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Conclusions before the great storm - CHAPTER 24 – FINAL REFLECTIONS


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Sep 21, 2017
As of now only the enemy has a vision about how the world should be managed, what principles should be held in high esteem and it is all basically making a farm out of humanity. Corrupt and stupid gentile politicians and businessmen have no vision beyond surviving for the moment and complying with the overall global trends in order to do so. What the Joy of Satan is trying to achieve is give their vision to the world and heal it.

Those who have the necessary minds to comprehend this must rise above the “all is lost” narrative which is just a pathetically weak excuse for them to keep indulging in their low life, visionless addictions.
I have covered about the racial mixing issues that we are facing. The group instincts are to be neutralized by neutralizing the group’s biological instincts relating to genetic origins. Whites have had and still can have great minds in terms of vision as long as they do not give in to those apocalyptic theories. As a social media user, a Gab user named Apolitical to be more precise puts it: “White people are the only ones who are told race doesn’t matter. To everyone else it’s “black history month” or “Hispanic heritage month” or “Asian and pacific islander month” or “Native American heritage month” or “blacks for Trump” or “Latinos for Biden” or “black pride” or “stop Asian hate” or “Black Lives Matter.”

Race matters and is a source of pride to everyone except brainwashed White people. Race matters and yours is under attack”

Humanity needs leadership right now, but the proper leadership. In a spiritually advanced world, humans will be able to see things more clearly and would not need as much guidance as now. In other words, the more one matures and grows the more independent he becomes. Some are absolutely oblivious to the way nature and our world works and others know perfectly well what they follow is to their detriment and do it anyway due to their lack of vision. Many people get caught into different ideologies and then only cling onto them based on the powerful emotional bond formed around that idea, regardless if they agree with them as much as they did the first time they made the decision. I have had the unpleasant occasion of talking to conservative people and when I pressured them to say why they still support those factions when in fact they have become almost the same as leftism, they at first denied then and when faced with too much proof they started using leftist principle arguments. It is clear to me they are simply bound emotionally to their “football teams” and their egos prevents them from letting go.

When looking back to the events of 2020 and 2021 with the massive voter frauds of the United States presidential election, it is clear to me that the vast majority knew about it. Still they pretended to be stupid and hoped that the others would accept their narrative. People do not believe in democracy. The human instinct wants their team to win no matter what methods are used. Unfortunately, humanity still resides in a low spiritual realm and our world understanding is very poor. People support their team no matter what, just as a whore would support her abusive partner by being affected by the Stockholm syndrome.

The pressure is very high on the victim to support his abuser and he believes this will somehow convince the abuser to act as his protector.

In conclusion people will believe what they want and no democratic principle or intellectual speech will convince them to just simply abandon his beloved faction or ideology. To change this destructive pathway and revert back to the basic instinct of survival, the exceptional people have several choices and pathways which must be carefully thought and reflected upon before acting. Noble people must either get into positions of power and influence and put the same pressure the enemy has put on social norms, only this time for the purpose of good or find alternative solutions. Normally this would constitute an easier path after getting power, as we will be presenting the world population with what is natural as opposed to what the enemy obsessively pushes on us now. Getting into power will be the hard part, as the Jew is aware of the laws of nature which work against them.

Another option, which is ongoing in parallel with the one above, is doing the job the other way around from the bottom of the pyramid instead of the top, which means slowly educating the masses, spreading awareness and getting their minds ready for when the reformed top will want to lead them. Those two points work hand in hand as a smart individual without any form of leadership and representation will in many cases not know how to act on his own. Another contributing factor is our ongoing rituals, spiritual warfare and advancement which also changes the overall energetic configuration around the Globe. As detailed in the previous chapter this is the Karma at a planetary level and it is affected by both human work and by planetary alignment. There are two upcoming major astrological transits. The Pluto in Aquarius transit will fully commence between 2024 and 2025 and the Neptune in Aries transit will commence at the beginning of 2026. Such transits are benefic if exceptional people know how to use them to their advantage. If education is done properly, those transits could be used to our advantage and further empower the positive Global Karma, but remember that this does not mean things will become easier all the sudden. Achieving greatness comes at a great cost and effort and things could still go South. The first mentioned transit could be highly beneficial for the masses coming to see our vision and adopting it. It is a configuration which facilitates understanding and especially in the fields of freedom and advancement. The second transit is where the fighting instinct is substantially growing. It is a configuration of will and aggressiveness and might propel humanity to take matters into their own hands: build social media infrastructure capable of organizing action without censorship, financing and supporting the moral and noble men and women in power, training and learning, and becoming more loyal to our vision.

Solidarity is the element which lacks the most in order to achieve our goals, especially amidst the white race. Often fear and the general lack of understanding compels people to have a low level of integrity to their own natural cause. I cannot stress enough, how many times I have seemingly managed to convince people to see through our vision, only to later fall back to their low level ideologies because the TV or their mentally retarded friends were making lots of social pressure.

To me, loyalty and integrity are the most important factors when engaging in this whole endeavor against the enemy. One cannot build up a team or a community if they cannot trust them. You must know your friend will have your back when the situation gets difficult and not join the other side or give up and whine that all is lost. All is lost when we are all dead or in chains, not sooner than that. And if it gets to that, all will ask themselves what they did to prevent it.

To me a “doomer” or someone who only uses his knowledge to conclude that the situation is doomed instead of trying to solve it, is almost equally dangerous and repulsive as someone who willingly fights for the enemy. There are bigger expectations from a friend and/or an intelligent person and one cannot surpass the fact that each level comes with its own set of abilities and responsibilities. “With great power, comes great responsibility” as said by the uncle of Spider-Man from the Marvel universe. And yes, intelligence constitutes a level of power.

I’ve been in several entourages where a few of the people there started either behaving in a very vile and rotten way or started obsessively pushing leftist propaganda. When talking to other people in those entourages they seemed to strongly disagree and reject those stinking individuals, but many times when those foul people organized group meetings not relating to work, most of those people agreeing with me went on with their initiatives and very few actually boycotted them and not come. A Jew in such a situation would be very loyal to his own when others from its community would be hurt and asked to not join a certain group. But whites make a mockery out of all this situation and simply do not care about our principles.
This is why besides getting into power and changing the rules of social interaction is essential from my point of view. At this point humanity is incapable of being loyal to reason and needs leadership and guidance.
If both options presented above fail, then the third and final option will become inevitable: confronting the system in a direct manner with the willing population to do so.

Roses are red, violets are blue, only 3% of the population is needed for a successful coup. Hitler back in his time, knew he was out of time, the reds were gaining ground and wreaking havoc in his country and the Soviet Union was growing stronger and expanding. Waiting years and years for the population to fully to see through his vision would have most certainly been too late. In order to quickly achieve the necessary power to turn around from the disastrous path his country was on, he had to achieve the position of chancellor and govern from a state of emergency situation.

Let’s work and hope that this situation does not come again and that we can achieve freedom without conflict. The more people are on our side the less violent and dangerous the confrontation will be. On the other hand, if the nature of certain humans prevents them from joining us one must carefully consider whether investing more into them will make them turn or just waste precious time therefore letting the enemy gain more ground and dig themselves deeper into more institutional power.

Exceptional people as well as members of the Joy of Satan will have to give careful consideration and analyze the circumstances in order to make the best decisions. Rushing into a war while it can still be avoided, constitutes a great cost in terms of human life and it is something which MUST BE AVOIDED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The world has had its enormous shares of wars and conflicts, most if not all of them for the wrong purposes.

What expectations can one have from a society that teaches its children to snitch on their classmates for the lowest faults while if one snitches on a violent bully, he may get beaten or humiliated for this and even if not, his classmates will exclude him from their group and join with the bully. In a world where loyalty is to reason, the classmates would join with the victim to beat and humiliate the bully and therefore teach him a lesson about what happens when you pick on an innocent individual. Our society teaches us is that if you are the aggressor you have the advantage.

As THE GREAT STORM approaches, some may argue we are and have been in it for some time, the noble men and women from this planet will have to decide how we are going to go about getting out of the storm and focusing on nurturing and growing humanity. We have been in a long conflict for our future, but we are reaching the peak of this conflict in the coming years with the two astrological transits very possibly speeding up the transition. One can only hope we will transition to a world of light and not fall into another era of darkness and persecution.

War, one may argue, is a natural part of humanity in terms of striving to advance and gain more, but there are many forms of warfare ranging from economic and psychological all the way to bullets, knives, nuclear missiles and biological weapons. Taking human life should naturally be the last resort in any given set of goals and should only be done when an innocent faces death from a criminal or when your group is faced with imminent extinction. This is a dilemma that must be approached with the utmost priority and extreme carefulness.

We have a direction and many ways we are currently contributing to it, but a clear step by step solution there is not and never will be. The future is in motion and circumstances may change at any time, therefore one must have a vast array of knowledge and experience to know and adapt to any set of circumstances. One must have a strategy for as many scenarios as possible and it is up to us to think, speak, contemplate and if possible even keep council about the constant changes our world is subjected to.
The main factor that impedes the rise of this phenomenon is the lack of representation which is all made through the enemy’s suppressing and censorship machine. The enemy puts a lot of effort on a daily basis to keep the garden from growing because it is only natural for humanity to be drawn and follow this path. The moment the inhibitors are removed one way or another, I foresee that an unstoppable wave of advancement will follow along with a strong sentiment of anti-Semitism.

Plants often grow through the layer of asphalt and as a metaphor those are the exceptional individuals. In time, the rest will follow, but the starting point must be first achieved. A victory can only be achieved if the people manage to dream it and imagine it. After the desire is formed then comes the impulse to see it through.

“How beautiful is our Germany! How beautiful and splendid! When I look upon you, I know that my life’s struggle will not have been in vain! There will always be a new generation of youth in this city. This city which saw the passage of centuries will see new generations. They will be more beautiful, more vigorous and they shall inspire great hope for the future in the hearts of the living! When someone says: you’re a dreamer, I can only answer: you idiot, if I were not a dreamer where would we be today? I’ve always believed in Germany. You said I was a dreamer. I’ve always believed in the rise of the Reich. You said I was a fool. I’ve always believed in our return to power. You said I was mad. I’ve always believed in an end to poverty! You said I was a utopian! Who was right, you or me? I WAS RIGHT!” – Adolf Hitler
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