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Question #3223: i have venus in gemini ..But I am 0 interested in sex ..


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Dec 16, 2022
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I have this above placement in my natal chart,,But I have 0 interest in sex and I hate the concept of polyamory ...when Jos astro says ,that those with venus in gemini are highly sensuous and love sex and are polyamorous ,,I am exact opposite to this ..how is it so??
Because, probably, this predisposition is mitigated by other positions in the birth chart. One would need to see the whole natal chart.

Or you simply do not know yourself, and deny your way of being. This happens sometimes, when I read TN has other people, but after they see the reality, there are those who understand and those who continue in their illusion.
You could have a strongly placed Saturn aspecting your Venus or mars that restricts you from being sexually loose. Another explanation would be otherwise lacking in air besides your Venus or having a lot of water. If your Venus is on the cusp you may also be more of a venus in cancer than a gemini one or more or even all of these could apply.

A girl I stopped talking to not only had Venus in Gemini but was air dominant with 4 Gemini planets. She was not only flaky but her Leo ascendant made her an attention whore who literally admitted she loved a crowd and was addicted to attention on social media and getting compliments.

If you have a Capricorn or Virgo ascendant for example with a Gemini Venus and maybe one more air planet with the rest being either mostly water or earth having Venus here can also manifest as just being attracted to someone who is playful spontaneous and who is intellectual.

There are people who are otherwise water dominant that still have a Gemini Venus manifesting as being very poly. Each individual chart is unique. I tend to avoid Gemini Venus as a whole and the only reason I gave this last girl a chance was because thought it would manifest different in women, as other straight women I knew did not have this manifestation. it usually only counts for straight men, and apparently also gay or bi women.
Every zodiac sign has a way to permeate their sexuality.
Abstinence(Libra), virginity(Virgo)
Look at your other aspects to Venus, or the house in which it falls. This changes its behavior. For example, a Pluto aspect to Venus in Gemini will create the opposite of polyamorous behavior.

Also, Venus rules pleasure, whereas Mars rules lust. They are both involved with sex, but in different ways. For example, doing a Mars Square will make you feel very lustful and aroused, whereas a Venus Square will make you want to seek out love and positive exchanges with others, including sex.

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