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Aug 15, 2019
Hail Satan!

I grew up in a heavily kiked home of protestant, zion-cucked xtians where I was abused severely (yes, in every way imaginable) until I reached the age where I was no longer fuckable or desirable - for those wondering that would be on my 12th birthday.

I have extensive PTSD and psychological damage and now at 31 years of age, I'm still trying to cope and process.

I don't know why I'm sharing all that. I mean I have a lot to share, a lot I wish I could get off my plate, but I don't have any friends or anyone I know offline that I trust to open up to.

I feel like I have had many curses and hexes placed on my life from a very early age, many of which I reinforced on my own throughout my upbringing and adult life. Something I read in Black Sun 666 talked about xtianity and communism going hand in hand and I adopted a mindset that poverty was a virtue and that riches were to be rejected. I haven't been able to break out of this mentality and have difficulty holding a job and refuse even government help or hand outs. When I do have money I waste it.

I have a slew of problems but I am done complaining about them. I am ready to reclaim my power. I am ready to take action and to put in the work necessary.

I found this forum on a whim. I frequent a slew of other online forums primarily conspiracy based and of course those popular image boards. But something about this just feels like the real deal to me and I've been feeling the fires of passion and determination rising up inside of my soul.

What advice could you give a 31 year old male who has ALMOST damn near killed himself from the curses these kikes have put on my life but who has managed to stay alive this long to find the truth and ready to break the chains that they've tried to bind me with?

I look forward to meeting new friends on here and learning more and growing together.

To the mods and admins, thanks for even allowing this place to exist! It really is an honor to have found this board.
Hello and welcome to the forums :)

Have you dedicated to Satan yet? All the following advice I'm giving is for dedicated Satanists.

Do the Final RTR daily, as it will remove curses and bindings on your soul.

Do cleaning aura and chakras, and aura of protection. These are found in the meditation section of joyofsatan.org

As for your horrible experiences, you can heal from them:

Wunjo rune, start today or tomorrow as the Moon is waning in Pisces.

Rune: Wunjo (or any other variations, Waunyo, Vend, Vin, Wynn). Its number is 8 so you can do 88 reps, 40 for people who aren't used to higher reps, or whatever amount you feel is best for you.

Vibrate it the same amount of repetitions every day for 40 days. You can continue for 80 or 90 days if you feel it is needed, or you can do another round of 40 days at a later time.

Affirmation 9x: "In a beneficial and healthy manner for me, the energies of [Wunjo or variation of] are totally and completely healing me from any and all psychological, mental, and emotional damage and pain".

Now, this is going to bring up some ugly stuff. For example, if you lived in fear as a child and always had stomach aches, this working might bring them back. You might also get flashes throughout the day of memories of trauma and so on. But it won't last long. Just keep it up and you will come out of it stronger (and saner) than ever.
Lydia said:
Have you dedicated to Satan yet? All the following advice I'm giving is for dedicated Satanists.

I have done something extremely similar to the ritual described at the link you provided except I didn't have a candle. I had a staple and a piece of paper and a dimly lit jail cell. But at the time I didn't have anywhere CLOSE to the understanding of things as I do now (which isn't much in and of itself) but my intention and declaration was very much the same as the affirmation on the dedication page! It's proof to me that as Satan tells us in the Al-Jilwah "I lead to the straight path without a revealed book; I direct aright my beloved and chosen ones by unseen means." I definitely would love to recommit myself in a more formal way though.

Thank you so much for your guidance as well about the aura cleaning and meditation and the work with the Wunjo rune! I really appreciate your wisdom.
Glad to have you back so to speak haha, if your getting started look up Astaroth-Sama's eight fold path to spiritual advancement on the main site as a basis of understanding how to progress. The 40 day meditation program and Warrior program are excellent places to start as well as all the beginner meditations on JOS. Doing the Wunjo working will help immensely and so will opening your chakras and doing Hatha/Kundalini Yoga. Best of luck and remember our God is Justice so don't think that what happened to you won't be dealt with at some point.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan