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Hair Health Tips - Reversing hair loss / Thinning of the hair


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Nov 8, 2020
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A general over-view of what you can do to improve the health of your hair.

The biggest reason why hair recedes or thins is because the nutrients necessary for healthy hair is simply not there, this can happen because of a range of problems, to name a few: Stress, nutrient deficiency, liver / kidney problems, over-washing your hair, using bad hair products, cardiovascular system problems etc.

Often times there is not enough blood going to and from the scalp, needless to say, if there is not enough blood being pumped up to your hair, your hair will not receive the necessary nutrients. This is the reason that there are chemical solutions being put into shampoo that promote hair growth, what these solutions do is stimulate blood flow, that's all there is to it. If you use such products be aware that there are always side-effects to it, this is true for most if not all chemical solutions.

So what can you do to regrow or thicken your hair? At the moment i am trying out a range of things that i will talk about below, up to now i have had some success, my hair looks thicker, shinier and healthier, i hope you will have the same success as i am having.

1. Exercise, as most of you are already aware of, exercise is detrimental to the health of your body, this can aid in making your hair healthier, but also by improving your cardiovascular system, further aiding in increasing the blood-flow and thus the distribution of nutrients to every part of your body.

Some exercises you could do to increase blood-flow to your head: Pike pushup, Dead hang, Handstand. (This doesn't necessarily have any direct influence on hair growth, but can be beneficial in a range of other ways)

2. Massaging, it might sound weird but massaging your head (Or any other part that you want to work on) will increase the blood-flow to that part of the body, this can be fairly ineffective if used for hair growth, so i would recommend to use this as an additive to other methods.

3. Hair products, there are plenty of shampoo's etc. that are to be avoided at all cost! Most hair products that you can buy in convenience stores are ruining the health of your hair, so i would recommend switching to hair products that use organic materials, One such brand is Apivita, you could of course make your own hair products instead.

4. Over-washing your hair, there is absolutely no need to wash your hair every day, this practice is actually bad for your hair. Corporate greed is the reason why people think this is necessary, before the 1800s people rarely washed their hair. Washing your hair with shampoo once a week is more than enough.

5. Essential oils, There are plenty of essential oils that are beneficial for hair health, to name a few: Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Cedar, Lemon Grass (I recommend looking those benefits up before usage).

How to use essential oils, you should mix essential oils with natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil etc. Essential oils are very potent so you should only use a couple of drops when mixing it with any of the above oils.

Some people recommend to wash your hair with water about an hour after applying the oils to your hair, personally i don't think its necessary, so you decide for yourself if you wash your hair afterwards or not.

6.Cleaning out liver / intestines, a clean liver / intestine means better absorption of nutrients, and an overall improvement of your general health. There are plenty of ways to go about cleaning this, first and foremost its important to be aware of what you put into your mouth! besides this one of the best ways to clean your gut is by drinking apple cider vinegar, drink this every day for one or two weeks (Or however long you think its necessary) and repeat this every so often.

Extra the scalp is acidic in nature and can benefit of being into contact with apple cider vinegar, it can be beneficial to apply it to your hair (Watered down), Let it sit for 30 or so minutes and rinse it out afterwards.

Warning! Apple cider vinegar is very acidic and should always be deluded in warm water, its also recommended to drink it with a straw as it can be harmful to your teeth.

7. Insulin, When you eat your body creates insulin, insulin will stop or slow certain processes inside of your body. This can cause a variety of problems, especially if insulin is constantly being made in mass throughout the day, this is the main cause for type 2 diabetes.

To prevent insulin problems you can for example stop snacking, or limit the time frame in which you eat, so only eat between 12:00 and 20:00 for example. Exercising can be a mayor help as well, this will give your body more time to regenerate, recuperate.

8. Diet, For the nutrients to reach your hair its very important that your body has those nutrients, so find a diet that fits you best and that includes all the nutrients that your body / hair needs. I highly recommend avoiding processed foods, mainly eat vegetables, animal produce , meat.

Your body needs carbohydrates, but in this day of age its very easy to over eat carbohydrates so be aware of this. Carbohydrates that get absorbed slowly like oats are recommended over carbohydrates that get absorbed fast like sugar etc.

9. Earthing,
Earthening yourself (Getting skin to earth contact) will bring a range of benefits, the main thing that happens when you earthen yourself is that there is a free flow of electrons between your body and the earth. This process can alleviate problems like inflammation and promote healthy processes inside of your body. Earthing can thus be used to prevent and / or diminish most health related problems.

10. Spiritual workings, Last but not least if you find it necessary, workings will aid in any problem that you have, i am not putting a working together right now since understanding the working will net you the most benefits. I thus recommend doing a little bit of research yourself and pick the runes and affirmation that you find fits best. If you are unsure if you are using the right runes or affirmation, you can always ask for a second opinion on the forums!


Lately i have been using essential oils, this is where i have seen the most progress. So i would highly recommend trying at least this out, everyone is different though so it might not work as well for you.

As a final note, everything i have mentioned above is from my own research and experience, so there are always more options to chose from. Take TCM as an example, someone like Centralforce would be able to give tips based on TCM that i could not.

I hope that this post has been useful to you, if you are having problems with a receding hair line, i wish you fast hair regrowth.
Before I got a buzz cut, I used to have very curly, long, shiny black hair . Not afro, but a bit puffy but still reaching down whenever they grew out. Everybody complimented me on them.😭 I dunno why I cut my hair...

I used the proper shampoo, conditioner and hair gel associated with my hair type: curly, thick, and a little oily. the type of product you use for your hair is also very important.

My hair used to look sth like these:

View attachment 1616View attachment 1615
Before I got a buzz cut, I used to have very curly, long, shiny black hair . Not afro, but a bit puffy but still reaching down whenever they grew out. Everybody complimented me on them.😭 I dunno why I cut my hair...
Buzz cuts are overrated, but they are convenient and time-saving. It depends on your skull shape and whether or not you have acne. In my opinion, people with acne shouldn't have buzz cuts, as hair can act as a distraction from facial imperfections.

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