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How to boost your dog immune system?


New member
Sep 23, 2017
Hiya! I'd like to ask for the advise - how to boost my dogs immune system? She is 9 years old, weights 22 kg. Between her belly and the stomach appeared 2-3 cm hard lump. The is advising surgery to remove that lump. I don't think that the surgical intervention in this case is the best solution. I want that lump to be gone in anyway. I thought about starting of strengthening her immune system with the Pau D'Arco or Echinacea. It's a huge controversy on the internet about Pau D'Arco and the cancer treatment with it. So, I'm a little bit confused myself. I'd like to ask does anybody knows about that treatment, is it safe for the dogs and what dosage goes for a dog? Can anyone, please, suggest any alternative ways how to get rid off that lump in her body or how to strengthen her immune system?
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