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Staying Safe During Enemy Holidays


Jan 23, 2018

Today, the 23rd of February, is the Jewish holiday of Purim. Given the attacks in Russia, I'm sure you've already heard. Sadly, mass attacks and bloodletting are extremely common on these particular dates, and there's a long, sordid history of such events occurring on the major Jewish holidays, going back centuries. Assassinations, terrorist attacks, even Chernobyl happened during Passover.

Speaking of Purim, there is nothing truly worth knowing. Another day dedicated to Jewish whining and "celebration" of their status as forever victims, particularly some fairytale about how they were being victimized by the Achaemenid Empire (ironically, it was around this time Jewish powers had become increasingly invested in Persia, leading to (((certain events))) in Greece some time later).

However, like any Jewish holiday, it's a day of Torah chanting and gentile cursing, and that'll be the main focus of this post. If you're a long time member, this probably won't be for you, as the information inside will be that which you already know.

For SS, these Jewish holidays are of particular note. For anyone who's spiritually active and just starting one, one is much more liable to experience what's referred to as "enemy attacks". These are feelings of negative energy which can trigger negative mindsets, anxieties and the like. Sometimes, one may encounter things that trouble them, like an argument with someone, or seeing something that bothers them. These events are generally benign and there's no real major threat, but they can be deeply annoying.

How do enemy attacks work? It's important to envision these things not too deeply. Don't imagine some Reptillian sitting somewhere with a crystal ball cursing you specifically. Instead, I'll give a short description of the reality, and it roughly works like so. Think of the enemy egregore/matrix/energy vortex as a despicable, unholy computer system. Think of us as the noble Satanic viruses. In occultic terms, the Jews refer to us as the "Sparks of Amalek", and the egregore will, effectively, automatically defend itself against said sparks, especially during their various holidays when it's being fed energy and being further codified to carry out the usual Jewish endgame.

At the end of the day, however, it's important to remember the enemy is not omnipotent. Not at all. Not only that, but we have the Gods. As dire as all this sounds, it's really not actually that bad, and one shouldn't have overmuch fear about these holidays. Instead, one should simply focus on self-defense. As a general rule of thumb, one should always do their chakra workings, yoga and the like as nominal.

First and foremost, the Final RTR. If you have time (and there isn't a schedule running, there often is during Jewish holidays), it's always good to do it when the Jews are up to their usual business. After all, the act of performing it affects the operator, and it's a great way to de-curse and strike back.

Secondly, Aura of Protection. Chanting the ALGIZ rune (as seen above), followed by an affirmation is generally the most popular method of fuelling ones AoP. Remember to keep your affirmation general and airtight, and don't start any new AoPs if it's currently a Void of Course Moon (check the JoS calendar for more information). One does not have to copy this word for word, but can simply tune it to their own desires. Something like "I am at all times spiritually, physically and mentally safe, secure, protected, powerful, strong and healthy in the best and most positive way for me".

Thirdly, cleaning. Again, the most popular form of this is the SURYA mantra, pronounced with the hissing S and rolling R but is otherwise chanted as read. Imagine yourself enveloped in glowing white-gold and visualize yourself being cleaned out as such. Again, same rules as above.

Fourthly, for those who wish to go the extra mile, a secondary runic working may be considered. AoPs and cleaning should be done on a daily basis regardless, but a working such as this one may simply focus on if there's an enemy holiday. This, is another means of protection and striking back, though this one is a bit more customizable to ones liking. For instance, one may try TYR-SOVILO-THURISAZ and follow with an affirmation like "I am now and always deflecting and repelling any and all curses and bindings sent to me back at their senders in the best and most positive way for me."

Lastly, I've taken the liberty of providing a short list of the major Jewish holidays for this year. It goes without saying, there's almost fifty Jewish holidays and those aren't counting ones specific to the diaspora. Jews really do look for any excuse to throw out curses. But in reality, they're doing this every day, and every Saturday especially. For the most part, one won't notice too much energy or activity on these lesser holidays and they're generally pretty worthless and are simply reflective of Jewish mental illness than anything "spiritually effective". As such, I'll simply list the most major holidays. To note, for occultic reasons, I'll be spelling these names from this point backwards.

Mirup: 23rd-24th of March.
Chasep: 22nd-29th of April.
Touvahs: 11th-12th of June.
Va'B a'Hsit: 12th-13th of August.
Anahsah Hsor: 2nd-4th of October.
Ruppik Yom: 11th-12th of October.
Tokkus: 16th-23rd of October.
Terezta Inimhs: 23rd-24th of October.
Hakunach: 25th Dec-2nd Jan.

To note, the most important days to stay clean and defended are during Anahsah Hsor: 2nd-4th of October and Ruppik Yom: 11th-12th of October. For the most part, the other holidays are of lesser relevance in terms of energies raised.

Again, one must not get overly paranoid. These days pass, like any other. As you grow and progress in spiritual wellbeing, just remember, the effect these dates will have on you will gradually diminish and pass. If you're feeling bad energy hitting a particular spot more than others, simply take it as a sign of an energy blockage and focus on clearing it out with added focus on that particular nearest chakra to the best of your ability.

As ever, hail Satan and Gods bless.
This is a very good post for beginners to understand this topic.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan