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On the astrological decons of the signs


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Aug 31, 2019
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As we know, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, each with its own element, 3 with fire, 3 with water, 3 with earth, and 3 with air. All 12 signs of the zodiac contain up to 30 degrees each every 10 degrees is ruled by a planet. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars, Taurus by Venus. Some signs have a co-ruler also and some planets rule 2 signs, For example, Mercury ruling Gemini and Virgo.

Each section of every 10 degrees in a given sign is called a decon. Because there are 30 degrees in each sign there are 3 decons in each of all the zodiac signs. Each of these decons in every sign is also ruled by its own planet, that is the corresponding ruler of the next sign in the same element.

For example, Within the sign of Leo, we have the decons of the sun, Jupiter, and Mars, corresponding to Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, in that order. The first 10 degrees are Leo (the sun) 11 to 20 degrees Sagittarius (Jupiter) and 21-30 degrees, Aries (Mars)

If you have a planet in Leo and it is in a Mars decon, it is in the decon of Aries. This means the planet and its affairs will be expressed not only as it would within the sign of Leo, but with some qualities of Aries. An Aries Sun for example in a Sagittarius or Jupiter decon, may not be as impulsive or blunt always as a typical Aries, especially with the degree of the planet in an Aries decon, but the sun's manifestation, in this case, the personality and ego and identity, would have a philosophical and intellectual tendency to it which leans more towards Sagittarius. So an Aries with a few Sag qualities.

This counts for all the planets in whatever decon they may be in. Many of our Gods as I have seen, also have the planets that they rule, as the planets of the specific decons under their own specific degrees of the Zodiac. My Guardian for example Rules 10-14 degrees of Pisces and this is a Cancer decon ruled by the moon, and this is His planet. This does not count for all the Gods I have noted, but a good handful.

Observe this visual example. This is a random example chart generated that is in no way connected to anyone I know.

this article written with this visual example is based on the traditional decons. There is also said to be Chaldean decans and Manilius decons. I speculate the traditional ones are most accurate but feel free to give feedback if more is otherwise known about the decons in general as well.
Shadowcat said:

That is interesting that each sign has decans associated with the ruling planets of its fellow signs. I never noticed that before.

I would also caution people not to let decans confuse them too much. In the example given of the Aries Sun with a Jupiter decan, I believe it is best to think of it as primarily Sun energy, but operating in an Aries way, with a Jupiter twist. With all these names, sometimes people may lose sight of what holds more weight during a full interpretation of the chart.

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