satan and Emperor Tian/Beelzebub (cosmic forefather of the Asians)!

- GuangXia_666

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