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The Tarot: Article Series

Edward Lonsa

Oct 3, 2017
What follows is a private opinion with its inherent incompleteness, one-sidedness, and inability to grasp the immensity, and it may well be mistaken. Any interpretations of the cards here are the results of specific tarot readings and research, they in no way encompass the full meaning of the cards, which is infinite.

Special thanks to Gods because most of what is written here was realized while writing only. Special thanks to High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 for his inspiration of these series by some of his heroic true manly deeds that are to stay secret.


Many here have noticed that not only the Senior Arcana, but all cards in general, including the Minor Arcana, contain a connection to some important spiritual lesson and allegory of some aspect of the Magnum Opus, in almost every one you can find a meditation lesson. Everyone remembers from our tradition that the Tarot primarily represents the Magnum Opus. Aren't 78 cards too many for the 13 steps of Magnum Opus and the 4 stages of the stone.

First of all, the message of the Tarot cards is that Magnum Opus is a civilizing process that encompasses absolutely every area of life and transforms every single one of them. It is NOT a purely mental religious phenomenon that takes place in the mind, in meditation. It may well begin there, but its full version embraces all spheres of life. This is what the Tarot represents most clearly: it contains all the elements, dimensions, numbers, ages, and both genders, carrying all the countless lessons of infinite life.

I believe that the Major Arcana have gathered together the experiences of infinite, vanished and still living worlds. There are statistics that despite the fact that the Tarot has largely been preserved by the White Race as a legacy of their ancestors Gods, their simple archetypal images are close and understandable to absolutely everyone and every nation on Earth. In my opinion, this is evidence that they go farther back in time than all human peoples combined. I wouldn't be surprised if their images were even more understood and close to other planets like the dead Phaeton and Mars.

In my opinion, the Tarot is a system assembled by the most successful civilizations of the Gods from the experiences of the many lost and living worlds that have gone through and are going through their civilizational process of mass racial spiritual development and deification. Their lessons and knowledge are bottomless. To assemble all the lessons that may stand in the way of a young civilization, even on the basis of one's own alone, having passed this way, in... 78 cards is truly a divine genius of archiving and ordering.

Eternal glory to that God or Gods who created the Tarot by embracing the immensity and encapsulating the future and past of the universe in 78 cards, for they did the impossible.

I do not believe that we are the first and last civilization to hold the Tarot. And I would not be surprised to learn that it is a tool of the Gods as well as that of men.

In what follows, I will write about the individual cards as far as their lessons have come to my attention, with all given bias and shortsightedness, and of course, it is nothing compared to what they really conceal.

The Tower


Bruegel Sr. Tower of Babel.

The best of artists chose it for the best of their paintings. Arcane Tower of Babel has a lot of meanings, the first of which is the construction of human civilization, the human Soul, the rebuilding of the racial soul and his own soul in God, the aspiration upwards to unknown achievements, yet unfulfilled feats, building on the foundations of the past, also infinite achievements of the great race toward future heights and stars (the middle of the tower), or from the very basics of animal existence and poverty to a better and more developed life (the first floors), overcoming mistakes and striving for a better version of themselves and their entire civilization.

It has already been said many times that it has to do with the spinal column and the chakra system of the soul, as well as the Serpent, which tests this entire constellation for strength during its ascent. The Serpent is related to Satan, who is Truth, so it is also the ability to endure Truth, a clash with reality. Yet little has been said about the fact that this most ancient legend is also about the construction of our whole life, because that is what spiritual development and the Serpent entails. Xianity, Buddhism, and other corrupt currents like modern New Age "mushroom" shamanism have desecrated our militant and conquering teachings, stealing their beautiful surface and giving them the escapist pacifist inside of withdrawing from the world and oneself into drugs, life in caves, "meditation for meditation's sake", "religion for religion's sake", etc. Old Believers (Old Ritualists, people living still in 17 cen. or so) are a perfect example of this perversion.


Bruegel Sr. Tower of Babel.

One of the sides of the Magnum Opus is physical wealth and power, which is why the Tower stands on the ground, and grows from the bottom up, not the other way around, and is built by kings, not beggars. Magnum Opus about becoming a god in the Pagan sense of the word, not in the xian sense: just look at the beaten unwashed crucified Nazarene who eats only other people's food and with dirty hands, and then at the all-powerful Zeus on top of Olympus with a cup of ambrosia, and see the difference. Just look at how and where the Pagan Gods live, and how some "Gautama Buddha" lives. Even if he once lived a human life, he simply wouldn't be a character in a Jewish fairy tale unless he gave his kingdom to the poor and stayed in one loincloth.

Jewish religions tell us to have nothing, to build nothing, to sow and reap nothing, and to live like "birds of the air," which, as we know, are not immortal and do not build immortal megalithic civilizations. That is what they discover the true and complete meaning of the Tower. It embodies the immortal eternal megalithic high-spiritual civilizations, which is exactly what the artists of the Renaissance depicted. They go off into the heights of other worlds and higher dimensions. This is megalithic architecture, designed to take us to heaven in the literal and figurative sense, to take us to other worlds; it is architecture not constrained by the three dimensions of this world and not fixed in it, but going beyond it, symbolizing exactly the same life of those who built it, the same transcendent goals and thoughts. It is a symbol of endless labor to improve oneself, a construction that began in the three dimensions on earth and never ends, which can be artificially broken from the outside, stopped (as it was), but it cannot find its own natural end in this world, and simply goes into the higher one, since it is not meant to have an end.

This is the meaning of life of our human civilization and of each of us in general - perhaps to have a beginning, but no end in any of the known dimensions, but only in infinity itself.

All of this is absolutely meaningless to buddhists, xians and others, who perceive it simply as dreams and reveries, since none of it is material for them and it is forbidden to materialize it all. For us it is material and embodied - wealth, health, knowledge and education, technology, freedom of creativity, freedom from routine, it is a high technological civilization without poverty and unsatisfaction in anything, where people's time is freed and immortalized for high creativity and high pursuits. True spirituality always brings this. If it doesn't bring it to someone, then they still have barriers against it in the subtle worlds, such as "blessed are those who weep," for everything is first nurtured and born in the subtle worlds. In fact, the Abrahamic religions are designed as such barriers, they even forbid serving justice and the punishment of criminals through magic. They forbid all magic, but it is only with magic that all the greatest achievements begin. Everything first takes place in dreams and in the mind, and then it is embodied in reality, but xianity puts an end to everything at the stage of dream and mind even before embodiment, thus rendering human creativity barren.

Magnum Opus consists of four pillars, which are called pillars or columns, because if one of them falls, the whole structure will not stand. For more information on them please click here https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=46150&sid=692147ed9a0a467bdf132e70848a83f5 This is what The Arcana of Tower speaks of. The building is the best symbol for this. All superstructures must be based on a solid foundation and a structure that is balanced in terms of all forces in mechanics so that weight and energy are distributed in it in a way that is beneficial to it. Balance, having everything in the right measure, is the key to the strength of a building. And these pillars are: wealth, love, spirituality and self-realization - alive, real and in this world. Not stereotypical - love can be anything, including platonic love, parental love, love for animals, whatever, as long as it is full of warmth and tenderness and remains love at its core - it is definitely not the barren empty xian "love" for a witch being burned at the stake, cold, useless, meaningless, and bringing nothing but death and misery. Wealth, too, may be in various forms as long as its essence of providing a dignified life is maintained, but it is definitely not a life in nothing but unwashed underwear in the woods. Gods do not live like that.

The essence of these pillars of the soul is to be pillars of real life, not perverted concepts in the head of the martyr who thinks he is "accumulating riches in heaven," having nothing in fact, but he does not know what "accumulating something in heaven" means - it means making something in the mind that you want to embody. That is, it is exactly what he is most forbidden to do.

Xians are forbidden to have dreams realized in the real world, so they replace it with dreams, but ones that they literally don't want to come true - not in the astral plane, nor anywhere at all, since the astral world is also material, also real, and therefore also "sinful." With them, all real achievements are considered "sin." And all real spirituality, really changing something on all planes of being, is generally considered a "mortal" sin of witchcraft.

The greatest message and lesson of the Tower is the importance of laying the foundations. The foundation of everything is the Lower Chakras. They determine whether or not the entire further construction will stand. They also control all material life, wealth, health, sexuality, fertility, influence and possessions, power and fame. If even on the higher floors of the Tower there are no mistakes and everything is perfect, but from below the construction is not strong, all further work risks to be in vain, as the Tower at any moment can collapse, and all the invested efforts in the upper floors will be lost with all life and treasures accumulated on these "heavens", as they will be smashed to pieces. Moreover, not just at any time, but the greater and more extensive her upward aspirations, the greater the pressure on the fragile foundations and weak lower floors, and the more likely it is that the whole structure will collapse and all that accumulated "in heaven" will be lost.


The Power of the Tarot. Fifteenth Century deck.
Note: The Power card has an extremely revealing and related theme: too much force, being beyond human control, can destroy what has been built if it is not strong enough and faithfully built.

This stolen and perverted allegory of "accumulating wealth only in heaven" is cast as a curse on the xians. As a biblical curse, it has to do with working on the upper chakras only, which New Age so actively promotes. Robert Bruce in his NEW program focuses mainly on the heart and brow center, and generally advises against working on the sacral chakra, for example, as it causes "unwanted" energies and thoughts. Xianity sits deep within today's so-called seekers, "shamans" and new age, since everything that is undesirable in xianity is also undesirable in new age. The result is a completely transformed experience of the "higher astral," full of angels and other crap, emotional hallucinations like "love" projected as if from some special equipment affecting the brain, "light" resembling the light of the enemy, in which enemy souls are assimilated, and so forth.

Those of the Spiritual Satanists who work on astral projection testify to the strong and fundamental involvement of the Lower Chakras of the Soul in it. And their experiences are not full of the astral lies that New Age experiences are full of. Their picture is much more consistent with reality, and they derive much more real benefit, knowledge and real physical result than do New Age practitioners, who often just listen to "entity" telling nonsense and come away empty-handed. They are taught to be very humble and uncritical of everything, for example, if the "entities" are not actually helping, but only noodling, and working exclusively with the Higher Chakras serves this purpose as well. Just read their books and try to find a single healing of a real disease or a solution to a real problem in the physical world. They are trained to think that not being applicable in real life is what the astral is supposed to be. You may also notice that when the "right entities" show up, out of the blue they suddenly "turn on" love, as if they had something switched in their brain, as if they had a microchip in their head or were being controlled from a distance.

Such controllability and susceptibility to external manipulation and lies comes from imbalanced development and overdevelopment of the higher chakras to the expense of the lower chakras, rejection of any of the chakras, etc., which is predominantly practiced by these people. This is why Joy of Satan puts regular and balanced meditation in the first place, and all applications of the astral projection type in the second place. For without a solid foundation and a balanced construction of the Soul, such things simply will not produce results, and all the gifts of all upper floors will be wasted.

Moreover, the Tower's message contains just the right detail that the more upper stories, the greater the ambition, and the further the plans go (or the greater the Force awakened, as shown in the Force map above), the greater the responsibility for the safety and longevity of the structure itself.

The Tower Arcana also warns us of external hostile forces that do not want us to go too high into the heaven. These are the forces of natural entropy, taking all that is fragile. These are also the forces of the enemy testing us for their own self-serving purposes, as was the case after World War II with the active invasion of the Cold War by aliens as they tested our weaponry.
The Tower warned us about the invasion of the Jewish race and the Greys long before it. Its message is that a solid structure is not afraid of outside forces.

I believe this Arcana captures the history of the megalithic civilization. There is proven evidence that megaliths were subjected to desperate ancient attempts to deface and destroy them. This is what the Tarot Tower card depicts. I would not be surprised if nuclear and similar weapons were used to destroy these structures, since the conventional weapons of medieval savages are powerless against them. There is historical evidence that islamic conquerors tried for decades to destroy monolithic Indian temples cast in solid stone. The entrances to unknown underground caves were caulked and walled up. Polygonal masonry was removed and moved from its places so that it was impossible to restore its original position for a modern person. Regular masonry was also "deposited" on top of it.

These ancient prehistoric acts of inexplicable vandalism are connected, as I believe, with the properties of megaliths, which knowledgeable enemies tried to destroy or make them "unworkable" or "defective". Perhaps evidence of this ancient war has come down to us in the form of such symbols as the Destroyed Tower. The question of what exactly the properties and the true purpose of megalithic structures so attracted vandals can be answered in the Biblical legend of the Tower of Babel, as well as in other legends about endless attempts of mankind to build structures up to the sky, to ascend to the sky, to Olympus, to fly up to the sun, etc. (Icarus, Bellerophonte, Phaeton, etc.). All of these legends are linked by the human desire, through physical and spiritual work, to pass alive in flesh and blood to the "other" or "higher world". Multi-dimensional or varies-dimensional architecture. And enemies may have wanted to cut off certain paths for us, as well as to erase certain important testimonies and knowledge about the structure of the universe.


Tobias Verhaecht. The Tower of Babel.

Magnum Opus is all-encompassing-it is neither purely subtle nor purely material. The world does not exist in discontinuity, either above or below. When a civilization reaches the heights of spirit and technology, its architecture and materia in general conform to this and are not constrained by the three dimensions either. The biblical curse of "different dialects" supposedly preventing the coherent work of the builders may mean usurping our understanding of the connection between the material and spiritual aspects of the same continual indivisible world so that the Magnum Opus will never be erected because of an attempt to build it not on all pillars, but only on some, or because of the lack of coherent work of those pillars.

In a reading

The Tower likes to talk about the property of problems to accumulate uncontrollably and abnormally behind the back of the master, not paying much attention to themselves, and then, depending on whether the Tower is straight or Reversed, quickly and untimely come to the surface, demanding attention and immediate intervention, or mature in secret and bide their time, giving the master time to think and delay, but making these problems more and more confusing and difficult to solve. The Tower has an element of uncontrollability and a tendency for problems to "live their own life."


The Tower tends to accumulate a lot of material, one on top of the other, floor on floor. A Tower is something that takes up little space on the ground, unlike a stupa or a more squat building, but makes up for it with greater height. It suggests an accumulation of matter and energy on a small piece of land. This is why this harness eagerly responds to tummies. Tumor is a tendency to accumulate energy that stagnates and forms a dam in one place, leading to abnormal accumulations of flesh. Another card that eagerly responds to cancerous and rapidly growing tumors is the Devil Straight, as it speaks of ties, unfreedom, and strong blockage of energies. The Devil Upright - Tower combination can be a warning of the criticality of such a problem.

If the Tower is Reversed, the tumor can smolder in the fog and give the host time to try to solve the problem in a more conservative way or even delay with a radical invasion, the Devil Upright in this case speaks of growth or malignancy, i.e, a serious stagnation of blood, or stagnant Qi, blood, fire and all substances, as stagnation is unfreedom and ties.

Upright Tower can fall on all health situations that require immediate intervention and response.

If the Tower is in a situation or outcome position, you should look at the card for advice or action that leads to that card if the Tower is in a possible outcome position. If the Tower is Reversed and strong upright swords regularly stand in a council position, you can take, for example, acupuncture as a sublimation of sword energy, not just herbs, for example, if you want to avoid invasive or unwanted traditional medicine methods and are turning to TCM.

The Tower's connections to tumors may also be facilitated by its astrological nature and its connection to Scorpio and Pluto, since Pluto, because of its tendency to intensify all emotions, can give rise to stagnant Qi, Blood and tumor formation, but it also gives the magical abilities needed to defeat them.


The tower indicates that there are some problems that, at any time, may make continued presence in that job or position impossible.

Again, an Reversed Tower can mean a generally overdue or even overdue firing, but one that is being postponed indefinitely, as the Reversed Tower likes to smolder in the dungeon and be in a latent state.

Reversed Tower

In general, from my experience, this card leaves more freedom of choice, problems on it can be theoretically even solvable, as it formally gives time to do so. Usually that time is counted in years, and a 360-day job can be done. But the property of this card is that because these problems take too long to "get out of the way," they can take too long to pay proper attention and be caught at their too late stage. This is especially so with the health problems described above.

Without her giving such a problem, she simply wouldn't be a Tower. Because a Tower, of any kind, is always a great or small lack of control over something, since it tends to "build on" regardless of a poor foundation. And the more she "builds on" in this way, the more tangled this tangle of problems will become, and the more she will have to "skim off the top" to rebuild the foundation, and the more she will have to rebuild.

The Reversed Tower is characterized mainly by the presence of an indefinite time frame for solving a problem, the impression of putting it off indefinitely. Since in infinity all problems are theoretically solvable, the human mind often perceives it as complete deliverance and the complete passage of the situation past it. Situations carried by it look on the surface indeed very much like deliverance, but problems tend to come back and bloom where they are not worked on. Even if a miracle did happen, and one thunderstorm did pass by, the Reversed Tower hints that another may come not in the distant future, as the problem is not solved, but postponed, and continues to look for a suitable karmic spiral for manifestation.

Philosophical Thoughts on the Tower

The Tower is one of the most dangerous and powerful Arcana in the deck, if not the most dangerous. It is the acronym of fate and external independent and irresistible forces. It contains the majesty and nobility of the best of our aspirations and the infinite cruelty of the forces of chaos and decay that oppose them. I see in it the tragic destinies of past civilizations. In my view, it captures scenes of how even the most advanced, spiritually advanced semi-divine civilizations, such as Phaethon and Atlantis, symbolized by the Tower of Babel, suffered death at the hands of the ruthless forces of nature. It reminds us that we live in a gigantic world full of different and sinister forces, and that the higher and more beautiful a civilization, the more global the problems it faces, as its ambitions and dreams grow and get better and better along with it, moving further and further into the realm of the unrealizable and unknowable. They are what make us human, and from humans into gods, and they are the meaning of our lives.

In pursuit of an easy life and deifying the destructive forces of the planets and stars, the brainless xians have turned their dogma against these most sublime of all human urges, which the Tower embodies, declaring them "sin," and have locked themselves in savagery and barbarism as their lowly souls are frightened by the very fact that nature works through challenges and obstacles, and to avoid facing them, they have simply declared these most high urges Evil. In other words, assuming that it hurts more to fall from Olympus than from the stool, they simply refused to ascend Olympus at all. But these urges are the most sacred thing in man. And they are the Spark of Satan, striking inspiration into our heads and turning our eyes to the distant stars, making us grow and building each his own Towers.

The lesson of the Tower is not cowardice and fleeing from these forces, but that the high ambitions for which we were born require solid foundations, proper religion. It warns of the danger of self-betrayal. Those who, remaining in xianity or with the enemy, but driven by the natural Gentile desire for growth, try to build their Towers and come to know the heavens without laying a solid Satanic foundation, meet with a stab in the back from their old beliefs and hang-ups.

About the necessity of complete purification of the Lower Chakras, for example, you can find many Celtic legends, in which elves, in order to render services, faithfulness or help, require cleanliness and order in the house, especially near the hearth (Basis Chakra with hot Serpent in it), and compliance with some rules, which mainly concern cleanliness and bringing them food as a gift. It has to do with cleansing and nourishing the Chakras.

The Tarot Tower card carries a message that is very difficult for xians and similar mentalities who live in a bunker and think that everything is run by the old jew on the cloud, who just needs to be placated and everything will be fine, to accept: That the world is indeed full of dangers, and no jew on a cloud can save us from the existence of unimaginable forces around us that can challenge the young and growing Tower in new and unprecedented ways at any moment, but nature has given us the talent to fight these forces, and we are not the first or last in this eternal struggle. Civilizations greater than we have fallen in time in this struggle, but their experience is forever imprinted for the edification of new civilizations, and their mistakes and achievements will lay a stronger foundation for the next generations of worlds.
Thank you for this.

I feel that the Tower connects fundamentally to the planet Saturn.

Would you mind making an article like this about the Devil card, too?
For the article that follows, I thank God Bifrons, who answered my prayers for inspiration about the nature of this map, as it is transcendent and I had great difficulty understanding it - it was after prayers to him that I found the ancient cave drawings that helped me tie everything together. I also thank the High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 for coming out just at this very time with the Donor Series #1 Joys of Satan, Edition 3, a free article from which talks about Father Satan and exposes the xian lies about him, https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=87108&sid=85ec0a2f409e11023a2adfcc32a585c7 , and in particular discusses the theft and perversion of the flame lake image, where in popular mythology the Devil traditionally resides. For when put together, these images constitute a chronicle of Spiritual Warfare, as well as the journey of our own Soul from the lake of flame, where it has only just begun.

It will be said repeatedly in this article that man and the universe do not work apart, but only together, due to known connection of the observable universe to the nature of our mind. This also applies to the relationship of his Soul's journey to the journey of his civilization.

The Devil

The main message of the Devil is boundness, unfreedom. But this is an overly complex concept that should be explored in more detail. The card depicts what xianity understands by the Devil and the "binding of sin." This concept was stolen from the original meaning of both the Devil tarot card itself and the ancient understanding of being bound by anything.

In a global sense, this card represents what is known as maya, which is the binding of one's own false limited and imperfect view of the world. It is an illusion that takes hold of the mind and prevents it from flying free. It is the projection of an unconfirmed, false and erroneous view of the world onto the world itself, not without reason that this map depicts the greatest and most fatal delusion of mankind, namely that Father Satan is its "enemy. This is why it is a traditional enemy map, it can show the Jew-insider in the community or something coming directly from that Abrahamic enemy that we now have and are fighting. This is the false path on which humanity has entered.

It is a warning of what can happen to planetary civilization. But the point is not that it happened, but why it happened. Is it because people are corrupt? Well, they are at least different; humanity, like any community, is motley and replete with both completely corrupt and non-corrupt elements. Rather, it can happen to a young, inexperienced civilization that does not yet have answers to certain questions. This is a transcendent danger that requires a certain amount of experience to spot and react in time. It affects young species that do not yet know it. The Devil's problem is a lack of knowledge, both among the corrupt and the perfectly normal elements, resulting in both being up to their necks in shit, from which some get out, while others stay there forever.

The Major Arcanas of the Tarot are said to be understood even by savages. In the case of the Tower, it seems to be quite obvious. Just show a savage who weaves straw houses in trees the Tower, and it's pretty clear to him: if he weaves it wrong, his whole "tower" with his pregnant wife and the food inside will fall to the ground. With the Devil, things seem to be more complicated. But these primitive tribes will explain him quite literally: some winged creature, spirit, entity, in whom they believe in abundance and hold him responsible for various ailments and troubles. A transcendent force from outside, superior in mind and development, which can be both benevolent, like a food plane from a civilized country, and enslaving and using its superiority for evil, like a Jew parasitizing that civilized country. Many tribes worship airplanes as Gods, but they also remember how some "machines of the Gods" took away their tribesmen as slaves and guinea pigs.

The devil is what he is in traditional mythology: an advanced and hostile entity that far surpasses us in development, has no direct access to our world, but attacks it by invisible means, and is thus dangerous. The fact that it has been used to blaspheme our Creator God for two thousand years does not say that such forces cannot exist in nature or that they do not appear in ancient legends.

This literal interpretation, in my opinion, is not wrong at all, just a bit allegorical. Generally, when it comes to complex arcana that we don't understand much, when, for example, the Devil falls on various things, but shows exceptional evil in them, and the research comes to a standstill, I always remember turning to the most cultural origins of civilization, rock art with its images of high unknown technologies, galaxies, aliens of all kinds and forms mixed with humans, alchemical symbols and prehistoric animals, and asking myself how the man of that time would have interpreted the card. What he would have seen on it...

Some winged creature clearly not of this world, with horns, hooves, half-human half-animal appearance, not peculiar to physical wildlife, but rather a spiritual allegory, making the welcoming gesture seen in many depictions of aliens of all kinds and forms, friendly and not so friendly, and at their feet bound human prisoners. The wings clearly indicate movement not through dense substances, but perhaps through the air or ether. The horns and hooves are well-known symbols of spiritual power. The bound people at his feet need no comment.

Who were they that knew the technology of such work with stone that these petroglyphs survived for tens of thousands of years and reached us? We live one day and don't care what happens after we die or even tomorrow, and we consider ourselves civilized. They thought of us, who will come tens of thousands of years after them, and we think of them as cavemen. I, a descendant of the White Race and its forefathers the Gods, a direct heir to the Tarot system, am learning from them to understand it.

The Devil is the least favorite card of New Age followers because it reminds them of the one thing they most want to forget: the existence of evil in the world and spiritual warfare. The cards were created by those who saw and participated in the spiritual war that is known as the "War in Heaven," and they record its history. The Tarot is a record of the universe. People found themselves bound in the course of this war and the withdrawal of spiritual knowledge. It is notable that the card that reveals this truth about our present situation is called "The Devil," for the path to freedom begins with the realization of one's boundness.

The Devil Reversed

Any Devil can show an enemy, a hidden infiltrator, or a Jew. As an outcome card, an inverted Devil can mean that a secret enemy will be successfully exposed and exorcised, illusions dispelled, and shackles removed. it is a card of release, salvation, miraculous deliverance, often due to the intervention of an external or higher power, a rescue not without help from outside. Significant pain relief and significant improvement during illness.

One may find that the inverted positions of the negative Arcana exacerbate their direct meaning. In my practice, not a single reversed card, traditionally negative in the direct position, has portended anything bad. And the Devil reversed has always meant a highly desirable and pleasant outcome, comparable with the 9 of Cups straight in the aspect of wish fulfillment. It was even at one time interspersed with 9 of Cups in the outcome position in layouts for the same situation in essence, albeit with a slightly differently posed question, but in connection with the same problem.

The difference from the Lesser Arcana is, in my opinion, mainly in the transcendent nature of the Devil as an intervention of a higher power beyond our control. This salvation may have come from outside, from above, as an outcome of the "War in Heaven" and independently of the querent and his efforts, as it may have required far greater qualifications and knowledge than the querent had.

Why is the Devil in the deck?

The devil is not exclusively associated with the jewish enemy, because the Tarot is more ancient than any particular enemy. The Tarot goes back to the archetypes of worlds and worlds, and being limited by an imperfect mind and illusion, living in a cage of one's own mind is a problem that is millions and millions of years older than the Jews and was known about long before the next racial junk that takes advantage of it came along. The Devil's message is that there is a potential for destruction in the developmental mechanism of every civilization, regardless of the form it takes. The planet of the Greys, for example, was conquered and destroyed because its inhabitants chose to live in a virtual reality with a microchip in their heads, which is now offered to us by such jews as Zuckerberg and Gates. Once upon a time, the same jews offered it to them. And this life with a microchip instead of brains is the very classic situation of the Devil himself: the absence of something (brains), and its substitute, dictating its conditions (microchip) and submitting to an entirely different force, hostile and alien.

In this case, the need is spirituality itself and development. People tend to seek fulfillment of their needs and unfoldment in areas of life according to the four-part Magnum Opus system (see more about it here https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=46150&sid=692147ed9a0a467bdf132e70848a83f5), and if any necessary part of self-realization is critically lacking, a person may seek it in drug dreams, "mushroom" types of shamanism, drugs, medications, games. The Abrahamic religions have been replacing man's spiritual development for centuries, so it is the "gods" of these religions that are the Devil in terms of the Tarot. Now BP is preparing to replace all other areas of Magnum Opus for him - wealth, love (already successfully replacing it), professional fulfillment (and this is where human creativity to build civilizations will end and the undivided power of AI will begin).

Absolutely always, when a person gets hooked on a substitute for something vital to him, he falls into slave dependence to it (or to its master/producer/supplier), and the substitute dictates the rules of the game. These rules could be: going to church, carrying there all his money, praying five times a day, wrapping themselves in a burqa - a symbol of their slavery - in 40 degrees Celsius under pain of death, blowing up themselves and others, etc. And all this in order to "go to paradise after death". Although by leading a decent life, they could have gone to heaven on earth. This is the binding, restraining, enslaving aspect of the Devil.

The Devil Arcana warns us that the things that are important to us must be fought for in the real world, there something must be changed, there something must be done, there something must be achieved, that the "on a plate" comes only slavery and death. And a substitute is only an additional burden, not solving the problem in any way, but only pulling away from the solution of the already weakening forces.

"Live your life, and you will never die" are the words of Thoth. For a long time people did not live their spiritual aspect, dreaming of it only after death. So they lived on the bestial level of purely physical existence. With the advent of VR, man will not want to live even the physical aspect, giving himself over to the power of the chips and equipment that connects him to VR. He will gradually assimilate himself completely, giving up bit by bit his self. That is the end of human existence.

Apparently, this problem of finding easy ways goes back countless eons if it made its way into the Tarot, and some civilizations have found just such an end.

The Ethical Dilemma of the Devil and His Theft by xianity

A very common mistake Tarot practitioners make, in my opinion, when attempting to interpret the Tarot, and my mistake in writing this article, is to unequivocally evaluate the querent by the Major Arcana card. In this case, unequivocally placing the blame on the querent for getting into the Devil's situation. While all Satanism seeks to place as much responsibility on the individual as possible for his existence, the Tarot cards reflect life as it is, and there are no clear transitions in life. And find the exact line where the undivided power of fate ends and human responsibility begins, it is impossible, and the Senior Arcanas illuminate such situations and leave these issues open.

In the rainbow, there is no clear transition and no clear line between the colors, you can't tell exactly where one color ends and another begins. In the life of a criminal there is also no clear line between when he is still innocent and when he is already guilty (this status formally begins at the moment of committing a crime, but in reality he becomes a criminal much earlier, when he goes with the intention of committing a crime, he is already a criminal, but when he is NOT yet a criminal, it is difficult to say).

The best example to illustrate this seamless transition is a preschooler who got hooked on drugs. He did not know, and could not understand at his age, what a drug was, he was told that it was a fun toy, and he believed, and with his own hands ruined his life, the lives of his loved ones with one shot. Can he be blamed for his drug addiction and the burden he poses to society at an already mature age? Of course, he's already at a conscious age and commits evil. But can he be blamed for the one step that was enough to make his whole fate 99.9% certain? No, of course, he did it innocently. But where is the age point at which innocence ends and guilt begins, children grow up gradually, don't they?

Or is the victim of the crime in control of her own destiny? Could she have simply turned down the wrong street and thus prevented the crime? Technically, of course, it doesn't take much. But in fact, is that even conceivable? But no one is saying that life will always require of us only the "conceivable". That's where the transcendence of the Devil card lies, in my opinion.

Another good example is the pass and exam sessions in some educational institutions, which are based on the principle of failing. That is, the task of the examiner is just to confuse the student as much as possible, to provoke an error, and to find the places where the student "floats", to use against him. That is, if the student knows something not quite firmly, or has doubts, so that it all comes to the surface and manifests itself in the worst possible way for him.

Or another variant of this: the school has an understanding in advance of how many students it can take in general, no matter how many of them come in, and it has figures ready in advance of how many will be eliminated as a result, no matter how good those eliminated may potentially be, their fate is predetermined.

So, Devil's situation somewhat resembles that of an examiner who has been given the task of "eliminating in spite of anything" from above, and then the student's full responsibility for the result is already put into question, to which the Tarot cards do not give an unambiguous answer, since man and the universe around him do not work apart.

Rather, their task is to remind us that nature has forces that feed us as well as those that feed off of us, and sometimes its intricacies are not designed to teach us to get out of holes, but to teach us to get into them.

It is this ancient knowledge that the jews stole for their blasphemy against our Creator God, who just protects us from such twists and turns of fate, which jews themselves are an example of.

Xian mystics, trying to translate the jewish program into Pagan language and somehow pull it up by the ears to our understanding of higher justice, explain the phenomenon of the Devil exactly this way - as some forces whose task is to draw away the "sinful" element and thus "cleanse the flock of filth". So they try to take the blame for most of the people going to hell off the jewish god and somehow whitewash it's atrocities, sometimes they go so far as to say that "god" supposedly doesn't touch people at all, they just somehow choose their own way to hell, etc., which totally contradicts the bible, where the jewish god repeatedly physically destroys life on earth and in some countries, and in the end throws everyone into hell along with the Devil just because they are not jewish. And this is when the lies become more visible than the nose on the face.

The point of all these inconsistencies is that they originally stole the concept of the Devil, before using it to attack the Gentile Gods, from our ancient knowledge of the existence of such powers, whose purpose is not so much to make us stronger as to kill us. The Devil tarot card is meant to remind us of the terrible truth that nature has no purpose for our well-being or indispensable survival, and that we may now be standing at a fork of the roads, some of which lead to traps set by a higher power.

In this sense, the Devil does show the enemy, literally and figuratively, and the jews and reptilians are just such forces. With such cards, the Tarot warns us of their presence in the universe and on planet Earth.

As mentioned, this card is great for debunking all the lies of the new age who have invented that the universe "loves" them and that everything that happens to them happens "for their own good. The Tarot card of the Devil is the knowledge of other, predatory species that feed off of us, and that the greatest foolishness one can do is to turn a blind eye to their existence. It is the knowledge that no matter how we see ourselves, from the perspective of the heartless forces of nature, we were, are, and always will be just a link in the food chain, and we are still subject to its terrible laws.

So, to the question of what the Devil is doing in the Tarot deck, he is complete and comprehensive proof that the Tarot deck was created by forces friendly to us and parental to us, wise and kind. Because it is a card of illusion, and the most dangerous and destructive illusion is ignorance of the existence of the enemy, and it is this ancient knowledge, transmitted in the legends and in the cards of the Tarot, that is intended to dispel it.

The Tarot, in a sense, is an inoculation against the diseases that have befallen the universe and periodically kill its children. It carries within it the great knowledge that all species, without exception, have natural enemies. And that these are a majority, while the Empire of Orion is only one. I think this is the reason why the card of transcendental interference from outside through the spiritual world is shown to be the enemy. It is the wisdom of the eons that we grow up in an inherently predatory environment where we are destined to fight for existence against superior enemies. Of course, not only and not so much with our own powers, which is why it falls reversed, since every species has parents who protect it while it grows and outweighs the forces of evil, but that's a topic for other Arcana.

The saddest thing about this is that he, the only one in the universe who reached out to humanity and refused to be part of these evil forces, was labaled as them. The jews have practically confused the bearer of knowledge of evil with that evil itself, for they worship illusion and preach life with their head buried in the sand. That's why the Tarot card Devil often haunts those who like to keep their heads deep in the sand in their rainbows, which in itself and without consequences is already a trap of nature, with the only difference being that the hunter hasn't come to check it out yet.

In a reading

But it is not usually healthy animals, able to get their own food in nature, but sick ones, prone to search for easy gain, who fall into the hunt traps.

The devil eagerly responds to all situations of addiction, because when healthy channels of necessary substances are blocked, the Soul tries to find substitutes for them, which often bring it additional restrictions and impose their own rules of the game. He suggests that there is an initial problem of overlap and lack of something, and because of this, the Soul is hooked on substitutes, while its actions to solve the problem itself are incompetent and insufficient. The devil warns of a serious need for freedom, which, in connection with this state of affairs, if not now, will make itself keenly felt in the future.

Binding in the inner world, resulting in a lack of something important is reflected in the binding of a substitute in the outer world. Traditional Devil card characters are often depicted as unbound, because the purpose of this arcana is to remind us where the root of the problem is growing - not from the surrogate or the outside world, but from that situation of lack and overlap that has produced the whole chain. It could be blockage due to brainwashing that this lacking thing is "a sin", due to laziness and unwillingness to fight for it, failure to understand the value of it for the advancement of the Soul, etc.

An example is the most egregious case where a man turns a blind eye to his needs, considering them a "weakness", suffers from loneliness, thinking that "he does not need a family", replaces the necessary path to pass with the ideologies of the "persecuted sex" spread by the enemy, etc., and as a result gets himself a robot wife with AI, and one day this robot takes the ax, as it already happened, and kills the man.

Many stubbornly turn a blind eye to the value of material wealth, even though they stumble upon its necessity every day, because they have been taught to believe that it is a sin and "unnecessary and even undesirable" to "go through the eye of a needle and into heaven. As a result, their destiny belongs undividedly to others.

There are many different addictive substitutes in the world. One that few people have not stumbled upon at least once in their lives and about which few people seriously think is substitutes for normal food. Laziness, indifference, unwillingness to cook, for the sake of it people are willing to fill their bodies with anything, artificial substitutes for all kinds of tastes and all kinds of substances. It's not advertised, but many flavors are designed to give birth to self addiction, as research shows.

This is one side of the Devil. The other side of him is actually deception and everything and everyone that contributes to the querent's increasing sinking into the abyss of deception. In this aspect, it is warning about the danger and undesirability of something or someone, and it points to undesirable ways or people, especially if the querent trusts them, as this card responds to mistakes and illusions.

The Devil indicates slag to be destroyed, both internally and externally.

In its external aspect, it may speak of undesirable, toxic and destructive influences from outside that should be avoided and shunned, and reminds you that it is important to seek your way in an environment that is beneficial to yourself and your growth, not poisonous or inhibiting. If it fell to another person, it will not do you any good. The devil calls for not underestimating the importance of the environment and the power of its influence, and that sometimes bad company can cost one's life or personal development. This is an example of that a man and the universe do not work apart but together, as the main message and nature of this card is a warning of the existence of transcendent, superior and not always friendly forces somewhere.

In this sense, it is appropriate to give examples of infiltrators and dangerous scouts in forums on which the Devil has repeatedly fallen out.

Example of the reading

The devil persistently lunged for years at a member of the forums who was exposed as a long-term infiltrator, after which I learned from those I trust that he was in all likelihood also a racial Jew. Upright Devil lunged at him as a person. Reversed Devil fell out as the end result. The upshot of his time on the forum was his exposure and expulsion. And he wasn't the only infiltrator the Devil Upside Down dropped out to expose.

The Devil was easy enough to respond to the jewish enemy, criminal and crime in general, since crime is all about finding easy but wrong ways, free profits and getting everything unfair, dirty and unethical way, undeserved.


It is a mistake to tie any Tarot card to any single disease. If examples are given in this series of articles, it is only as an example, as the Tarot cards are limitless. The Devil, with his tendency to accompany situations of grave ignorance and lack of qualifications to solve a problem, can respond to those diseases for which modern medicine has no answer. He also likes misdiagnoses and those cases where treatment is inadequate, insufficient, i.e. other forms of when the situation is not taken under control or not given its proper importance.

His combination with the Tower has been known to fall out on a growing tumor due to inadequate and incomplete treatment. Since he loves all kinds of fetters and shackles, he may react to conditions caused by stagnation of blood and other substances, as stagnation is a lack of freedom of movement.

Legendary is the Devil's connection with addictions to psychotropic drugs and any number of other things. An interesting detail is that addictions usually come from substances that temporarily and artificially facilitate the movement of Qi, including games and other non-physical addictions, because it is stagnation of all kinds and forms that causes discomfort and an acute desire for its removal, pain, withdrawal, etc., while the Devil is in charge of all kinds of chains and fetters of free energy movement.

For Satanists and those who are without

The very essence of the Devil card is to describe a state of being caught in a hook you don't even know you have. The Devil card is meant to describe samsara and the world of young, underdeveloped souls full of deception and error, since its purpose in the Tarot deck is to show where one goes wrong.

The fact is that the forces traditionally depicted by Tarot cards, like astrological forces, have different powers over different people. Satanist the Devil will warn of impending too strong and unwanted dependence on something or someone, and for someone without, may fall on karma already embodied and very little to dislodge, such as association with a criminal gang, which is difficult or impossible to break, dependence on a dishonest and criminal employer. The Devil responds to criminal elements that are out of control and parasitic on society. To tell someone who is without that he, by his long stay in spiritual inactivity, ignorance and xianity for many lives, has allowed these forces to manifest when the stars are ripe for them, may be completely useless. Man is already in this situation and he doesn't understand what it means to "clear the Augean stables," he doesn't possess our tools to free himself from these fetters that are traditionally portrayed by the Devil. He does not observe the Esbats, he does not do the FRTR.

Like a defanged Saturn, in the hands of the Satanist, the Devil is more and more only warning and less and less sentencing. This is not because of any other forces influencing them, that they live under a different sky with different stars, but because of how they deal with those same forces and those same stars. Spirituality is the most powerful and effective weapon, but it has a time factor that is on the side of the Satanist because he knew in advance and prepared. Many lifetimes ago the xian did not know how his nose pecking in church every Sunday would affect his future incarnation, nor about the very existence of reincarnation, and if he had the Devil straight, it is very likely that he does not know now either. And there is a very good chance that if you tell all this to an uninitiated person who has fallen into the Devil, he will not hear you.

For the Satanist, the Devil is a call to use the power of FRTR, the lifting of the veil, to become aware of past fetters and to cast them off by spiritual work. In the possibility of illusions lies the possibility of release from them, just as in the presence of a card in a deck lies the possibility of its falling out in a reversed position.

Astrological Influences and Philosophical Thoughts on the Devil

I do not believe that the Tarot Cards are limited to one single planetary influence, as I do not believe that the Tarot Cards are limited to one planetary system, I believe they are ancient and belong to the civilization of our Gods, and that they concentrate many cosmic forces in themselves.

Of the astrological influences of a given planetary system, the Devil can have many different ones, and his restraining aspect will surely be associated by many with Saturn, but I would like to highlight the role that Neptune plays in his field. Maya is a property of perception of the world by intelligent life like ours, just as having imagination in our minds, having a tendency to fantasy, imagination, and making up reality. In a sense, such things are necessary for abstract thinking and a certain detachment from perceived reality for the purpose of second-guessing and second-guessing it. This is a necessary factor of freedom of thought, because it frees our mind from constant connection with external impressions and allows us to engage in reflection, meditation, and comprehension of information received through the five senses. But if this ability gets out of control, it becomes our prison and turns into its exact opposite. And it gets out of control when it is not realized and abandoned and not consciously developed.

People who have an overdrawn 12th house in their natal chart are usually advised to pay more attention to meditation, because these gifts tend to turn into madness and curses if not taken seriously and used for their intended purpose. Stellium in the 12th house is part of karma, the manifestation of which is inevitable, and therefore it must be consciously cultivated and perfected so that it does not degenerate into something unmanageable and evil, but becomes a gift and blessing, and would serve the individual. Spirituality, traditionally bound to the Devil, when developed and revealed, gives man far more freedom than he would have without it, for it enables him to pursue his ends secretly and invisibly. But, when ignored, these gifts turn into an out-of-control force, restraining human life in a secret invisible way, as shown in the Devil card, and leading it down the wrong path. For example, the 12th house can be overdeveloped by a great medium as well as a big con man or a corrupted billionaire. And it is also known as the house of prison.

Another aspect of Neptune is its tendency to get caught in the net and fall prey to the external forces discussed above, and the 12th house is known as the house of secret enemies.

The Devil also reminds us of the consequences of suppressing any important and essential natural force, such as sexuality, for example. We all know the consequences of its suppression by the xian pedophile priests. The suppressed important part of human life takes on a life of its own and gives birth to a host of pathologies, as the energy begins to develop incorrectly and seek its way out in the wrong direction. Including looking for those very enemies.

The message of this card is, in many ways, that a person has lost power over an important part of his own life and soul, since his life and destiny are part of his Consciousness and Soul, reflected outward, his Lokaloka (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lokaloka), his world, his observable universe; and that, because of this, it has taken on a life of its own, beyond his control. And that he could theoretically take control of her again, for at the root of her breaking out of control is the suppression and the bonds restraining the ability to control her that he himself had once imposed upon himself, or had imposed upon him with his quiet consent, infecting him with some false idea. For example, he had long considered it "sinful" and thus disarmed himself indefinitely in its conscious use, with the result that he lost power over it or gave that power to an unknown outside force.

In other words, behind the bondage traditionally symbolized by this card, there is a hidden message of the possibility of a new, hitherto unknown freedom because of the presence of somewhere waiting and hitherto unknown knowledge. Because the presence of any fetters implies that they can be removed, just as any Tarot card implies that it can be reversed.

So the Devil shows literally, that we lost control over our own lives that overtook control over us instead, but it also offers the key to solving this problem. It is enough to remember how and from what the Devil appeared, for according to ancient wisdom, everything knows its source and will find its way back to it if necessary. Stolen by the xians an allegory of rotten slag. Having been taken back under control and disposed of, as slag should, it will rise to its place of non-existence, and our imagination, which creates unnecessary slag, will come back under our control.

Thank you for providing and listening to my request brother, you are amazing.

I pray for your prosperity.
I would like to answer some questions here.

First, if it is the will of the Gods, I intend to do a showdown on every Tarot card, so if anyone is waiting for a specific one, you will get it, as the turn will come to every card. All I need for that is time. But I'm not going to investigate them in the order in which they are traditionally arranged in the Tarot deck. And not necessarily the Senior Arcanas first, but rather the Senior and Junior Arcanas mixed together.

Now, as for the deck.

First of all I want to say that on the Russian forum your post wouldn't have been approved, because due to the threatened status of people in the post-Soviet area the Russian forum is strictly anonymous on the Internet, and mentioning or photographing your deck there is forbidden. The fact is that the owners of rare and piece goods (artifacts) are known by name. Tarot decks are usually bought with delivery, but even in stores and warehouses there are cameras. The times when you could wear a sock on your head and gloves to buy a Tarot for cash are long gone, and now all the data entered when ordering from the store, which may include some ID information and delivery address, is collected and stored, and can be accessed by anyone. Once on the internet, you can be sure your data no longer belongs to you. Therefore, when the circulation of the deck is limited, or even if not limited, but sales can be counted on the fingers since its release, all its purchases are recorded, and all the owners - are known by name. Let's say, out of the total circulation of a rare author's deck, three pieces made it to your country, and two of the three owners at some point were sitting on the Internet, and only one used Tor, and at that very moment a post was made on the forum. Voilà, the person is found.

And so, I categorically do not recommend anyone to mention here at all, much less a rare exclusive deck, that it is yours, because even on chippy products in countries like China or Russia can find the person. If your country, with all these possibilities, has laws that allow you to have an opinion, and you are not afraid of being caught, it's another matter, just remember that the laws can change. As for all Eastern Slavic countries, China, Iran, North Korea, South Africa, Cambodia and other communist or post-communist countries, NEVER mention online that you own an original rare artwork such as Tarot deck when you are under your JoS account or anywhere else you would like to keep your association with a secret.

Now, as for choosing a deck.

Rather than say what I recommend, since I hardly know better than you what will work for you, I'd rather say what I do NOT recommend. I won't go into detail about things like the jewish letters on the Senior Arcana, Telema, Kabbalah, the Jewish Sephiroth on the 10 of Pentacles, the xian Hierophant, etc. All of this requires no comment.

I would go a little further. There are all sorts of feminist decks now, sacred sisterhood, witches, and some more where the portrayal of people of whatever particular gender is completely absent. The Emperor is a woman, the Hierophant is a woman, the Mage is a woman, and Kings of all stripes are women. There are some with race-mixing propaganda, where Lovers are of different races, and 2 of Cups have characters of different races, and mixed families on 10s of Cups and Pentacles. It happens that the any and all depictions of pairs in love are exclusively of the same sex. In general, the Tarot is used for any kind of propaganda for any kind of crap.

You see, it's not even about being somehow bad or disgusting to a Satanist. Tarot is just not meant for that. Morons have reduced it to their materialistic level. It's no different than transsexuality, which the jews brought it down to a literal materialistic level, and the brainwashed idiots started cutting themselves. But it is a spiritual phenomenon meant to remain so. Also these people have descended all their mental illness to the literal material level: they have a separate Emperor, a separate Empress, but they still want to see women in both of them. I understand that maybe they have suffered at the hands of men and can't even stand the image of a man in a picture, but this is a serious problem with a lack of abstract thinking. These people are so mired in the material that they cannot abstract and begin to think detachedly, allegorically and figuratively. The Tarot is a tool for working with the Soul. And the Soul is the Tao, the perfect balance of Yin and Yang within a person, sealed in the Tarot. All these Hierophants, Magicians, Emperors, Kings are all Yang of one’s own Soul.

OF COURSE all these cards whatever be depicted on them can fall on anyone of any sex, race, in any number, even an animal or a situation. Only a nutshell would need these to be all-depicted on them for their imagination to work.

What these people have achieved by removing the male energies from the Tarot (in fact what have they achieved by removing their own racial male energies from society?), well just that these "rewritten" decks will make it harder and harder to work with these people and get something across to them. It's like if you throw out half the words from your language. And the reasonableness of such an action needs no comment.

Tarot is a stable system. As you can see from my thoughts above, I consider Tarot to be a universal system, absorbing the experience of worlds and worlds, not easily broken by 21st century human mental aberrations. Whatever the deck, it will try to tell the truth to the bitter end. But you're the one restricting it and putting obstacles in its way.

I also have nothing against homosexuality, but the Lovers and Twos of the Tarot depict a union within the Soul. The Soul is the Tao. The Tao is in the atoms and nuclei of atoms, all existence is Tao. Yin and Yang do not exist apart at any level of smallness. Two living human beings knowingly possess both, if even an atom possesses both. Of course, they can connect their any parts as they please. But the Tarot depicts the very physical law underlying this connection.

The Tarot is the language of the Soul, if you're looking at two men and it better helps you picture the Yin-Yang union, or if you're looking at a female Emperor and you thus better understand father's and man's roles in the universe, then you're welcome. Everyone chooses their own deck, it will work with your soul and nothing else, as your entire world is your Lokalola, a reflection of your soul.

As for the Wildwood deck.

A very nice Pagan deck without a shadow of the above. A few words about artistic interpretation using this deck as an example. The 10 of Swords has a cute scene of a man teaching a boy to shoot, the 5 of Cups is ecstasy, and the 7 of Cups is mourning... If this somehow works for you and helps rather than hinders, then fine. I've worked with decks with non-traditional interpretations, they still somehow manage to tell the truth clearly and unambiguously. Tarot cards could see and withstand the rise and fall of many worlds, they are resilient, artistic interpretations have no power over them, but can complicate the work of a newbie tarologist. I would buy a deck like that, and my first deck wasn't a classic deck either, but that's individual.
The Death

Another card whose powers are not easy to handle for the one without. Its lesson is that everything is given only a limited number of attempts by nature, and everything has its due date, when, so to speak, no matter how many tasks are solved and questions answered, the student must put down his pen and begin to take pictures and submit his work. Death is a card of time, and as well as time, it has absolute power over the material world.


Bruegel Sr. The Triumph of Death.

If the Tower Upright is dangerous by the scale of its destruction, because the strength and weakness of the Tower lies in its vertical upward striving, thinness and horizontal limitation, and hence the fragility of its entire structure, the Devil - rather by its incomprehensibility, invisibility and in general the utter confusion inherent in its Neptunian nature, then Death is frightening only by its imminence.

It predicts things that are almost inevitable, and is a frequent guest in that divination which is sure to come true. Its tremendous pulling power can be compared to an avalanche or any heavy object held on the snot, but at a certain point collapses downward under the force of gravity. It is a fall under its own gravity into Lethe, when the balance of forces, depicted in the famous Karelian Sieidis, is broken, and nothing can hold back the inevitable and irreversible process.

Sieidis and giant stones like these are famous for the fact that they are in contact with what they stand on (usually also rocks or stones) by a very small surface, sometimes almost invisible, tending to zero, i.e. they literally hang in the air. Moreover, other, smaller or even larger such Sieidis can stand on them and also come into contact with the first ones by an almost visually indistinguishable infinitesimal surface.


They symbolize the essence of life. The Tao is the perfect balance. According to the Yellow Emperor's treatise on the inner, all diseases come from the violation of the balance of Yin-Yang within the Tao, which symbolizes the human or any other living being, the natural forces in which are combined in perfect harmony, which is expressed by The Temeprance Arcana, which comes after the Arcana of Death, and due to this life continues. All martial arts also talking about centering and balance, necessary to stay on your feet and continue fighting. The Temeprance Arcana shows an alchemist mixing elixirs in perfect proportion. "Nothing in excess." [God Azazel] is the key to eternal life. The Tao, as shown in the article on Tao Te Ching, is that through which everything is realized into the material world, while the law of entropy is when this perfect balance of forces collapses and something leaves the material world and a corpse is left in its place. And that's what the Sieidis represent.

Sometimes a multi-ton Sieidi stands on small pebbles the size of a sparrow. These pebbles and the smallness of the contact surface symbolize how thin this central path is and how easy it is to break the perfect balance in life, which will lead to pathological processes and disintegration, the unstoppable destructive force of which will be like a multi-ton rock flying down, demolishing everything in its path. This is the force of the newly arrived chaos, uncontrollable avalanche-like disintegration of everything under its own weight, murderous and destructive forces of nature, unfolding all the resources of the organism against itself.

Unstoppable avalanche-like force of Death people have been trying to turn to their benefit since ancient times. In particular, in black magic. It is known that it is very difficult to move Death forward in time, but to bring it closer, i.e. to move it backward in time, is very possible by human destructive forces, because it is always easier to destroy than to build. And this can also be seen in the messages of many Tarot cards. It takes the labor of thousands of years to build, and often a single push to destroy.

It holds huge spiritual symbolic connection to physical death, as it embodies the law of entropy, so its effect on health, relationships and other creative processes is considered extremely unfavorable in a direct position. It literally symbolizes the forces of disease itself. They are highly accurately described by the expression "easier to prevent than to extinguish", because the balance necessary for life is easier to hold than to restore.

Maintaining both this ideal equilibrium and nourishing the forces involved in it requires an enormous amount of labor, which at some point the organism is no longer capable of. An important aspect of Death is that it reminds us that life is not free and requires constant nourishment and constant care of itself, and that the forces of destruction and entropy are the natural state of matter, and those forces that are overbearing on a completely inactive body. The end of motion and effort is death.

Death Reversed

The chances of "recovery" by Death Upright are practically reduced to zero and infinitesimal, because the universal forces of natural decay, being set in motion, are practically unstoppable, but even keeping the balance sometimes requires known labor, investments and costs. It is the transcendence of the seemingly simple task of survival that this card shows. In a way, miraculously restored balance and keeping from falling down can be shown by Death Reversed. And I have it just like those cases when some part of life is given uncharacteristically easy, and things are done as if by themselves, and the laws of entropy and "failing" on the exam of life recede into the background, freeing time for rest. Usually it has to do with previous achievements, perhaps in past lives, because the image of Death Reversed is an image of a somewhat beaten well-trodden path. And here I come to the deepest treasure hidden behind the back of the all-devouring dragon of Death.

In Alchemy

"That is not dead, which eternity guards; death, together with eternity, sometimes dies” - this is the motto of this card and its message. It consists in the fact that any force can be deployed to one’s own discretion, if it is fully possessed, in particular, the most powerful and most decisive in the universe forces of decay and entropy can be deployed against unnecessary, rotten and slaggy, completely freeing from their influence all the best and desirable. Specifically, in the hands of an Alchemist, this card, just as the quote says, becomes the death of the death itself, taking away all the unnecessary and making room for the perfect.

"Memento mori / remember the death" reminds you that everything you hold dear must be cherished and nourished, as "by itself" nothing lives in this universe, and if something is rotten, it reminds you that if it still exists, then something is contributing to its existence, and it too has a death.

The famous jewish legend of King Solomon and his ring, on one side of which was inscribed: "all things shall pass away" and on the other: "this too shall pass away," is stolen from this card and the wisdom of the Gods contained in it. "And this too shall pass" means that "death with eternity sometimes dies", that it is itself subject to the process of dying and decay, if its forces are deployed in such a way, which is symbolized by the turn of the ring necessary for looking at this inscription. Rings - symbols of the Wheel or the Sun, which being turned in its rotation counterclockwise, traditionally referred to as the Black Sun and symbolizes the exit beyond the prison of time and, thus, "turning the time in the opposite direction".

Death is also in charge of extremely important processes, both in the observable universe and in the human body. Its forces carry away everything unnecessary and waste, it controls all excretory processes. In the absence or weakness of these expulsive forces, the body does not flush out its wastes and does not get rid of waste products. Without these forces, there is no life. And there is no Magnum Opus, as the heavy elements are those pulling one down to the bottom of Lethe. It is this side of Death that is described in the traditional Slav folk tale as the action of the Dead Water, which is always poured on the dead and wounded hero before the Living Water is poured on him, and not vice versa, since the Dead Water takes away his wounds, which pull him to the bottom and prevent him from living.

The soul also cannot return to a dead body full of slag, so death carries it away and the soul goes in search of a new fresh body, since death and decay is something that is easier to prevent than to extinguish. And that is why the Books of the Dead were written.

Answer in the Books of the Dead

"Memento mori" - the need to remember death is also mentioned in the Tibetan Book of the Dead:

He who in his lifetime sought to see Himself, who remembered death and birth most of the time, the other will appear in the Sidpa Bardo.
-The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Sidpa Bardo.

This is a whole huge area encapsulated in the Tarot card Death. It reminds us of what is mortal, but automatically it also reminds us of what is beyond mortality and beyond its laws. This is the afterlife and the laws that drive it. This is the card of magicians and witches, so its influence is traditionally associated with the planet Pluto and the sign of Scorpio. According to one legend, it even fell to Faust to meet the spirit world and Mephistopheles as a card of the forbidden.

This is where the Death card blooms lushly and bears the desired fruit. I said above that it reminds us that something unwanted also has power that can be turned off to it, like the electricity that makes the living alive. This applies to black magic. It is a card of all and any magic and all things occult, like the feast of Samhain that it embodies. It is the joy of harnessing this secret electricity that powers everything, of turning it on and off at will. In this sense, "Memento mori" takes on a celebratory meaning and means to remember our powers of Mind and Soul, and that we can use them at any time. Death grants the key to the forbidden gate as a reward for the sacrifice made by the Hanged Man.

With this key, we know that this change so irreversible is only so irreversible because the karmic and spiritual forces that nourished the event that has now come to an end, have ended. Its nourishment and equilibrium, discussed in the first section, was provided and maintained behind the scenes of the visible world. The mystery of the Death card revealed in the Books of the Dead is that everything is fed by the spiritual energies behind the scenes of this world, and if they are turned off or switched, the fabric of this world will change.

In other words, that great and inescapable fate that Death Straight traditionally heralds is now within our grasp, and the purpose of its arrival in the layout is to remind us of that. In other words, the Death card in the feck is the greatest of gifts, and in the council position it inclines us to benefit from Satan's legacy. Perhaps the conditions are ripe for this in some way, as there is something that is already even recognized by the beta's waking consciousness as unnecessary and outmoded.

The Darkness and Blackness will spread out ahead, from which will come terrifying, soul-piercing screams. These are your fears - their origin is in you!
Bad Karma may attack you with slashing demons, wild beasts will chase you. A terrible storm will break out on your way, and an angry mob will rush towards you, threatening to trample you, to tear you to shreds. This evil in us has become alive and formidable, but it originates in ourselves.
It is our own nightmares and biting conscience that threaten and can tear us apart, because we and the generated, created things in this world are comparable. Yet the source of formidable creations is in us. Unless you are afraid, creation is powerless, its threats are impracticable. Step forward and embrace, kiss the bloody mouth, and the visions will disappear!
If you are frightened and run, you will find yourself in a ravine, on a terrible cliff, from which there is no way out.
Three abysses will cut off your way: the white abyss, the black abyss and the red abyss. These are the three Evils: Anger, Selfishness and Stupidity. If you see these three abysses, know that you are in Sidpa Bardo. Concentrate on yourself, turn to the Lord, to the Great Man, strengthen yourself - nothing and no one can harm you here on the Deed itself, but you have to believe in it.

-The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Sidpa Bardo.

That's what Death Arcana is trying to tell us in my veiw. Sidpa Bardo (i.e., physical death itself) isjust a beautiful example via which this Arcana teaches us that the forces that set in motion certain events in our lives are due to karma, which also arises from our own limits, but these limits extend beyond the world of the living. Death is the gatekeeper of those gates beyond which lies our decision. If it falls on the position of advice, its message is very close to the one quoted above, that something could be stopped, changed, or turned different way using the powers of the mind and soul. If it falls on the position of result, it means that something will find its end and regain its original form of potential in which it once first saw the world. Death is a reminder of the primordial potential nature of all things and that everything was once but a thought.

“Kiss the bloody mouth” is where the thief on the stick stole all his harmful advice on how to get on the stick together with him. Another source from which he often stole is the Tao Te Ching***. Both here and in the Tao Te Ching, in my opinion, this phrase means nothing more than recognizing the various parts of the observable universe as parts of one’s own self and one's own observation as an act of partial creation of that universe, especially as seen in the example of the Sidpa Bardo, where everything is so shaky that the only thing frightening there is that the observer himself is as shaky as everything he observes.

It goes on to talk about how our feelings, first impressions and reactions, uncontrollable as we like to have them in the real world, can - unlike in the real world - dramatically and undesirably change our entire future destiny. This moment is so fluid, so elusive, and so easily changed by the fleeting movement of a single observer's glance at an electron that it resembles the butterfly effect, when an immeasurably small, insignificant speck changes the course of the infinite universe. This, in my humble opinion, is what the Tao Te Ching has in mind when it says that all that is shaky and weak governs the firm and the strong, not how to destroy Roman Empire while hanging on a cross, but jews certainly took it from there, using it as a weapon against us.
***Here I was corrected that Tao is the Void, speaking of the example of Sidpa Bardo situation here where you with one your single reaction may totally destroy all your future destiny is where the good void training is needed to say the least. I say “all your future destiny” because what was destroyed by the mind can be restored only by the mind and until the mind restore it it will not be restored. All Far Eastern culture places exceptional emphasis on the void.

Thus Sidpa Bardo (the realm of Death) is one of those places your thought has exceptional power in and decides your fate.

In Europe there is a whole pleiad of grimoires that speak of the tradition of searching for the grave of the sorcerer, and say, in particular, the Worm Mysteries, that "only this corpse is immortal, and all who come to seek it are themselves but a dust." "Only death is immortal" - this idea is mentioned in Slavic fairy tales in the form of Kashchei the Immortal, who himself represents the law of entropy, who has captured the beautiful princess - the human Soul, and the gateway to what lies beyond it. This Slavic allegory reminds us that death is transcendent and "immortal" only in relation to the limited world, captured by it, like the Princess, but beyond this world it has no power.

Death in Paganism and xianity

Death does not choose, it takes what does not lie well - this wisdom is depicted in many paintings of the Middle Ages and the Death card itself traditionally depicts all classes and castes as a sign that their differences are only in how they deal with this or that force, but that they all deal with the same forces of Nature.

This is what is meant when they talk about castes and gunas in Vedic culture, that supposedly some castes have more of some gunas and others have more of others. These "different rights" of different people are most apparent when confronted with forces such as planets and those depicted on Tarot cards. The same forces behave differently for different people and in different situations. There are situations that are manageable for one, and little manageable for another.


Bernt Notke: Surmatants (Totentanz) from St. Nicholas' Church, Tallinn, end of 15th century (today in the Art Museum of Estonia)


Dance of Death (replica of 15th century fresco; National Gallery of Slovenia)

These paintings depict the traditional Dance of Death, where he leads all men of all classes in his round dance, a symbol that the same laws apply to all, but just as a light feather falling to the ground does not shatter like a heavy vessel, although the same law of gravity applies to both, so the lighter souls do not sink in Lethe under the weight of their metals as the heavier ones do.

The jews have based their communism and the unnatural idea of equality of all and everything before some higher power on the stolen concept of the original equality of all before the laws of nature. But with the jews it is something to strive for, and in the original, it is something to escape from through development and perfection, which inevitably weeds out the unworthy and pulls some forward and leaves others behind. It is through how different people deal with these forces that some are pulled forward.


The traditional image of the Tarot card Death shows a xian priest worshipping death as a god. This is a very apt comparison, and in it lies the key to unraveling the major substitution of values that xianity has brought about. In xianity people literally slavishly worship completely soulless and non-personified forces of nature like the law of entropy, while in Paganism the initiates strive to overcome it with advanced Knowledge and worship real living beings who can teach this Knowledge.

Moreover, kikes keep accusing our ancestors of what they themselves do - human sacrifice. In the case of jews, they simply cannot live without such sacrifices, because they feed themselves and their thought-forms with other people's energy. But the thing is that some reasonable moments could really be, for example, executions of criminals who committed terrible crimes. Many remains, mistakenly or deliberately passed off as evidence of human sacrifice, were later identified as evidence of acts of justice.

Egyptologists keep saying that Egyptian religion was centered around funerary rites and death. In fact, it's xianity and buddhism only consist of the mortification of the flesh and the worship of other people's relics. Just look at the objects of their worship: relics of saints (as a rule, never existed), a jew crucified on the cross, sacrificed to his own crazy dad. Pisslam goes even further and worships pedophile rapists and their underage victims. They all worship evil, disease and decay. For the alchemist and the Egyptian, death and the skull are an image of a global change in human nature itself, as a result of which man ceases to age and instead of remaining a mere memory, can gain eternal physical life.

Philosophical Thoughts on Death

If death did not exist, there would be no need to cherish or value anything, since it could not be lost. The technology of death in nature is to cleanse the world of what it has deemed unnecessary and stopped caring for, and to put a price on everything. Price and value go hand in hand with death, since every value of something is found out with the possibility of losing it. If it were impossible to lose anything, how would we determine what we are willing to fight for and what we are not. There would be no need for any such struggle, for whatever it was, and a great many things arising from this one thing would not exist. In fact, death, including because of its close connection with time, is the basis for a whole host of other factors that determine the existence of the universe, and, if you look at it, death largely determines all its other laws.

It forces living beings to fight for existence, and everyone to fight for what is dear to them. So it alone drives the behavior of races and nations and entire species of beings. Absolutely all values are known to us because he can take them. In a sense, it is the fundamental engine of the universe, which may explain its incredible power in the deck, since it is known that the influence of the card Death is virtually uncorrectable. This quality may be partly explained by its connection with the character of Pluto and Scorpio, but the forces that bring Tarot cards to life, such as Death, the Tower, and the Devil, are so great and rise from such fundamental laws of being that they cannot, in my opinion, be described by the influence of any single planet.

To begin with, in my humble opinion, they may be used by representatives of different star systems, and they may well be much older than the Earth and the Sun, if their age is calculable at all. I know only one civilization of Gods, The Empire of Orion, to whose culture, in my humble opinion, the Tarot originally belongs. So Death, as an image of inevitable change, is such a deep layer of the universe, so many things stand on it, that without it, everything would collapse, if nothing at all would change or disappear from the world. No system of values and understanding of good and evil would be able to exist.

Nor could even the very idea of Magnum Opus exist.

If there were no concept of price, there would be no exchange, no inequality, on which all development and perfection are based. The concepts of perfection and ideal would not have developed, and the Tower would have nowhere to grow. A whole range of values and concepts, including those that have a circulation among other Major and Minor Arcana, would have lost their meaning.

All Pagan religions are full of myths about resurrection. This is a fundamental myth of Paganism. Orphic Mysteries, the descent into the Lower World, the war of the Gods with the all-consuming Sebek and Kronos. Though it is its mistake or conspiracy to call any megalithic constructions as tombs, the meaning of Death as the law of entropy underlying everything was considered very seriously from the spiritual point of view. It is an integral attribute of the concept of godhead and the divine nature of the Gods of all mythologies of the world, as only its presence determines the deliverance from it.

Immortality is possible only in the presence of the laws of entropy, just as the presence of a card in a deck is a prerequisite for the possibility of its falling out in an inverted position. Just as the spiritual or afterlife, as distinct from the gross material and physical world, exists only because of this barrier of death between them. This barrier disappears only with the thinning and spiritualization of matter in man and the embodiment of his spirit in it.

Death makes these two aspects alive and existent, and this allegory of Dead Water in Slavic legends also speaks of it, when its life-giving properties are mentioned along with the Living Water proper. Without it, Living Water has no power. Death initially separates what should be further united. This is a single process of development, it is not divisible, and it is impossible to remove its first stage from it, otherwise there will be no second stage.

In Chinese mythology, as in many mythologies, certain God first separated heaven and earth, crystallizing them from the mass of general chaos. And only then and only thanks to this the magicians and alchemists of China were able to join them further together in the Tao.

All the chthonic deities, rulers of the Lower Worlds, kashchei’s and dragons were not really enemies in our understanding and in the sense in which we consider the jewish enemy as alien to our entire civilization and all its components, which is why these chthonic deities entered the culture as legitimate hypostases of our Gods.

In all myths, the hero must defeat the dragon, and usually drink or bathe in its blood or otherwise utilize that victory in some way. To do this, the dragon must exist first and foremost, and secondly, its blood must have some kind of power that can protect the hero in the future. You can tell, but the same can be said about any unfavorable Tarot Arcana. It's not about the presence of power, it's about our ability to deal with it. If the dragon ate the hero, then it is a tragedy, but the mere presence of the dragon is not a tragedy, rather it is a necessary condition for defeating it.

There is an apparently ancient saying floating around here and there, "Everything returns to its source someday." The Death and Devil cards remind us that the forces depicted on them contain the potential to unfold against themselves. I believe a similar message is carried by the ancient symbol of Ouroboros - the Serpent or some other predatory animal or monster devouring itself from its tail, swallowing its tail and then all of itself into nothingness. Panthers and dragons biting themselves by the tail have been known since Paleolithic and Neolithic times.


Kurgan Kulakovsky, V century BC. A panther biting its own tail

See more photo in topic of Russian forum Symbols of Satanic State - Heraldy

The animal style of the Scythians and other peoples of the supposed period, in which megalithic structures were still being built, is full of creatures swallowing themselves from the tail. This is a symbol of the fact that all forces in nature can be reversed, but for this they must exist. Without the dragon itself, there is no dragon’s ability to eat itself.

The egg, symbolizing the ether, kills Kashchei, but to get it, various animals and birds must fly out of the chest from each other, each of which must have been shot or somehow caught, as they try to escape from the hero and carry another, like a matryoshka doll, and so on until the egg falls out of the last one. Animals in the ancient world, as it is seen, for example, from the Chinese animal styles of martial arts and the above-mentioned Scythian images, symbolize various forces and laws of nature, to which the "animal" style of Scythian and other ancient art refers, which the hero must seize and subdue. The last of these forces, according to the tale, is Kashchei's Death itself, or the Death of the Death. This means that by subduing one by one all the parts of the matryoshka doll of life, man will eventually be able to subdue death itself and surpass it, but it is necessary for its existence, as well as all its mentioned retinue, since no force of nature is separable from another. For every law of nature presupposes the possibility of rising above it by studying it fully and turning it to our advantage, just as the law of gravity teaches us how to build airplanes, and inherent in it is the very possibility of flight.

Kashchei's death is the last in this line of animals inserted one into the other, as if behind it a path lays, that we could no longer see with our earthly sight. It goes number 13, and in Russia there is a megalithic staircase going to nowhere, and it also has 13 steps:


“Stairway to the Sky on Vottovaara Mountain
Vottovaara Mountain, Karelia, North-West

The most famous artifact on Vottovaara Mountain is the Stairway to Heaven.

The Stairway to Heaven is located not on Vottovaara Mountain itself, but on a small hill near the northern slope of the mountain. The distance from the Vottovaara Amphitheater to the Stairway is 3 kilometers. If you want to see it, the hike to it from the center of Vottovaara and back will take about 3-4 hours.


After descending from the northern slope of the mountain you have to pass three small lakes. The soil between them is swampy.

Stairway to Heaven is a rocky massif. You can see steps on one of its sides. Many sources say that the staircase has 13 steps, hinting at some kind of mysticism. Only 11 steps are clearly visible. They look very smooth. It really does look like someone hollowed them out.”


See more photo here https://geomerid.com/ru/place/lestnica-v-nebo-vottovaara/overview/

Magnum Opus has 13 steps, the path after which lies in the other dimensions and which is difficult to describe in human language. All over the world there are megalithic staircases with different amount of steps scattered to the sky or to nowhere, as if to other worlds.

They say, if you find it difficult to comprehend infinity, imagine somewhere in space a road sign with the word "end" written on it. After all, any sign stands somewhere and on the background of some landscape, it has right and left, back and front, top and bottom. Death is just such a road sign.

I once again thank you and appreciate your contribution.

Bless 🙌

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan