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Israel Bombs a Hospital in Gaza and Kills Hundreds

Satya Mahadev

New member
Oct 10, 2023
Over 500 innocent Gentiles murdered in a flash as Israel targets the Baptist Hospital in Gaza. We continue to witness the ongoing Holocaust (burnt offering) of humans to the jewish Moloch every single day.

These are already injured humans who suffered from the jewish terrorism and were getting treated in a hospital, including children who were in critical condition, parents, old people. But of course, the Holohoax survivors do not care about the "Goyim". "Are you seriously concerned about Palestinian civilians? What's wrong with you Goyim? Haven't you been brainwashed by our Hamas cinematic terrorist spectacle? They came over in parachutes in a scene that is ultra-cinematic which beats jewish hollywood movies."

Rabbi Eli ben Dahan: "Palestinians are animals who don't deserve to live." This is only one of innumerable examples of the sick jewish mind. The "Goyim" no longer need the ADL to confirm the Talmudic verses that say all non-jews are animals in human form, because the Israelites are now proving the Talmudic hatred of Gentiles publicly.

ISRAELIS on Telegram rejoice in the massacre; they compare the corpses of murdered Gentile children to hotdogs. We are dealing with foul cannibals over here. The face of israel as a nation of apathetic psychopaths and ritual murderers of humans and babies is seen by the world as the veil is lifted and the mask is torn apart. In their jewish ritual murders, they drink human blood and eat human flesh as part of their Korban rituals to curse the Human race.

Is there any nastier alien on this planet?

Let this filthy terrorist attack over a hospital full of Gentile Humans remind us what the jewish power did to Dressden in WW2. The same hatred, crimes, and insanity keep on repeating. Will we learn real history? Dresden was an area of hospitals where the sick and injured were treated. It was full of patients, nurses, doctors, families, children. The enemy dropped millions of White Phosphorus bombs over German Gentiles who melted in the infernal fires. Notice also how the British and American air forces pranked the Germans by stopping the airstrike for enough time for the people to come out of their shelters, deceived by the sham ceasefire, and then came back and continued the attack over unarmed innocent civilians with more fierceness.

Israel has done the same: they dropped thousands of leaflets warning the Palestinians to leave their homes and escape to the South, “for your safety, of course.” As the terrorized Palestinian “Humans” began to flee to the south, Israel began bombing them on the road. They think humans are animals created by pedophile Yahweh to serve the jews day and night and they treat humans like rats which they try to ensnare and genocide in holocaust to their reptilian swarm.

“It lies upon the people’s shoulders to prepare for the war, but it lies upon the Israeli army to carry out the fight with the ultimate object of erecting the Israeli Empire.”
— Moshe Dayan

As their ministers publicly announce, the Zionists are working to manifest the empire of greater israel. This was the only objective to create the colony of Israel in Palestine in the first place: to expand it into an empire that covers all the Fertile Crescent from which to rule all the world and enslave the "Goyim".

At this point, we do not need the Talmud to see the jewish hatred of the Gentiles, or Goyim [Hebrew for animals] as they call us, because the Talmud in all its filth has manifested before our eyes. If the jews did not own 99% of the world media, the name of Adolph Hitler would be hailed worldwide right now and the real face of Judea would be revealed to the public as the ugly monster that it is. However, the jews succeeded in convincing the Goyim that Hitler was a psychopathic monster who hated all non-whites and murdered the Roma/Gypsies, homosexuals, and many other minorities. Thereby they made everyone think that Hitler and the Germans, and not the jews, were the problem. In this way, the Goyim wouldn’t even ask why Hitler hated the jews. Otherwise, the Gentiles would come to these realizations:

1. The jews ritually murder children and humans
2. They think all non-jews are animals in human form created to serve them day and night or die
3. They own almost all the banks and money power of the world
4. Through usury, they had kings, queens, monarchs, presidents, politicians, and nations under their yoke
5. They own 99% of the press and thereby they control the collective human consciousness
6. They created notorious vaccines and tried to push them on the world at the time
7. They have a plan to control the world like a cancer tumor and to do that they must ruin all the nations of the world
8. They were behind WW1 (and WW2)
9. They created the Judeo-Christian religion, the Inquisitions, and the Catholic church to destroy Gentile spiritual power and keep the humans under their black magic spells and influence
10. The jews are aliens

Free Palestine
Judea is crushed forever
Israel is defeated and destroyed completely now and forever
The Jews are exposed all over the world for their crimes against humanity
Israel is no more
Those who bless Israel are cursed. Those who curse Israel are blessed.


Hail Satya Yug
Hail Satan Mahadev
Hail Duat

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan