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How do people feel about nursing homes these days?


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Dec 12, 2022
We all get old! And I know this is not a comforting thing to talk about? For some people! Others just simply don't want to think about it! Because they have their mind focused on their marriage and raising their children! Or their career. And I know it's not easy being human! And it's rough at any age! We all go through our health issues starting from day one until the day we die! But it's not fair for older people? Who end up in the care of somebody else? We hate it as a child! Having to depend on somebody else? When he just wants so much to be by yourself and be independent and alone! But considering what goes on in daycare centers and old folks is homes? Is not right! Considering the fact that these places may look and seem nice? Until you look at the staff and the caretakers that are set out there to take care of somebody's grandma! It's not a fun place to be! And I've seen a lot of hellish things going on in those places! How they treat the elderly and how they neglect them? Is a crying game! Watching some old lady getting into an argument with the nurse and getting into a fist fight when the lady just simply wanted to be left alone the nurse was wrestling with her and getting more and more rough and out of control with the older lady! Maybe these older people get difficult and maybe they are set in their ways? A lot of the times they are scared and don't want to be there! This older lady was just fighting for her life and minding her own business she just grabbed by the hair of the head and yanked out of her wheelchair and thrown onto the floor by an older woman and a caretaker who is 15 lb heavier than her sitting on the woman her full weight on her spine! And not even a realizing the damage that she's doing to the insides and the body parts knowing how gentle and tender these older people are? And how fragile they are I could practically hear the bones break! As the older woman sat on her wrestling with her and trying to pin her down! Trying to get the lady to take a pill! This not only upset me it also brought me to tears! We live our Precious Years on this Earth living and learning and doing the best we can! With each and everything we do goals that we trade with you! Raising a family being happily married to somebody and end up losing your spouse or end up crippled and handicapped to where your family can't take care of you! And why it's so sad for me to see this happen losing a friend or a loved one and ending up losing everything and not being wanted or appreciated and ending up in an old folks' home! It terrifies me to see and hear the things that goes on in those places! I have a mother who is in her 70s! Who has a bad back and a bad heart! Who is now going through early onset alzheimer's! It makes me feel bad! Because I know how hard it is to take care of these individuals with the roof out that problem I've had her in talking to doctors! Noticing the signs and the patterns! At first I thought she just had senility or dementia? Considering the fact that she does remember some things maybe bits and pieces of her past so we can still have a conversation! And she can still walk and talk and get around and she still has her driver's license! But I've also noticed that she gets irritated really easy! And she gets really argumentative cold and cutting! It says things she doesn't mean to and she forgets things that she has done 5 minutes ago! And I have to remind her where her keys are at! And when she goes to look for something and can't find it? And it's just right there under her nose and I have to remind her and she gets aggravated and feels embarrassed! She is lucky that she still has her energy and still has her ways! But then there are days she gets depressed and forgetful and talks about morbid things! Reminiscing and talking about holidays and of the past situations in bits and pieces and getting days and numbers mixed up can't even remember birthdays and holidays and even forgets the names of some people that I have to remind her of! Also having to remind her to take her pill and when to take her pill? You kind of wonder how this stuff starts and how it happens? You can't help it I begin to question about the pills that she was taking and if they're doing any good and if she's taking too many? And if they're really working for her? And then you kind of wonder about the food that we're eating? Considering aluminum cans and what people say about them that brings on Alzheimer's and other mental problems? The side effects they put in pills and medication and how powerful they are! Considering the enemy who loves the idea of controlling people in that way putting out medications that have more than one side effect telling you that they don't treat or help with any disease? It makes you wonder whether putting in these pills these days! Or what they're putting in our food? Relating to the mental problems that people have as they get older? Taking the time to look up Alzheimer's and studying it noticing the patterns of my mom and wondering what I could do to help her? Making things a little easier for her without making things worse! It is so easy for her to get into an argument and she loses her patience really easy and it's sad that we can't have conversations like we used to! Especially when it concerns the past? I know that my dad is really loving and patient with her and Trace is very best! She's lucky she's got somebody and she is lucky she has the family that cares about her! I would never ever put my mother in a nursing home! I would rather take the time and the patience to work something out with my husband where we can have her moving with us if worse comes to worse! If my dad ends up dead? And she needs help I would much rather take her in and take care of her myself and I know it's not going to be easy for me but I would rather take the initiative to feed her change her diapers and help her into the shower and do the things that are necessary and let her know that I love her and that I will never do anything to hurt her! I would rather take the time being the nurse and show her that same love that she had showing me as a little kid she took care of me and she raised me and she deserves the best! So it would be my way of telling her thank you and telling her how much I appreciate her for being there for me! That should be better off with me and my husband dentist sent her off into a place where she will end up brutally beaten and abused! Those nursing homes are not clean and the biggest percent of them are run by the government! Run and controlled by the enemy who takes advantage of people as it is anyway especially wreaking havoc on elderly people and those with disabilities! Collecting taxes and insurance on somebody's dead body! The games that they play coming up with excuses to fuck you over! Just because you lost your mom or your dad a friend or a loved one? The things that you have to go through as it is preparing them for burial and finding a burial plot working deals with nursing homes just to take care of your grandma or your dad and then to go through the same thing with funeral homes? And how sad it is to lose somebody you love and care about let alone having to spend the rest of your life taking care of somebody who has alzheimer's! This has always been a question to me? Whether or not I should find somebody to help her? Or just take care of her myself? Which would actually be more rewarding! Considering the horror stories I hear about nursing homes and some of the videos that I have seen that is so heartbreaking interjerking! How do you feel about the situation? And do you live with your mom or dad? If they had Alzheimer's or dementia?
If being a young is such an issue? Obviously people have no idea what it's like to be old and feel like you're unwanted? A lot of these people end up alone and have no one to talk to. Sometimes even if the couple is married! That loss of communication just because one happens to be deaf and in the other one happens to be sick with senility or something? They're aware of each other but then again? There's that sense of loneliness and not knowing what to do? Because of fear or the lack of money or just simply because of old age? Not being able to go anywhere because your license has been taken away? Or because you're too old and brittle? Or are you just don't want to get out of the house you become an introvert? A lot of these people don't even know that they have Alzheimer's and don't realize how sick they are? And when family comes to visit? A lot of the times it's misdiagnosed or unnoticed? Before anybody could do anything to save grandma or Grandpa and taking him to the hospital just to see what's wrong with him? And then trying to decide what to do next? And the frustration it brings on among family and friends and the kids are stuck with taking care of grandma when they have their life to live school to finish or have a family of their own to raise and take care of and among other situations selfish needs of wanting to go out and do things for themselves? And not even think about Grandma or take the time to take care of their elderly parents? It's sad that people get old. And what would you do in this situation? If you had a family member that is sick with alzheimer's? Having to deal with your mom or your grandma always depending on you to take care of them? When you have a life of your own and it may seem like they're in the way? But their family? And you wouldn't want to throw them out? And I know it's a temptation to a lot of people to turn them over to the state? And I'm sure a lot of people have regretted it when they found out about Grandma or grandpa being in a nursing home and being left in the hands of somebody that was abusive? And then to go visit Grandpa and to find him covered with bruises and sores and scared to death to talk to people! And other worse situations? How would it make you feel? To come visit with your grandma or your grandpa and may have been brutally beaten! If not worse to wake up to a phone call within 3 days after you drop off grandma in a nursing home thinking she's going to be safe and then to find out that she ended up dead? Because of the carelessness of some caretaker giving her the wrong medication or something? A lot of this should happen and it's frequent! Back in the days you heard about it quite a bit among people that were poor and had to put their grandparents or somebody they care about in a nursing home? Just that they can continue on with their life and completely forget about him or her or sometimes because this person seems like they're in the way? Of their sex life or their marriage? Raising a young family when kids should be around their grandparents to begin with to get to know them? And to be able to spend those last days with each other and I think that the elderly should spend as much time as they can as possible with their family and their caretakers at home? Which should be their family and those they know and have raised themselves? Wouldn't you want that? And your last few days of living?
