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Sep 21, 2017
It hasn’t been that long since I wrote “Conclusions before the great storm”, a book which’s purpose was bringing outsiders to a higher degree of knowledge about the affairs of our world. I have done this based on a lot of knowledge from the Joy of Satan platform (satanisgod.org) and their related forums (ancient-forums.com) and used this knowledge as lens for a better understanding of everything that surrounds us, as well as tying in the past and looking forward to the future based on all the variables.

Now the series continues with this new writing in which I will show the world what needs to happen to ensure the continuity of humanity and its races based on the reality we are living in. The Jew has literally achieved a Global Empire based on our infrastructure, efforts and has used it and still uses it for nefarious purposes based on their species’ understanding of nature and the Universe. Now it falls on humanity and the white race to take back this empire and lead the way to our advancement both collectively as a species and separately as a multitude of races on Earth. I see that it is the Gods given mission for the white race to lead humanity out of the enemy’s disastrous system and into our natural and apotheotic vision of continuity on Earth.

The optimal solution is to take back the whole Global Empire, even if it is seemingly divided in various factions, in order to achieve total power and security. Total segregation and anti-globalism will just lead humanity back to the era of multiple colonial empires fighting each other. White countries have fought each other blindly to eventually transition from former colonialism to neo-colonialism or globalism, a system which is fully controlled by the enemy against ourselves. The power is in the hands of the enemy and our race is getting genetically mixed by mass immigration until the point of no return. It is not globalism, the institutions or international organizations such as NATO, the EU, BRICS or the UN which are evil, but the ones that steer their rudder. Abolishing those structures will not remove the Jew from our societies, but it will just force them to regroup perhaps into even worse forms of control. My vision is for humanity to regain those structures and reform them into The New Empire, an empire with the white race at its steering wheel, watching and monitoring the existence of all the people and races of the Earth to ensure their prosperity, cultural preservation and continuity. Globalism or world colonialism, if managed properly, can achieve many advantages and cut out many of the former negative aspects of humanity which were causes of our limited development at those times in history, negative aspects that which without them in turn, humanity could not have achieved the knowledge, technology and comfort that it has today.

Due to the limitations of time, civilizations were forced to fight and wage war for land, resources and influence to ensure their continuity and survival, just like various species often clash in nature due to conflicting interests. Now that humanity is achieving fast and advanced travel around the world, modern communication from any two points of Earth and the ability to transport, people, resources, energy and so on is a major advantage in the sense that war and conflict can be nullified by diplomacy, commerce and the combination of fast travel and communication. In one word, “interdependence”. All races have fought each other and even killed and enslaved their own, but some did it more successful due to their particular abilities. This is the reality of nature and not something to dismiss or feel guilty about. Instead of whining for reparations and the past, humanity should remove the parasite instigator from their ranks and focus on further development.

But due to many people’s complete lack of understanding and inferior behavior, such visions are hard to achieve. One of the most difficult steps we must take is admitting the reality of our circumstances and that seldom in our history and possibly in the near future as well, will the vast majority of humans, even within the same race, nation or community, agree to that which is best for the future and for our development. Many will want, by their nature, to drag the rest to the bottom with them. This is the reality of conflict, disputes, wars and confrontations. As much as some hate to admit this natural and scientific fact, war and conflict are that which make one advance or achieve breakthroughs. This is exactly how immunity is formed inside an organism, but sometimes, a body might face an auto-immune disease.

How many times have we heard the term “nazi” as an indicative of evil and a label of wrong, only to come to the conclusion that “nazi” or National-Socialism was the optimal course of action at that certain time in history. Those are the steps of gradual knowledge that I was elaborating in the previous volume, “Conclusions before the great storm”. The ones that finally start to understand the truths and applicability of notions such as “nazi” or “pagan”, mainly do this by understanding the opposition between nature and the enemy. Sometimes it is that easy, in the sense that what the enemy opposes is actually a beneficial idea or vision. But one thing that even such intelligent individuals fail to see is the vision of Satanism and Satan. Although they might see through the lies of Jews about National Socialism and even realize the scam of Christianity, they still hate Satanism based on the ideas of the enemy.

The emotional pressure that this religious program has done for centuries on a psychological and spiritual level outweighs the power of logic and critical thinking. The enemy make it clear that Satan is their enemy in all of their books and literature, but the goyim would rather make up stories about the Jew that they hate, being affiliated with a made-up version of Satan just so they can stick to the comfort of keeping this religious set of ideas in their minds. It is ridiculous to the core.

Such irrational fears and beliefs are just a few examples that keep us from advancing or even surviving from the perspective of the white race, while time is not on our side. Therefore, we must understand that sometimes in history, time is not on the side of evolution and that societies must be forced to evolve or remove certain suicidal ideals from their collective minds. Just like an organism or body which has the possibility to grow and evolve, but is currently facing some very strong bacteria that it cannot defeat by itself. In such a case, a treatment based on antibiotics is absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of the body. Then and only then it can continue to grow and evolve unopposed. Also, as an analogy to this whole situation, trees often require trimming and cutting some of their branches to further grow healthy and strong.

Achieving our gentile empire can be done in multiple ways sometimes those ways being implemented simultaneously and gradually. Whites must get involved in making a difference and not just by exposing the enemy, but by achieving or helping others from their group achieve key positions of power and influence for the purpose of reversing the downfall. We must make those objectives into obsessions.

The gradual taking of private companies, corporations and public institutions and/or international organizations is a mandatory mission, but the enemy knows very well that the universe is fighting against them and what this would lead to in the end. Therefore, they are using every instrument they have set in place along the time, to monitor any non-Jew that is achieving any sort of position of power and influence that is not completely controlled and blackmailed by them. They know that given the reality of their nature and implemented vision, once we gain too much power back, they will be removed from such positions and even from our societies. So, it may not be as easy as that given the awareness of the enemy in regards to key position and who has them.

Depending on the local system, the degree of control, the corruption, the constitution, the collective level of knowledge, altruism and civic spirit of a nation, solutions might vary from more democratic methods of winning power to more aggressive approaches, like Coup d'états, revolutions or civil unrest. Nothing outweighs the need for survival of a group! No principle, no set of values. The enemy may push such false idealism just to impede us from doing what is necessary to preserve ourselves and ensure continuity, but they themselves will do whatever it takes to win and achieve their goals on a planetary scale.

Given the current context, I feel that our learning and spiritual training is giving us and other exceptional people around the Earth an overall better vision on the world. I cannot help but observe that only certain people are affected by the positive change, something that simply relates to natural ability and predisposition. The spiritual work we do is paying off, but we must understand what that means at a micro/local level. People are awake, but only some are willing to get involved and fight back. After all, one can train a dolphin to do a back flip, but not a hedgehog. This means the understanding gap is getting wider and wider, which is an evolutionary fact relating to various elements such as hereditary genetic traits, astrology, education and life experience all combined. Nature is not fair and Spiritual Satanism transcends the notions of good and evil when it comes to evolution and understanding nature and science. Although we wish to offer everyone the chance of learning and advancing alongside with us, many will naturally choose the enemy as it seems like the best choice. As elaborated in the previous volume, obeying the current enemy system gives many a false sense of comfort and social validation. They feel like they are on the side of power and that their faction will win no matter what. This is how a mind works on the Stockholm syndrome. Power is cyclic in nature and the offices of rulers change based on astrological cycles and other factors.

The fact remains that until we reach mass spiritual awakening, we need to work on the circumstances of our fallen world. Social validation dictates belief. The enemy knows that naturally, their vision is not easily accepted by the masses, but rather imposed by force, pressure and the sense of validation by following the “norm”. One example is how they operate on the online environment on platforms of social media. They often create bots or fake accounts on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter (X), Facebook and so on, to post comments agreeing to a certain idea. The appearance is that the masses agree with that idea and the ones that don’t, if they do not have enough inner strength, wisdom and integrity, they will fall for supporting the idea for the sole purpose of not being an outcast. Though time makes it more obvious as the comments often seem rather robotic and the ideas that people discuss face to face are many times in direct opposition to what seems to be the “norm” online.

With the HAMAS war against Israel which started at the beginning of October 2023, many people even if not supporting Islamic extremism, have said they know Israel is getting what they deserve, implying the knowledge about the Jewish question is rather high. Although in real life and on independent, internet platforms the opinions were clearly against Israel, on YouTube videos on this matter the comments seemed to be formulated on a rather robotic manner and all in the same way that they support the idea of fighting for Israel. Trump and Biden both had declarations about supporting Israel and the comments were exactly as described. Imagine having a nation that always, obsessively pushed for mass Islamic and black immigration on the Western world that even when coming to self defense called us all racists and nazis and that in the present context is calling for mass genocide of Palestinians even on social media. Comments and videos about white children being beaten, raped or killed by black thugs or Islamic terrorists were always quickly deleted from social media platforms as they “incited to hatred” against the foreign races. This was never the case when Jews from the simplest citizen to the highest ranks or public figures made the toughest declarations about exterminating their enemy. Let us never forget how they constantly pushed for mass immigration and racial mixing as a solution to “abolish white supremacy” and the white race. Figures like Noel Ignatiev, Barbara Specter, George Soros and many other prominent individuals were always, constantly obsessed with mixing our bloodlines.

Every single aspect the Jews advocated for to preserve and protect their race was deemed illegal for us by them. They take action against criminals and terrorists, they impede this for us, they advocate for racial purity and high birth rates, they label this as extremism for us and stop it by laws, rules and propaganda. They sabotage our armies, our legal and penal codes, our laws on immigration, our morals and undermine tradition, they push for unnatural homosexuality, degeneration and mental illnesses of all kinds and they make fighting against those phenomena illegal. Imagine living in a world where pedophilia is slowly being normalized, but arresting non-white criminals is illegal, burning the LGBT flag is a crime and voting based on ID is considered racist. This is the world the enemy has created for us. A forced and controlled collapse where many pretend everything is normal and support this direction and many others watch helplessly in disbelief lacking the necessary coordination to act against the enemy.

I see that certain elements of the white race are capable of understanding the situation and what we mean to the world as a contribution. As for the non-whites, the ones who stay in their geographical areas also have certain portions of their populations that may understand the situation to a certain degree. The ones that are here, well there is no need to further elaborate on the effects. I know some of us might have said that bringing both awareness and action in regards to the enemy and the situation they are imposing on us should be the first priority before race, but I am certain at this point that the two are directly and fully correlated. I do not know any racially aware person that is not aware of the enemy. The message about the global communist state can only be acknowledged and admitted by some whites, but almost never by others. This relates to many reasons: they come with intentions of revenge, they see us as the enemy and the Jew as their friend, they don't have the intellectual capacity or will/interest to comprehend anything beyond the official narrative which also constitutes their area of comfort (something based on laziness and stupidity) or they only comprehend the material aspect of life. This version of melting pot diversity also discourages many people to fight back. Many can easily talk to their friends about such subjects, but it is never the same in diverse entourages. The non-white in our land never perceives the struggle as gentile vs Jew, but as white vs the rest. They better resonate with the enemy for giving them so much temporary benefit for the reason of tying us down. I see the longer time passes the harder it is to even talk about such subjects and in many places the Kalergi initiative is accelerating.

The laziness of people is obvious on those who are fully aware of the situation, but still act like they don't care. Let’s take mud sharks (Caucasian woman who dates/marries black men, to spite her friends and/or family, either consciously or subconsciously) for example or women who refuse or delay to have children even if we are on the brink of extinction. Population decreasing, an ageing population or however we wish to call it would really mean nothing without foreign groups breeding like flies and mixing with us. Economic factors are manageable without this threat and naturally such process inevitably reverses itself at one point. The economic issues can even be managed temporarily with automation, if directed properly without enemy interference, to provide extra production for the increased aged population.

We should be taking notice of the above situation with calmness to make better decisions, but it is clear that besides the work we do, we must also, at one point, get involved in changing the system and there are various ways one would go about doing it. I am not advocating for anything damaging, but at the same time no solution is off the scope. One can regain control of the state institutions and private sector by gradual education, recruiting people, making deals and building relations just like a reverse Dick Cheney or John Perkins. I have elaborated about those individuals in the previous volume, about the Vice movie and “The new confessions of an economic hit man” book by John Perkins and now I am about to refer to another piece of literature about a different approach. In more difficult and corrupt systems one can also consider extreme possibilities like working under a state of emergency. I am currently reading "Coup d'état - a practical handbook" by Edward Luttwak (Jew). Such books, though presenting the vision of the enemy could be useful in filtering knowledge about how their mind works and gaining a better insight about how institutions work in relation to the private sector, loans, debt etc. Take another example from the enemy’s cinematography which is the movie Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. It shows how the treacherous colonel Klauss Von Stauffenberg has tried a coup against the National Socialist Government of Germany after an attempt on Hitler’s life. He presented himself as a nationalist with a different ideology.

If you are curious what I would advise people to learn and in which areas should they prepare, there are many subjects accompanied by experience. Learning politics and economics is very important. Sociology also is a major factor. Foreign policy and diplomacy also pay off. Should you somehow find people within the system that are willing to act at one point? Absolutely, but here one must be mindful of the legal circumstances and how much of a risk one is willing to take. One must be extremely careful about how to do that at this point because the intelligence services always watch every move, every second. They know everything before one would open his mouth. Individualism is too weak to get major problems solved so any intelligent big player would normally put up a team of loyal and willing people with the above knowledge, people who know economics, business, legislation, politics, sociology, like lawyers, mayors, businessmen, ranks in the army, people in the academia and so on. Most are content with their temporary comfort so searching for the exceptional people can be extremely difficult and one may risk exposing the enemy's enemies. I believe states that still have a degree of civic understanding, education and a history-based identity can slowly take over those elements and might even make a peaceful transition to normality. States like France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Norway etc. There are states however where the corruption, which is a direct consequence of the value of people, can only make one think about states of emergency and coups. States like UK, USA, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc. I may be wrong about some of the examples, but the idea is to get an overall perception about adapting the methods to the circumstances we are facing.

I suspect, given certain physical traits and elements of behavior, that in my home country of Romania, the Cohen gene might be wider spread that we think. Simply put, the ones that have Jewish blood. This is why some very intelligent individuals seem to not want to "understand certain common-sense facts". Almost like one would uselessly debate with Ben Shapiro why certain things need to survive. Why is he so smart, but when I bring up this subject, he gives the most stupid and irrational explanations? Because his natural, genetic predisposition draws him towards a certain way of thinking. Those are hereditary, genetic traits in regards to a race.

We know that after 2026 we will have entered fully into astrological transits with great energy and if not used with care and mindfulness they could not mean that much, but it would be a shame to not prepare the harvest when the rain is coming. We are talking about Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Aries, transits that in our present context may help in gaining knowledge and advancement and also triggering us to fight against the enemy’s oppression.

Another thing that may be of great use is to know and understand your own natal chart and how your inherent abilities fit in this whole endeavor. It also helps in understanding one’s weak spots in order to improve on those areas.

The truth is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We must take on the roles of leaders or soldiers, but we must get more and more involved in implementing changes towards our vision as the current circumstances do not leave us with much choice. So, each one of us exceptional people must do whatever we can in accordance with our skills, abilities, knowledge and positions in society. One may choose to remain and operate at his own level or raise and implement changes from a higher position on the hierarchy.

As we can see, our collective work in regards to activism, bringing knowledge and awareness and spiritual warfare has triggered a process of evolution in a certain category of people. Nature has it that we might not achieve the necessary numbers of allies in our society to achieve a democratic transition from the enemy to humanity’s natural path. So, it may fall to certain, exceptional people making the decisions for the general population in order to navigate safely through this struggle and have after that all the time to evolve naturally.

To this day, Spiritual Satanism promotes one thing while Christians and even certain Pagans say it does the opposite. This is to understand what we are dealing with and there are many more such examples. Reasoning is often shadowed by the emotional factor and other considerations. Satanism gets a bad reputation because of the enemy’s lies and impersonations of it from the Bible, Koran, Torah and even the cinema industry. Even the movies or individuals of the enemy that seemingly wish to promote it, do it in a repulsive way to discredit and distort it completely. And again, it is usually Jews which are so obsessed with making us think and feel exactly as they do. For the enemy it is not enough to be obeyed, but they want to know you think and feel as they do and even so they will still consider gentiles as cattle. The Jew does not sleep well knowing that you may not agree with it, even though you already obey it.

Imbeciles are many and they constitute the Jew’s main resource, but it is not an infinite resource. Besides them, they cannot always surround themselves in high positions with whores, retards or their own racial brothers. There will be some good willing people in positions of power no matter how much they try to control and blackmail the ones they put in power.

To understand how far some people go with lying to themselves and suffering from cognitive dissonance, we can analyze a Bible verse I have talked about in the last book.

Revelations 2:9
“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

This is one of the most overused Bible verses to seemingly justify that YHVH is against Jews and that somehow this clearly Hebrew entity is our creator and affiliated with gentiles while Jews are affiliated with Satan. What does that verse specifically say? They say they are Jews, but they are not! THEY ARE NOT JEWS! The verse blatantly tells us that they are not Jews and it refers to the gentiles that want to adopt the belief system of Jews. It wants to underline that opposition by involving Satan in contrast to YHVH and by this also directly puts gentiles in the creation sphere of Satan.
So basically, gentiles can try to appease the enemy and act like them as much as they want, the Jew will never accept them.

Even the fact that the whole literature of the enemy is constantly attacking Satan should be a red flag. This is not a matter of knowledge anymore, but of integrity and inner strength. I do not wish the whole world converts to our belief, but there is no reason to attack and hate Satanism more than the enemy or consider it a creation of the Abrahamic faiths.

Those being said, we must start preparing and exploring all the possibilities to take back the global system and make it The New Empire of the Gods on Earth. Having the white race reduced to enclaves, spread all across Europe, North America and other naturally white areas will only put us back centuries and in a position where we have to rebuild everything almost from scratch. We absolutely have to get back full control of our countries and global system and use it to achieve the best relations and interconnectivity with the other human races. This can only be achieved by having a solid majority of 95 to 100% white people in our countries and preserving this through eugenics. The other groups of people should normally have the ability to decide whether or how to preserve their demographical structure and correlated culture in their home countries.

The power lies inside of ourselves. We must achieve balance and become stronger and bigger. We must have the wisdom to achieve the perfect balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements.
When in need, look towards our Gods for guidance with sincerity.
Become strong and make it a truly heroic and glorious start of THE AGE OF AQUARIUS!
This is FANTASTIC!!! ⚡
what makes me most apprehensive about all this is how i will gradually show my true self to the world.
i take on so many faces today, there are times when i bring the vision of dealing with today's world straight to JOS, and i wonder who i am.

i imagine that i will have to purify myself from the connivance and tolerance of so many filthy things in many ways in order to have sanity.

there are so many changes, but eventually things will be less frantic.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan