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Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule: Dec 7 to Dec 12

The enemy is trying to stop the ritual schedule, it's amazing how these two days have already had an effect.
Luckily I've already done today's ritual, so I hope these ritual pages come back online again
Not sure how long it'll be until Josrituals.org is back up but as of right now old.josrituals.org is currently still functioning if anyone is having issues. Have fun everyone :)
ANPUemsaf-666 said:
Ancient Africa said:
I will obliterate them!

As soos as a im fully heal for what they did to me I'm healing and they gonna get whats coming to them one way or another
good to know that you're starting to feel better...you have the right mindset now ^

yes indeed, it's time to deal some additional damage, on top of all the warfare already done in the past... with AMON-RE-PTAH fully on our side now, that should become even easier ^

Thank you so much


I'm just really sad i didn't start earlier but it is what it is and I'm now fighting on timelines past present and future

I don't know of you guys experience the same but the while doing rtrs I'm going on the Astral and fighting there. It's also an inner war at the same time. It's meditation at the same time
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
Links to the Rituals [NEW FORMAT]

Andras Power Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/andras-power-ritual
Reverse Blood Sacrifice Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/rtr/reverse-blood-sacrifice-genesis-95
Curse Israel RTR: https://josrituals.org/ritual/rtr/curse-israel-genesis-122-3
Justice Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/rtr/restoring-justice-isaiah-5417
Orobas Power Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/orobas-power-ritual
Marbas Power Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/marbas-power-ritual
Destroying Jewish World Domination #2: https://josrituals.org/ritual/rtr/destroying-jewish-rule-domination-2
Beelzebul Power Ritual: https://josrituals.org/ritual/demon/beelzebul-power-ritual

All these links are broken.
At least at the time of writing, Saturday 9am.

Doesn't it smell like revenge? May he who harms the house of the Gods be punished accordingly.
Ramses said:

What you are saying is muslim propaganda and far from the truth.

Turkey has declared a naval excercise in the sea region around israel to prevent the USA from sending war ships into the area for those who dont know if you declare military excercises in an area or war games then if you sail into this area your free game essentially it prevents the deployment of the USA fleet other arab nations have joined this naval excercise too.

Erdoğan pretends to give a shit about Palestine because his voters are muslim. In reality, trade between TC and Israel is at its peak (unfortunately), ships full of goods and equipment leave the ports of Türkiye to go to Israel every day. The journalist(?) who called out Erdoğan for his hypocrisy, for crying out for Palestine in front of the cameras while his family members and political figures of his party are deeply involved in trade with Israel and their corporations are gladly enjoying their sweet profits even today as we talk, is now facing bullshit charges and accused of made up crimes.

The USA is better off not helping Israel for the New World Order at the moment because it'd distract them from China and they would hesitate joining WW3 if they were to fight in two different continents, dividing their power. They may be forced to do that in the future, but this is another topic.

The rest of the info you shared is also muslim propaganda, please be careful about the source you've learned all of this from.

The enemy that humanity has been fighting for thousands of years won't go down because of their own puppets, certainly not thanks to the backwards evolved half-ape muslim terrorists (I mean real muslim terrorists, not the regular people). Muslims never do anything that ultimately harms jews. They are controlled and bound on another level, they can't do it even if they want to do harm. Even if jew nation were to collapse and be defeated, they'd just do what they did when this happened in the past. Scatter around the world, infiltrate, start over. The war is only partly what we see and it mostly is a reflection of the spiritual war. Wars fought with missiles and guns at the age of atomic bombs are facades, distractions, and tools for greater purposes.

Israel was not just genocoding the Gentile heritage. It wasn't just a genocide camp, it was also a breeding camp set up in order to breed most disgusting examples of humans. Do you remember how ISIL destroyed the remnants of ancient times when they finally were in power and got their hands on them? If you don't remember, there is a video, the second one on the page: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/i...ty-nimrud-isis-tried-destroy-identity-n694636

The thing is, Hamas don't let isil or daeş terrorists join them because Hamas find isil ''too soft'' to join them. DAEŞ/ISIL is too modern and soft-hearted according to Hamas, this is who they are. Hamas only accepts born Palestinians. Israel has been breeding Hamas, Hamas is a product of Israel, they were destroying gentile spiritual lineages and producing the likes of Hamas. Israel kills babies and Hamas put babies on the front lines to record them being killed by Israel to show the world how poor victims they are, then they seize the humane help sent by other gentiles who watched the video. The money is being laundered in the construction companies in Türkiye. This and the drug money (they produce it and sell it to the west again through Türkiye) fund Hizbullah, Hamas, DAEŞ. So they can destroy Gentile heritage in the Middle East and produce radical muslims.

I live in Türkiye. We are witnessing everything with our own eyes. Erdoğan has done everything necessary to destroy a strong frontier between Europe and Middle East and create a woke-muslim borderless crowd instead of what once was a nation. The migrant waves, the terrorist muslims, woke ideologies spreading, all of these are related. Erdoğan, Israel, Arabs, actually all Muslims are together. Muslims are taught to hate jews because this is natural to humans but what they worship is a fake jew god and whatever they do is to help jews without realizing, only the elites are aware.

It was about that from the day 1.

Pammy said:
If it is finally time for the world to see the real face of Israel and it is impossible to stop, because of the coming age of Aquarius and JoS spells are working, ''why don't we use it for our agenda if it is inevitable anyway?'' is what they are doing. The world will see jews as invaders they are but this will be twisted so muslims, nothing but tools to jews, can be the new ''victims''.

If it was anything simpler than that we wouldn't be fighting this war for so long. It has been thousands of years, it is about time we recognize their ways. They are following the footsteps of their creators: breed and convert a lineage, send them to infiltrate, and make them fight each other. This is how jews came into existence and the mindset behind creating christianity and islam. Christians and muslims are still salvageable because their souls are Gentile but I think it is obvious enough at this point that how jews work.
Akay said:
The enemy is trying to stop the ritual schedule, it's amazing how these two days have already had an effect.
Luckily I've already done today's ritual, so I hope these ritual pages come back online again

I was just about to do my rituals and they attacked the websites, luckily ı could make it through my pc.

Beautiful nickname by the way :)
[HPS said:
Lydia" post_id=476197 time=1701973532 user_id=57]
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
9. Orobas Power Ritual, Justice Against Enemy Ritual, Curse Israel RTR
10. Marbas Power Ritual, Justice Against Enemy Ritual, Curse Israel RTR

@Everyone, it's this ritual. HPHC emailed and confirmed:

Restoring Justice

Thank you.
At first I didn't know which ritual it was.

I know it as "disarming the enemy".
The jew in general has Finally Let the victim mask fall off Entirely i Was going back and forth with one on A comment section. And brought up the Jewish ritual murders And it was even boasting about Everything From knowing that they're reptilian and how they control the world etc.. It made me enraged. How cocky an arrogant they are Thinking they're going to get away with all these heinous crimes they have committed I think to myself everyday and hope father Satan's punishment to them is absolutely brutal
There is no brutal Or a severe enough punishment for these monsters for the crimes they've done. In my opinion. No amount of hate towards these people will ever be enough. I find comfort in hating these people intensely.
Fuchs said:
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
After this schedule, we will not be doing any more warfare for quite a while and only blessing Rituals.

We still should do everyday, at least once FRTR+Tetra+Shattering right?
I have noticed that on the new ritual page, when you are blotting out FRTR and Tetra the blue area shows up and it is a little distracting, I would love a fix on that. Thank you.
Ancient Africa said:
Thank you so much
I'm just really sad i didn't start earlier but it is what it is and I'm now fighting on timelines past present and future
🖤... yes indeed, i used to think the same, but nowadays it's almost impossible for me to look back at things,especially as time passes and keeps passing... my minds's changed ,very heavily... i mostly care about the "NOW"... which is the future ^

...at least in regards to this current life, i've still gotta admit that i might be a lil' curious about what i was actually doing in my past Lifes, though... ^

...but for now, that's not a priority, i'll eventually find all the answers,in the future... no need to hurry ^
The only constants in an SS' life, at least for now, are warfare and advancement (sometimes they mix) . So yeah, we do warfare :D .
This is a little late no one's probably going to see this And who knows made it even get approved. But somebody might years ago One time I was at a store and I came across a full-blown Jew. And he started talking to me. Trying to gain my trust because I have a scar on my head From brain surgery and he saw that and he kept trying to get me to go with him to go. Meet his friend who does hair tattoos or something like that saying that he can make it to it look like. Hair is growing in the scar My point is, this Jew. Did something To my heart Chakra I could feel energy pulsating through it and I felt like I could trust this Jew And he made me feel happy talking To him I knew that was WAY off For me to be feeling that way. He kept looking at
my chest So I immediately started praying to father satan in my head. And I got this huge feeling of intense fear to get away from that Jew as quick as possible. My point is, these Jews can use energy to manipulate you to make them trust them. They can make you feel happy about them. They can make you like them. But because I'm a satanist that did not work on me
AT ALL I KNEW better than to trust this creature Then this jew even told me that he mentioned something reptilian in the brain Like he was admitting to me. Low key that they're all reptilian i'm pretty sure he knew I was a satanist, I have Father satan's sigils tattooed on my arm And I'm pretty sure that he knew what those symbols were. My main point is never, ever talk to Jews about nothing cause they can and will manipulate you if I was any other person and not a satanist that jew could have easily victimized me. It was around passover When I came across this Jew in the store. So I think he was looking for a victim to sacrifice. I acted like everything was cool with him. I played it off very cool. Cause honestly I was scared. And after a second this Jew could tell. I was scared, then he kept trying to ask me what my name was. Then the jew gave me his number Which I then Tossed in the garbage immediately when I left the store his name was israel fachbach an Absolute creep
For some reason, I was inspired to post About this so I did.
Yes, they have training and experience with manipulating Gentiles like that.

When you see a jew, do void meditation as it helps you go undetected, and you can even quickly draw Akasha element in your aura if you're experienced with it, this will also help you go undetected.

And when in doubt, do as you did and pray to Satan right then and there :)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan