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Returning curses 1&2 visualizations step by step


New member
Aug 7, 2023

These are my visualizations for Returning curses, this post is for newer members or those in need of better visualizations.

Returning curses 2 and the aura
The most important aspect when visualizing (in no particular order) is as follows.

1. Intensity (brightness)
2. Intent (how much did you mean the words)
3.Density (layers/ thickness)

These components are essential everything else is secondary. However Properly directed visualizations can make all the difference.

Never Visualize what is specified in the affirmation
for example if you affirm “… repelling any and all negative energy.” Imagining the negative energy creates a Vector for the energy making it easier for the negativity to be directed to you. So then The best way to visualize is through CounterForce the opposite of the specification.

My Visualizations

“My Aura is Constantly and Continuously, [Infinity Symbol behind the Aura]

“deflecting and repelling”, [ Arrow symbol with a sharp turn and arrows pointing away from self]

“any and all Negative energy.” [my Aura Charged with Bright Gold Ions of Light] (I also use the Plus and minus symbols, this is because humans have different electromagnetic fields and charges so these offset incoming ones)

“Curses” [JOS Symbol bestowing blessings (sparkling gold balls of light)]

“Bindings” [my Aura becoming Lead hot] (heat that cannot be contained)

“Hatred” [my Aura and self inside an ice block] (Ice that cannot be thawed)

“ill will” [my Aura becoming rubbery and or greased] (the idea is that stuff like dirty looks, harsh words and other spirtual variations stick to you so imagine the aura bounce like a trampoline)

“Thought Forms and destructive energies” (This one is tricky the above are more abstract and are opposites Thought forms attach to upper chakra’s and destructive energies to the lower. The best way to Counter it is with the same concepts, because in this case opposites attract similar to magnetism) imagine a Tornado of Light rising out of your crown spinning counterclockwise and at the same time The same tornado descending from your perineum spinning Clockwise. (Not directly from the chakras) these tornado’s or waves push against and slightly expand the aura about a foot and a half .
[if you spin them in opposite directions you should feel a pulling sensation, which is to be avoided. this is how I understand which spinning motions are correct]

With each step and affirmation imagine the aura brightening.
Finish the rest of the affirmation.
Now again do not visualize the curses when directing them just imagine the attempts failing. [blue screen on a computer and then exploding in their face]
End of Returning Curses 2

Returning Curses 1

I struggled a lot with this one mainly because it heavily depends on focus and technique the important things to focus on are.
1. The curses below the ball growing darker as they get pushed down.
2. Holding the intensity of the light and holding focus.
3. Ensuring the ball of light never stops moving downwards. (even if only a little.)
4. The prayer to Father Satan is the most important

As stated above it can be difficult at first since no one technique is perfect for everyone. I will list mine hopefully this proves useful.

When affirming one can use the above visualizations for returning Curses 2 with the exception of”ill will”
For “ill will” I like to imagine the Golden light quickly flashing dark blue with circular spirals this acts as a sort of deep scrubber.

The process

So I’ve found that for myself I use two different methods. As mentioned above it is important to keep the ball moving constantly I use my breathing as a “control mechanism” in which the function is always GO but I alternate between the different techniques.

On exhale I imagine the curses being peeled similar to a banana when peeled revealing the”Fruit” or in this case the light inside
when at the end the curses compress/darken and the process repeats.

On Inhale I imagine my hands actually pushing the light ball down compressing the curses and my light body lifting upwards.

Other useful things

Do not imagine the chakras only the light body
The chakras are the Gates to your soul not the soul itself so imagining them actually hinders the process.

For me looking at myself from behind proves helpful this way it helps free up parts it otherwise would not.

I’ve also found that often times the curses kind of stick when it comes time to push them out through the feet, it helped to visualize myself in a sitting position. (but still standing.) letting my torso hang this way my body flows with the visualizations and the curses no longer feel “grounded” in a sense.

Always remain intent but relaxed tensing up muscles has the opposite effect
End of Returning Curses 1

Hopefully these proves useful to newer members. For older members who don’t have trouble with this meditation; if you would please share your techniques below, or tell me if this is well written I tried to make this as understandable as possible while still being thorough. Below is a list of other topics on the subject, as another resource for other questions all in one place. I will update the list if necessary.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan