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Necronomicon Meditations for 2024 (UTC-8)

Satan's Crow

Jan 9, 2024
Necronomicon Meditations for 2024 (UTC-8)

I would like to dedicate this work to Lord Belial.
Please remember to check the time. This topic is based on UTC-8. You can create your own according to which category your country belongs to.
I will share it for other countries in time.

Available countries:[Canada (Vancouver), USA (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle)]

Also remember to confirm and check the information written here.

Necronomicon Meditation to Open the Third Eye

This meditation is best done during a powerful full moon, when the Moon is in its own sign Cancer or in its exalted sign Taurus.

January 19th
January 23
January 24

February 14th
February 15th
February 19th

March 12
March 13th
March 17th
March 18th

April 9th
April 10
April 13th
April 14th

May 6
May 7
May 10
May 11th
May 12

June 2
June 3
June 4
June 7
June 20
June 30th

July 1st
July 4th
July 5
July 27th
July 28th
July 31st

August 1st
August 2nd
August 23rd
August 24th
August 28th
August 29th

September 21
September 25

October 17
October 18
October 21
October 22

November 13
November 14
November 18
November 19

December 11
December 12
December 15
December 16

Necronomicon Meditation for the Throat Chakra

Mercury's energies must be strong and at their peak, otherwise you will be wasting your time. Mercury should be in Gemini or Virgo, the signs it rules, or in Aquarius, the sign in which it ascends. Never do this meditation when Mercury is retrograde and in Sagittarius, Pisces or Leo.

February 4

June 3

July 25

September 8 (23.50)
September 26

Necronomicon Meditation for the Heart Chakra

Do it when Venus' energies are strong. Venus is strong when she is in her own signs of Taurus and Libra or in her exalted sign of Pisces. Never do this meditation when Venus is in retrograde or in Scorpio, Aries and Virgo.

March 11

April 29

August 29

Necronomicon Meditation for the Sun Chakra

This meditation should be done during the daytime. It is preferably done directly under the Sun between 10:00 and 14:00 when the Sun is radiating its energies most powerfully. The Sun is at the peak of its energies when it is in its own sign, Leo, and in its exalted sign, Aries. The only other option is the Summer Solstice when the Sun enters Cancer at 0 degrees. Never do this meditation when the Sun is in Libra or Aquarius.

March 19

Necronomicon Meditation for the Sacral Chakra

This meditation should be done at night, when Mars is at the peak of its power. Mars is at the peak of its power when it is in Aries, its own sign, and Scorpio, its co-ruler, or Capricorn, its exalted sign. Never do this meditation when Mars is retrograde or in Libra, Taurus and Cancer.

January 3

April 30

Necronomicon Meditation for the Crown Chakra

This meditation should be done when Jupiter's energies are strong. Jupiter is at the peak of its power when it is in Sagittarius, its own sign, and Pisces, its co-ruler, or Cancer, its exalted sign. Never do this meditation when Jupiter is retrograde or in Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn.

May 25

*Sorry for my bad English.

I always strive to bring you the best content.
If I start soon I will have to wait until next year to do the solar chakra meditation. Would I have to start over from the beginning of the program? And if not can I do so if I want to?

Is June 20th correct for the third eye meditation? The moon will be in Sagittarius the whole day.
I prepared it here for UTC-8 countries.

I don't fully understand the question, it would be better if a more senior member answers it. I don't want to give wrong information.

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