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Reading Natal Chart Adolf Hitler By Fuoco Blu 666

fuoco blu 666

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Sep 21, 2017
Reading Natal Chart Adolf Hitler By Fuoco Blu 666
date: 20 april 1889 18:30 braunau
Chart ruler Venus: Physically more attractive than the average with a strong aura of charm, sociability and generally good manners but there are aspects in the theme that especially in certain times can alter this in a more Martian sense, he is not warmonger and there is a basic tendency to diplomacy.

Chart ruler in conjunction with Mars:
Outgoing, energetic and full of fighting spirit.
There is a lot of good health and vitality, there are also Martian tendencies in the personality and when angry the manners become particularly rough and intense.
There is a lot of competitiveness along with talent for martial arts, combat and millitaire talent, it is one of the most important positions of the theme that makes him a leader born with a fearless attitude.

Sun in Taurus 0 °
Sensual, slow, stubborn, indulgent especially with the material, passionate about good food and material luxury and comfort, interest in money and good management for it, possessive and jealous in love which is confirmed by the emphasis and positions in Taurus of Venus and Mars.
There is a tendency for frequent outbursts of anger which can last for a long time, which is emphasized in the intensity of Mercury in Aries in particular regarding the verbal and physical expression of anger.
Not fond of changes, there is a fairly pronounced hatred for alterations of one's own planes, especially with an emphasis in Taurus (Sun, Venus, Mars) and a dominance of the earth element in the signs of the planets.
There is good energy and vitality in the parts of the body ruled by the sign of Taurus because the Sun rules vitality and health and Taurus rules all muscles and the throat, there is excellent physical strength especially with Mars in Taurus influencing the muscles and kidneys indirectly due to physical endurance and also due to the increased energy from Pluto in the 8th house.
The Sun in 0 ° indicates that in this chart this position is more influential in the personality after the ruler and this particular degree is the purest and most intense manifestation of this planetary position.
Moon in Capricorn 6th
There may have been a grandfather or a very close elderly relative while growing up.
The mother worked hard to the point of not being physically and / or emotionally unavailable.
The personality is very serious and pronounced with this position, which is confirmed and understood by Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Leo, there is a lot of Saturnian discipline, reliability, security and responsibility, there is hatred for sloth and incompetence and the faltering in not completing the work due to negligence and inability and lack of commitment, lack of stability.
There is a strong need for emotional and especially economic and material security (this is due to an emphasis in Taurus and a dominance in earth signs and a strong emphasis on duty and dislike of change and a certain stakanovism in doing things. , you can continue things even when you should have left them long ago.
There is a shy and sensitive side which, however, is often hidden to remain on the defensive and for one's own protection.
Moon in Capricorn in the 6th may manifest physical disability but this did not manifest itself and was only a rare possibility.
The bones and teeth but especially the skin (the mirror of thoughts and emotions) are affected by emotional energy much more than with other positions.
Mercury in Aries 25 °
The voice is powerful, quite rapid and with a tendency to be high with a Martian tone in verbal expression as if it were angry even when it really is not, this affects the heart meridian with greater fire element which causes it to manifest due to this Mercury in a fire sign.
Thoughts are rapid and made more than one at the same basic moment and the mind is very active, if sublimated with meditation this position provides very powerful concentration in this aspect of the mind and effective channeling of anger and psychic power that it gives and the other positive aspects of this position.
The movements are quick, strong and energetic, athletic with manual dexterity and agility and speed.
There are original creative abilities related to the creativity of the fire element of Aries in this sense.
There is intellectual competitiveness and a love for stimulating discussions and conversations that activate the mind and frankness with a tendency to impulsiveness and to tell the truth about what he thinks.
Nature is easily irritable with a hot and aggressive temperament, this sublimated position provides verbal aggression with effect to strike with one's ideas and ideals, the aspect in close conjunction in the orb of Moon / Jupiter in combination with Mercury in Aries means that aggression becomes very strong if things you believe in such as religion (in this case Spiritual Satanism) and philosophy are trampled on and in particularre anything that can threaten loved ones, one's land and family and one's race in the broadest sense.
The ways of learning are not wandering and excessively verbose but by the shortest and most effective way possible.

Venus in Taurus 16th
There is a need to be physically touched for psychological health in love to feel affection satisfactorily.
Physical arousal in sex is facilitated by the use of fine fabrics such as silk, sitin, angora, velvet etc., the touch with this Venus position more pronounced regarding the exchange of energies of love and sex, this happens not only because Venus in Taurus is at home and the energies of Venus are exalted but also because it is the opposite of the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of sex.
Sexual creativity is less important but with a preference for one sexual position or few sexual positions in particular.
In love there is a strong desire for security very pronounced in this chart due to a pronounced emphasis in Taurus and in signs of Earth and the Moon in Capricorn, these combinations of signs with this Venus make a strong woman wanting a permanent and strong relationship in which economic and material security is of vital importance together with a totally deep and intense contact in the sexual union, this is also very intensely supported by Neptune and Pluto conjoined in the eighth house and by the star Haydes who still intends to plus the urge and the sexual desire especially when joined with Pluto at home in the eighth house.
The neck and throat area is ideal for exciting kisses and massages, especially if done with massage oils perhaps scented with essential oils to be used for eroticism.
There is attraction for women with beautiful muscles in harmony with the beauty of the physical body and a beautiful throat.
Good food especially sweets due to the Moon / Jupiter aspect is especially loved.
There is a strong love for affectionate hugs and cuddles.
The favorite place for sex is the home, Venus in Taurus reveals jealousy and possessiveness in love and desire for a deep carnal union with attention for the sexual pleasure of the soul mate.
Venus in Taurus in the 16th is in a degree of violence in love but this has been sublimated into affective intensity in the best of ways.
Mars in Taurus 16th
There is sensuality and a very strong sexuality also due to many other positions which strongly confirm this.
There is strong will and determination and perseverance (especially because the Saturnian qualities of perseverance are exalted with two signs in Capricorn) with a tendency to stubbornness in the desire to obtain, this aspect is very positive if sublimated together with Jupiter in Capricorn in the theme because Mars in Taurus makes you patient and willing to work on detail and also at a very slow pace and Jupiter in Capricorn makes you work with Saturnian attribute and diligently in love to gain power and be aware of your own weaknesses to improve and given the conjunction of Neptune with Pluto both in the octave this is simply extraordinary and legendary / semi divine in applying this to the enormous amount of energy put into the occult to advance spiritually due to a very intense fame of power and spiritual knowledge (Jupiter in Capricorn in the third house in combination for this accomplishes this through learning and intellectual cone research spiritual science) and this is one of the main reasons why Adolf Hitller obtained the Magnum Opus and the Divinity, moreover both Neptune and Pluto are not retrograde and this explains and the Sun is in trine with the Moon in fact Hitler began to meditate and he was initiated with the Thule society into Spiritual Satanism when he was 18 years old.
Possessiveness in love is very pronounced and intense especially because both Venus and Mars are conjunct in Taurus in 0 degrees (exact aspect) and also because the degree of violence has been perfectly sublimated into the intensity of the domains of both Venus and Mars and the their way of interacting in this particular way.
There is a strong artistic talent and a refined taste for the arts and a sublime sense of beauty, the energies are also directed to acquire material goods and economic well-being.
Jupiter in Capricorn 8 °
Great leader and manager, this has manifested itself in a position of power as a leader also because of the star Haydes who in the birth chart indicates enormous fame depending on the case and this has manifested itself at extraordinary levels.
There is hatred for weakness and there is a lot of seriousness and perseverance to obtain power, it is an excellent sign of Jupiter for politics which in this theme merges with spirituality and verbal aggression made with philosophical and highly spiritual intellectualism in an incisive and aggressive way at times (Mercury in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn in the third house).
There may have been excessive harshness with himself and with others during the sublimation phase of this position.
The ambition to achieve is extreme especially in this theme and there is a need for recognition from colleagues in the ranks and in the career and to be of high social status, which has also happened due to spiritual friendships and abundant work. with meditation combined with intense study and work to overcome this spiritual tendency in the material world so that it can manifest.

Saturn in Leo 13 °
The seriousness especially if in the times when it is not sublimated or partially sublimated it can be excessive and lack of sense of humor and difficulty in letting go of fun with rigidity in it, this is because in this chart Jupiter in Capricorn emphasizes seriousness and tendencies Workaholics of Saturn and Saturn in Leo can negativize them by making the personality excessively serious, cold and with a tendency to work and no fun and undermine the pleasure of life in this sense and the sense of joy.
At times there has been a loss of self-esteem in love relationships in the sense of believing that one cannot be loved.
There may be heart and spine problems but this has been avoided as the rest of the negativity of this posture by working with both hatha and kundalini yoga and sublimating this posture with work on solar energies and the pineal gland (the center of power). psychic of the soul and the center of the sense of joy, furthermore the joy is ruled by the heart and the Sun rules the heart)
There have been no children due to workaholic tendencies which this position strengthens a lot.
Sun in the seventh house
Strong and very pronounced need for a partner, success can come through the help of others in positive and spiritual social relationships.
There is a hatred of loneliness and there is a desire for cooperation in work and in spirituality especially because of the rest of the theme.
There is pride in relationships especially love and the desire for a loving relationship if satisfied creates an improvement in the energies which has also been done thanks to a predestined love and many positions that give luck in love (Venus in the seventh house in aspect to Jupiter and Sun in exact conjunction with the star Mirach especially because they have been sublimated).
The influence of this house makes the person very influential in the life of those who come into social contact with it.
The partner may have emphasis / stellium or at least one sign in Leo and / or anyway a powerful and important Sun (Eva Braun in the birth chart has the Sun in the first house which is in a house of exaltation and co-ruler)
Moon in the third house
Emotions greatly influence thoughts, curiosity and the desire to obtain knowledge fascinates and attracts emotionally and there is a tendency to get bored easily and to hate routine unless it is stimulating and fulfilling because the emphasis in Taurus and signs of earth, however, counterbalance this trend.
The imagination is powerful and the intuition is exceptional, which is made much more pronounced and intense thanks to Uranus in the twelfth house which reconfirms and strengthens this important trait and attitude of the personality.
The mind is very active and there is high nervous energy which is emphasized by the Sun aspect in conjunction with Mercury in the average non-burning orb of almost exactly 5 ° and the Mercury aspect in opposition to Uranus.
Concentration can be difficult especially in the beginning due to the abundance of nervous energy and a very tense temperament as for Mercury in Aries there is a tendency to think and do multiple things at the same time, with the void meditation this has been relieved and sublimated into very powerful and intellectual concentration for intense learning and superior intelligence also due to the sublimation of the tones of Mercury.
A sibling may have an emphasis or otherwise have at least one sign in Cancer and / or a lunar undertone in her chart and be highly sensitive.

Mercury in the sixth house
This position further confirms the tendency towards meticulousness in work and attention to detail, Mercury is at home in the sixth house, excels in work and in being a leader / employer and is also an excellent position for politics because it indicates also not only to keep constantly informed and to be diligent and disciplined but also because communication is of primary importance in politics.
There is a great focus on hygiene, cleanliness, health and work with a very strong emphasis on duty, this position is one of the reasons along with the Neptune / Pluto aspect why Hitler quit smoking and succeeded more easily to sublimate the negative sides of Neptune and to raise its vibration to higher levels.
Mercury rules the lungs and the sixth house is the home of health, there was a shortage of yin in the lungs which caused sadness and pain especially in childhood and in the years when it was spiritually closed due to the reincarnation process but this is been overcome with meditation and emotional and inner purification.
Venus in the seventh house
Having a meaningful relationship is extremely important to being satisfied and happy.
The work is best done by being part of a group or organization, not a lover of solitude and sociable by nature.
Attentive, peaceful and eager for peace and not a lover of conflict, this is more marked because the ruler is Venus and the ascendant is in Libra.
As for other planetary positions this position increases and reconfirms the probability of a happy marriage, Mars in the seventh house and Venus and Mars in conjunction on a degree of violence could have contradicted this trend but thanks to meditation this has not manifested itself at all with the exception of retrograde Venus which caused marriage to manifest later in life.
Venus as governor in the seventh house in aspect to jupiter is exceptional for appearing in public and for fame and politics because it makes pleasant and has strong charisma that with other factors of the theme is combined with a much higher than average intelligence, a rare sensitivity also spiritual and the ability to assert and be dangerous to one's enemies spiritually.

Success is facilitated by collaboration with other people and this has manifested itself best through the love of the people, the assistance of spiritual friends, and the goodwill and kindness of others.
The partner can have a strong and particular Venus in the astrological chart (Eva Braun has in the birth chart Venus in the first house among her co-rulers).

Mars in the seventh house
The partner can have Aries present and Mars strong in the chart, in the more negative side of this position the partner can be abusive, aggressive and dominant but this also thanks to other factors of the chart has not manifested itself and in particular thanks to the sublimation of the energies of the christmas theme.
The partner can be positively strong, energetic and give a lot of sexual satisfaction and make those in this sublimated position feel alive.
Eva braun in the birth chart has a mars fortified by an opposition to Jupiter and in the 2nd degree which indicates that the energies of mars after the rulers have a greater influence on her personality.
Jupiter in the third house
Very intellectual, there is a talent for speaking, writing and communication in general, a love of verbal communication, books, reading and games that activate the mind.
Love of learning and study that is done both formally and informally throughout life.
There are more siblings and as well as other than what has already been said about the Moon in the third house they may have emphasis on Jupiter / Sagittarius in their birth chart.
In most cases there are good relationships with siblings, relatives and neighbors.
There are many short trips in the vicinity of the house.
There is an optimistic attitude that can help offset the seriousness and pessimism provided by the positions of Saturn in this chart.

Saturn in the 10th house
Nature as already mentioned for other positions is responsible and strong willed, this Saturnian house is at home and through hard work and patience a position of great power and leadership has been reached as number one in the reich also thanks to the support of colleagues .
There is strong talent for being responsible authority and for politics and other positions of power along with good business sense combined with an emphasis on Taurus.
The father, especially in early childhood, was very strict.

Uranus in the twelfth house
Strong intuition and increased clairvoyance abilities, it is a great planetary position for Astrology and other spiritual disciplines that require pronounced psychic insight and psychic abilities, this is most marked with Uranus retrograde in the sense of intuition.
Uranian flashes and instant insights arrive in a waking state but also in dreams and this can cause insomnia and high sleep schedules because it makes the mind easily psychically excitable and attracted by the genius provided by psychic abilities, this position can provide powerful dreams and dream divination above all. in combination with psychic postures that enhance psychic power such as Neptune and Pluto in the eighth house.
There was direct involvement in secret and occult organization (Thule Society).
Neptune in the eighth house
Unsolved circumstances regarding death and being presumed dead.
Sex is highly ecstatic and sublime and reaches a high spiritual level and there is a tremendous interest in the occult.
There is intense talent for meditation and soul advancement and for magic especially black magic especially black magic involving Neptune.
This position is also noa for extrasensory perceptions and clairaudience, telepathy and clairvoyance, and the more pronounced basic-than-average astral senses.
If not sublimated or partially sublimated this position can bring problems with finances and deceptions in them, this with the emphasis in Taurus could have manifested with greed but these and all other possible manifestations in the economic side have not manifested themselves powerfully over time thanks to the sublimation of the spiritual energy of this position.

Pluto in the eighth house
Formidable core strength and stamina and intense life force along with extremely intense sexual desire due to how this position affects the kidney meridian and this also affects the will which is highly developed.
There is a strong sense of seriousness that is so intense that it is life or death.
There is a tendency to get involved in life and death matters.
Occult gifts as for Neptune in the eighth house are much more pronounced because these combined positions affect the pineal gland which is much more active than average with everything that can derive spiritually especially if sublimated with abundant meditation done for years (Hitler meditated for over 30 years).
There may have been secrecy regarding debts and taxes and dealing with loan sharks.
There have been occult activities in secret organizations dealing with the occult and spirituality (Uranus in the twelfth house) and which only make visible the later stages of development when they reveal themselves.
Death is occult and mysterious and in reality there has not been, together with neptune in the eighth house this is confirmed even more.

Sun Trine Moon 5 ° 49
Born on the crescent moon there is a tendency to experience things quite early in life other than the affairs ruled by Venus and Uranus which are retrograde in this chart, it is quite a harmonious aspect for emotional expression.
Sun Conjunction Mercury 5 ° 08
A lot of mental energy and above average intellect, there can be a tendency to suffer from nervous disorders if there is excessive stress.
The seventh house of the Sun and the sixth house of Mercury have a special emphasis on life in their meaning and more than likely there has been a lot of energy directed towards that.
Sun Trine Jupiter 7 ° 26
When sublimed, this aspect provides greater health and vitality.
At certain moments, especially before becoming truly spiritual and sublime the soul, there may have been feelings oscillating between excessive self-confidence and feelings of inferiority.
Depending on the case, this position can lead to a better relationship with the father and if sublimated it makes optimists with an affable and joyful character.

Moon Conjunction Jupiter 1 ° 37
There were good relations with the mother.
This position mitigates the seriousness a little and makes the temperament more indulgent with itself.
This position makes people love food especially sweets and pastries.
There is strong and intense emotionality with attachment to home, family and friends and material possessions.
There is a strong sense of protection and empathic attachment to loved ones.
There is a lot of emotional attachment to spirituality and philosophy.

Moon trine Mars
The temperament is more angry and hot with this position and emotionally abrasive and a certain verbal impulsiveness and more abrupt ways especially when anger touches and disturbs the lunar energies of the chart and activates this planetary aspect combined with Mercury in Aries and 4 aspects of Mars included this.
The family has had conflicts and friction with relatives, especially the father and in particular in childhood which can have resulted in verbal and / or physical violence, as a child the tantrums were more intense.
This sublimated position brings a lot of grace to the intense emotional nature and the right channeling of anger.

Mercury opposition Uranus
Above average intelligence and rebellious and very tense temperament, natural ability for science, mathematics and advanced study, the mind is more detached in thought and with very quick ordered thoughts and intuitions along with an easily excitable mind with a tendency to get bored easily, this especially position with Mercury in conjunction at an angle can produce a genius of rare intelligence with this aspect.
The ideas are original and avant-garde and there is a love for the unusual, rarity and originality.
Venus Conjunction Mars 0 ° 19
This position reconfirms the tendency to raw and aggressive behavior like other planetary positions interpreted before, it is however well balanced by Venus as ruler.
Nature is extremely passionate with very intense emotions and with great needs for attention in love and strong sexuality and lust.
This aspect provides more Martian physical beauty in tone and facial features

Venus Square Saturn 3 ° 14
This harsh aspect is partially counterbalanced in some sides by Venus trine Jupiter.
There can be bad luck in love, and with money, emotions inhibited and the father has not been loving.
Fun and joy are also particularly inhibited because Saturn is in Leo and the feeling of not deserving love and happiness.
This aspect has been sublimated and its negative sides have only partially manifested themselves over the years.

Venus trine Jupiter
This aspect of Venus strengthens the tendency to be loving as with other positions in the chart.
There is charm, charisma, sociability especially with Venus as governor and an emphasis in the seventh house.

Mars Square Saturn 2 ° 55
There are complexes about masculinity and never feeling man enough before this position was sublimated and in the most extreme cases there could have been sexual impotence which given Pluto in the 8th house could have created a lot of intense suffering and unpleasant things.
There was strong disagreement with the father and authority figures.
This position further amplifies the tendency to be serious and to have a very rigid and severe and tough personality.
This aspect also indicates the tendency to possible accidents.
There is a very strong sense of self-discipline.
There is talent for everything martial especially in this theme this talent is very pronounced, fighting, using firearms, explosives and talent in sport are emphasized not only also by this position but also by Mars trine Jupiter and Mars in conjunction with the governor.
Mars trine Jupiter
There is more impatience towards certain things in particular and a tendency to take risks without fear.
This aspect increases self-confidence, energy and health and bestows military and sports talent and martial arts.

Neptune Conjunction Pluto 3 ° 49
This generational aspect I have noticed provides intense imagination, the house hosting the conjunction in this case the octave has special emphasis and importance in life and a huge amount of energy directed into the occult, meditation and sex and spirituality for the extreme power.

Fixed stars
Sun Conjunction Mirach 0 °
Happiness in marriage, this is most marked along with Venus in the seventh house and increases the odds for the better, furthermore this position has been sublimated like the rest of the birth chart.
Artistic ability, love for beauty together with creative and generous predisposition, there is strong intuition also enhanced by Uranus behind the Gardener in the twelfth house and a brilliant mind.
This fixed star is the most important of the chart among the fixed stars because it is in exact conjunction.
It amplifies the Venusian energies in giving also physical beauty, it also enhances the Moon conjunction Jupiter aspect in the sense of love for home and family.
As with Venus trine Jupiter makes people pleasant, charismatic and a leader in inspiring others.

Venus and Mars conjunction Almach 2nd
It amplifies and reconfirms the artistic ability provided by Sole in conjunction with Mirach.
Positive star, there is enormous fame and popular influence also thanks to the help and appreciation of others.

Pluto Conjunction Haydes 1st
Extremely intense sexual desire, indulgence that counterbalances the seriousness and inhibition aspects of the theme.
It exalts the life force together with Pluto in the eighth house, Mars trine Jupiter and Sun trine Jupiter.
Amplify the aspects that provide military talent and there is huge fame in life.
Saturn opposition Armus 2nd
Increases the tendency to raw temperament provided by other positions and in a Martian-Sataturnian way.
Retrograde / stationary planets

Venus retrograde
Love comes later in life, emotions are more inhibited and there is more shyness in love which could have manifested difficulty in expressing affection, there is a belief very often that it cannot be loved and economic security can come. late in life.

Jupiter stationary (retrograde)
There is a sense of inner satisfaction, peace, this position causes interest and concern for spirituality and peace of mind and soul.
With retrograde Uranus also combined with this position there is a strong desire for freedom in one's beliefs looking for spirituality due to an inner drive towards it and refusal to be indoctrinated by others trying to think independently with spiritual reasoning free from dogmas.
Multiple areas of the house of jupiter can experience life delays.
Since it is stationary, the influence is more pronounced than on a normal retrograde planet.
Uranus retrograde
The intuition is extremely pronounced because there are other aspects that confirm this.
There is a strong desire for independence along with being unconventional and being original and with a very tense temperament.

In childhood there was not much possibility of expression which was stifled by the stern and sometimes aggressive father and this may have led to emotional extremes and repression of emotions which can come out later in an extreme way.
The guide of one's world is on the inside and there is this kind of approach to inner reality and a strong desire for inner research along with the desire to change and renew the outside world.
The house that hosts Uranus can suffer delays in life as well as the houses with the cusp in Aquarius.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan