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Starting Business on Saturn/Jupiter Retrogrades

Aug 13, 2022
Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As you all know, we are having a pretty insane period of so many retrogrades all together.

I have a question regarding worldly matters and retrogrades, and I'd deeply appreciate our more knowledgeable siblings pitching in as well.

I am thinking of starting a new business of sorts. For the purposes of getting a clearer answer, I'll also add that it's something that is began completely anew, even though it is based on skills and knowledge I have been honing for many years now. Would it be reasonable to get the ball rolling on/after the 15th of September?

Quite a few "astrologers" (who are nonetheless without Satan, but they do seem to know a thing or two) say after Mercury retrograde is a good time to start on a new business, a new job, a new venture, etc. But this has me thinking as most other planets will STILL be in retrograde. In particular, Jupiter enters retrograde today. So, not counting the 3 transcendental planets (all of which are retrograde as of now), Jupiter and Saturn will both be in retrograde even by the time Mercury goes out of retro.

Are the people I watched plain wrong, or will a Saturn and Jupiter retrograde not necessarily harmful to new ventures? Obviously, I'm asking the same for the outer planets but they are less direct, so I'm less concerned.

Finally, as an addendum, I'll ask this. If one or more transcendental planets are prominent in the chart of a partner(s) I'm planning to start the business with, will their retrograde matter more in our venture then?

Technically, I have around 10 days at the least for an answer but I'd deeply appreciate any input from our Brothers and Sisters at your earliest convenience.

Have a great day, everyone.

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