I know that back in the days! People used to respect their elders! With age comes wisdom! Age is supposed to be a gift! It is something that we work for and work forward to as we get older! Being able to enjoy vacation trips together with your spouse! Spending time with each other being a couple and making love to one another! Rekindling your relationship and making up for all time's sake exploring each other's mind body and soul! Reminiscing! Holding hands! Sharing dinners together and being your most romantic in your last years! Enjoying the pleasures of your family and your grandchildren being a grandparent and hanging with your grandchildren is a luxury and a gift! Maybe people don't think about it and maybe people don't realize it? They think that because you're old that it's over with and they think that because you're getting older? Your sex life is over with and your relationship is gone! That is the biggest Caracas shit! That is the best time to enjoy each other's company into be thankful for who you are expressing your love that you have for one another and for all the years that you've shared it together on this Earth raising a family working hard to have a roof over your head! Retirement! Means that you can spend more time with the wife and the kids! Help Little Junior finish college! And go out and watch baseball games with him and get to know him on a different level through jobs money and finance and to help your children out with their career! And to watch your daughter perform at a ballet! And to be able to enjoy the pleasures of watching your son and getting married! And being able to look at his pictures and his children in a photo album! And the joys and the pleasures of being a grandmother watching your granddaughter have her first child! In the hospital and knowing that you're there with her through the whole thing! And being able to hold that sweet little baby in your arms as a grandma! Remembering your early years as a young mother raising your own children! And being able to spend those last years of your life! It is supposed to be like paradise on earth! Preparing to leave one life and getting ready to leave the earth into the next realm! People back in the ancient times love and respected their elders and the ancients! They were treated like gods and kings! Especially if they were warriors on the battlefield and work their way into godhood! Knowing their powers and their knowledge and their wisdom? Yes people get old and yes people age and it's supposed to be a part of the life process! Death is just another birth! And it's the most beautiful thing in the entire world! When you stop and think about it! It's not like you're going to go into a convulsion and flip all over the place when you die! To me I think it is the most beautiful Embrace Satan has given us when we leave this earth and enter into the next world! Yes you do worry about leaving your kids and everything behind? But in the same sense you really should have nothing to worry about? And nobody should have to grow old being lonely and bored and having nothing to do and nobody to talk to! And no communication or conversation with friends and family! A lot of old people these days die of depression starvation! If not worse I think it's the cruelest thing in the world to neglect your elderly parents or your grandmother and not take the time to come over and visit with them and help them with their home their money and their finances! And to help them with things that they need help with and to spend time with them! It is the grandest time to be old and people don't even realize it! I have spent at least 50 years of my life on this planet and trust me laugh out loud I have seen all kinds of things and I've been through all kinds of shit! And if I had all the time in the world I would love to tell you about it! I think we all would like to at some point! And I know that we have people on this website that are of all ages! All of this old young and in between! Learning about father Satan and his gods and demons! And how important it is to enjoy life and to live and learn! And how important it is to keep your mind Sharp and your body fit! And to build up your spiritual energy and knowledge as well! And to be able to take these gifts with you when you pass on to the next life!
Yes it is a bliss being a young child! Playing on the playground and coloring with your friends! Coming home from after school and having Kool-Aid and peanut butter sandwiches! And watching Fred Flintstone on tv! Pulling out your crayons and your coloring book! Hanging out with your brothers and sisters! Practicing baseball together! Or walking with Grandpa to the playground where you can hang out and talk together and swing on the swing set! Taking pictures with your family! And going to school with your friends everyday! Hanging out together in class having pizza together in the lunchroom! Walking home together and hanging out with the best friend playing video games! And talking about girls Etc etc! We're talking about makeup and the latest fashions as a young teenager! But we don't realize that we find ourselves dreaming about our own home and our future as well! Because as a teenager you have the right to dream and fantasize! As you sit there and listen to your favorite music and indulge in a cherry popsicle! Listening to Duran Duran or vanilla ice! Learning how to do a few dance moves! Practicing your baseball skills in the backyard! Roller skating and falling on your bum in the middle of a roller skating rink! Laughing at some cute guy! And talking about the latest trends and the latest fashions! Where you want to go shopping how much money you have! Talking about your chores at home and how much money you've made? Saving up for those concert tickets! Or that prom dress! Already we are thinking about our future romance and love getting married to that cute guy and even going as far as making love in your mind to this person picturing yourself is his girlfriend or his wife! Already you're getting the idea as an adult mind develops picturing yourself married and having children? That is something natural! But then I don't think teenagers really think about their parents and what they're going through? And then we hit the age of 25! Running around in the business World holding on to our our freedom! When you realize your job is your job! Saving up for your first home! Paying car payments! Going to school adult education paying your college tuition! Reality begins to set in! And then you begin to realize how tough it is! Taking responsibility outside of the home and proving to yourself that you can do it! Having beer parties with the Buddies flipping steaks on the grill! And talking about your next job interview! Having your girlfriend over eating dinner under the moonlight! Hearing the neighbors playing the piano and watching tv! Thinking about your children together! Wondering it would be like to get married? All these ideas going through your head and you're saving up money chasing after your dreams! Looking for that dream job and looking to build that dream house! And by the time you hit your 30s! You have your wife and your kids at home! You look in the mirror and you wonder where your life had went? Already people can recognize it and it begins to fill in quickly when you look at your parents and how old they are and you realize how old you are yourself? That is why it's important to take the time to enjoy yourself and to be able to recall the good memories of your life and not focus so much on the negative! Even though we've got a lot of crazy shit going on in this world! It does pay to be thankful for what you have and if you have it good why would you complain? Even though we do meet our challenges make poor decisions! Or have to deal with that crazy uncle who is an alcoholic? Have to put your home on a second mortgage just to pay for his hospital bills! Because he got into a car accident or for whatever other reason? Taking these responsibilities and these lessons that we Face everyday is a part of our aging process! Facing fears and responsibilities! Taking action and responsibility for ourselves and the mistakes that we make as we get older is also a part of the aging process and we take these memories and these lessons with this into the next world as we age! And well Grandma is sitting there on her deathbed? Talking about some of the things that she went through? It is the most precious thing in the entire world! But when you're dealing with somebody who is sick with alzheimer's? And this person doesn't even know who he or she is? Much less sits there with that empty look in his or her eyes? Wondering who you are! But then this person reaches out to you? And hold your hand and kisses you and tells you that she loves you! Before she passes! Brings tears to my eyes! Because she knows within her mind as an old lady it is recorded in her brain and when she passes into the next world she will obviously recall everything and she will know! And she will recognize you when you cross the astral plains! Recalling memories thinking about her and what kind of a wonderful cook she was! The quilts that she sold for you! The conversations that you had with her and Grandpa at the table! And the things that she used to do and the things that she used to remember! Maybe gone in her Earth mind and in her Earth body! But it is in there somewhere and it's recorded! Maybe she doesn't remember? Because of her disease but then again she does! Because she takes those memories with her! And she will recognize you when you pass through the veil of life and into the next world! There is nothing more beautiful! And Satan recognizes his own! And it doesn't matter how old you are! We are all on here for purpose and we are all on this world for a purpose and for a reason! And we're on this website together to live and learn our best and to learn as much as we can! At any age! I'm sure Satan is really pleased and proud to have as many of the elderly people on here as he can learning as much as they can in their last few years before they pass! And I'm sure that he is waiting for them! And I'm sure that a lot of these elderly people that are on this website or looking forward to meet father Satan and his gods and demons when they leave this earth then enter into the next realm!
