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Jan 18, 2022
Did you make your commitment to Satan?
You were chosen by someone extraordinarily high who is by your side to protect, guide, listen, gift, reveal, be your true friend at all times, encourage you in every way to move forward and many other things.
Furthermore, it gives the greatest of experiences that someone can experience in a relationship, and detail, with a divine being.

Firstly, there is nothing to create; your bond already exists.
What I just said has several interpretations; If this doesn't make sense to you, it's just because of your inexperience.

What counts most on the journey is how present you are for him or her.
Your involvement, connection, intimacy...
This is where the wonders of those who deliver a lot and don't expect the same amount arise.
Because your simple retribution in recognizing, thanking, growing as a soul and doing the will of our emperor, which is to evolve yourself and the world, is already a job very well done.

Do you know the stories of the one who knows you better than you know yourself?
What does it usually represent, powers, strength?
What governs?
Your preferences on topics when helping?
If your god is not so public and there is a lack of information out there, it is an opportunity to have the honor of asking the god himself, have your curiosities answered and explore too.

This is all very sacred, but if your approaches are formal and with ceremonies exclusively at the beginning of your "presentation" when holding hands with your demon, you will feel and see the progression over time.
I felt hazy here when dealing with the one who chose you being commented on, or NOT, as if you had to have a reason of extreme priority or just need to contact him...
Fortunately, I no longer see similar things on the forum, but if this is your modus operandi, or you think that the above is correct, I hope you soon get out of this ignorance that wastes your own potential.

Maintain your sense of how to behave, be respectful.
The least well done in a relationship, there is no need to measure EVERYTHING in front of him for fear of inadequacy.
I'm absolutely sure that you don't compare to your guardian god, and you're human, a baby, taking yourself seriously, practically nothing will be the end of the world for the divine.

As I am setting the bloom, go, meditate on its sigil if known, or only think about it if unknown.
Talk about your dreams, priorities, desires, fears, problems, misfortunes, whatever your intuition tells you, vent, ask for signs, an intervention.
Even if at some point you forget or don't even request something, you were heard, and it is always in a useful way of returning, never in vain.

Take it into your life, your day-to-day life, naturally, without much worry.
Have you seen your sacred animal, symbol, its representations? Pay reverence mentally.
After any contact? Give thanks, try to give back.
Appreciating life and the beauty of the world? Share.
Did something spark your curiosity? Ask.
Feeling bad, desperate? Request help, talk.

It's as if you left your personal traces, so that eventually, you will be filled with what you DESERVE.


NO, you are not causing a nuisance or being inconvenient to anyone.
Before it happens, or before you speak, he already knows everything, and if you feel like something didn't go so well, let it go, simply carry on without worrying.

They follow the extreme, when everything goes right and when everything goes wrong, there is no time more conducive or suitable for you, and know that at rock bottom, you were not abandoned, because it doesn't matter what hole you are in, what If it is to come as a message, help, sign or miracle, it will come.

Personally, I always include goals and dreams to guide and bless me.
I think this should be mandatory for everyone, there's no reason not to do it, IN THE MOST IMPROBABLE WAY IT MAY BE, THEY ARE GODS.

It's giving you fire in moments of discouragement, intuition for your next step, completely preventing you from doing something that will take you out of your focus, bad luck turning into luck...
Depending on what it is, it is the same energy as coming out unscathed from a bomb attack at a short distance, or whatever happens, not causing considerable damage.

And with respect, for everything they offer, and everything they are, guardian demons should have the same impact and level in a conversation about spirituality as meditation, yoga, or any recurring practice that empowers you...
From the beginning, by pure intuition, I thought to myself that those who achieved positions, glories, power, renown, influence, went against the odds and lived out of the ordinary, were not solely because of their abilities, but something beyond, especially in antiquity.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.
I personally tend not to bother my GD, (still didn't find them) but this post clearly made me wrong.

When talking and interacting with your GD, it improves our bond and connects us more.
They care for us, like parents that are always there for us when we are sad and hurt, listen to our vents and problems.
They love us like a parent loves their child.
The unbreakable bond between the two.
Oh writing this really wants me to finally meet my GD.
I guess I should go and talk to them today 🙂
Okay I will just add this here:

After doing a ritual for Lord Anubis which in no doubt was wonderful (thanks again HPHC!!) I decided to talk to my GD.
After asking Satan if it is okay for me to speak to my GD and once I started feeling the energies I decided to ask, because why not, if my GD is she and suddenly I didn't feel much but after I asked if it's a he then I felt energies again.
Me obviously always in doubts I asked again if my GD is a she and again, I didn't feel much but after I asked if it's a he, I felt energies again.
I was very happy and after I told him all I had, I thanked him and closed the ritual.

So yeah, well gotta say this was amazing.
It's a start in finding who my GD is so today was wonderful. 🙂
Thank you once again for this post because without it I don't think I would have asked and knew my GD a bit more and I would still be afraid if talking to them.
So yeah, well gotta say this was amazing.
It's a start in finding who my GD is so today was wonderful. 🙂
Thank you once again for this post because without it I don't think I would have asked and knew my GD a bit more and I would still be afraid if talking to them.

I hope you have success and find it as soon as possible.

My case with my guardian Lilith was different, she introduced herself to me on the first day when I made the commitment, but I didn't know exactly what it meant.
And I knew for sure after a 'few' months, randomly I often saw things related to the goddess Kali, images, and my heart caught fire, an admiration for art, beauty, posture, meaning, among all things, even without knowing very.
And besides, when I was younger, I really admired owls, and that also refers to things of its essence, but this is complex and I won't explain it, it will only confuse.

Judge yourself without a veil!
Who are you?
What do you like?
What do you want?
What planets, elements do you admire?
Does any god catch your attention, even if it's a little more than the others?
Favorite animal?

Because our soul-to-soul relationship with the demon exists, it was not random.

High Priestess Lydia, About Guardian Demons.
If you haven't read it, it might help.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan