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The importance of mantras


Jan 28, 2018
Hello dear family,

I would ideally like a response from Hp Cobra or Hps Lydia on this matter as it is kinda, imo, complex, or of any member with a lot of deep experience in meditation. I mean practical not theoretical knowledge on the meditations on mantras.

My question is: What is the importance of the mantra : AUM

From my perspective it's an opening/ending of rituals, however what my question is, what is the exact effect it has on the self or the ritual itself.

I have noticed the AUM mantra is used for the heart chakra itself but why there specifically? From my understanding, the heart chakra is the least important chakra, not that I mean that's its not considerably important, it being the connector of the chakras with each other.

But why do we use the AUM mantra with a composing consonant in the other chakras and in this one we do not?

What I am curious is, what is the exact power it exhumes on the heart chakra and what is the exact power it's composures' is on the rest of the chakras?
Hello :)

The center chakra is more important than most people realize. It's not just a connector chakra. I think I will be writing more on this soon, more updates will be made to the JoS as the time is right to do so.

As for not having a composing consonant for this mantra for the center chakra, this is because it gives more balance and equilibrium to all other chakras and the aura if it is just AUM. It being the connecting chakra, the mantra is more open like this. I used to think that perhaps it does have a composing consonant that we do not yet know about, but now it feels correct that it does not.

For rituals and workings, AUM at the beginning and ending gives more defining significance to the working you have done. It helps to make it stand out from anything else in the day, to make the ritual/working more real, more important; and therefore, more powerful.

AUM is of the Sun. The Sun actually vibrates this mantra, over and over. A member had posted proof about this, but perhaps it was to the previous forums that have been shut down as I cannot find it anymore.

As the Sun gives us life, its mantra is important for magick.

I hope my reply helped :)
[HPS said:
Lydia" post_id=472471 time=1699946382 user_id=57]

My research has pointed to this as well.

The periodic table symbol for gold is AU of course it wasn’t random as true alchemists understood it on a fundamental level. Though AU itself isn’t directed.

Perhaps other forms also hold merit as well such as -
AUB-AUN but that’s more of a theory.

Aum itself promotes growth connectivity and transformation which is the nature of the Stars and the heart chakra.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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