Nursing homes are not safe places.. and they're not exactly what you call a comfort! Especially being away from your family and those who care about you! To be placed in the hands of the state and to be placed in the hands of somebody you don't even know changing your diaper and wiping the food off of your face? You don't even know if this person's going to hit you and beat you the next minute? Or give you the wrong medication? Or if this nurse is going to be around to change your diaper or to help you out of bed? And help you get dressed? So you can meet with your family when they come to visit you? A lot of these places don't exactly live up to their name when it comes down to taking care of somebody's grandparents and those that you care about! I have seen a lot of these places! A lot of them are not bad and some of them are actually pretty clean and tidy! But then I have seen places that were not so good! That makes me wonder? They don't exactly live up to their criteria of taking care of the elderly especially when there's report of abuse and torment and neglect! It makes me wonder about the person or the family? That would be dumb enough to send their grandma or somebody they love and care about to a place like that? It would be absolute hell on my mind and a constant guilt trip to the day I die? And to ask why? The fucking hell would anybody be is mean enough and cruel enough to turn their grandmother or their mom over to the state? Without looking into things and taking the time to do things right! If this person didn't want to take the responsibility of taking care of their mom? Or their grandpa? Just because he's old and because he has his problems! Everybody has their problems and nobody wants to be taken care of by some stranger? And to be in such a vulnerable position to where you can't wipe yourself where you have to depend on somebody else to take care of you? Making your choices for you telling you what you need to do and taking you away from your home you're pretty flower garden your books and your favorite chair to sit in? And to find yourself in a nursing home and wondering how you got there? Depending on your age and then there are some places that are actually better to live in and there's some places that make me wonder? Assisted living? Even that is sketchy too you still have to follow rules you get treated like you're a Jew and a concentration camp? They give you certain rules limitations and boundaries? Taking away your rights more and more depending on your age and what the situation is? And of course A lot of these people that go into assisted living there are younger people too? You don't always have to be old to end up in a nursing home or assisted living? There are people that are young and handicap? Are in a wheelchair and need help? And depending on the disability and the program? There are some people out there that managed to find the right program and the right help? And there are people who don't even know what they're doing and end up in the wrong place and end up regretting it! And wish that they can get out and end up in a bigger mess! Furthermore a lot of these places are very pricey and a lot of these programs are very iffy and very expensive! Some of them are very reasonable if you know where to look? Been in the same sense why would you want to put your grandma out in the middle of a place like that? Without even looking first? Wouldn't you want your grandmother to be comfortable and happy? In a better place? Even if it comes to Assisted Living if she still likes to get out and do things and has friends and still has that energy and get up and go? The independence and the self-reliance? Maybe there but in the same sense? She is also older too and wants to be with people of her own age and maybe she made that choice to check herself into assisted living or put herself in a nursing home? For her own reasons? And of course you can argue! Especially if she finds a place where she feels welcome and treated with love and kindness! That there is a huge difference! When an elderly person is happy and has friends and dies in Comfort feeling blessed and happy knowing that he or she made the right decision? Or is thanking you for making a better choice where to put him or her for the better comfort? And taking the time to do things right plus having the chance to hang out and visit with friends and family in their last few days before they pass? And to be able to hang out and to be able to come home and visit if she wants to? Enjoying what is left of her life? And we all don't take the time to think about this much? When we're young but as we get older? I'm sure we do stop and think about it in fact the older we get?! I'm sure that moment comes up! And with a lot of this who are getting up there? We prepare for these problems and these situations? It always pays to think ahead and prepare? Because you never know what's going to happen? You may be perfectly fine one day and the next day you end up in a car accident or something? And it doesn't matter how old you are it pays to think about these things? Who's going to take care of you and who's going to be there for you? And what you should do? And getting old or thinking about getting old? Is still the last thing on your mind even if you're in your middle ages? Enjoying your life and getting the most out of it! And still we keep thinking about what is going on around us and don't realize that every time we look in the mirror that we're getting up there? And that your time is near? We all age and we all get up there! It is nothing to be afraid of and it's nothing to fear? Especially when you have the time to sit and think about it! Thinking about your family and the things that you want to do to keep the comfort? Writing a will who's going to inherit the house who's going to get the car? Etc etc and all of the things that we go through plus the things that are expected of us? When we are dealing with these situations dealing with our loved ones and those we care about and then there is us as individuals? And do we even stop and think about this? And how serious it is and yet the Beauty and the romance of a question mark as well that there is a positive side to everything! Things aren't always bad! It's what we choose and is what we make of it! And the attitude that we have everything that we carry with this? Taking the time to build up our energy and our spiritual knowledge? We know that we're not going to be alone especially as we get older being thankful for what we've got in Satan's name! Knowing that we are safe financially safe mentally physically and spiritually and emotionally knowing Who We Are! And knowing where we're at! Satan will always be there to protect you no matter what happens! Even if you are an old person laying in your deathbed! A grandmother or a grandpa! Spending time with the kids when they come to visit you! And the freedom that you have when you stop and think about it! Whether you're an assisted living or in a nursing home! Or simply enjoying the pleasure of being with family living with them in their home! Feeling that love and that support and comfort being loved and appreciated for who you are even if you're 98 years old!
Aging is actually beautiful! And it's the most remarkable time of your life! You're are about to enter the right of passage! Going into another transition! It is a sense of freedom! And it is a beauty all its own! Looking back on all the things that you went through in your younger years reminiscing looking into a photo album! Looking at pictures of a man you once loved or your husband! Or even your own children? And when you have somebody with you to share those memories with! It is unforgettable! Especially when you have your husband right there by your side growing old with you! Sharing those moments and those good times together talking about the days you first met! Going on romantic vacation trips! And going over certain problems and issues that you can laugh at and have fun with recalling memories even some of the goofy things you went through talking about these things and having fun! Even the arguments and the fights that you had and the misunderstandings! That pulled you closer talking about your intimate moments making love looking into each other's eyes and holding hands! The intimacy that you share! And talking about your relationship and the day you got married! And even the awkward moments! Sharing and giving advice to one another whether it was needed or not helping each other around the house and other things! You have these memories and you hold them deep and close within you and into your heart and into your soul you have that love and that feeling of closeness and togetherness! Spending those last few years together! Even if it's just your last few moments laying together on your deathbed! Enjoying the company of one another watching a movie and sharing a dinner with each other! Whether you were with your family or in Assisted Living together! How much better can it get! When you're right there with your spouse and the one you love! I'm talking about the good times and the bad times! And having a good laugh at it even though you're older! Those are actually the better times and the best of times! Satan gave us age as a gift! A time where we can relax and settle down! A a gift that we have earned! You work hard for it! It is your time to settle down and relax it is your time to free yourself from all of this worldly nonsense! Take a good look around at what you have what you have learned and what you have achieved throughout your life! It is a time to celebrate! And to embrace the moment and to seize! Enjoying the pleasure as much as you can while you can! I think it is the most holy time and the most spiritual time! Old age! Because you've earned it and you're worthy of it! People with ancient China have respect for the elderly and they treated them with respect! All throughout the world the elderly were looked upon as gods and goddesses because of their knowledge and what they have been taught and what they have been through personally and as an individual the knowledge that each and every person has to share! The memories within that old man or that old lady! The markings and the scars the tears in their eyes? As they sit there until you about their days on the battlefield! Showing pictures of their friends and the battleship or the ranking in the military! The things that they know and the things that they grew up with as a child talking about their problems and they're ups and downs the lessons that they have learned the mistakes that they've made in doing something and being able to talk about it and bring it up! Overcoming problems and boundaries disabilities handicaps and among other things what they had to go through personally just to be where they're at! And knowing where they're going and knowing what they're headed for because they've worked hard for it and they earned it! All of this is a part of our life and it's a part of who we are! Our mind with loving memories both the good and the bad! And to be able to sit down and share these things with somebody you love and care about whether it be your own children a grandchild or a neighbor kid next door who was there taking care of you when your folks were out of town or your granddaughter! Or even a best friend who you grew old with! Or your husband sitting right by your side! These are glorious times! And the most spiritual times and the most spiritual moments is when you are an elderly person! And your last few years should be comfortable and romantic and beautiful! When you free your mind and free your soul? There is nothing like that kind of freedom! But when you are in your '80s or in your '90s those are the most spiritual times to consider! That spirit is about to be released! And you know that you are going into a transition! Something very deep that a lot of people don't seem to understand or appreciate? When it comes to aging! And you want to be in a comfortable place and you want to be happy and treated with respect as well!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan