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Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

Hp. Hoodedcobra666

Administrative High Priest
Staff member
Sep 19, 2017
As the path to initiation with the Gods, Spiritual Satanism follows the flows of nature and our beliefs are based on the cosmic eternal laws of nature.

Currently, it is Ostara. It is a time to contemplate the power of creation in nature, the generative power that mysteriously brings this world into being and sustains it. Astarte is the representation of this force.

This very power is responsible for the flow, birth and growth of life everywhere in the universe. Spiritually speaking, this very power is related to the Kundalini Serpent and the divine union that must take place to activate the higher potential in every human being. Astarte rules over this process.

As it has been stated in the JoS page about Astarte, the symbolism of Astarte as both Isis and Demeter, has been the archetype of the Divine and Loving Mother, the Queen of Love and Beauty, but also a Deity of War and most impressive spiritual potential.

Later on, this was perverted into the "holy mary" and was further removed as a symbol in Islam, both of which hoaxes are aimed to create imbalanced and lesser human beings distanced from higher understandint. Wherever these hoaxes have hit, we have very serious social and personal imbalances taking place. Society suffers.

In this Ostara we should also commemorate and thank the Gods and Astarte specifically for their existence, but become also partakers of this divine blessing.

For this reason anyone who wants, ought participate for the next 3 days in doing the Astarte Power Ritual. Especially those who might feel they need to come closer to Inanna, or simply for those who want to thank Her.

May Astarte be praised, HAIL ASTARTE!!!

Below the link to the Ritual:


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
I really love Astarte's energy, it is so calm and beautiful. :)

I had only one occasion (other than her Power Ritual) where I felt her energy, and it was again so peaceful... And she appeared to me (talked to me) unexpectedly while I was doing something, and I was very happy that she found worth in what I was doing, and wanted to help me fully understand something.

I believe she is a lovely Goddess. I wish to get to know her more. :)

I will definitely do her Power Ritual. Every time I do it, I want to keep staring at her Sigil forever as it calms me down. :mrgreen:

Thank you for posting this, and a million, trillion, infinite number of thank you's to all the Gods and Goddesses that love us and show us the way in our Spiritual Path.

Hail Astarte!!!
I did a lovely ritual this afternoon at Venus time in honor of our Queen Astarte, with egg-shaped candles. In front of the lit altar, I vibrated her power ritual! 😊

Hail Queen Astarte!
Happy Ostara Brothers and Sisters !
I was off this day as I scheduled it at my job. So I can’t complain. I will also do the ritual to Lady Astarte!! All Hail the Divine Mother
Happy Ostara to all my brothers and sisters in Satan! May all of our lives be blessed with fertility and renewal for the year ahead.

Hail Astarte! Hail Satan!
Thanks Astaroth
We are seeing our economy flourish with the bankrupt of American national centralised banks and the rise of decentralised crypto (Bitcoin )
Can this be the spring for our power
And us the flower
I do this ritual a lot and definitely it is true what you say. And what peaks my interest is she is the Queen if time. Really weird instances have happened like this where i did an rtr an suddenly my astral body was in a place and event that happened to me in the past and almost all of those was when something important happened sometimes good sometimes bad but related to my advancement.

Hp Cobra why was one of my posts disapproved that related to the advancement of JoS.

The platform i want SS to join and do warfare on is perfect because it's mostly about the exposing the jews but there is a lot of christian notions that jews are satanic and I don't see aby JoS material on there and i think thi is a perfect opportunity to show if we work as a team to expose christians and make JoS even more opened up to the world. THEY NEED THIS and we do.

This is the platform and all we need to do is share JoS links and create JoS channels.
These rituals always return such beautiful energy when doing them.

Hail Astarte!
Hail Satan!
Not sure if it's just on my end but I noticed this on Astarte's advanced information page.

When saying ISIS, is the correct pronunciation Eye-sis or EE-sis? I've read that is was both accounts depending on the location in ancient times, I am making a video and want to make it perfect.
That's actually really interesting. I was thinking to myself "I really feel like a ritual to Astarte tonight". I look here and there's the ritual being suggested.
Happy Ostara!!
She is a Goddess beyond amazing. When I do her ritual I always feel like She gives us a big hug and says ‘keep going cause it’s going to be better!’. I really can’t explain or express the joy and love I feel for her.
She made me aware of the bond between a mother a child. I healed my relationship with my own mum so much. I can only hope that one day I can give and do at least the same for my children.
I’m really grateful

Hail Inanna!
Just to be sure, we are to do Astarte ritual from 20 to 23, but I seen only now so... can I do it from 21 to 24th?!
This is so awesome HP!!!
I'm on board to do these rituals!!! Honoring Queen Astarte is a literal bliss and blessing moment!! She's the greatest!!!!

To be honest it's actually taken me a while to really absorb the gravity of our Gods.

I mean with all of the talk of us being "Family", with the Gods. I tended to associate them more casually as one would associate with a family member.

But looking at their Hieretic information it dawns that they had palaces and were worshipped. That they are not to be casually thought of.

They are Gods and not mere mortals, we are so fortunate that they look kindly upon us fools.

I love Astartee. And have so long during the winter been looking forward to the new life of Spring.

Bring on more sun and a rebirth of nature.

Hail Venus the Godess of the Spring.
Happy Ostara to you and all of the Spiritual Satanists all over the world beloved HP

I have some questions:

1. What if I don't do the Rituals( I very love to perform the rituals of Four crowned prince and princess of the Hell and for Demons , but I can't do it because of the some circumstances that are going in my life, like not having privacy and things like that ). I'm doing my best to solve it.

2. Did you made the audio of this part of the Ritual of blessing Mother Inanna on how to correctly pronounce:

I call you by your Name:
I'm in!

I was outside looking around reflecting on the various elements of nature, at that moment I was under the Sun and felt a certain energy, so I thought:
Astarte is the Goddess of Nature, so it would be nice to gather energy from a natural and strong source, the Sun, and give it to her.

I would propose these days to collect natural energy from the Sun during the Sun hours, make a sphere and give it to Astarte.

I think it is an appreciated gift.
Do you like the idea?

I will do it anyway.
Thank you, High Priest Cobra.

Our joy and beauty are in your name, Astarte! 🌻💖

Happy Ostara to all.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan