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Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

Rules do change, and the JoS is changing. In the past we even approved posts by retards and jews, doesn't mean we should keep doing that. JoS is going towards a more quality approach, and things of this nature like the tarot thread must be approved before creating it.
Im not a retard and neither a jew. but you definitely are a stupid jackass.
It was deleted after he proved himself to be too immature to handle influencing the fate of other SS.

We have had members in the past who mislead (either on purpose or not) other members to think they have been approved by the JoS to do readings. Even I thought one member had been approved by HPHC because the member pretty much said so. If someone posts here saying they are doing readings, other members will assume he's legit. So I posted to his thread clarifying, so others could read it too, that he was not verified. People needed to know. I left it for a few hours then deleted the whole thread once I posted this, as was decided.
go to hell, karen
I dont fucking care. Im gonna keep advancing and I will literally go on ahead and acheive all of my fucking dreams and goals and I dont need none of your approvals and permissions. Keep slandering me assholes. I love the attention. exactly how high priest cobra loved to be petty and to restore those comments instead of trying to get where im coming from.
keep calling me immature and all these names, I know what I read and I know what i saw. IF only yall had some simple MANNERS none of this would have happened. Thats the truth. Funny thing is, I keep hearing the same thing coming from people who are still Spiritual Satanists, but have left the forum. They complain of the same exact double talk and double standards, and from all the idiots in here who just think they're too good. I dont need the approval of any clergy to be of Satan, and continue as a spiritual satanist. after all, you got to have some self respect after so much stupid shit they assume about you, right? im not exaggerating anything. I saw something wrong, was rudely dismissed, and then had my comments removed, and now people are mocking me and being petty about it, straight up antagonzing me because they think im overreacting.

Whatever. why am i even bothering myself to type this? lol. fuck you and fuck anybody who doubts in me. I will fucking SHOW you after a while that i can reach success without the approval of ppl like you. who do you even think you are to talk to me like a child. you are nothing. NOTHING.
None of this is assumption when you verify that with your own behavior and replies, it's what you give to others by what you yourself are doing.

About doubt, the situation is that whether or not someone can do this as you tried to do this is not part of doubt it's a due process that takes place. There's a due process for the wellbeing of these practices, let alone when it's a paid service. Because if someone just takes everything from others and just disappears, then even if the responsibility lies with those involved, then that would be a problem.

You just want to see that others are doubting you to a far extent to justify your responses etc. The above is not doubt.

Im not a retard and neither a jew. but you definitely are a stupid jackass.

Here Aquarius was not calling you a jew for example, he talked about the past and how this relates to the present day handling of the situation, which has to do with how the reality of the situation is around this subject of your requests. Certain things have happened with other situations in the past and that's the reasoning behind necessary due process and much forethought to avoid similar incidents in the future.

You don't even know about half of these incidents and how reasoning happens, yet you try to just emotionally attack and justify everything with more ranting every next response.

You also don't talk about the doubts, attacks and everything else you do which is extremely exaggerated, because your head only revolves around itself and you seldom give a damn about anything else beyond that.

That makes any further comments pointless on this thread, but when you cool a bit down you might understand that the world does not revolve solely around you on this topic.

As you have went all the way to literally discredit everyone because your whims were not satisfied, it would be best to either cool down or not continue in the community.
keep calling me immature and all these names
You are right, we shouldn't be calling you immature after these last responses from you, that's being nice, we should call you mentally retarded, because that's what you are, or maybe you're simply whoring for attention and trolling like a bitch.
"how I handled myself" has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the same thing you believe should have been avoided. If you wanna change your opinion and view of me because of that, then go on ahead. I dont give a damn.
You made the mistake of ignoring hierarchy and should owe up to it. Even if a thousand members tell you something, at the end of the day you are responsible for your actions. You are digging your own grave at this point and should refrain from making any more comments in your current state of mind. If all goes well you will be able to see this in another light in the future.
I dont fucking care. Im gonna keep advancing and I will literally go on ahead and acheive all of my fucking dreams and goals and I dont need none of your approvals and permissions. Keep slandering me assholes. I love the attention. exactly how high priest cobra loved to be petty and to restore those comments instead of trying to get where im coming from.

If you want others to look at you and care for you, you have to practice the same for them, which wasn't done in the slightest here. You are practicing that nowhere in this thread.

You want others to see where you are coming from but you don't give a damn where anyone else is coming from. That's not how these things go.

You just made something instantly, it got disapproved, a situation was explained (you were given reasoning as to why), you didn't like it, and then you started attacking everyone else and going into making these comments. You have shown zero empathy and judgement on this.

Yes, that is the quality of mentally spoiled and bratty children. That's not to say you are always that way either, but on this situation it is how you behaved.

All this reaction shows by itself that the move was not wrong either.
What is in your natal chart related to psychic senses and divination, I believe you. I don't need to see it. Most of us here have similar things, and that is why we are here instead of being a worthless christian or muslim.

But what is in your natal chart is not necessarily what is already achieved. It is not necessarily showing what skills or talents are already had. It shows a path that your life may take, and energetic influences and currents which are flowing to you throughout your lifetime. If there is a force for psychic senses and divination, this is an energy influence which will be going into you during your current lifetime.

It is up to you, and your decisions, and the actions you do during this lifetime to take this opportunity and use it to build yourself into a more capable person. Or it is possible to ignore this, not participate, and have the opportunity be wasted. The natal chart is like currents of wind blowing above you. You could put up the sails, work to have all ropes at correct tension and sails in correct position so that the wind can assist you in traveling a 1,000 miles. Or you can sit there, ignore it, leave the sails down, and never end up anywhere.

I don't know the age of your body, and I don't care to know. I don't know the age of your soul, and I don't care to know. I'm not going to call you a child. But it is clear that there is some piece of wisdom which you have not realised yet, which is usually gained by increased life experience.
i just cant anymore... I really cant go on. I dont want to.

maybe I should have just told her privately about how i really felt and not said anything in public ... whatever, it is too late now. im just a clown in your eyes.

I cant trust shit. I express myself and people are like: shut up youre so loud and annoying and a dramatic kid, and then when i dont say anything ppl make fun of me or pity me for not standing up for myself.

Bruh you so angry about "being handled like a child" and than you start acting like one.

Get yourself together, you are not a child who was prevented from going outside in the rain or something.

Your comments were deleted because divination is an extremely advanced things if done right especially for others, as HPS Lydia explains. We don't need people to be mislead. Not to mention how we are the worst beings in the world suddenly. Your words are way more inappropriate than what have been done to you which was actually appropriate from an outside view.

First try to predict your own future. If you can do it accurately for many, MANY times, you can start doing it for your friends or something, but officially for SS, it's a longer road than just few years.
i wanna say sorry, but then again i dont know if i wont feel like this in the future.... fuck.

everybody dismisses me and sees me as lower

always it has been this way.

i cant let my fucking guard down. im always alone, i have to be successful alone. im not fit for even socializing with anybody online

what the fuck is wrong with me
i dont even know if i did the right thing or not. did i really exaggerate? or no did i stand up for myself

she just.... talked to me like i did sth wrong and
but i didnt. i swear i didnt.

and then she ignored me and deleted everything....

am i even doing the right thing writing this here??? i dont wanna think alone, but i cant feel like right now someones gonna mock me

why am i like this since childhood
she just,,, the way she texted... it triggered sth

and i continued with that

mercury retrograde + enemy reactions from the schedule im partaking in + my own fucked up self

yea yea i, think its this maybe.

i dont know. gods please help me.... i dontknnow
I was thinking that asking about something about you're confused about like your professional future like I did can cause problems if you let yourself be influenced by that reading and miss out on opportunities that might be more suitable if your circumstances change after a few years.
Thank you for this post. I purchased tarot cards for my own use. Indeed, my first readings (very simple, how is my week going to go) were accurate, but when I wanted to ask something serious (about my relationship with X person), I hesitated.

I'm afraid I'll be influenced by my own reading regardless of whether it's right or false.

How can we practice tarrot readings without getting influenced by them?
Many people in the world have caused ruin to their lives from incorrect interpretations of divination readings (tarot, astrology, tea leaves, dream interpretation, etc).

The reason why? A lot of people, especially non-SS, who offer these readings are not at a high level of awareness or wisdom. And people get readings from them thinking (or at least hoping) these people have true insight.

Regarding tarot specifically, each card has many meanings – beneficial, malefic, and neutral. It isn’t as straightforward as astrology. A reading might seem fun when you first get it, but then what, if the interpretation turns out to be inaccurate and influenced you to make a mistake in life?

Many times when people are new to tarot (or other forms of divination), they get some accurate answers and think they have the swing of things, then start offering readings to others, not understanding that they can seriously affect someone’s life. It takes years of practice, observation and note-taking, trial and error and fact-finding, to become adept. You also need insight and understanding of life, human nature, spirituality, growth and development.

Giving a disclaimer to the person you offered a reading to, expecting them to use their “inner wisdom” (many people don’t even have this) to make the correct choice, isn’t enough. It doesn’t wash your hands of responsibility. Many people are too trusting, and will make decisions based on stunted or warped interpretations of the reading.

So to those of you who go to others for readings, don’t rely 100% on it. Use it as a guide, not as a rule. And be careful. I went for a reading in-person one time, the tarot reader was an adept psychic vampire. Many professional occultists are psychic vampires, or have a warped sense of spirituality. Many of them don’t actually want to help you, they want you to become dependent on them to keep paying their bills. Always be alert.

And to those who want to offer readings to other SS, my advice is to not do this until you have been advancing yourself enough first. If you’re confused about yourself and/or can’t even properly understand the JoS, then how can you offer true divination for other members here? A lot of people do not understand the impact a reading can have on someone. This impact can be for positive… or for negative. You need to understand the power and influence you have, or appear to have, because many people are desperate for any sort of guidance or hope. This is not a joke.

On a final note, nobody is permitted to publicly charge for readings here on the JoS, unless you are verified and approved by Clergy. Even publicly offering free readings is on the boundary, because of the impact an incorrect reading can cause. (If you want to start your own personal online, or in person, business then that is your own business.)

In the (hopefully near) future, the JoS will have verified experienced tarot readers, astrologers, and more, to help our members :)
I usually do my own readings. I don't do other people's . what like about tarot is learning the cards real well
Where you understand the
The cards and Thier meaning

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan