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Power Ritual of Set - question on an energy issue

Feb 19, 2021
Over the past few days I performed the Demon Set power ritual again. As I did so I felt a powerful energy of joy directly within my soul. But it's not over yet, I continue to feel it in a very powerful way and it lasts all day when I perform the ritual. It's a really beautiful and very strong energy. But is it normal for it to last so long? Does the same happen to you too? It's like it never leaves me. And it makes me very happy because even though things have been going badly lately, I am full of joy with this energy. I have never experienced energy that lasted so long. Is it normal for this to happen or is it just a suggestion?

The comparison to understand what it is is like a strong emotion for something beautiful that happened, I don't know how to explain, it's a very strong sensation. This is all really beautiful and happy.
That's lovely that you are having such beautiful experiences from His ritual :)

While it may not be "normal", it sounds like your soul needs Set's ritual. Perhaps ask yourself in meditation, after performing His ritual, why it feels so good for you. The ritual might be healing something in your mind or soul, for example.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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