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    And so on.... 176 Countries have discovered the app atleast once.
    If you are an Android Developer, I really encourage you to publish a JoS App.


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    These past days have been quite tough, but I actually found an opportunity to grow in the midst of it all.
    Now I am one step closer towards freedom.

    And by freedom I do not mean financial freedom or any type of freedom. But the freedom where you can freely act no matter your situation or circumstances, no matter how hard is it, you are free.
    No matter if you are in a society where freedom is only resembled by your financial state, you are free.

    This is my current definition of freedom, the ability to be free anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

    Don't let society shackle you. The freedom is within yourself and nobody but you can embody it.
    Daily Anatomy 1.0 Part 1

    The human skeleton comprises 206 bones. They are under the control of hundreds of skeletal muscles, which in turn are controlled by nerve impulses received from the CNS ( Central Nervous System ).
    Anatomically, the skeleton is divided into:
    • axial skeleton (consisting of 80 bones): bones of the central axis of the body (skull, spine, thoracic cage and hyoid bone); Virtually all bones of the head and trunk are Axial bones.
    • appendicular skeleton (consisting of 126 bones): bones of the upper and lower limbs (peripheral bones) and bones allowing them to attach to the body (belts).

    Bone Markings ( To be continued in the next post ) :

    Bone markings are very important since they allow for identification of bones and bony pieces, enable joints to form, enable bones to slide past each other, enable bones to lock in place, and provide places for muscle and connective tissues to attach and provide structural support. Bone markings also provide stabilization, protection and a pathway to nerves, vessels, and other structures.

    The surface features of bones vary considerably, depending on the function and location in the body. There are three general classes of bone markings: (1) articulations, (2) projections, and (3) holes. As the name implies, an articulation is where two bone surfaces come together (articulus = “joint”). These surfaces tend to conform to one another, such as one being rounded and the other cupped, to facilitate the function of the articulation. A projection is an area of a bone that projects above the surface of the bone. These are the attachment points for tendons and ligaments. In general, their size and shape is an indication of the forces exerted through the attachment to the bone. A hole is an opening or groove in the bone that allows blood vessels and nerves to enter the bone. As with the other markings, their size and shape reflect the size of the vessels and nerves that penetrate the bone at these points.



    Angle - Sharp bony angulations which may serve as bony or soft tissue attachments.
    Example : superior, inferior, and acromial angles of the scapula; superior, inferior, lateral angles of the occipital bone; angle of the mandible
    1 - angle of the mandible ; 2 - superior angle of the scapula

    Body - Usually refers to the largest most proeminent segment of the bone.

    Example : diaphysis or shaft of long bones like the femur and humerus; body of the mandible



    Canal - Passageway through a bone.
    Example : optic canal
    As a person who is dominant in air signs, this was one of my biggest problems and I am still trying to quit this mindset. Be someone who acts, not someone who just plans.


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    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    Here you have to establish authority over yourself and in face of yourself: Self-accountability. No one else outside of you, you are the judge of your own character here and you must address your own existence as either valuable or of no value. Does your word to yourself, in your inner monologue mean something to you? It clearly does not, therefore you don't believe in yourself, therefore you don't act. It isn't a question of suffering vs reward, of motivation, but a question of Authority that you lack in your self reflection. You have to rely into your own persona to accomplish everything and anything you put your focus on.
    Such beautiful wisdom, thank you!
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    The beauty of it is that you don't have to conform to the frame of any individual, for example the wheelchair guy, it only works because he has to address this in his life, yet you don't have to for that exact matter. Therefore understand that your identity is not equal to the value others ascribe to theirs. Being enabling in your thinking is great and necessary, but also you have to admit that things can become a coping mechanism if it serves no real purpose in your life, ie. now you knowing a wheelchair guy exists you don't express gratitude on your life based on the false fear of "what if". Because this empathic nature is what drives a lot of people to sympathize too much and become placid, weak and desiring too little and less from life masquerading in simplicity while only doing so based on FEAR, not on belonging!
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    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    Desire is absolutely beautiful and it is an actual joyful pain one necessitates. Desiring is a mechanism of existence here. There is a secret however here, the polarity of desire is: you don't have "it", you lack "it". The opposite? You have it and you don't care, or better yet you don't necessarily obsess on desire, but you use it magically, and it manifests. There is a difference and great thing here: things manifests when you act on them, and when you act you acknowledge , and desire transforms in becoming desired, in attraction. You either love the desire or you become the desire of your subject, you become loved. Embody desire, you stop passive judgement and you become an active element. The desires written above are only surface level automatisms of the present reality, they are there to keep you active and living, gives you a purpose unless you override them or introduce bigger and real goals. Pursuit here is synonymous with desire, and in your pursuit of your desired goal, your habits and personality adapt and they fuel and motion towards that.
    NakedPluto [JG]
    NakedPluto [JG]
    What is beneath this? What is above this? All of this is the nature of being alive and a human, ie. all the beings of the earth here have these systems of existence in them, meaning that all of this given for all, it is a material you are given to shape and create yourself. You , that you think you are, is just what others are, yet unique. What an opportunity to create cravings towards the spiritual existence, towards the improvement of oneself, of civilization, of overcoming. Here you have to ask yourself, what makes me different, and how I can overcome the idle state of existence. Calibrate your habits to what you think it is superior to become.
    Why am I doing these posts?
    Will any of my posts just help flip a switch in anybody? Maybe.

    But I am doing this so we can have everyone aware that we are all working on ourselves.

    That you are not alone fighting the dark of this current world.

    You are not alone fighting yourself.

    I wish that talking about your practices becomes a normality, I wish that everyone here feels and knows they are not struggling alone.

    This was the hardest feeling to tackle 5 Years ago when I dedicated, the loneliness of this path.

    But it doesn't have to be like that.

    We build the Empire of Satan, every knight grows stronger by the power of example, be the change you wish to see in the world.
    "I'm gonna meditate when I have a nice and stable material life"

    This was one of the lies I kept telling myself to excuse my fear of fully trusting my practices.

    Yes, you could do that, but guess what, if you have a stable spiritual life, the stable material life is gonna accelerate exponentially towards you.

    You shouldn't be afraid to meditate because you'll lose on life, you should be meditating so you WILL NOT lose on life.
    Do not be afraid of approaching any skill.

    Whether you had the formal education or not, whether you think you couldn't do it even though you wish to attain it.

    It all starts from small steps.

    Do not be afraid to start from scratch.
    Absorb and embody the basics.

    Embody who you wish to be starting now.
    Tick tock it's time to be your best self!

    Today is the time to start that one routine that you were thinking about and not started yet!

    Today is the time to dive in meditation even if you have been away for a while!

    And by today I actually mean right now.
    Right now is the moment to set a trajectory for your life and follow it!
    Thinking about it, would anyone be interested in an Android app for organizing your meditation routine? Something maybe like a workout app, but spiritual...
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan