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This was an amazing ritual to do!!

Lord Orobas has helped me immensely at these hard times!

Thank you so much to you too High Priest!!!

Along with Azazel, Lord Orobas is extremely helpful on matters of the enemy and knowledgeable. He can be consulted on spiritual weaponry to the fullest level. He and Marbas have unique significations in many cultures, but are very important figures in Northern European mythology and building societies.
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
Greetings to all of our Satanic Family,

We are continuing strong with another Ritual, now for Lord Orobas. This will be a very powerful and good Ritual like the first one, continuing in the strong path that has been set with the prior Rituals.

May Orobas be blessed forevermore.

Please be understanding on any other topics right now as the Gods and these Rituals are top priority and they require a lot of spiritual work and research in the back end that must be done and I do it all, to produce the greatest results.

These Rituals are central focus now, and yes, there will be more developments in September. We must focus on these Rituals and bring ourselves into proper higher levels, while simultaneously bonding strong as a group with our Gods.

Below, you will find the two links to the Rituals:

New JOSRituals: https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/orobas-power-ritual
Old JOSRituals: https://old.josrituals.org/Demons/Orobas_Power_Ritual.html
Se passar da data estimada pode ta fazendo ou melhor não fazer ?
Michaelwinsagain said:
Christ is king. I’d beat your ass for being a satanist

Glad to see that you are reading our site. The situation is that you cannot do this, and that we Satanists will always be above you as followers of the True Gods.

You will follow a Rabbi from the Levant and you will want to beat people up because you are an animal, and there is not much you can do about this fact besides spit your foulness and animal urges, because this is what you are with Rabbi Christ, an animal and nothing else.

Each to their own. Maybe one day you will see.
Michaelwinsagain said:
Christ is king. I’d beat your ass for being a satanist

Lol yeah right.
You're probably just another skinny guy who looks malnourished and dumb, and IS malnourished and dumb. Fiddling with the keyboard while having a 90 degree posture and pasty skin.

Your lot, muslim cows, kikes....
None of you hold a candle to us. Or to any other person for that matter.

Plus... you're making physical threats in a place like this? With so many occult adepts? You better run to your daddy christ, boy. Because you're about to invite some deep shit if someone from here decides to take metaphysical action against your bony ass.

Crust iz kaaang muh nigga! Crust iz kang!!!!
AFODO said:
Are you planning to continue with animated videos? There is a video, an introductory to Spiritual Satanism, by "G". Is that your video? That is some high-end video, I would love to see such videos. Anyways, good job on your videos, I like them.

Hi. :)
Yes, this is one of my videos. I'm happy you like them. :mrgreen:
Unfortunately, there are other priorities in my life right now. I do wish to get back to making these videos, eventually, but the time is not right for it, yet.
Michaelwinsagain said:
Christ is king. I’d beat your ass for being a satanist

What a faggot. You literally worship a jew as "god" then you wonder why jews are fucking you over in every area of your life. You couldn't be more of a cuck slave.
Lunar Dance 666 said:
Personal Growth said:
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
I also want to thank ApolloAbove and Spine for updating these so quickly, because there is indeed a situation where all of this must happen. Also, everyone who participates and is making sure all of this will happen.

Thank you ApolloAbove and Spine for the old site rituals.

It makes it much more pertinent for me because I can do them on my old iPhone 4s. Otherwise I'd have to get the laptop out and I hardly ever use it. Slow and cumbersome thing the laptop. Well pleased with old version site.

Thanks once again to everyone involved.

I second this. I have an older phone too, and I am struggling as is to keep the important applications running, since it's been running out of storage space. And I've been having to delete things, and move around things to be able to do the things with it that are necessary nowadays. Its been a pain in the arse.

The Netherlands seems to be going through being pushed into communism. Everything must be new tech. Instead of hiring more employees to do the scanning at the kassa, every supermarket now has a 'self scanner', to make it faster to get in and out of the store, but people also steal from this.
Taxes are increasingly getting higher still, along with the price of inflation.. Groceries are expensive as f, not to mention the price on electricity and gas. Increased lobbying for solar panels, energy savers and whatnot.
Yet still they lobby very leftist 'everyone is welcome here' etc.

They finally decided that they will try to raise the minimum wage but that only means more inflation because somehow the 'income/profit must always be the same' for companies, with the result that products are going to get more expensive again, although A LOT is imported from China as is already.
This also leads to things like getting your hours cut. Having to work harder in littler amount of time.

Aside from this, the housing problem because of 'climate crisis' where they were not allowed to build any housing for a while. And any houses that are build now are apartments. And still, the increasing influx of foreigners.
And big taxes on cigarettes etc, whilst they're trying to make the production of weed/pot legal at the same time, because they are trying to get it out of the criminal circuit.. Criminally high fines on stupid things like wrong parking..
And trying to ban the car from the streets and out of cities, but the public transit infrastructure is too bad to cover it properly, plus also expensive to use it if you don't have a plan at that company that runs that infrastructure.

In other words: You don't want to be here.

Lunar Dance I was deleting things and it wasn't opening any space up. So what happened as the phone was not even working as a phone. It was too full to receive text messages or leave a missed call record so I wouldn't know anyone called.

Long story short I erased the whole phone content and settings. So all contacts, apps everything gone. Got me some space but I cannot put any apps again as it doesn't go onto the Apple Store.

They need these phones to usher in their digital control grid. The self service cashier tills is the same digital control grid.

A person really shouldn't spend much time looking at these phones as it weakens a persons concentration. So I don't really look at my phone only for reading.

I know things are getting expensive. Try not focus on that but do practice, 'Thrift is Blessing." You'd be amazed what an income thrift is.

And these problems like no parking and closing roads to cars.

I know the powers that be go to some large summit get together and make all these plans.

But it's all enforced at the local level.

I feel like I'm the only one that looks at it and gets angry.

These local politicians are employed by us the people.

We can turn it around all we need is masses of people to get angry and go to their local council offices.

And demand their employee the politician remove all these invasive and restricting measures.

And if they don't they will have to leave the office and we will put some one else in who will.

We are not there yet with our NPC populations. But our side is growing.

We persevere and continue working on improving the situation in our own way here.

Hang in there sister.
Michaelwinsagain said:
Christ is king. I’d beat your ass for being a satanist

I really want to hurt you and your rotten christ

I hope you meet that rotten bastard alien when you die and see that you made a big mistake

Thanks the Gods, after a couple ritual schedules, the workings sent to donors, and the newer Daemon rituals, I've finally got to sell something I was stuck with for a long time, it wasn't much but for the situation being it definitely meant a LOT and was of help.
Hail Satan!
Unfortunately, due to excessively trying and forceful circumstances, I ended up not even having reliable internet access during the days of the ritual, so I wasn't able to join. The circumstances still persist and are dreadful but at least I can get on your sites now, for now.

Can I still do the ritual over several days? I did miss the immense group boosting effect but I still want to get closer to every single one of our Gods that I can.
Who can tell me about this. my first experience I have after dedication ritual. I did ritual and call Satan Lucifer I ask Satan to show me that He is the one I am worshiping in the next day I saw a black cat 😺 that looking at me and I go closer to the cat but the cat refuse to run and my mind ask me to touch to the 🐈 cat while the other mind tell me not to touch the cat. Until the cat disappear and some days another black cat appears no body see the cat but only me see the cat and people come closer but no one see the cat

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan