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Regarding the Sites & Translations

The Alchemist7 [JG]

Head of Translations
Nov 17, 2017
[email protected]
I am posting this here as well in case I've missed anyone in the emails.

To keep things very brief, as you are all aware of the attacks against JoS and the temporary suspension of the online availability of the non-English sites, I think the best course of action is to continue translating offline until the sites are back up.

This will ensure not only that we don't lose any precious time translating-wise, but also when the sites will be back up, adding the content that has been translated in between will only be a matter of copy-paste.

I will take care of creating the images in any language where is needed as posted on the forums.

If you find useful, find attached a zip file with all folders from JoS' main content list, in the order they are listed on the website. You can use this to store your translations safely and organized. I have removed most "inner" folders of each individual article as to not make the process take unnecessary longer. All needed when translating an article is to simply save it in the correct section. There are also folders with all the other JoS sites in case you need them and a folder for RTRs with an individual named folder for each RTR and Ritual.

The "inner folders" that have been kept are the more massive ones, which is most of meditation section, Witchcraft section and "The Gods of Hell" in the Demon Section.

You can create another folder with "Sermons" from the forums if needed and save translated sermons of HP Cobra there.

As a rule of thumb all translations should exist online on the websites but equally important is to have them existing offline as well in order to allow for easy recovery if and when needed.

You don't need to store all translations you have done so far in the file uploaded, but you can start storing the future ones at least until the sites are up and running, however ideally in every language there should be a simple, easily and readily accessible way for storing all translations offline for backup easy access when needed.


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