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Migrant Apocalypse


New member
Aug 14, 2021
The apocalypse is here, no not that one, the other one.

negroes and neolithics, HORDES of them. (Also slavs)
Well sorta. . . not really, but the future seems keen on this.

From various news reports, I see that it's spreading outside of nyc and into other states, and I hope very well to the Gods that the state I live in is excluded from this but if not I would like to share a link on a guide on how to survive the closest thing to a migrant apocalypse granted the primary infrastructure should sufficiently collapse.
May need a revision to fit migrants of a certain race type. . . . probably not.

Should said apocalypse happen, some kind of reasonable civic cohesion will hopefully be achieved before any significant damage is done.

I hope this wont happen but considering the nature of negroes and neolithics (late-neolithics in particular), might aswell learn combat and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Endurance (SERE) among other things.

Someone please tell me a god has those brown skinned helots on a leash.

(yes I know what "racist" actually means)
With a particularly racist attitude at the time of writing,
I have the same thoughts as you brother. I've been fortunate thus far where I live, but the goal of the technocrat jews is to "diversify" us to extinction.
The link you posted has useful info and people underestimate the value of this kind of info.
In my opinion, you underestimate the true importance and power of spiritual methods of protection and advancement that exist on JoS. Your physical struggle, the conditions in which you are (and will be in the future) are truly in your control and are a representation of the strength and context of your soul. In other words, fear of migrants and the future, if it is inside you and controls you, will also be able to manifest any negative scenarios on the physical plane.

Of course, this does not exclude the objective component of the enemy’s program to destroy countries through migration; this has existed for more than 50 years in places like France. In others it is a relatively recent development.

Your apocalyptic posts (including from other topics) generally reflect great uncertainty about the future coming from within you. You have all the tools to change your attitude towards these things, develop and strengthen yourself and your confidence in the future.

Believe in the Gods, believe in yourself, do your job and don’t worry about anything.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan