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An Article About Ethnic Groups

Padme Hansol

Jan 1, 2024
Our material world is a manifestation of spritual world. Every step of us, has coming from the, so called, spirit world. Our mother nature is a manifestation of a greater plane, which we known as astral plane. Today we are gonna talk about ethnic groups and how they impact our "everyday life".

To the most anthropolog, there are three, or four, main ethnic group. They are; Caucasian (Aryans, Hamits, Samis), Mongolians (Mongol, Chinese, Korean, Native American, Japanese, Tibetan, Maori etc), Negroid (Africans, Aborjins, Australian, Malenesian etc) and Jewish.All these four groups have their own stereotypical identities and spritual parts that they manifest both in thier body, mind and soul.For example;

Caucasian Groups have a powerful understanding of the world around them. They known as their runic symbols and unique mythologies that they influeced Proto-Indo-Europea. People who belong to Caucasian Groups are powerful in mental workings, diligent, tall, has a deeper understanding towards world around them and able to reach a solution faster.

Mongolian Groups are powerful in Shamanic techniques. They are people who know how to live within the world, how to be in harmony with nature and sometimes even control the nature. Mongolian Groups are mosly talented at Naturalistic Sciences (both in material and spritual way). They are the readers of the nature.

Negroid Groups are people who are Metaphysicians. They know how to communicate with, honor and feed the Spirits. Their life is usually centered around a mighty figure and other figures who are "ambassadors". Negroid Groups are talented in communicating with this Godly Figures.

I believe there is no need to talk about jews and their dirty, corrupted sould.

Marriages between two diffrent person who belongs to diffrent Ethnic Groups will damage their Spritual Body and Self.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan