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Paradigms - frames of thinking.


Sep 29, 2018
Correct formation of thinking and the art of thinking is extremely important for an adequate perception of reality. The presence of cognitive distortions, prejudices, harmful programming and assumptions constrains our thinking and prevents us from seeing things clearly. Among other things, we will not talk about spiritual aspects, clairvoyance and insights of the soul here; this article is devoted to paradigms and the ability to work with your own. Nowadays, it is still possible to come across examples of impeccable thinking and conclusions, but this skill is found in people rather contrary to what the agenda and the media shape from society.

Thinking and its mechanisms have a direct bearing on how we look at and understand things. If you want to understand something deeply, you need to get into the very “background” of the thinking process and think about thinking. One of the key things that exists in our thinking and how we apply it is paradigms. Explaining that this is quite simple. Just by getting a fairly complete secondary education in most places in this world you will have something like the average global NPC-Andrapod mentality paradigm.

You will be confident that the government is telling you the truth, that the Holocaust definitely happened and 6 trillion jews died (oh vey), that Hitler was a bad guy, that they really wanted to cure Covid with vaccines, that your taxes are benefiting you, and much, much more. This will be what the modern information environment programs us for. The indoctrination of most people is still not that deep, and finding an ambassador of the typical NPC agenda will be 100% quite difficult. Although each of you, I am sure, has many acquaintances who correspond to this “standard 0 lvl” NPC paradigm by 90-99%.

At the other end of the corridor you have the paradigm of insane schizophrenic conspiracy guys. These guys eat everything. Perhaps this arises as a reaction of the mind to everything bad that was done to him in the camp of “ordinary things”, and the guy decides to simply apply the logical operation of denial to all the beliefs that he had before. And of course here we get all these crazy things like -micro-chipping through milk, crazy hippie/new age agenda, secret space programs, tin foil hats, and much more. Through research and analysis, people from this paradigm (initially) can even become SS, probably some came this way. However, at its core, this paradigm does too much damage to common sense and does not move anyone forward.

We also have a science guy. He thinks in terms of “proven by British scientists” if we are talking about the worst case scenario. In a successful case, this is an example of a fairly insightful but biased mind existing purely in the world of empirical, provable facts. The lack of understanding of how science is “really” done now weakens this paradigm. If astronomers eliminate Pluto as a planet, then for this guy it actually ceases to exist as an object of interest. If astrology is declared a “pseudoscience”, science guy will never be seriously interested in it.

After all these examples, you should have a fairly complete understanding of what a paradigm is. In a broad sense, it is a set of attitudes and ideas about the world, the lens through which you look and perceive reality. The presence of two or more paradigms in your mind is the only real opportunity to look at things objectively. Some paradigms can complement each other and act as additional magnifying glasses for your understanding of reality. Imagine that you have a night vision device, the ability to see in the infrared spectrum, a microscope, a radio telescope, etc. Each subsequent paradigm is an update of your ability to see and experience this world.

Of course, they are not all equal. The introduction of harmful and unworking paradigms about the world around us is something that the authorities have been doing for a very long time. During the 19-20 centuries, they did this with a huge number of people in the form of introducing the ideology of Communism, and even earlier Social Democracy as a “scientific doctrine”. By introducing the idea of class struggle, added value and nonsense from Karl Marx's capital, a huge number of people were indoctrinated until the complete destruction of traditional society. This later led to revolutions and world wars. Simply by introducing harmful paradigms into the general population. Something similar is happening now with the introduction of the LGBT+ and transgender agenda. People are taught the paradigm of 33 genders, the lack of normal adequate ideas about themselves and even their bodies. Here it is easy to understand how powerful a weapon the paradigm is.

This weapon is double-edged and can be used to destroy prejudices and lies. The Joy of Satan is an example of an impeccable forge of strong intellects and rare (at the moment) but extremely valuable paradigms. The first example would be Astrology paradigm. Of course, every astrologer knows that the use of astrology is an impeccable tool of the mind. You can consider the problem as an astrological problem, break down the parts of the problem into components and relationships and present them in the form of the relationship of different planets, aspects, planets in signs and houses. Each person is a carrier of certain astrological correspondences, each sphere of activity has its own sign and house suitable for it. Different planets govern different human activities and so on. The laws of astrology are easily extrapolated to any other areas of human activity and are genuine Divine knowledge. Having this lens in stock and constantly sharpening it, you learn to see the small in the big, and the big in the small. Among other things, astrology also provides wonderful synergy. You can study other branches of the occult using what you know about astrology, and it will work.

The Tarot paradigm deserves special mention. Although for myself personally I do not identify any “separate” way of thinking through the Tarot, as an example it is enough to say that 78 cards and the relationships between them contain all the diversity of the symbolic representation of the World. This is a universal language, an encoding, using the example of which you can consider absolutely any problem or situation, see in the Arcana both the highest and extremely wise things, as well as ordinary and everyday things. The Tarot already contains within itself a layer of correspondences between Alchemy and Astrology, which unites these areas with each other. This is a kind of lens-adapter between different parts of occult knowledge.

What is most valuable (but also requires the most practice and understanding to implement as the basis of everything) is what I can call the Spiritual paradigm. Your practice of working with your own soul, observations, coincidences and experience will sooner or later lead you to a total awareness of spiritual laws, the connection between the internal and the external. This is the place when and where you are absolutely sure and know that magic works, where your superpowers do not need to be explained by a “miracle,” where everything lies in a direct correspondence of cause and effect without strange gaps. While outsiders have only a fragmentary understanding of the spiritual, at the level of this super-lens you have something like unconditional confidence and KNOWLEDGE of what has been tested and proven at the level of theory and practice. This is what ancient advanced philosophy was all about. About acquiring wisdom and the ability to see the world through it. Spiritual laws relate to the upper layer of this world, which means they can be found and applied in all other paradigms and on all their other layers. In the case of other occult lenses, the spiritual paradigm enhances and enriches with practical experience what you previously knew only in theory.

What do we get when we combine the previously mentioned science guy paradigm with the spiritual one? Yes, we see quantum physics, advanced computing and theory of consciousness here. Torsion fields and many other things related to advanced (impossible for us from the position of the jewish agenda) technologies of our species. Once science discovers the unmanifest part of existence (they now shyly call it “dark matter”), many things become possible. Teleportation? Just give us time. Zero point energy? Why not.

Upgrading our schizo conspiracy theorist with the help of a spiritual paradigm. We're getting the real Chad. He can no longer be deceived; his spiritual vision will allow him to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Having a basis and foundation, his consciousness is no longer lost in the kaleidoscope of half-truths. Truly advanced and deprogrammed people who have the POWER to do something, and not just be outraged by the fact that the conspiracy is everywhere around them.

The more people around us apply the spiritual paradigm in their lives, the more perfect we will become as a species. The cumulative effect of the awakening light of the Gods will be fractally reflected in all actions and knowledge created with the help of this, as it was previously in ancient civilizations.


In conclusion, I can say that every serious scientific field or philosophical doctrine can be a paradigm for you personally. Taoists view the world as governed by a higher cause (Tao) through its power (Te), by penetrating enough into the essence of this idea (or any other), meditating on understanding this, you can make your lens out of it and see every event through an explanation within the paradigm of this specific lens. By training the mind in this way, thinking will have no limitations.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan