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Question #4206: advice for improving circulation and healing


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Dec 16, 2022
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I wanted to ask if you could point me to what approach I can take for healing. I plan to make this a daily commitment because I have some serious problems that I tend to ignore as being hopeless and thus not worth dwelling on; hence I tend to ignore them and continue trying to focus on other things.

For background info, I had abdominal (middle to groin) surgery upon my birth. I've spent a good deal of my youth having these issues with fear of speaking out because of embarrassment, leading to a life of isolation and for a time suicidal ideations and outbursts. Satan is the only reason that I'm here today honestly.

I'm finally talking to my doctor with the support of a close relative. Because I don't have these medical records on hand (I only learned of this birth information recently from a relative), my doctor appears to not believe me; a young healthy man with occasional constipation/frequent urination and moderate ED.

For the latter, I can get an erection but it's half-way of what it should be (a bit of swelling) in which I can reach a climax, yet it requires constant stimulation and climax can be achieved, although it's within a short duration of time and with less pressure than what should be there. My thinking is that the blood does not remain trapped as it should be.

I told my doctor that I am physically incapable of copulation. His answer was bloodwork for hormones which came back normal. When I do go back I will stress that I would like to see a urologist.

As for healing work... I'm thinking I might try some exercises, acupuncture and doing a sun square for healing. I'd also very much like to meditate on achieving a positive outcome with the western medical system of which has already done great harm to our world.

It overall feels as though I have a lack of circulation going on. As for the constipation, I've been eating organic and including fermented and sprouted foods along with low FODMAP foods which has helped. I had (at times) pain in my lower-left abdomen and I experience daily steatorrhea (fatty stool) and bloating. Since my early childhood I've had a distended gut, yet it's nothing like it used to be considering that I've smartened up with my health and became a Satanist. Hence, I've spent much of my life researching health as much as I'm able to.

What would you recommend for this? I keep feeling hopeless and escaping these issues by hyper-focusing on other things which does me no good. What I need to do is keep meditating and exercising daily. I would like to become all that I can be and I know it starts with improving on those areas that I lack in.

Thanks for your time.

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