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What do you think? Am I in the right direction?


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Sep 2, 2022
I want to know if I am on the right track.

In my current understanding I see that to achieve what we call success, be it with having a partner, with other relationships or with getting money. What determines success in these and other areas of life, is all a consequence derived from the situation in our 'inner world'.

It is all about giving and receiving value.
When you look at a girl or a pile of money, you are attracted to it and your desire grows. But why? What really attracts you is the idea of the value these things can bring to your life, without this value these things become just paper and flesh, and nothing more.

The same concept applies to ourselves, in order to be attractive and successful we have to prove our worth, we have to make it clear that we have great potential to bring value to someone's existence. The results will be money in the case of business and good relationships in the case of social life.

So what we must always look for in anything is the value it can bring to our existence, regardless of what a given thing looks like, which can often give the impression or illusion of value.

So here I have delimited two areas to work on, the first concerns ourselves and our 'inner world', the second concerns acting and putting into practice, manifesting our 'inner world'.

The first aspect is governed by Astarte and the second is governed by Baalzebul.

For a deeper understanding, however, one should apply the Satanic virtues, in this way everything is directed for the better.

But underlying all this I see the two points listed above.

What do you think? Am I in the right direction?
Success is something determined by its quality in my view.

Our health, ability to save money and live within our means and the ability to be self-sufficient without depending too much on things like fast food and so on bring more success in life than what is superficial.

Our wealth is a very little part of what makes us successful in life and it's not the only thing that attracts people to us. How we care for ourselves and the things we value the most are far more important, although we can't get far without money and it is something worth seeking out. We can't take our possessions with us in death, yet in life we can live happier through our possessions and material gains.

This may sound convoluted but my thoughts here are that a Satanist should always look to quality over quantity. Also, it's all about finding someone who you genuinely enjoy being around that shares your views. These people can be rare at times but they are out there.

Again, success in all these areas comes with time. Success is also determined by ourselves and not by those around us (family and so on). We create and shape our own reality, yet this should be within reason of what is practical and functional for you. Being one of those MGTOW people for example is obviously not a functional kind of life as we need to find balance between us and our partner; becoming a unit that works together in harmony.

I hope this helps a little.
Sorry for the last reply, I felt a little confused about the question. I think you are on the right track! Building up your inner-world and manifesting it into the real world to build and shape the life that suits you best. Success in this regard I suppose would be acquiring things and people in your life that are the most fulfilling and satisfying to you.

It's a pretty complicated question you put there but I'd definitely say you're ideas are on the right track in my view.
I would have said that it is determined by 1. effort 2. expectation. But what you say is pretty similar I guess.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan