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Please do NOT post your questions here!


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Sep 22, 2017
[To mods, please consider sticking this thread to the top of the subforum]

If you wish to post a question using your forum account, please use the main forum and start a thread with your question there:


Posting questions here using your forum account completely defeats the purpose of this service which is to allow members to ask questions anonymously. If you want your question to be posted in this forum, click the link bellow and submit your question to the service:


Blitzkreig [JG said:
" post_id=407122 time=1671323180 user_id=21286]‘Ask Satan’ is a JoS website where individuals can anonymously submit questions that they need answered. After submission, a trusted member will review and post these questions onto the forums through the AskSatanOperator account.

From here, everyone can see and answer these questions without any way to trace the information back to you. Similarly, the website operators are also blinded from knowing who submitted the question, unlike email.

Based on the question you submitted, you can soon find your question posted within the it's own thread, within the Ask-Satan.net Forum.

The questions will be submitted to the appropriate thread through the AskSatanOperator account. As with the ‘Ask All Questions Here!’ thread, many people can reply to your question. This increases the likelihood of getting an answer, plus it does not result in advanced members getting bogged down answering simple, yet private questions through email.

With all this in mind, please respect a few rules for the smoothest operation:

1) Keep your messages anonymous!

Please do not tell anyone who you are within the message itself. There is no need to say “Hey, it’s Blitz…” nor should any other revealing information be given at any point in time.

2) Within the ‘Ask Satan’ threads, do not reveal the identity behind your question or others!

This defeats the point of the anonymous service. Instead, you can submit additional questions, or see Rule 5 to have AskSatanOperator quote other users directly.

3) Make your messages short and simple.

Only include critical details or anything directly relevant to your question. This helps people quickly and easily answer you.

4) Do not include multiple astrological natal points or unrelated questions!

Not only does this complicate the answer and reduce the likelihood of someone answering you, but this can violate the security of the service, especially if a whole natal chart is submitted.

Submit multiple separate questions instead of one large and complicated one.

5) If you need to reference another user’s comment, please attach the URL of that post within your message.

In the case that you want AskSatanOperator to quote another user, such as for additional questions, please include the URL address with your question. To find the URL of a specific post, right-click on the title of that post, then click “copy link”.

If you then test the link within your browser, it should load the page directly at that specific post. This is how the site operator will know which post you are referring to exactly.

Here is an example of the link to a specific post within a thread: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=80179&p=406085#p406085

6) Follow the normal JoS rules.

This is not a service for attacking people directly or other poor behavior. This is not a gossip service.

Follow all of the above and you can expect your question to be posted and hopefully answered within a short amount of time. If your question was not posted, it is most likely one of these rules was violated, and therefore the site operator had to reject the question.

With that in mind, do not hesitate to make use of this service! This is supposed to be a comfortable and safe way for people to get answers. Both advanced and new SS can find use here!

Try the new service out now: https://ask-satan.net/


Many people helped with this project. Please acknowledge the work of your fellow SS:

Blitzkreig [JG] : Initial idea and development
Lydia [JG]: idea development
Soaring Eagle 666 [JG]: website development, idea development
NakedPluto: idea development
VoiceofEnki : idea development
HP. Hoodedcobra666: website hosting, project oversight
DeepScrub: hosting support, idea development
Blackdragon666 [JG]: idea development

Lydia [JG said:
" post_id=407485 time=1671436135 user_id=57]

Do not use this service for normal questions! Each one takes time for the operator to post. If you are asking about who a God is in another pantheon, for example, this is NOT a personal, secret, anonymous, embarrasing, or natal chart related question! There is no need whatsoever to post something like this anonymously!

Members need to participate in the forums, not use this service to avoid participating normally. Please be respectful, post regular questions here yourself, instead of going through an anonymous service. Otherwise, you are defeating the purpose of this anonymous service.

Also, please consult the announcement thread for this service for updates and a full description of the project:

Actually, would it not be best to have a separate forum for questions instead of people asking questions in the thread
"Ask All Questions Here! New members."? That thread could be a separate forum instead. Just a thought.
xlnt said:
Actually, would it not be best to have a separate forum for questions instead of people asking questions in the thread
"Ask All Questions Here! New members."? That thread could be a separate forum instead. Just a thought.

I think having that one topic for questions is a lot more clean than having a forum suffocated by thousands of topics just to each say one short question.

And this project for anonymous questions was something that was certain to happen because it could be necessary for some people.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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