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Question #4973: Is it better if I do a general health working than to do 4-5 separate ones? Will it work?


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I have multiple, both physical and psychological health problems, and I plan on doing a working for them with 40X reps of Wunjo. My problem is that if I wanted to target everything separetely I'd have to repeat the workings over and over again. I'm battling with delusions, irrational fears, allergic problems due to stress, being extremely overweight, and having really bad teeth. I've already lost weight without magic, but I want to go all the way down to a healthy and normal one, which realistically can take me a few years still. I've lost about 16 kgs so far, but still a lot to go.
I've started the health working yesterday, but I messed up the affirmation so I thought restarting it on a better date, and with a set affirmation. I play on doing it for at least 40 days, and extending it further if needed. I'm alright with doing it for 365 days if that's what I need.
My question is, it is alright to perform a general working for an extended period of time, instead of doing them separately? Will it work in the same way, and with the same effects? Another question is, can the setbacks generated by workings be dangerous? When I started the working yesterday I felt extremely warm and felt waves of electricity go through me, so it definitely worked. Afterwards my skin broke out in allergic hives all over, something which I haven't experienced for a few weeks. It went away on it's own in like 1-2 hours. So my guess is, it was a manifestation of Wunjo's cleaning and healing, but I freaked out nonethless. One of my irrational fears is experiencing a severe allergic reaction, despite having no history of it whatsoever, so I oftentimes freak out and go ballistic over the smallest things. This is one of the reasons why I haven't started a healing working yet, in fears of messing up something and manifesting negative things on accident. I cleaned myself afterwards and I use two types of AoPs just to be sure, but this fear haven't disappeared yet. So, will I be alright with a healing working, is it safe to perform? The affirmation I use is "I'm physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy, the energies of Wunjo heal me from all illnesses, in a positive way for me." (I want to add "In a safe way" to the end as well, that's why I want to restart the working because I messed it up by not including it.)

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40 reps of Wunjo is very little for addressing one thing, let alone many at once. Dates for doing a Sun Square are coming up, do a material square for health (targeting physical ailments). This is not something that will be solved quickly, you must realize that just like you didn't wake up sick or overweight, you won't wake up 100% fine after doing a 40 day working, or even a year long one.

Target things one by one, and don't do multiple workings at the same time as that will just thin out your energies and you will end up doing nothing. Focus on solving one thing and then move on to the next and repeat until everything is under control.

Never doubt your workings, there is nothing to fear.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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